BlackBerry Z30 gets lined up next to the Sony Xperia Z1

By Bla1ze on 15 Sep 2013 05:59 am EDT

If you fancy some device comparison shots, there's a new batch of BlackBerry Z30 images next to the recently unveiled Sony Xperia Z1 for you all to gaze upon in the CrackBerry Forums. This time around, the Z30 is looking a bit more polished but still showing some serial numbers on it indicating, it's still not yet a retail device but possibly one sent off for carrier testingthe terrible case handed out adds to that theory.

Other than the size comparison of the two devices, not a lot of other information can be gleaned from the shots. The posted never mentioned what OS version this particular Z30 is running or even which carrier it may be from but no matter, we already know it's at least BlackBerry 10.2 and if it has been updated it should be somewhere close to the recent leaks we've been seeing for other devices.

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BlackBerry Z30 gets lined up next to the Sony Xperia Z1


I wish the Z30 would be water resistant.

I don't really care of cpu and gpu specs but this water resistant aspect is definitely a big plus.

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Really? I have never understood that for phones. Why would you need them to be water resistant? I remember when I was 7 wanting a watch that was water resistant but I got over that.

Well my mother has lost MANY phones to water. Lol. She goes through at least a dozen a year lol. I'm sure many people would buy for it. :)

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

Haha my mom too. She's always drying out her phone (not a dozen times a year, but a few times) yet every BlackBerry she has ever owned kept working after being dunked.....though there was a curve that had a finicky USB connection after swimming in a pot of boiling soup.

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Are you serious? So many people drop them in the toilet, some get pushed into pools fully dressed, it rains, it happens. It would be great if every phone was water proofed.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

If I dropped my phone in the toilet, regardless if it still worked, I'm buying a new one.

I'm never holding that thing up to my face again.


Perhaps a water-resistant shell, like a specialty made case that comes with the phone... if it drops in the toilet. throw the case - get another one.

I mean if Iphone can sell plastic cases for plastic phones for $30, why not!?
P.S. cases should include wireless charging capabilities
P.S. case's should look classy as f*

I'd take a waterproof phone. I use my Z10 for recording videos. Especially theme park rides. If it was waterproof I'd be able to get water rides and flumes as well. There's many people that would love a waterproof phone.

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I'm a commercial seaplane pilot in the Victoria and Vancouver area, and I use it my Z10 for weather, flight planning, and communicating with customers, among many other things. The phone is exposed to salt water on my hands and is in danger of being dropped into the saltchuck every docking of the plane. My phone is put to the test well beyond most on this forum and I would appreciate a more rugged and weatherproof/waterproof phone as well.

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Waterproof (or, at least water resistant) would be nice, but I don't see how it's more important than cpu/gpu. Afterall, the phone has to work! If you just want something waterproof to carry around that can't function, bring a rubber brick with you. Water shouldn't hurt it at all! :-)

Waterproof cases would make CB accessible while bathing. Not saying it's a good or bad thing. Just a thought.

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No they aren't almost all water proof, I've been there several times and because of my interest in all things tech I've scoured their selection of phones and purchased a few. That tiny little blurb of 2 sentences from your link is just a made up fact on a site that proclaims to only share funny facts.

+1 great way to explain to my iOS sheep friends that quantity doesn't really mean better quality. BB10 rocks!

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Except the iSheep wouldn't get it, you see they would be attracted to the ferrari because it's shiny. They would care nothing about what engine it has ect.

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You're an idiot, Toyota sells millions because it is 10x cheaper than the ferrari, basic economics.
Put the two at the same price and the better one would sell.
In which case this is what's happening in reality with iOS sales > bb10

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Now who's an idiot? Toyota needs to sell 10 cars to make as much money as ferrari makes from selling one car. And that us equivalent to the reality of the smartphones war how?

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and your point is? from a business perspective, it doesnt matter if it takes 10 toyota to make the same profit as one ferrari, toyota is outselling ferraris 300:1 Overall, sales are higher which means greater profit to grow the company. so from that perspective, then yes, Toyota Motor Corp is superior to Ferrari S.p.A. you want to talk about cars, take this to an automotive forum because this is not even apple to oranges comparison. At the end of the day, when you charge your products at the same price level as your competitors with inferior specs and quality, the consumers will go elsewhere. The fact is iOS is still outselling BB10 by a huge margin, theres no denying that.

Ferrari is superior vs Toyota no doubt.

However Toyota is in a different class than Ferrari.
Companies Like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti develop and test the latest technology which than shows up in our cars. Same with IPhone in many cases they steal or get new technology patent licenses from other companies.
One thing that I cant argue with is that Apple is superior in MARKETING.
Therefore they outsell BlackBerry.

