The BlackBerry Z30 goes on sale SIM free in the UK

By James Richardson on 1 Oct 2013 06:29 am EDT

If you have been waiting to pick up the SIM free BlackBerry Z30, today is the day that the device goes on sale in the UK from the selection of SIM free retailers we have here. We have already seen the likes of Carphone Warehouse offer the device and it was well over the £500 mark so you'll be pleased to hear that there are some cheaper options. currently have the BlackBerry Z30 available for £474.98 including VAT, which certainly brings the latest BlackBerry more in line price wise with other OS's. Although the price may still put some people off as they can pick it up with a contract without the big upfront cost - there is still a big market for SIM free devices. With all of the UK networks offering both 30 day and 12 month SIM only deals you really need to sit down and do the math and decide which option is going to be better for you over 24 months. 

With the Z30 running BlackBerry 10.2, sporting that glorious 5 inch display and having a monster battery I'm fairly confident it will attract many folk back to BlackBerry. Well, that's what I'm keeping my fingers crossed for. 

We will of course have a full review of the Z30 in due course but if you missed our unboxing video you can catch up here

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The BlackBerry Z30 goes on sale SIM free in the UK


That's great for the UK glad the price is more reasonable, any exact release date for the US on VZ?

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Do we finally know if Verizon will be the only ones to have a version with wireless charging ?

I can't understand that in this critical global situation for BlackBerry someone decided to prevent other customers worldwide not to have this features.

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Yeah it seems more reasonable than Q or Z releases.
I would like to saw the Z and Q sale price at launch to compare.

If some UK Cbs could helps here...

I think "right now" is the answer, if you buy one SIM free online, and stick a suitable SIM card in, from any carrier that you choose.

You just need to check you get radio compatibility between the device and your carrier. Example; the Z10 sold here in the UK has all the same bands as the Z10 sold in the US therefore you can use a UK spec Z10 in the US because its the same.

While you are off getting your SIM card you can still make BBM calls and BBM video calls over WiFi connections. And generally use the device like a neat laptop. Because it doesn't need Verizon for those functions.

Here in the UK it is a good option to buy devices SIM free from someone other than your carrier, because carriers don't usually discount the price of the device. It may be different in your country. Lots of people seem to say Verizon are rubbish for sharing OS updates. You may be better off with a different carrier if that is an option. I don't get any delay with OS updates on my UK carrier.

It is clearly too late for these devices... as good as my z10 is, the lack of apps leaves the average user cold and isolated.

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Well thank you mr. sunshine . . two useless comments taking up space to announce your post number and a negative nancy comment . . Have a nice day ;-)

Sadly true!
The Z30 is not a phone for everyone, it's actually more a phone for just hardcore BlackBerry fans

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I think it is sad as well. All BB had to do was reduce the price (judging by their backlog of stock and losses they probably could've given them away for 200gbp/300usd and they still would've made more) and work harder on getting the right developers working on bringing key apps to the BB market.

As things stand, buying a BB now is like buying a ticket for the Titanic.

Not really, it's like ebing on the titanic with a life raft beside. I mean are you going to die from owning a BB? No you'll have a chance to buy another phone in the future. Relax.

It's a device for everyone that wants a great phone, a secure platform, a great battery and a large screen. BB10 is so stable, that in itself is worth having. Getting the z30 as soon as it hits Canada, and passing my z10 to someone else.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I hear you but I am a former ios/android guy and 10.2 along with the quality hardware is a winner.. if a user is able/willing to side load apps, BlackBerry is a legit option for consumers.

Especially with the hdmi out.

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If this is true then no one has any hope of competing against Google because Instagram has publicly said they don't make apps for new platforms.

I find this app thing funny....yea I get it but I don't get explanation:

So I get the fact you want the apps / games / services available for your device. You want and feel the need is justified enough to base part or the greater part of your device selection decision on.

but I don't get how the os efficiency and flow ;) ( no seriously that's the right word for this. This ain't some marketing angle) is under valued compared to the app availability.

Now there are certain apps or features wish people may desire but at what point do you draw the line for solid, efficient operation. Or the 'user experience'...

we also must consider the hardware side of things if we are concerned with user experience. No, I'm not talking cpu/ram/gpu.... specs (although those are an important factor). I am talking about buttons, and ports and wireless capabilities, security features from an app/os perspective, navigation, inactivity...and things of this nature. They are the icing on the cake.

this is why I find the app debate funny. I want all of those too. (I do, the infrared remote controller function on the HTC one is awesome.). But I personally can't sacrifice overall user experience for 90% of these apps.

