BlackBerry Z30 hitting Australia's Telstra and Optus by month's end

By James Richardson on 22 Oct 2013 03:16 am EDT

Good news for you folk 'down under' as the BlackBerry Z30 has officially been announced and is now available for pre-order from Harvey Norman with Telstra, Optus and other retailers to have it in stock by the end of October. 

BlackBerrys latest and greatest flagship BlackBerry 10 device is slowly making its way around the globe. We have had it here in the UK for a while now, although how sales are going are still a mystery. 

Whether you are a BlackBerry addict looking for an upgrade, or even looking to make the switch to BlackBerry from another platform - the Z30 is certainly the best BlackBerry option to date. If you missed our full review on the Z30 you can catch up here

Press Release


Sydney, Australia:  BlackBerry® today announced the new BlackBerry® Z30 smartphone, the company’s biggest, fastest and most advanced smartphone yet, is now available for pre-order from Harvey Norman and will be on sale from Telstra, Optus and authorised resellers from the end of October.  

Featuring BlackBerry® 10 OS version 10.2, the new all-touch BlackBerry Z30 smartphone comes with a beautiful 5” display and the largest battery yet on a BlackBerry smartphone. It is designed to keep you hyper connected, productive and always in control, and lets you share like you’re there and collaborate with ease. 

The new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone will be available at the manufacturers’ suggested retail price (MSRP) of AUD $749.00 (including GST), or via carriers on selected service plans. A variety of accessories will also be available, from cases to carrying solutions, to chargers, to audio peripherals.  The new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2 includes hundreds of refinements plus many new features that help you be more productive.  Among key features are:

  • BlackBerry® Priority Hub – The new BlackBerry Priority Hub gives you instant access to the conversations and content most important to you to help you stay organized and focused on the most important tasks.  
  • BBM™ Now in Any App and Message Previews Everywhere – You can now get a preview of any message as it arrives in whatever app you’re in, and immediately dismiss it or tap it to read the full content and respond. If a BBM message arrives, you can instantly reply to the message without even leaving the app you’re in.  
  • 5” Super AMOLED Display The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone features the latest in display technology with a 5” Super AMOLED display that makes whatever you’re running larger, clearer and more vivid. The smartphone also houses many top of the line components, including a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm® processor with quadcore graphics that makes browsing web pages faster and games more detailed.
  • Stereo Audio and BlackBerry® Natural Sound – The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone comes with stereo speakers that immerses you in your music, videos, apps and games, and makes conversations sound like you’re face-to-face. BlackBerry Natural Sound is new technology that makes BBM Voice and BBM Video chats sound more natural and realistic, letting you hear nuances and variations in tone, and making conversations sound like you’re in the same room. 
  • New Antenna Technology – The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone features BlackBerry’s new generation antenna technology that dynamically tunes reception to give you better connectivity in low signal areas. BlackBerry® Paratek Antenna can give you faster data transfers and fewer dropped calls in low signal areas, keeping you connected in more places. Also great news for Telstra customers, the BlackBerry Z30 has earned the Telstra Blue Tick rating meaning it provides superior handheld coverage in regional and rural coverage areas. 
  • Longer Battery Life – The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone includes a 2880 mAh battery that can give you as much as 25 hours of mixed use* to keep you moving from dawn ‘til dawn. 

For more information about the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone, please visit


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BlackBerry Z30 hitting Australia's Telstra and Optus by month's end


So Instagram is putting an app out for windows phones soon but not BlackBerry 10. Please explain why BlackBerry 10 users want this app so badly. If they don't care enough to support it why are you all wanting it? Support the develops and apps that support BlackBerry 10! That's my rant. Had to be said

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Of course the price is too high. In January it will go for half? But it looks like a great phone. BlackBerry software and apps maturing nicely.

Posted via CB10

Does any one have information about availability of the Z30 at T-Mobile Germany?

