BlackBerry Z30 gets an extensive walkthrough in latest video

By Bla1ze on 11 Aug 2013 05:44 am EDT

If you simply cannot wait to see more of the BlackBerry Z30 in action, then you're definitely going to want to check out the latest video. Although it's a bit hard to place how far along this particular device is in terms of the other leaks we saw, keen eyes will notice the back is a little bit different and this one actually shows the name placeholder as the BlackBerry X00 rather than the previously seen Z00. No really new information is revealed about the Z30 here but it's certainly some eye candy for those waiting to get their hands on one. You can catch some photos below as well. Thanks, Reuben!

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BlackBerry Z30 gets an extensive walkthrough in latest video



BlackBerry X30 would be a better name. X10 for the phablet, Z10 for reg touch, and Q10 for the kb.

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I'm seriously considering this one MOSTLY because of a Larger Battery than the Z10. I hate having to carry a charger everywhere I go :/

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I mean, know this one has a larger screen, but look at the PlayBook's awesome battery life! I know BlackBerry can pull it off!

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The battery life annoys me a little too but carrying an extra battery has become a natural habit.

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My question is why they keep confusing people and force people into some name no one likes... The A series is anything but Z. A10 sounds badass.

And I'm not getting this phone cause I don't like big screens like that.

Marketing is everything

I agree!

I was waiting for something better than z10 well designed, but this is not what i expected -.-


Agreed. This is what the Z10 should've been when it first released. Now this Z30 or whatever it's going to be called is just another "late to the party" product from BlackBerry.

When you're the underdog, you can't just come close to or meet the competition, you've got to surpass the competition in every way possible.

Do you imagine if BlackBerry had showed this phone instead of the z10 back there in january?... and placed the z10 as a mid level phone along with the q10 and then q5 as a super low entry.. and then perhaps a q30 qwerty phablet!!... that would have be awesome... people would have gone crazy, if BBRY would have launched that way in all carriers and countries with all these phones, every sector in their market share would be covered by now. From the 74 million users, a big part would have gone bb10 without thinking. Just imagine the faces of everybody with Thorstein smashing the stage with 5 models of BlackBerrys. That would be a hit!

Definitely would have led to a different outcome, IMO - especially if they could have launched with what is now 10.2

Well unless they have a time machine this wouldn't be possible. They launched in January and it has taken them 7 months and counting to get 10.2 into consumers hands.

They simply don't have the development capacity to do that.

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if they had a time machine why not take the modern phone of the future. i mean go into the future and steal the new phone technology and use it for the present

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You ate for getting missing Apps
That is what's keeping us out of the race... nothing else

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Agreed...even if bb released 10.2 or 10.3 at release....doesnt matter...the common consumer in U.S. at least wants apps and bb lacks significantly in that department

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What does it lack of any significance?

And even stuff it doesn't have can generally be side loaded. That option should explode after 10.2.

Agreed. I think that the issue of not enough apps is a problem the competition defined rather than the users. Have all the apps I need already. Mind you my focus is getting things done, not playing games or childish social media apps like Instagram.

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The average Joe isn't going to sideload anything the want to get stuff from the appstore like every other ecosystem. I have been a faithful BB customer for years but the Playbook debacle left a sour taste in my mouth. I invested in the PB ecosystem only to have water thrown in my face. BB looks like is on a never ending downward slope and the company is too slow to respond and the specs are poor. IF U DON'T have a great ecosystem compensate with the latest hardware for crying out loud.
Common sense seems not to be so common anymore (either you go down fighting or pack up.. it's wasting time hoarding cash while bleeding profusely)

Genrally agree, although 10.2 is supposed to make it easier to bring over more big-name apps. I think it's why Skype is still called preview.