I find my daily usage and efficiency trumps said apps..

However this is just me. Anything that isn't available for BlackBerry, I probably don't use all that often. And if I did use it, then it probably wouldn't be important and could wait till I got to my tablet, pc etc..

But this is where the hierarchy of needs is established.

These decisions are all personal and vary widely based on the user.

my priority is having a device that works for me and not something I have to work with. So in point. I find it funny. This app debate.

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the good browser of bb10 makes up sooo many stupid apps. i can get most things i want from the web. does your computer need so many stupid apps? no. but the pc does need the share options that bb10 has.

bb10 is so convenient that people just dont get it. ok that may be just me.


Guess how many apps android had 6 months after launch? About 15% as much as bb10 has now. The bb10 ecosystem is growing g st a rapid pace, have a little patience. It will go a long way.

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Not if you take all those CRAP apps from a certain developer! We all know who that is don't we? Pathetic! app store. Take the blinders off. And before you compare Google Play and IOS app stores having said amount of CRAP apps....They at least have ALL the big name apps.

Who cares how many apps Google had then? It's a false equivalency. Apps were not then, what they are today. I am so tired of hearing that BS argument. It's utter nonsense.

You enter a market where the market is. Not where it was or you want it to be. Applications developed and became an essential part of the experience over time. As did higher end hardware. You can't enter the smartphone market now with a single core 600mhz device with no 4G and 250 Mgs of RAM. Heck, by the logic above, Blackberry was into OS6 before they had WIFI. So? Does that mean I can launch a smart phone and wait until the sixth generation of OS revisions until I make them WIFI capable?

The Pearl 8120 had WiFi in 2007 running BBOS 4.x and I'm pretty sure an 83xx Curve model had WiFi at the same period on 4.x too.

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I wonder if you could enumerate the apps that are lacking. Beyond Candy Crush (would you even admit that) and vine (ditto) I don't see many that people actually use. My understanding is that many of the popular useful apps can be sideloaded.

Yes and it's not a big deal. You learn how and then it's done.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

The "lack of apps" arguments at this point only come from the teenage thinking "me too" people. There are not that many truely productive apps you can't get on this platform one way or another.

Wow - such ignorance. Yep BB is doing great. We don't need no stinckin applications. We doing fine mister. Same thing I heard Heinz and the silly fanboys who helped run BB into the ground say about a camera in a smartphone, and wifi, and an mp3 player. And dual core and touch screens. And application memory. Oh the ridiculousness of application memory arguments.

Android ports are mostly crippled applications (no bluetooth alone means that there is not a single decent exercise app in BBW with HR monitoring), and most folks who use smartphones have never heard of sideloading. Most people don't jailbreak their I-phones. They don't root their Androids. And they will never sideload BB applications. For them, there is no instagram, no Netflix.

Yup. The RIM fanboi apologists just don't seem to get this.

Sideloading is for techies only... it is not an ecosystem strategy that resonates with consumers, corporations or governments. The fact that this argument is still used on a day when NATO is celebrated for recognizing the RIM security capabilities is just sad. Fanbois seem to think that this security benefit and the deseprate side loading strategy from RIM can somehow coexist. They can't.

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Then again it may be that we don't need all the crap apps you use - I use my phone for work and personal and I have all the apps I need. If you hate Blackberry so much what are you doing on this site?

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Didn't read like they hate blackberry. Those are facts. And I love blackberry.

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Just looked at my Android tab homepage and it looks just like my BlackBerry homepage.. I did have to sideload a few apps but still apps are a minor issue. Speed to 10.2 is the primary issue. The z10/30 on 10.2 can compete with any device.

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That’s how I feel. I was hyped to get the Z30 when released here in the US, but after seeing the comparison video between the Z10 and Z30, I think I will be sticking with my Z10. The screen resolution and clarity of my Z10 just cannot be matched by the Z30. So I think I will be passing on this one.

Actually having played with one in store just earlier today. The z30 screen completely obliterates the z10 in my honest opinion. It really looks nice, much nicer than my z10.

