BlackBerry Z30 first impressions

BlackBerry Z30 first impressions
By DJ Reyes on 7 Oct 2013 01:19 pm EDT

I have been using the BlackBerry Z30 as my main device for a little over a week now and I must say I am enjoying the device a lot. I was actually pretty content with my BlackBerry Q10 and the physical keyboard and you'll know that I'm more of a QWERTY lover than a touchscreen one. However, my experience so far has been a positive one. We do have a full review coming but I wanted to give you a quick first impressions review after one week of use.

My first reaction upon holding the Z30 in my hand was 'Whoa, this thing is big!'. Even more so because I had been using a Q10 with a 3.1 inch screen. I had maintained that the BlackBerry Z10 was the perfect size for me and I wouldn't go bigger than that. However, the Z30 is certainly a contender to make me go with a touchscreen device bigger than that of the Z10. Even for my small hands, it feels like a nice fit. The curves around the back make it feel nice to hold and I was pleasantly surprised to still be able to use it one-handed, even with my small hands. Although, sometimes it was a bit awkward. The back cover on the Z30 is the same as the one found on the Q10 with the glass weave finish, so you have a nice grip on it too.

I have to say with the 5 inch screen, it has been a joy to browse and watch videos on. Mix in the "Natural Sound" stereo speakers and I could definitely watch a full length movie on it. Having the stereo speakers certainly brings me back to the Bold 9000 days. Don't know why it's taken so long to bring back two speakers. The bigger screen also makes the virtual keyboard experience even better. For me, the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard is one, if not the best out there and on a bigger screen it is even more pleasurable to use.

The Z30 is of course the biggest BlackBerry smartphone to date, it is also the heaviest, weighing in at 170g. The Z10 is very light in the hand and with the Z30 you know something is in your hand, making you feel less prone to drop it. It feels very sturdy and solid.

The Z30 also feels a lot zippier. It comes with BlackBerry OS 10.2 and if you have tried any of the OS 10.2 leaks, you'll know how much of an improvement it is over OS 10/10.1. With Priority Hub and lock screen notifications it's a pleasurable experience. The 1.7Ghz Dual Core processor and 2GB memory make things fast and I don't experience any lag. Not that I do when using my Q10 but things are just that bit snappier.

The 2880mAh battery has been a godsend. I can go a day without having to top up at all until bed time. I can get about 15-17 hours use on a moderate day and less on heavy use days. If anyone uses BBM Groups you'll know that can eat at your battery. I wouldn't be able to last that long on the Q10 battery on heavy use days. I had to get myself a charger bundle for both the Z10 and Q10. The Z30 doesn't have a removable battery but so far I haven't felt the need to swap out batteries.

I don't really have any gripes with the BlackBerry Z30 thus far. Although it could be argued that they could have just gone ahead and put a 3000mAh battery in there since they went with a non-removable battery. One other thing I could add is that, being a female, it does feel uncomfortable in the pocket. The Z10 Leather Holster was already big on the hip and the Z30 is just humongous. Good thing the weather is getting cooler now, so I can carry it in my jumper or hoodie pocket.

Is it good enough to take over the Q10 for me? I'm not quite sure yet. While typing is fast on the Z30 keyboard due that awesome word prediction, you still can't beat a physical keyboard. Even with the smaller screen, the Q10 has been an awesome companion for me. Having said that, the Z30 is a solid device. Definitely the best BlackBerry smartphone to date. 

Stay tuned for our full review!

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BlackBerry Z30 first impressions



Why isn't Kevin doing this review? Why hasn't he done his usual articles on a new device? Doesn't he care about BlackBerry anymore? Sure doesn't seem like it.

DJ Reyes, I wasn't meaning to knock your review, I understand it's first impressions, you did a very good job. I just don't like Kevin's lack of BlackBerry talk, seems he's busy buying iPhones? He doesn't seem to be very motivated for BlackBerry anymore. I know their hasn't been much to be motivated about - but still.. seems like the site is dying along with BlackBerry? Is there nobody out there with any BlackBerry faith anymore?