Posted via CB10

Ah, I'm so glad that the BB10 devices don't change orientation when you flip them upside down, otherwise everybody that used them would be boned in Australia...

YES! First stupid Upside-down Australian joke!

Haha...I should still be sleeping...

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Ok I Have had it ! ! ! ! There has to be a way for blackberry to get there Banking apps back , they need to get up on there M2M integration , Like the new door locks & remote auto systems , I can't use any of my devices, lost my 2 banks , J.P.Morgan Chase, & Bank of America, on top of this I'm still waiting for this Z30 to hit the U.S. as well as there 10.2 update . I used Blackberry for 7 yrs from the curve to my current Z10 - And now a they expect me to spend another 600 or so on this new flag ship that can not integrate with my day to day actions ! ?
If they are not here by months end myself & a lot of my constituents are gone !! This is the last slap in the face from blackberry I will tolerate not to mention all the ridicule from friends & family that are using IOS or Android. The U.S. should have this phone plus all updates & a revised ecosystem already or this 600 $$ atrocity is worthless !

*slap in the face from carriers*

You think BlackBerry WANT to not be able to launch in the USA yet?

You think they're holding back on the banking Apps on purpose?

I'm pretty sure they're trying to get people to develop apps but it is difficult for them because people like you are bailing ship because of impatience.

I'm in South Africa where we are only getting the Z30 in December. The only reason we have the banking apps here is because they are Android ports.

I know it is frustrating, but try and have some patience. :)

PS: you kept using "there" when you should have used "their". ;)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

In Reply ---- It's not that Blackberry does not want the banks - it's the banks that don't want them ,they won't write a program for bb10 I have sat with banking majors that I know personally they have no concern or interest. if there is no banking there is no Buss if there is no Buss there is no use for this device . I have also looked at integration with devices everything from wireless Hard drives to front door locks & even interior lighting & auto systems to find all is gone ... as far as me I travel near & far with to things I really count on 1) My Blackberry & 2) My US MADE 45 ACP ---- so far looks like the 45 has the record ..

Before apps became the vogue, Web browser was the thing to use. If you really want to do banking you can do it on the Web just like you would on a desktop or laptop. Then add it to the home screen for quicker future uses.
Get creative or keep moving. Life is short to stress.

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Thanks for the tip / But unforchantly that does not cut it I have to scan checks for remote deposit I spend 1/2 my time on the road, And use POS credit card scans for customer purchases. But your right Life is short to stress. I will wait for the update then if Blackberry does not make progress It's time to change (( I really don't want to do that But )) / Thanks again :-)

BlackBerry, like the rest of the world don't care about the US anymore. Fix your economy and gun laws first and stop imposing your bullshit on us all.

Back on topic, that MSRP is less than an iPhone 5s or c and Galaxy 4, so should be interesting to see how sales go. Plus, Telstra will have it on some good plans.

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Yay! I am so excited! I will be getting one and giving my Z10 to my brother. I showed it to him and he was impressed so it will convert him for sure ;)

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is cool love it..but my frieands user blackberry 7 keep moving bb10..? no... is move to android and IOS becaus BBM cross platform.. :(

vodafone sucks. You'd think they would be a major network but they don't bother with BBRY these days. they still use BIS but I'm glad I left that network behind.

They need to introduce a trade in program! So I can swap my z10 for this!

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Picked up a Z30 for my wife this past weekend and it's an absolutely beautiful phone! I can't stop using it, and I have a Z10b

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All you people on here badmouthing the Z30, you seriously need to get a life. First of all you definitely haven't tried it!. All you have to do is pick up a z30 and just hold it in your hand, then pick up a Samsung whatever and hold it in your hand. Then right away the feel of the Z30 compared to the POS Plastic feel of the Galaxy 4s tells you that the Droid is garbage. All you have to do is use a BB10 device for a few weeks then try going back to an Iphone or galaxy and it's OMFG what a useless POS the toy phone or Samsung is, it just feels so awkward using this phone again!