Posted via Z10

Really? From the video comparison that N4BB did on the Z10 and Z30, it appeared that the Z30 screen was not as bright or as clear as the Z10.

I don't think you can judge any screen over a video because there frequencies etc will yield differing effects to recordings. Take a video of your TV and you will see. The actual reports on the screen have been very positive.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

You just happen to like vibrant colors. Not everyone thinks AM OLED saturation is good. Don't get me wrong the Z30 screen is nice but it's not as sharp or as bright as Z10

So you're saying that the AMOLED display on the Z30 is not the same as the AMOLED display some were complaining about being too dim on the Q10?

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What are you smoking?
That's like me asking you if the RETINA display on the MacBook Pro is not the same as the RETINA display on the iPhone 5.

Well, excuse me Mr. "Full of Geek Knowledge." I was asking a genuine question due to the fact that I honestly would like to know the difference. Quite sure that I'm not smoking anything.

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Next time you ask a 'genuine' question to 'honestly' know something, phrase it as though you are 'genuinely' interested in learning something rather that like a troll bashing on a device.
For example: Does the AMOLED display on the Z30 have the same specs as the AMOLED display on the Q10?

Listen...First of all, I wasn't talking to you. Second of all, I'll phrase something however I want. Thirdly, you should enhance your interpretation skills when it comes to comprehending what someone is posting before responding like a smart ass.

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To my eyes it was much sharper and brighter than the z10 screen. Of course everyone will see it differently but I prefer the z30 screen over the z10.

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I can prove you wrong with a few pictures. I have the Z30 next to the Z10 and Z10 is far brighter. Both set to max brightness, indoor viewing.

Nah. I have some RIM shares definitely not cheap and definitely not interested in any more RIM products.

Maybe you could buy two now? Don't be cheap.

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Suuuure... The way they've supported us stockholders and PB owners...

F*cking hilarious this concept that consumers actually "owe" BB their support and not the other way around.

Strange world you live in friend....

Not sure to buy... I will wait and see... hopefully we will see a 2nd Generation of the Z10!!

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What's BlackBerry supposed to do? Threaten people to make apps? Consumers need to be sensible and realise that apps will come in time. At this rate we'll never get an innovation in the smart phone OS sector because because you can't create a newer, better platform without starting from scratch in the apps department.

Well said. Every new OS will have the same problem. Almost as though the big name apps have an allegiance with the duopoly.

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I'm general with this discussion, but I really think that if I were blackberry I'd be a little more active in letting people know sideloading is an option and making it rather simple. Example slide the phone to developer mode and stick it into DDPB and done. Do bother with having to put the ip address in, these small things can be large barriers to some people (likely those who are inclined to use instagram).

"What's BlackBerry supposed to do? Threaten people to make apps?"

Maybe not. But what they ABSOLUTELY should NOT do, is have a press conference for all the world to see with a screenshot in the background PROCLAIMING that very specific apps are 'coming soon' when they're not.

Just a thought...

Totally agree
I use BlackBerry for the OS User Interface. That's what makes it my platform of choice.

It is true that Apps are essential today but I have found everything I need and more.
I have side loaded a few apps just to show people but in reality BB WORLD is full of good stuff
I also have an iPhone and SG4 so I know what is available elsewhere. I just prefer the BlackBerry experience.

The Swiper

We are in the same boat my friend. Who need that many apps anyway? Got everything else sideloaded and we are good to go.....

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You wont and probably never will. But now you know. Go buy one. It will be the best phone you've ever owned.

Marketing and advertising needs to be boosted - It's pretty poor all the time.
Then again, if pulling away from consumer market then thing then posting in the Metro with all the apple fanboys is a waste of cash. #enjoythe iOS7waterproofingupgrade

Awesome phone imo.

It's comical the amount of space that some of the members in the CB forums take just to babble, dabble and to try to be comedians and sarcastic BITCHES!

In my household they actually teach me that "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at ALL"

Stop waisting our time, or I guess that's the problem, many of you with to much time on your hands!... #MUTE

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Why are you using hash tags on the cb forum? Your comment took up more space than most of the others. The irony.

Posted via CB10

These forums are for people to express their opinions on new things BlackBerry is doing, positive and negative feedback is a good thing, lucky Crackberrys forums are not set up like your household because I embrace opinions from all angles.