Don't think it would have made a difference. Walk into any store selling phones and you run into a student sales force which wants to sell you an iphone or android device. The other day one actually was sporting a legacy device, but says his next phone is an iphone. Won't even consider bb10. This is the problem. Even though bb10 is better than the iphone, the younger generation views BlackBerry as legacy devices. It seems BlackBerry is refusing to change this path for now. They may go private as a company first, and then go hard after the market with advertising.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Near perfect looking phone. Now we just need them to deliver on the specs.
400+ ppi, 1080p display, 2.2 Ghz quad core, 3 GB of RAM, 13 MP camera, 3.2 MP front facing camera, 3000 mAh battery, 32 GB storage. I'd buy it.

The human eye cannot see past 720p on a screen smaller than 40" so that'd be a useless spec.

Posted via that z10!

1080p would be more taxing on the battery, besides it's not the specs that matter it's the performance that matters in the end. Although I do agree on the 32 GB of storage.

I put a 64 gig memory card in my z10 boosting it to 80 gig. How much more can you ask for. Also you can swap cards out so your ability to act as a mass storage device is huge. By starting with 16 gig built in you meet most requirements and you have one phone to stock. Flexible storage is the best by far.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

People need to stop saying that. Would you be mad if it came with those specs? Or would you prefer that it only comes with a 720p screen? It's coming with the Dark theme on an amoled screen and we saw how good that did on the Q10. Factor in the battery being 2800 mAh and it should have good battery life whether or not the screen is 1080 or 720.

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While the 1080p would make for great specs on paper, and will definitely help with the marketing, it will also raise the manufacturing cost and that will trickle onto the end buyers. BlackBerry isn't pricing the new BB 10 line well in a lot of the markets all over the world as it is.

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That is true but hey they have all of these BB7 phones and PlayBooks taking up inventory space lol get rid of that

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You still need to produce legacy devices for all the companies that have not switched to bb10. It will take at least another year before the corporate world starts to show interest.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Me too! Those specs are least for now. Let's see what Apple and Samsung come out with in the fall.

I wish I could get one of these... I should have waited, but instead I got the Z10 as soon as it launched. I guess I am stuck for a while.

First (really this is actually my first time) and awesome. I'm just ready for it to release. Can't wait for 10.2 to release too.

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You popped your cherry! (but you weren't really first) However, I would recommend never doing it again as the forum members will ridicule you.


Post via Z10

Are you questioning the majestic power and importance of the first-post? Fear the wrath of the almighty interweb!

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What are "desktop alternatives"? I'm very curious! Does this mean it can be put into a dock to replace a laptop?

Don't think so yet. But I'd bet that's where we're heading.

Hence Thorsten Heins view on tablets. Just add a phone docking station or a 7 or 10" touchscreen and your phone is everything you need. Checkout Ubuntu Edge for an example.

Please read the forum more often. This video has been there for days. You'll get lots of information there. If you also watch the video it shows some of the updated OS features.

I understand why people are hesitant to install the leaked version of 10.2. Totally. But I will say this, I is absolutely awesome. I haven't had issues yet and it has been 5 days. I even found that I can now use some sideloaded apps that wouldn't work before.

Do it. You won't regret it.

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On a top of a install the runtime from and you will have the best OS - runtime combination ever.

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I would still advise caution. There's 1 guy in the forum who installed it & it broke his phone. Even going back to 10.1 hasn't fixed his problems. He's pissed off at BlackBerry & blaming them. Even thought HE was the one who; despite the warnings that It could screw up your phone, installed an UNRELEASED, UNFINISHED OS.

I believe I know the person you speak of. I recall someone being very upset with regard to his installation. The disclaimers on the leaks are quite obvious ; however it seems some folks don't read everything.

Yea & when we pointed that out to him & said it wasn't BlackBerry's fault, he accused us of being blind fan boys who accept anything that BlackBerry does. lol

Usually these guys are just trolls who in reality might not have even installed or for that matter may not even have a BB10 phone - you have to just ignore such comments and go with the what the collective experience is about that leaked release.

I have installed and it has worked pretty well.

I completely agree! I have installed, and it's AWESOME! Lots of goodies in there! I think everyone will quite happy with the email preview. It's a pop-up at the top of the screen whenever you get a new message- just like what you get on our Outlook Desktop. It stays there for a second or two, and if it's important, you can click on it to go directly to the message. Fan-tabulous!!!