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Not quite. The volume of sales is not indicative of the profit at all. So sales foes not suggest quality nor superiority. If so Wal-Mart is the best store selling the best products in this planet.

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But are they higher performance cars?

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

There was a report just a few days ago that they want to expand their current range to include more performance-based cars such as the GT86 (their current, most 'sporty' car). So in a word. Yes they do. The GT86. Let's not forget, however, that Lexus is a luxurious branch of the company - the company which produced that amazing, exotica. The gorgeous LFA (also known as the best car in the world, according to Jeremy Clarkson).

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Ha! Ferrari's are only superior to Toyotas when it comes to speed,...breaking,...fuel consumption (Ferraris burn gas faster,..therefore you go faster!) and resale. Toyota exceeds Ferrari on all other measures.,...more room,..more comfortable,...cost less, more Toyotas on the road,...better mpg, cheaper to repair,...lower maintenance cost, cost less to insure,...better peace of mind (try leaving your Ferrari in a Mall parking lot for more than 4,6 or 8 hours). That said, Ferrari wish they had Toyotas budget and profits! Lastly, there is one incarnation from Toyota,...actually Lexus, the LFA I bet it could whip up on a few Ferraris.

Many actually, unless you buy into the rumours and speculation which are based on nothing.
BlackBerry’s only mistake with the Q10 is they did not release it side by side with the Z10, especially in the USA.

Yep, otherwise I'd have a Q10 instead of a Z10. I couldn't wait to see if my carrier would carry the Q.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

What's that got to so with what's the better phone?
I love it when my iPhone friends say their phone must be best cos it's sold so many.

Anyway, can't wait to see and buy a z10, why can't they just give us a date??? Wouldn't it be good publicity?

I have the Q10 and it's great for texting and emails, but I've noticed that the Z10 has some apps that I can't get on the Q10.

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Lol. :)

I love using my Q10. I've had a note2 for a long time and it's now my secondary phone.

Posted via white Q10 SQN100-3 10.1

Jam the Z30 in your front pocket walking around and people will think you have a huge... in your pants.

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+ better SoC with better GPU
+ more noise reduction microphones
+ stereo speakers
+ much bigger battery
+ Miracast

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Bigger screen will eat more batter though... I'm curious to see how well it holds up.

I'm definitely interested in the device though

Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

It actually because it's amoled it probably eats less batteries. 1800 to 2800 this thing will have amazing battery life.

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Stereo speakers? Will there be a significant volume boost over z10 cause that's one of my biggest gripes with it. The speakers are pretty weak on my z10, making some media hard to listen to.

Posted from my incredible Z10

I'll wait until it's released... but I'm kinda liking it more

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I'd rather have this

3GB Ram
Dual-Core CPU @ 1.7GHz
OLED Display @ 1280x720
13MP Camera & 1080p Recording
3,000mAh battery
Stereo Speakers

I wouldn't count on the first one being correct. The 1st one is based on a early 2012 design, if not late 2011, when the CO CEO wanted to launch BB10 phones with the PlayBook OS instead.
But you never know. I believe BBRY now realizes, they have to stick with phone specs until they can repair the BlackBerry brand that has been dragged in the mud for years now.

Most of us here on Crackberry be like "I love my Z10 " whenever we see the Z30. But deep deep down our minds. We know we want that phone bad bad.

Nope, I just want an updated version of the Z10. With better specs and same size.

Marketing is everything

Wish I wouldn't have purchased two z10's off contract :( I'd love the larger screen. Love my z10 but angry birds would look great on the 30!

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I live my Z10 too, maybe I will use the Z30 to replace my PlayBook? I stillness use it every day.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | @addm | In Squircle We Trust

Looks nice and I would not mind one but unless something happens to my Z10 I doubt I will be getting one. Love my Z10.

Anyone know when official 10.2 will be released for Z10. I am hoping 10.2 will fix the battery problems/drain when we have a 64 gb sd card installed. I had to remove my card because I was only getting 5 to 6 hours of life with it in, it was sucking juice even on standby. Now I get around 17 hours with it out but I miss the extra storage.


I'm on 10.2 with a Sandisk 64gb ultra, not having battery issues. I am a heavy user and get about 9 hours.

Really? I've had a 64 GB card in since the first day and haven't had that problem. I've only ever used official releases even.

Yesterday I was playing music off the SD card through the line out for 5 hours and only used 20% of the battery life.

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If you can download and install the I have a 64gb class10 from SanDisk and get 8hrs heavy use of battery life

Posted via Zed 10 Oreo running with Camera Hybrid

Like the Z30 but I'll stick with my Z10. It's perfect for us! Good luck BlackBerry!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

10.2 hurry up! BlackBerry will get back on top when people realise how good the new and improved 'polished' BB10 OS really is!