Posted via Z10

The only people that I know of that say "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all" are those people that just want to hear how great they and their ideas are. Guess what? Criticism is a key ingredient in producing a great product.

there's a problem to that, its not like CB = BBRY, as in what goes here comes out there. Try BBRY feedback channel?

I'm not suggesting that my specific criticism, which isn't unique in the feedback for BB10, is going to be used in BB creating products- it's not my job to fix their screw ups. What I am saying is that people who just want to hear how great things are do nothing to improve the state of affairs.

Dude, your post is one of the least concise posts on this comment steam and it also contains a high concentration of "babble dabble". You ought to take your own advice. And ditch the hash tags.

I like your enthusiasm for BB10 though.

O2 and Talk Mobile contracts are available from Carphone Warehouse starting at £22pcm for 24 months and £149.99 one off payment

Posted with my Z10 via CB

Keep it 450 USD.BB will have a profitable next quarter.Excelllent looking device but gotta play smart in how to sell it

Considering that a band new, unlocked Nexus 4 can be bought for 159 pounds, the price BlackBerry wants for a Z30 is bat shit crazy. Cannot be justified. Even if the Nexus was a worse phone in every regard - which it isn't. It's super-fast, has a lovely screen, looks nice, has a more mature OS, lots more apps, Google stuff etc.

I just can't see BlackBerry getting out of their current predicament with these insane prices. They'll only appeal to a minority of die-hard fans, while everyone else who's willing to pay 500 for a phone will buy a flagship iPhone or Android device.

Although the heavily price reduced Nexus 4s sold out pretty quickly and are no longer available, so not quuuite a fair comparison. Come back in a month and say the same thing using the Nexus 5 and its better specs and lower price as an example and then you'll have a point.

The Nexus 4, even when in prime, was 249, which is half of what they're asking for a BlackBerry.

But that wasn't the main point. BlackBerry's pricing is crazy. Not unreasonable, but crazy. They price-match their stuff with the premium offerings out there, but everyone except the hard-core fans can see that the emperor is naked.

The Z30 is about as expensive as an iPhone 5s or Galaxy 4 but nowhere near as good - specs or not - compared even to the outgoing Nexus 4. It's not even as good as the previous generation Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4. You can do more with either than you can do with a Z30.

Today's BlackBerries just doesn't have the features, the usability, the support, the vendor ecosystem for applications and accessories.

I want BlackBerry to succeed, but I'm absolutely sure they won't with the current pricing strategy. They need their product to sell, to be popular, and it won't, because it's as expensive as the best and not nearly as good. They have to drop the price and make it better.

Why don't you list the other prices of those other phones to push your point? It is not sensible to compare the price point of any device to the Nexus line which happen to sold at a loss by a Goliath called Google who happily offsets the cost with the customer becoming their product. Not many companies can do this, especially mobile only companies like BlackBerry or HTC. Why don't you go to the Samsung / Apple and tell them to price their phones like the Nexus? If any company can do it, those conglomerates can.

I don't need to tell Apple and Samsung anything about their prices. They are the market leaders, they have it already all figured out.

BlackBerry is losing customers and market share, had lousy sales with BB10 devices, and are continuing on this path.

I'm not the enemy here. Like I said, I want BlackBerry to succeed. As far as I can tell, their current pricing strategy is suicidal.

I was just trying to point out that Nexus is a poor and unfair comparison for any company. I get what you are trying to say but I believe you should have just stuck with the other more valid devices out there for your comparison and not bring up the Nexus. What good is market share if a company gains no profit from it but wants to stay in business? Did gaining market share with thin margins help Nokia stay together? Nokia had MS to back them and they didn't even have to go through the bad press BlackBerry was subjected to daily but they were still forced out of the hardware market. HTC is still not doing well even with selling the HTC One on thin margins yet the phone was rated the best Android device by many. Why didn't HTC make their phones cheaper for the sake of market share? But hey, I do agree with you that BlackBerry should price their devices lower but at the same I would like ALL companies to a price that the majority can afford.

With all due respect, I disagree. We live in the world of the Nexus 4 (5 coming soon). People with £500 to spend on a phone will probably spend it on a flagship iOS or Android device. BB10 simply doesn't compare well in terms of features, support, applications and accessories with these ones.

