BlackBerry Z30 first run tutorial videos spotted - Check them out now!

By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2013 03:35 pm EDT

As I mentioned in the post with the BlackBerry Z30 naming findings, the retail demo information has been found in a recent OS and unlike a short while ago where all they had was placeholder images, BlackBerry now has what appears to be a full set of tutorial videos for the device more commonly known as the A10, A-Series and Aristo.

With the videos now appearing, that means the OS is getting further along and seemingly at a pretty rapid pace. We still don't have any idea as to when BlackBerry will be making the Z30 official in any way but clearly, we're closer than ever right now. Go ahead and check out the full set of videos above and below, so hot! 

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BlackBerry Z30 first run tutorial videos spotted - Check them out now!


Turning on airplane mode shuts off radios and connections but Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi can be turned back on, on top of airplane mode

For some reason it consumes more battery than if were to turn off every means of communication.

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There has to be a short cut for NFC... with NFC transactions coming soon I don't want to have to spend so much time getting to one option all the time like I did on iOS... and I sure don't want to leave NFC on all the time.

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It works on my Q10, just click on the wi-fi icon (not on the text). I use it very often!

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Whoa! That works on my Z10! Why didn't you say that before!!!

Thanks! :)

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Looks like a it's sporting 5 rows which is great since bef we all were seeing 4 rows of bigger icons.

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Was going to say the same thing. It looks great with the 5 rows, and the HUB looks great on the larger display as well as far as I can tell.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

^this might be the device that pulls me away from my Q10 and physical keyboards.
I'll give it a try anyway. If I don't like it, my wife can have it and I'll sell her Z10

This bad boy has got to be being fast tracked. Rolling out soon im guessing.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

Is the new drop down menu going to be coming to the Z10 too? I like how there are more things, like the Brightness and Airplane Mode, so I don't have to go digging around in the Settings.

One feature I would like to request is making the dial pad look like the simple password with the grey lines going across. Been wanting to see that ever since I started using the keyboard back in February.

Tell me how awesome the dial pad to make calls would look if they made it look the simple password dial pad with the grey lines going across???

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Why Z if it's different from the Z10?

I would expect Z30 to be an updated Z10 size phone. Not something entirely different, makes it confusing.

Imagine the Galaxy Note being named Galaxy S3, the S3 S4 and the S4 S5...

If you had to re-read that my point was made clear

Marketing is everything

Sorry. That doesn't make sense to me. The iPhone naming scheme doesn't seem to confuse anyone. I don't see how the Z10 could be confused with a Z30.

It's being called "Z" because it's NOT different from the Z10, from what we can tell right now. I'm pretty confident it won't be different from the Z10 at all. It's just a slightly larger Z10.... thus, Z30.

Now if they added a stylus, like how Samsung added a stylus to make the Note series of device, then they could call it something different. In this case though, it's just a larger variation of the same thing. Z-series device it should be. Things can always change though.

Its boring as hell. The colour is fine, but the wallpaper as a whole is boring an plain...not the message you wanna send when people are already saying that.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

i like the settings menu so far, easier to adjust things

now we just need specs, and it seems to me that 1080p is looking like the resolution

Hopefully we will see 10.2 coming soon then. I love the aesthetics of the new device. But I love my Z10 too much ;)

With every step the OS takes it seems to be getting better. :)

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BB10 is a brand new OS on the market. People around the world have already been educated more about it than about particular devices. Therefore all new BBs ought to have '10' in their code names. This is one of the crucial factors of effective brand building.

[...] new mobile hero:

They aren't focusing so much on the device name because they want people to know it's a BlackBerry. Z30 by BlackBerry.

People would know even more about this particular device when it would be A10, IMO. BB10 is the core of new RIM sales strategy. All BB10 devices are only and just front products.

[...] new mobile hero:

It was the same problem. Q5, in addition, started dramatically as a 'worse Q10' :| It shouldn't have happened now. What is doing RIM's strategic marketing unit with sales strategy gaps, I really do not know...

[...] new mobile hero:

I like the fact that there are more icons on the screen but don't like the fact thats its the same resolution as the Z10

I thought that BB users always say our phones are for professional..if so, why do you care for back to school? This phone will not sell among students or anyone for that matter..I see same sales path as the Z10

Its going to be really hard to not want/get this phone. I wonder what the trade up price will be for my Z10 by the time it comes out? Hmmm

Come on, you K N O W you want that Porsche Design Z10...I know I want one!

The Z30 is very tempting though!

Whooop 5 rows and now we need a quad or octa core CPU on this thing and a 1080p resolution for the sake of the audience and were all good

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And with 1080 every existing app will look like crap. Sorry but us devs were assured that resolution will be consistent amongst future phones until announced otherwise.