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My Z10 really works fine for me and it does what I need it to do. But I'm not going to lie, the Z30 sure got my attention. I sure wish BlackBerry had an upgrade or trade in programme like Apple has, so that I could trade in my Z10 for a Z30, even if I have to pay the difference in price. I am not sure if my carrier offers that or any kind of incentive. If so, I might take a run at the Z30. Bit first I have to see it in action.

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I love my Z10 and was planning on holding off for next year's flagship, but I may get this for the battery alone if the Z30 turns out to have great battery life.

Oh please waterproof. That is the biggest load of crappy advertising I've seen. First the phone cannot stay in water and 2 commercials show people taking pics under water. Ya those are going to come out clear. Nothing but blurriness. Don't buy the hype

The Z30 is too large for me but I might get it for my parents - larger screen is easier on their eyes. Although, I do admit that I'm very tempted to also get a Z30 just for games. :)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

It looks really good, can't wait for the release. I hope our carrier support the new Z30, until now they have been traders to the country. Maybe we should bring back the death penalty for traders. Hang our big three carrier. Everyone should go with Wind mobile, at least they support BlackBerry a lot more, and even the Source supports BlackBerry. It's a shame that our own don't support the home countries team. Every times I see a Rogers - Android commercial, I get sick to my stomach. Verizon you are welcomed with open arms. You have done more for BlackBerry then our big three carriers. Red, Blue, and Green are colours of traders. They ditched there own for financial gains, so we should drop them like hot potatos.

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There's one big caveat with Wind though: unless you live in Toronto, it sucks. Who wants to roam when they drive 50 km away from home?

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

One of my retirement gifts from the company was a coupon for the Blackberry Z30. I always talked BBerry and its benefits. Can't wait for Telus to announce so I can pick it up!

I like BB10 more. But the Z1 is wayyyy more better... z30 is just another z10 just on steriods.

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I sold my PlayBook and will sell my Z10 once I have the Z30 in hand. Didn't us my PlayBook much but I do miss the larger screen for quick Internet searches. The Z30 will fix that do me.

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Have,a Z10 and love it, but the screen is cracked.. So there is my justification to buy this wife is buying this sad story.

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they better put 1080p and 3GB RAM .... even though its stupid to take a look at the specs and decide afterwards...most of ppl will do it like that. ...

iPhone specs are a joke, yet they charge an arm and a leg for them. Its the iSheep that are blind lol.

You can't compare to the competition when you have an A7 chip and retina display. Most consumers will not dig deep enough to know that A7 is dual core and retina is not even 720p. Its a strategy that has been working well

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I love your reply. I have had so many conversations with people who actually will say yeah I know its mostly the same phone as I have ,,, but I'm still getting it.

Is this some sickness that I am somehow (oddly) immune to?


Visually the Z30 looks nicer and sexier. The Sony looks sort of bulky. Can’t wait to get my hands on a nice White Z30 to complement the wife’s White Z10 ;)

If this phone is to stand out from the other phones i.e. the Galaxy 4 and sell, it needs to have cutting edge technology. I recently purchased the Z-10 after using a Galaxy S 4G (T-Mo). Had a Pearl prior to that. The guy at the store was a little bemused that I wanted the BB and not an i-Phone or S4. My above mentioned Galaxy which I had for about 1.5 years was a piece of rubbish. It barely functioned as a phone. The Z-10 is not perfect, but so far better than my previous Galaxy. I wanted something bigger than that phone but not as large as an S4 or the Sony. I'll see by next Spring when my 6 months is up (Jump program) if I will keep this or move to something else like a Windows phone (Nokia) or an i-Phone or maybe back to Android with the S4 or whatever Galaxy is out by then (maybe an S5). Maybe T-Mo with have the Z-30?

Hmm, you actually kinda helped me out here. So, I used to have nothing but BBs (Curve, Bold, Pearl) then decided to jump over to Android on an HTC Sensation 4G running ICS. Quite nice, and the size is similar to the Z10, but the little things are starting to add up and to be honest, I've missed using a BB. Unfortunately the Z10 came out mid-contract for me, but I'm now at the point where I might terminate my contract to hop on to my wife's plan (AT&T). Which of course leads me to...Android or BB.

I like Android, and it has plenty of apps and nice features, but to be honest the things that bug me are that it tends to lag frequently (and I have less than 10 apps on my phone, of which 4 of them I use throughout the day) and the the battery life on the phone is laughable (while being similarly-ish spec'd to a Z10). But I see all the newer phones coming out, and the new Android OS and I figure it can't be all that bad...but really, unless you're buying a Google phone you likely run in to the Android fragmentation issue (of which I'm a victim and its very annoying). I've played with the Z10 and I REALLY like it, to the point that if I were to jump over to AT&T now, I'd likely go with it because I've seen enough of how it works that I could easily see it being my daily phone. So sorry about the very long intro, but what I'm getting at is this:

1) Is the battery life on the Z10 better than on an S4, considering 'typical' daily use?
2) Am I better off waiting until November-ish (when my contract expires) to see if there's any news on the Z30 before committing now to a Z10?