First: I'm not your buddy, would never be, would kill myself if I became.
2ndly: I'm first on my phone, send me your mail. I'll send u an attachment.
3rdly: get off my freaking post!

This is what the Z10 should have been. The Z10 to me, is one of the ugliest and most underwhelming phones I've ever come across.

It was a lazy effort that seemed more like an afterthought. No imagination, no passion, no depth.

"Once you go black you never go back" where did you get that from? I'm pretty sure I invented it on crackberry, I've been using it for the past 4 years to try to win give aways.

The z10 and q10 are blackberry phones. One look and you know it is a blackberry. That is blackberry. You know it when you see it.

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Dreadful in what way? Underwhelming in what way. How may phones have you come across? Finally, why would you repeatedly pleasure yourself in such close proximity to your phone? Its likely to void your warranty!

Dreadful because the battery on the Z10 sucks and you have to consciously worry about it all day. The Q10 is way better in this regard. I never have to worry about my battery on the Q10.

Also, I do not switch batteries: period. This is not the 90s

Nope. Not the 90's. 21st century for sure - where apps are more plentiful and suck the battery life much more quickly. I've heard about the superior Q10 battery but personally, I haven't suffered any dreadful battery life on my Z10. Between car charger, and abundance of power outlets at home, work, airport, and hotel, the battery has not been an issue. But then again, I haven't had half the problems I've seen on CB - even before the update.

My standard for any smartphone today is no charging after waking up, and no need to charge until going to sleep at night. It's a very basic ask. The Q10 passes the standard. Bold 9900 passes the standard (after the updates). All the old Blackberries and Nokias I owned in the past passed the standard. The Samsung S4 and iPhone 5 passes the standard. The Z10, unfortunately, fails. That is why it is a dreadful phone. And I am not lowering my standard as a buyer for that.

I hope for Blackberry's sake that the Z30 will pass the standard with flying colours.

"The Samsung S4 and iPhone 5 passes the standard."
Really are you sure? I don't think the 4S passes the standard. the iPhone 5 does if I have a lighter then normal day & don't play any games. That's why I love the Q10.....I would also say that the 9900 needed a bigger battery, just like the iPhone, it didn't always make it through the day either.

The problem of Z10 is its design and limited colour choice. BBRY is charging PREMIUM price for average looking device. They should have hired Porsche designers to bring design corresponding price.

When they suck in marketing, BBRY has the only option for Z10 right now. Stop pretending its high-end device and slash the Z10 (unlocked) price SIGNIFICANTLY. Then they will gain the market share at Apple/Samsung expenses and bring back some value to shareholders.

I don't see many of the black ones, but that could just be because I dismiss all of those unsightly things. :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing what Apple has been cooking up in their labs though. Whatever they come out with will be interesting and good for competition.

Although it should be function over design, in this competitive market style matters. Why not make it a nice aubergine metallic phone. Sophisticated colour for a sophisticated product AND coordinates with the new Blackberry name! Aren't blackberries a nice, dark purple?.
I for one also WANT people to notice my new BB phone, We need to show others we ARE buying it and perhaps start a dialogue. I've tried but it is too hard in a sea of black phones.

Blackberry- give us some style too Please,

We need to tell BlackBerry the truth. If they want to compete against Android and iOS then they need to cut the crap and act like they have fire in their belly.

What truth are you referring to? I'm sure Blackberry would appreciate a constructive criticsm but all you've spewed is that the phone is ugly and underwhelming without saying why. Why don't YOU get off your lazy behind and post something we can debate about.

For me : The Z10 was the project phone to get carrier feedback, user feedback , BES feedback , OS update process feedback now the Z30 will be the phone to compare the rest. Q10 for me is a great phone. If the Q10 just had a 3.85 inch screen real estate you would have millions more being sold.

Ya it be nice if the Q10 did have a bigger screen size but that's what you get with a keyboard phone.