Quite interesting device! But i'll stick with my Bold ehhhhm Q10 for this year!

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odd, in the 1st video there is a link to brightness in the pull down panel, why not just a slider?
also in the 3rd video in the hub theres no compose option in the bottom bar.

These were most likely missing for clarity purposes. Its a tutorial and those are just clutter for this simple vid.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

But the tutorials in 10.2 for Z10 show it, clarity would only be a logical reason if it was across all tutorials for BlackBerry 10 as a total OS

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I like the additions to the quick settings menu, but don't see the point of having Search there when we have it on our screens already. Hopefully they'll have some customization feature where you can choose what you want to see.

This would be good, personally I don't care about many of the options shown but would love to a quick link to hotspot on/off in the dropdown.

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Wow, so the 5 rows indicates it may be a 1080p screen eh - that's promising.

Maybe the processor and other specs will be better than what was rumored too, then things will look quite interesting.

Let's hope the Z30 turns out to be a beast.

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Doubt it. Devs wouldn't be happy making different sized icons for several devices. They'd be kept uniform for the new platform.

Drop menu was cool.But this device is first gen skip for me.Amoled sucks they should check out LG's work with ips screens,design and form factor.Nice reveal of drop down menu.

We've seen only short videos of the device and the OS we don't know when the videos were made. If you know what the state of the OS is I'd like to see

Wow that's spooky: CB10 stretches the images to full width of the window. Which makes the A10 / Z30 look like an over gown pager... which wouldn't be a half-bad form factor! imagine a landscape 1280x720 screen, full keyboard on bottom...

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I'd change the "search" icon from the drop down settings and replace it with "NFC" and or "media settings". there is already a search app and an icon on the bottom bar.

So Z30 is the official name... all the specs and everything that've been floating around here were legitimate... it just got real!

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It's says Blackberry Hub and not the correct way of BlackBerry Hub. I doubt official renders will have errors like that :/

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STILL have to "pull down" to get the frickin' date....there's PLENTY of room at the top right next to or under the time...jeez

If you put your calendar icon on the first page you get the date all the time.

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True - though that doesn't show the day...

Just a shame BlackBerry couldn't integrate the long form date, though it's there if you swipe down!

Maybe 10.3 will address this.

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Personally, it doesn't bother me. I use my watch to tell the day / date / time.

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why isn't just one color. really it does look really weird and not good. Like it's a mistake. . Hope it will be black.

Extended pull-down settings is a nice addition, will it be available for the entire range of BB10 devices? Or just for Z30? I know it would not be so practical for Q10 or Q5, due to square screen( not enough screen real estate).

Some speculation:

The date on the clocks is November 27th. That's the day before Thanksgiving in the US, and 2 days before the all-important Black Friday shopping day. Nov. 27th seems like a ways to wait, but it still hasn't been officially announced so it wouldn't surprise me if that was release date in the US. Conversely, the time is 10:10, so could be October 10th or maybe just 10:10 because of BlackBerry 10.

Traditionally on analog clock faces they use the time 10:10 because it is balanced and kinda looks like the clock is smiling which subconsciously makes the viewer happy about the product! I personally like the bit of attitude using the time 13:37 on the digital clock as the time! 1337 = LEET = ELITE....old timey hacker/geek goodness!

Did anyone else notice that now they are having it so when you swipe right to left it pulls a new app grid, as normal, but when you pull left to right on the last page it goes straight back to the multi tasking page????

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

And that there is no Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook or BBM icon, yet he has a Facebook and BBM message in the HUB.

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

Nice, definitely going to get it. Five rows incredible, will it go with 20 icons on folders or is going to unlimited? does anyone knows about this feature?

Just bring stability into the OS and also make the battery life very decent. Makes me tired of the Z10 already. But aint switching if it ain't stable with improved battery life.......

More than this, I'd love to see a qwerty device with a portrait screen. A bit like the pre release images of the q10. For me this would be flagship.

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seems like it will have multiple alarms,which is great,for people taking meds.I just recently was put on antibiotics for an infection and missed this feature on the comments please.

+1 on needing it here too. But for feeding times for my new twins . Must..get...sleep...

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This looks great, can't wait for this one. BlackBerry really needs a 5" out fast especially in the USA. With the right marketing, this should easily attract people that are looking for a sexy 5" device based on the best mobile platform ever released, BB10.

Looks like my gf is getting an upgrade to the Z10 when this bad boy comes out lol. Can't wait i need it in my life!

No, it has better specs, though they are just rumoured at this time. The Quad-Graphics is what makes this Z30 shine IMO.