Open to all comments on this.

BlackBerry 10 is so efficient that it doesn't need high specs to work fast like Android devices do.

Think XP Vs Vista hardware wise

Marketing is everything

The only problem with that is the general public are quite smitten with letters and numbers vs. actual hardcore usage. So. Ya. I totally agree. My Z10 is priceless against my friends slower and sometimes (they have no idea what's wrong, and wont come here) Androids and I phones.

We are still at that dumb battleground around what's on paper, and in my friends pocket.

Honestly I think we are down to about 3 missing apps that are missing still. Otherwise the OS and Ecosystem are top notch. Better than the other 3 platforms out there.

So, missing are....... Instagram, Netflix and what was that other one?

For me, its not even really about those, though of course I can see why you would want them as part of the app ecosystem. I'm probably not in the social networking demographic (confession: of those apps, I only use Twitter, and mostly passively) so I don't have much need for them, and as for streaming entertainment I rarely use my phone, so those don't really matter to me either. For me its more communication (messaging and mail), music and finance (particularly banking apps). But if I can sideload them and they work reasonably well (and really, do they have to be outstanding? I mean, simply retrieve the information I need) and I'm quite happy with that. To me, the sideloading feature is what has me seriously considering the Z10 as my new phone in the next couple of months (if they don't release the Z30 before then).

I was going to upgrade my z10 for z30, but won't be due to all the uncertainty, i think many people will be thinking like me and this phone won't sell, i hope im wrong cause i don't want bb10 to go away, like it too much

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Blackberry should tighten up their development security... allowing product leaks is just bad business.

Is it me or does the BlackBerry Z30 screen look bigger than the Sony Z1 screen?

The body of the Z30 also looks much more sleek and sexy than that of the Z1 next to it.

I'd kill to get my hands on a Z30 right now. I can't wait.

Posted via CB10 / BlackBerry Z10

I was wondering about that myself. Both are supposed to have 5" screens.

I understand that part of the Sony's screen is taken up by the soft buttons, but there still seems to be a discrepancy.

The Z30 I held the other day was running 10.2 (.1.x I think). It is a very nice device, too!

Posted via CB10

Hott The pic of the Z30 here on my 17inch laptop is the actual size of my Z10. It looks awesome. Will most definitely be checking this one out too.

I was going to get an iPhone 5S for apps, but if this launches with 10.2 then their wont be any need for an iPhone. I can port all the Android apps my heart desires. Q10 w/ Z30 combo it is!

I owned a Sony phone. It had one update, Sony broke multiple features, and never released another update for the phone. Waterproof? Grand feature for a phone that may never see another update...

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Dont know if this is good or bad. My wife has had a Samsung phone and tablet for a couple years. She loves my z10. I even tried to tell her to try the Samsung s3 for longer because it probably links with her galaxy tablet. She really likes the z10 and how it works compared to the android or apple phones. The Source and Walmart were both sold out of z10s. They said they were backordered.

Photo of the one next to an other one.
I acted, applied and relatively intelligent; I ended this discussion with her, maybe they were some SMS of a body towards the other one. The maximum being the maximum simulation. Authorized to sleep, I crossed the black door, I found, in the morning, and as a dentures in its glass for the night-cleaning, my Pearl 9105. There, I thought: was that worth it?. I had to remain removed from the event, to imitate an amused guy. And she: - you knew many of the other attractive pearls?-. 9105-, I returned. The eyes of the woman were fixed to my mouth. Was it the end? I am going to dry it. She proposes me a Sony, a split screen, inside split. - they do not know, problem of temperature, that does not come from the battery, they say only that, they rarely agree to repair free of charge, no guarantee, it is necessary to pay the repair.
And she: - you know, my darling, there is nothing which is perfect.-

What I'm desperate for on the new Z30 is UMA technology. I've still got my good old blackberry bold 9700 because is has UMA on it. Not everybody lives or works in areas with mobile coverage, but this tech proves vital for people like me.

I have a Playbook I use daily, and both smartphones look awesome. However considering all the uncertainty with Blackberry I'd take the Sony Xperia Z1 in a heartbeat. Screw me once on my Playbook...shame on you, screw me twice on buying a new z30...shame on me.

YES! to waterproof. I'm extremely careful with my devices - had one Blackberry a couple of iterations ago last me ~5 years. That said, I've also lost 3 Blackberries to Songkran (Thai water festival) celebrations, one to excessive sweating while on a century bike ride, and another to being pushed under a waterfall.