Love my z10 just wish the battery was bigger or even just a bit to 2000

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I agree with you. The Z10 is ugly and the Z30 even more so. What's with the two toned bezel? The design of both phones appear very effortless and BBRY probably believe they have done something very special.

I kept saying I love my Z10 and I'm not going to be getting the Z30, but which every video comes a change in mind. How come BlackBerry phones look ugly when the pictures are first released and then becomes a beauty when it's about to launch. I think I might sell the Z10 for this one. Hope the price doesn't blow me away

totally right... on pictures are not attractive.. on live you just can't stop holding it... I will sell my z10 and buy me a z30.

BlackBerry phones look ugly in the first released pictures for the same reason as Blackberry execs look unflattering in some photos. The press is just doing what is paid for. The question is WHO IS PAYING – who is behind the bashing campaign.

It's someone who has NO INTEREST in BlackBerry being successful.
It's someone who has sufficient RESOURCES.
It's someone who has very GOOD relationship/control with/of media.
It's someone who has SOME relationship with short sellers and other market manipulators.

HINT: It may not necessarily be just ONE corporation.

I believe there is some truth to your comment. In this day and age of computerized trading, stocks get manipulate daily with a push of a button. And if you don't think the media is for hire to the highest bidder, then you must have been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years.

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So 2880 mAh , not 2800? In picture before I saw the Z30 with a 2800-battery... hope they change again... and upgrade to 3000

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Until an official spec sheet comes with an official announcement, it's all subject to change. It could be a misprint, could be them testing things out, could be a different variation of the A-Series or it could be that someone just wanted to play with your emotions. Nothing is official until it's announced. Same thing happened with the Q10 and people freaked out because they saw pre-release versions using an 1800mAh battery.

It could also be something as simple as the tolerances on the chosen battery are higher than expected and they are getting rated at this marginally higher value than before, it is after all only just over 2% greater unlike the 17% change on the q10 which was clearly a design decision they made.

Z00 was the trip to the Z00 to peak your interest ! The X00 is the Xtra large , Xtra specs so we are in for a name change in the A10 to be called the X10 with beefed up battery, camera specs and 10.2 OS update, IMO

I like your thinking!!!! Hope this is the case! An maybe a beefed up screen as well! like 1080p and something staggering like 5000ppi! LOL

Because they are loyal to BlackBerry, I don't know. At least their blogs and reviewers don't bash BlackBerry like those in the US.

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I hope that the words were flattering...I assumed the words were kind...BUT, I didn't understand a word in the video.

So...I don't know if the reviewer was bashing the T10 or not.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

The phone looks sweet, but as usual the price will be beyond justifiable for those who are on 24month Z10 contracts. Seems like a great between option for those who still use PlayBook but want BB10 os.

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Given the release date is about 9 months after the z10, you'd tend to hope that BB were not banking on upgrades from z10 owners to drive sales of this model.

Lol. I'd gladly swap my playbook for a cost reduction in the Z30. Unfortunately I bought it in the States and not here in Nigeria

Posted via CB10 for BlackBerry Z10

Happy with my z10. If it comes to att and I can get my wife outta her s3 contract. We will get it. If not so be it. The z10 is great for all of my needs.

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Gorgeous phone. But I'm still on BlackBerry because of its perfect physical qwerty keys :D

Q10 user!

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It looks fast, I like it and can't wait for 10.2.

That said, I'm not sure I like the silver part, under the screen.

And I hope it's priced reasonably.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Agreed, a lot of folks on here seem to like it but to me it looks tacked on it doesn’t follow the flow of the rest of the phone.

I hope they change it before launch. If not I'll have to live with it. I'm getting this baby. I'd rather have a phone with so-so styling and BB10 OS than one without it. The more this OS matures the more I dislike when I have to use the iPhone or S4 in the house.

BB10.2 Rocks!!

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I'm not crazy about the silver part either. I'm hoping that a sturdy case covers it up.

Yet none-the-less, I am getting this phone!

I like it, but is it metal or plastic (metal i'm hoping). In these pics it seems to blend into the metal side band, but is some prev leaks it looks plastic.