Then there's the Nexus. The next one is due probably in a month or two, will have Galaxy4-like specs and the best software in the mobile market. For £250, I guess.

I'm looking at BlackBerry's scary Q2 results and I just don't see how are they going to pull it off with a £500 phone which is not as good as the outgoing Nexus 4, nevermind the new one, nevermind the top of the range iOS/Android.

All I can say is that their pricing policy doesn't make sense to me.

We'll agree to disagree because I do not see how ANY business with limit sources of revenue can price a new product at a loss yet continue as a going concern without burning through a significant amount of cash and/or getting into considerable debt.

I don't know if the £500 price point is their bottom line. Do you?

As it stands they're burning through cash really fast, didn't you see the Q2 report? It's a rate of 2bn/year. The current strategy doesn't work at all, we're looking at a world without new BlackBerry phones coming perhaps as soon as over two years.

BlackBerry needs considerable (not just lukewarm) success with at least one of their devices. The success is unlikely and far from guaranteed. My guess is that with their current hardware and software they won't achieve it, not because their phones are bad, but because they're clearly not the best and - huge problem - priced as highly as the best.

I'll say it again: the Nexus is a game changer. A good looking device with near-top specs, the best software in the business, half the price of a Z/Q10/30. BlackBerry has to compete with this, somehow. As it stands it's just not a reasonable choice to spend £500 on a new Z30 device for most people, and I mean the overwhelming majority.

While the Nexus offered the purest Android experience, it was far from a top end handset on account of the poor battery and camera. The point was that the Nexus should cover the middle ground effectively and it did. No doubt the Nexus 5 will leap ahead again but the Z30 is a different beast. You are getting something else when you pay for a BB. Granted BB need to rethink their pricing structure but the Nexus is hardly a panacea.

My wife has a Nexus 4 and the battery life is excellent (she just said "amazing"). The camera is mediocre, but certainly BlackBerry made no waves with their phone cameras.

Far from me to imply that the Nexus is a panacea. It's getting a bit tiresome to keep repeating. BB10 devices are way too expensive, considering the competition, for BlackBerry to be successful with this product line. There's absolutely no reason for someone to pay 500 pounds for a BlackBerry phone today, unless it's gold-plated.

Bring the price down, they might have a chance.

I would suspect that your wife does not hammer her phone too hard then (which is good) but i would rarely make it through a day before it giving up at bed time.

What you are glossing over is that LG had a distribution agreement with Google and it was Google's decision to pass on at cost. As a result, in the UK at least the Nexus 4 was 399 via high street retailers and on top tier contracts. You are suggesting that Blackberry, in order to proliferate BB10 should do something similar and I would think that would be a very canny move on their part. Can't see it happening though but I am grateful that the only price for the Z30 seems to be getting to the 475 mark.

She's wedded to the damn thing more than to me :) By the way, we bought it for 239, directly from the Play store. Not that it matters that the battery life is amazing for her and crap for you. This is anecdotal evidence. Plus, it's irrelevant - there are plenty of better phones out there than the Z30, around the same price, with good battery life.

I'm not glossing over anything. This is the situation for BlackBerry, and they have to compete if they want to stay alive.

At the moment they aren't competing. They are losing market share, customers and money. The reviews for the Z30 are at best lukewarm. There's no reason to buy one instead of buying a Galaxy 4, which is cheaper, or an iPhone 5s, which is only marginally more expensive but doesn't really compare in terms of appeal, apps, features - even specs.

I haven't produced this situation, so there's no point taking it on me. All I'm saying is that with a £500 price point the lack of sales for this product line is virtually guaranteed. Don't take my word for it - wait for the the Q3 earnings announcement.

Why the need to do the research that should've been done by a RIM Product Manager? Does RIM use CB as their main channel for market and customer learning review?:

1. 1B$ of unsold z10
2. An ecosystem strategy centered around sideloading
3. A community that celebrates leaks (unless they are used as excuses by RIM for the aborted BBM launch)

I could go on but what's the point? Fanbois will just comment 'move on' to any criticism around how poorly RIM develops and executes their strategy in the smartphone industry.

Posted via CB10

Moot point. If I listed everything the Nexus 4 has and BB10 doesn't, it would be a book. And I can tell you that I have HDMI on a BlackBerry Playbook - even got the cable! - and never used it. And I have LTE on my Galaxy Nexus (sadly, my 9900 got stolen) - and I never used it either, since LTE data plans are way too expensive here in the UK.