I'm liking this phone 'should' I say it's going to replace my PlayBook. One or two mentioned the background colour being drab yeah a bit, I love the colour of my wife's Q10 background very nice. Z30 I think sounds big and it will make a statement. FYI I have a Z10

Just bought a Z10, but the new Z30 looks like a great option for those who want a massive screen. The more choice, the more people who want to buy Blackberry's.

im with you what a disappointment. Don't think its going to happen. there will be no updates for PB soon. What a waist. Why didnt BB hook up with a computer company and work on the BB together. Joint venture. The PB is rad such a waist. put out a 7" and 10"

My wish is BlackBerry & Lenovo Thinkpad with windows/BlackBerry OS10 tablet edition in dual boot
mode. That's what they might do anyway just release the OS 10 tablet software and the consumer selects the tablet of choice. Just a big wish I have.

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I hope it looks short and stubby and that it's a perfect square phone, just like the picture looks in the CB app on my Q10.

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Having the extra row of icons is great. Love the new drop down menu. My white Z might get put on the back burner when this device launches. I guess this will substitute as my PlayBook replacement.

the next thing I want to see in the next z10 update or in the A10 (i think i will pick one up) is to be able to leave your screen on when plugged into a power source. i listen to music when i drive and it would be nice to plug my phone in listed to music and see my hub when a message comes in without swiping.

I just thought of something...what if BBRY named it Z30 because they pumped up the specs so much it's literally 3x better than the Z10?!?! which makes the name makes sense #mindblown

BBRY oh how I love thee, but you better come out of gate running from this point on because the other manufacturers sure will

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Painting my thumb green and sliding it all around my Torch 9850 while watching these videos just doesn't equal the same feeling...but a man can dream right??

Did everyone say that the settings menu had more features. I hope that for all bb10 devices. Teamblackberry keepmoving

Posted via CB10 on T-Mobile USA

I hope it has a super sharp super amoled screen, I'm hooked after the Q10. I can not wait for this to come out.

Z30 doesn't roll off the tongue smoothly. This product will fail.

The Z and Q naming conventions are arbitrary and make no sense. They should have used T10 and K10...guess which model is which? It's obvious.

Why does blackberry keep making it hard for themselves?

The first blackberry I ever owned was a z10. I always hated the keys. I don't and never will use BBM. (like the majority of smartphone owners on the planet. The market gas spoken on this matter).

Hub, peak and flow sold me as did the security and ability to drag and drop files as if the phone were a mass storage device. Flick typing and the HDMI port also got me. BlackBerry should push that.

BlackBerry should also build private browsing into their browser stock. Buy a blackberry and never have to worry anyone ie the gub'ment) is snooping on you. You're in control.

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Wouldn't it be a great idea if we could choose the settings we want in the drop down menu?

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It's not that i don't want this, but aren't they supposed to fix everything for Z and Q before adding another product? Maybe improving the quality of their current products can help in bringing more people to like BlackBerry. sometimes number doesn't really count that much.

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Not necessarily, but who is to say you can't do both in parallel? Remember that it took several iterations for ios to get cut and paste and folders

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am i the only one that really dislikes the ugly grey panel at the bottom?!? who else is with me on this one?? hope that's not the final look.. make it a glossy white, or even match that bottom panel with the back!

to me, the grey just resembles that old beat up grey car that sits for years in the yard waiting to be sold as is for $200 at the junk yard! it's just not nice, lacks that punch.

i still want that phone when it comes out, but lets add a pop to it.. please.... who else is with me on this??

I think they could pull off a contrasting color.. but put to pull it off, it should have a nice kick to it with a primary color or a white..... not some random blah boring ugly shade of grey.. might as well keep it all black.. anything but that grey. Maybe the grey will look better in person, but as of right now im not diggin it.. the grey wont give it that pop on the shelf when you're differentiating it from other phones, imo, this may sound stupid to some people, but it's those "little" things that matter.. its just marketing... colors should be very carefully chosen.. not just randomly drawn from a hat.. thats the end of my rant.. feel better now that its out of system.. thanks for listening.

That, my friends, is a gorgeous piece of electronic machinery!
And- my next phone!
Thank-you very much.
(bows deeply)

Why removable back with no removable battery? just make it non-removable. (if its gonna be like this).... anyway looks HOT.

Maybe the back is removable so ppl can replace it if it got scratched. Unlike the iPhone scratches are permanent

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Device looks infinitely better at that size. The HUB screen looks a lot more functional with all that extra space. makes looking at all the accounts a lot easier. Been waiting all year for the A10/Z30!! Here we come!

It's nice to see they're giving us more options in the settings drop down menu... However it doesnt seem to be the best implementation. Brightness should be a slider, search is redundant with the dedicated app and home screen button, A flashlight button would be brilliant. And I don't know if I'm alone on this one but I'd love to see a "USB mass storage" toggle as well! Just my two cents . That said, obviously BlackBerry is listening and it's really awesome to see these kinds of improvements : )