I think this is an earlier test model and the X is just a placeholder, like the zeros. I say this because this is the first device to be shown with the X. All the other leaks had the Z, and the size of the battery has increased. I can more see BlackBerry deciding to tone the battery down from 2880 to 2800 flat, rather than increase it by 80MaH.

Looks like an older version of the OS. Awesome phone. Finally, a BlackBerry with a screen big enough for my browsing and gaming needs. Love my Z10, though. :-)

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I will buy it, but maybe 4+- months after the release... atm I'm very satisfied with my Z10 (Z10 yes, App Store No!)

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Apps are slowing coming. Unfortunately lots of the popular app developers are still very uncertain about BlackBerry's survival thanks to all negative comments coming from the media, analysts and etc.

BB 10 just needs time and to mature. And so far from the 10.1 update has gotten a lot more smoother. And now with 10.2 soon be released its definitely getting a whole lot better!!!!

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Hey dude, instead of asking why he doesn't speak English please ask yourself why YOU don't speak Vietnamese

Posted via CB10

Hear all ye good people! Hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Didn't realise people who don't speak English weren't allowed to access or post on the Internet.

No such thing as a stupid comment...only stupid people.

Nw adays I'm scared to enter BlackBerry World. The apps are endless. Just because we don't have Instagram and Netflix doesn't mean we don't have apps. I'm running broke because of BlackBerry World. And you're there waiting for Instagram. Pls shift

You're funny. Whatever you do, stay away from the iPhone or Android stores. You'd probably roll up in a ball and die. And that's exactly what most people buying a new phone are looking for. (And I couldn't care less about Instagram, by the way.)

"And I couldn't care less about Instagram, by the way"

Awesome, you and those other two people can hangout with your flip phones and chat about the glory days..

"Remember when all you needed your phone for was fill-in-the-blank.."

Good times...

The person who realizes that though I don't use Instagram and have NEVER used FaceBook these are the things that people using smartphones currently are looking for.

So I guess you can call me Sanity. Enjoy your wine.

That's an interesting perspective considering that you replied to my post. Not the other way around. But good luck and let us know how the wine turns out.

Pack your isht and move on... And you is delinquent. When can I get those ens?

In case you didn't comprehend my vernacular, go away.

People you want Instagram Sheep ??? Post your Pictures on CrackBerry and we will comment....geez ! CrackBerry lets start BlackBerry StoryMakergram !!!! hint hint BBM Channels !!

I would be glader than glad. To see Instagram fall or taken over. Surely it will. Even Facebook with its million of users isn't as exciting as it used to be. One day dey to will fall. And I will have myself some wine.

I wonder if the 089 down by the Not For Sale words hold any clue to the design cycle.

I'm really liking the look of the Z30. The only thing that still puts me off from switching out my Z10 is the possibility of a non-removable battery. I had Skype lock up on my Z10 and would continue to not work even after a full power down and reboot. Pulling the battery was the only way I could get it to work again. That doesn't make me feel very comfortable with the idea of not being able to remove the battery.

Holding down the power button button till your phone does a full reboot is the same as a battery pull i think. What you did was just shut down and start up

Hold down both volume buttons until the blackberry logo and word appear. Apparently it's the preferred method, it does a self diagnosis or something like that at the start.

Getting bigger and bigger, why suddenly there are so many models since Z10 and Q10 for BlackBerry 10 OS. Just like Samsung. Huhhhhh...

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True. I love my Z10. However, if someone trade my Z10 with this phone, I'll comply. LOL.

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That is a nice device to be brought out. But how much more different is Z10 compared to Z30 other than screen real estate and maybe battery capacity? Or are they totally different devices?

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If it's anything like the Z you'll charge it to full turn it on, it will be set to 50% brightness at it will be at 81% battery level without doing anything. Gotta love those big screens and small batteries. Yes I know to early to tell but hey its the new BB, unfortunately the same guy in quality control. Of course there's always a fix in the elusive updates.

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