BlackBerry doesn't sell BB10 anywhere in the volume they need, to stay afloat, not because they have a secret gem but everyone is too stupid to see it.

It's because they have phones with - granted - some very good features, but are simply not up there with the competition. And they are uncompetitive on their pricing, which is way too high.

I think that a £300 unlocked Z30 with a decent marketing campaign might make a splash. A £500 Z30 is not a sensible proposition for anyone but a thinning hardcore fan base.

LTE is a moot point? What are you, a 3 customer?

But I agree, 500 GBP would not be practical. But I sure as hell would not expect it to be priced at Nexus 4's price.

:) No, I'm not on 3, but I don't have LTE available nor do I want to spend anywhere near EE prices. HSDPA seems adequate to me.

As I said, I already have an LTE-capable phone, but if I didn't and I really wanted LTE, then I surely wouldn't spend £500 on a BB10 device. I'd wait for a Nexus 5, probably half the price plus Android 4.4.

I'm sorry, I think that BlackBerry is losing this battle. I had always assumed that I was going to buy a Q10, even if I disliked the removal of the hardware call buttons. After the Z10 came out, I lost that confidence: there was no way I was going to pay £500 for that. And really, there's no reason to.

Any news on whether we in the UK are going to have the wireless charging option?

Posted using my sexy white Z10 on Z10STL100-2/

Nope. The UK is most likely getting the STA100-2 model, which does not have wireless charging. The only one rumored to have it is the STA100-3.

"I'm fairly confident it will attract many folk back to BlackBerry."

Not sure how as BBRY seem to have spend about £1.50 on the launch of this device.

NO, of cause not... I saw the "41" in the headline and nevertheless I´m official of government authority I was able to assume, that 42 must follow... :-) I hate all the poster "First"... and I want to try to establish a new culture of 42nd´s... :-) I could have decided to write nothing, but that´s the female part of me- cant keep quiet... :-)

^^ verwendest du BBM Channel? Hab da ein Channel für deutschsprachige... C00121245 vlt magst du mal vorbei schauen :)

Posted via CB10

Nö- ist ja meines Wissens derzeit "nur" beta... Trotz meiner Fetisch-artigen Bindung an BlackBerry und meiner täglichen Missionierung fehlgeleiteter Android- und iOS-Schäfchen, habe ich mich noch nicht ansatzweise mit dem BBM-Service (Channels) befasst- ich bin (das muss ich zu meiner Schande und sehr diskret in deutsch gestehen) diesbezüglich unwissend... Werde ich aber ggf. sobald ich mir einen Überblick über Funktionalität, Sinnhaftigkeit und Voraussetzungen (Account/Profil) verschafft habe... Dann folge ich deiner Einladung gerne...;-)

Very high price lessons should be learned over z10 pricing. At launch. There should be a big push on unsold z10 for university s and colleges upgrade program for 7 devices love my z10. Was upgrade from. Curve 9300

Posted via CB10

I would love to get it if I had the disposable cash (already have a Z10).

However, we all know that this is going to sell very poorly. I REALLY hope they didn't over manufacture them like the Z10.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10

Coming from Galaxy and iPhone, I got the Z30 from Selfridges UK and here are my initial impressions after a couple of days with heavy use:

The hardware: The Z30 is stunning and really sexy to behold. It also seems very durable and feels great in the hand. The footprint is small for a device with a 5 inch display, although the phone is a bit on the heavy side, which actually adds to the quality aspect of the device in my opinion. The screen hasn't got iPhone 5's natural colours nor its great brightness, but is still a very good display indoors and outdoors. The blacks are superb and I prefer it for reading ebooks over the iPhone.

The software, although not quite as polished as iOS (yet), it is very fast and intuitive in my opinion and seem more natural and modern to use than iOS and Android. Including Docs2Go with PowerPoint editing (which not even Microsoft offers on their Office app) is a great addition for me. I've tried their keeping the true format technology with PowerPoint and to may amazement it did a better job than MS office!

Apps: The only apps that I miss a little at the moment are my banking app and "made for Blackberry" Amazon and Skype apps. Although using my bank's mobile webpage works just fine and there are Amazon and Skype app from Google, it would be good to see these apps in the BB app world soon. There is further great integration with apps and services such as LinkedIn and Evernote to name a couple, which provides a seamless experience.

Migration from iOS to BB10: Simple and straightforward. Kudos to Blackberry for posting so many "how to" videos showing the best ways to migrate to the BB platform from other major platforms.

Set up: Simple and pleasant overall. The wifi setup at my work went easier than with my iPhone. Paring my device with my car's bluetooth was as easy as with my iPhone. To my surprise he Z30 works perfectly with my Sennheiser Momentum (which is actually optimised for the iOS devices) in terms of controls and handsfree experience (not being the case with Android devices).

My only remark concerns setting up the iCloud email account, which took three tries to succeed. Setting up and syncing with my iCloud calendar and contacts succeeded at first try.

Overall: So far I'm very refreshed by the entire experience and can warmly recommend the device and the whole experience. Software updates has been coming out in a good frequent stream and the app world is thriving not just in terms of quantity but quality as well, not least thanks to Blackberry working closer with developers from all over the world. Looking forward to a couple of years with my Z30....

It may be a bit pedantic, but the Z30 doesn't really have that small a footprint for a 5" phone - it is, for example, a fair bit bigger than the GS4.

It's a fair remark. The Z30 needs the extra space below the screen for proper execution of gestures. It also offers really great speakers in terms of volume and sound quality which is superb for playing games without a pair of headphones on. Compared to the Sony Z and Z1, it has a rather small footprint. It is also beautifully rounded and feels great to handle in my opinion.

Thank you... Sooo nice to read such a good unbiased review - sick to death of reading all the negative bitching! (and most of that is from Blackberry users - what hope does Blackberry have to succeed)

Posted via CB10

Have to agree that this is annoying even though I sometimes contribute the negative comments. They really are aimed at frustration with business execution more than with devices.

I just read a headline "16 problems with iOS7 and how to fix them"

The main problem for blackberry is perception. Everyone knows iPhones have problems but in the end people say "but it's good phone".

Blackberry has problems but people say BB is a POS!

The truth is Blackberry is lacking, but in the end it's a good phone. I think it's just sad that corporate bungling has harmed perception of the product.

My pleasure. To me BB10 is the most exciting mobile OS in the market. I'm supporting them through my purchase of the Z30. Don't get me wrong though, it's not like I've done BlackBerry a favour as it's a pleasure using the Z30.

This is a very good write up and you should be on the Marketing team if not already. I plan on going down with the ship, it took a while before I was able to get my 1st BlackBerry phone way back when. Even though there is so much negativity out there I am hanging on and now more than ever after reading this post I want the Z30.

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Funny you'd say that. I'm just getting my PhD in International Business, so I should probably give the people at BlackBerry a call. I'd be very happy to help :-)

In CH, the SIM-free Z30 is available for CHF 749.- at Swisscom, while the Z10 was initially priced at 849.- when it came out. Of course there are discounters offering lower prices but they don't seem to have the Z30 by now.

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'With the Z30 running BlackBerry 10.2, sporting that glorious 5 inch display and having a monster battery I'm fairly confident it will attract many folk back to BlackBerry. Well, that's what I'm keeping my fingers crossed for.'...

It won't as it's no longer about the hardware, it's down to the apps available and consumer confidence in the brand, both of which are getting close to zero.

In an Enterprise / Work environment I'd rather have it than my Z10 (better battery being the prime reason) though, but only businesses buying the Z30 etc will not turn BlackBerry around.

I got my Z30 on Sunday the 29th of Sep and that's the day my Z10 got its well deserved break...many of my mates said I was wrong to get the Z30 but I know I bought a BlackBerry that does not have air gestures, 1080p screen, 13mp camera or the extras you get in today's market but I bought it simply because it is a BlackBerry.

No Regrets!!!

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Come on guys every one line up to buy a z30 and give BlackBerry the much needed relief.
I have played my part... its your turn now ;)

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How come we have not heard one GD word about the Z30 launch anywhere? Good or bad.

My goodness that Frank Boulben is great at marketing and messaging and publicity.

Glad he is on our team.

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What are the cons of buying one now from the U.K and trying to use it in Canada. Other than wearing a t shirt that says FIRST and a pic of the A10?

Oil sands Fueled

Is this one shipping with OS Heard that one is actually just 7.1 with a coat of paint.

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Morons. The same stupid pricing lunacy. Great looking phone, but someone needs to ask the BlackBerry folks why they think people are going to buy a Z30 for that price when they can buy a Samsung S4 instead, and get the apps, and not worry about the future of BlackBerry, or deal with the harassment or in store staff. Absolute bone headed stupidity in my opinion. This is exactly why the Z10 didn't sell. Thank goodness I've cut my losses and sold my shares...couldn't deal with this madness any longer.

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The Z30 should have been priced at £475. BlackBerry can argue that it's worth more than that, but the average customer isn't going to be convinced.

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Why worry for the future? Every phones in the market are crap of the future. Just buy the phone that you like it most right now.

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Can't wait for the z30. And it's going to make a great conversation piece also.....people are going to say...."what phone is that?". then I say the new BlackBerry z30. Then it all starts with they are dead, why would you, then they want a demo, then their jaws hit the floor!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I am interested if anybody out there with a Z30 has tried the ‘wireless HDMI cable’ feature called Miracast using the Z30 as a TV console.

I expect some compatibility issues with some TVs and it would be nice to buy a functioning ‘Miracast’ gateway from Blackberry similar to their ‘Bluetooth’ gateway.

Miracast’s wireless TV experience would allow us to see Z30 screen pictures on a bigger TV screen (e.g. it would be good for my grandson playing games with no HDMI cable to interfere using the Z30 as a game console).

Another feature is the USB OTG (On The Go). For example, could I copy a picture from my Z30 onto a USB stick via OTG and print the picture from a Kodak Photo station, say at Walmart? Can one play a video from a USB stick via Miracast on a TV or does the file has to be on the SD card?

What about the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) feature. Has anybody tried out this cross platform standard?

If anybody had a chance with a Z30 to answer these questions it would be appreciated.
I liked the review from farvardinzad. Thx

Hey, I did not try Miracast as it is not compatible with my TV.
As for the USB OtG, it works like a charm. I can copy files back and forth and I can play a video directly from USB on my device.
DLNA works perfectly with my Samsung TV and is very easy to use for both Videos and photos.
Bottom line, my Samsung and iPhone friends are jealous!

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Tell the friggin media that Blackberry has a touch screen and it also has a virtual keyboard. Tell the friggin media that it has the best email system in the world and the best keyboard with swipe. Tell the friggin media that important apps are on Blackberry 10 and to just play with one for a couple of weeks before you talk through the other opening! Most of the friggin media have no clue what they are talking about.

"I'm fairly confident it will attract many folk back to BlackBerry."

Z10 has failed. Now, after the results announced, this is clear.
What makes someone so confident in Z30 success?

Does anyone know if that particular device at unlocked-mobiles will work on USA T-Mobile, LTE and all? If I can buy it without VAT, I may import it.

Very nice indeed.
Can't wait for this baby to rip through Canada so I can pick up a nice white version with wireless charging.

Give the carrier what they deserve, a ???? up their ???. Simm free phones and let the public decide which phone is best. That's why the big three Canadian carriers sell their souls to foreigners.

I wonder when will it be available in the US given that the US is not the center of the universe....

It's available in the US right now if you are willing to import it. I imported the Samsung S2 from the UK a couple of years ago and it cost the same as if I was to buy it outright here in the US. That unlocked phone in the referenced article has a decent price converted to US dollars. It's just a matter of determining the network compatibility.

It won't attract any people back. BB10 is an isolated operating system. Smartphone buyers want APPS and BB10 is missing the quality.

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I love my Z30. To enrich the Appworld, BlackBerry have to be make some apps by themselves. We still need apps like instagram, viber, pinterest. Did they ever think of making similar apps. This kind of investment in product development is much better than buying jet planes at that time.
I don't think intagram-like app is too difficult to make by BlackBerry development team, and also pinterest.
Okay, Viber, BlackBerry could add viber function to BBM. No need to make a new name app. Just add strong functionality to their renowned product BBM.
That's my hope and dream.

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i think bb should go all guns blazing with there Z30,ITS THEIR LAST CHANCE TO PROVE TO THE WORLD "WE ARE ALIVE AND GOING STRONG"

Any timeline on a release for one that accepts a greater number of frequencies such as 1700, similar to the Z10 slt100-3?

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