Relax there 123... You try running a large website dedicated to the promoting and support of Blackberry, current and future users, and just general R&D. Im quite sure Kevin and the whole of the Crackberry team is very involved and still quite dedicated to its fanbase and the community, however, they have lives too. In order to keep us up to date, they canot be keyboard warriors 24/7, they have to be able to get outside and meet people. I find it quite refreshing that more and more correspondants and members have become reporters and Admins. Kevins initial love of BB has proven fruitful for this community which has grown and continued to do so, requires other people to report. Diversity is a great thing. Why knock Kevin for buying an iPhone? Look how many new people signed up just for news on BBM Xplatform... Albiet a lot of naysayers were flooding the forums, any news is good news. That again proves that the BB legacy of its core systems is still in high demand and Kevin has provided the portal for the community to colaborate. Current platforms of any kind are a plethoria of shared ideas, and to use both and still go back to a Z10 shows that hes open minded and not just a BB snob which we see many times over when we flame the other fanboys.

Personally, we should all be thanking Kevin for his countless hours of his devotion and continued support of the BB community through this critical transition for the RIM. I, like many others, would love to have a few words with TH and the CEOS... But I love my Z10 despite what is going on.

It's been a strange couple of weeks to say the least. I don't think I'm the only one who has noticed the tone around here changing for the worse. A bit of good news would go along way right about now.

Very true and I like to think the Z30 with the... optimistic launch of BBM xplatform... is the start of that good news. It certainly has been an eventful few weeks, but we are in a revolutionary period... whether its for the good or bad, we shall see, but in any culture, change is good and for BB as a company they have an uphill battle as they were slow to adapt. I proudly support BB and I continually get complements on my Z10, the most common is, "wow I didnt know it could do that!" I strongly believe BB has finally started to see how their large corporate behinds grew fat and wedged within their leather clad excutive chairs in head office. Now they are up and with proactive change, they'll be up and running, leading the smartphone marathon as the innovators as they once did.

@ C_Rempel... You just said everything I want to say. Word per word...thanks bro. @ DJ Reyes how's England.!? good impressions. I myself love physical keys also. I still have my bold 9930 and still rocking the keys. looking for an upgrade on Q10. I will also consider to check this Z30. I just hope sprint would carry it soon here in the US.

DJ mainly does reviews of software and devices here.

I do not expect Kevin to do reviews right now. I expect him to dig information, and to get the bigger picture, thanks to his contacts at BlackBerry, and to provide the CrackBerry nation with plenty of exclusive info, or at least his thoughts on the big picture.

Besides, DJ can focus on making very detailed and thorough device reviews, like for the latest 9720 review. This is what differentiates CB from other blogs.

This whole time I thought you were a guy !
Not until you've mentioned it and saw your display picture.! Lol

Posted via CB10

I think this post is fine. I'm sure he has a lot on his plate so he may not be able to do all the reviews all of the time.

Yes yes Kevin doesn't care about BlackBerry anymore.. He's gone away now.. He threw away all his BBs!! No more CBK!!

Smh.. CB has other writers too you know.. And Kevin is probably busy doing other stuff as well.

Maybe Kevin got tired of gently reminding/ warning BB brass about many of the same things he detailed in last week's interview. While he went through so many of BB's mis-steps the last few years, it's important to remember that many a fight was had in the forums over these decisions, and Kevin being a level headed intelligent guy was most likely having many of the same discussions privately. I for one wouldn't blame the guy if he had just burnt out a little bit on the whole Rah Rah GO Blackberry thing. He runs a business, and it would not continue to serve his best interests to come on up in here every day and discuss his theoretical disappointment and disgust. Especially after the whole BBM Android thing.

Blackberry is washed it wouldn't surprise me if they don't care anymore because the consumer already voted with their wallet!

Relax Kevin is partying with the leader of North Korea. Rumours say Psy will make an appearance too.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I feel like not selling my Z10 to anyone. This is fantastic. The greatest gadget companion I've ever had. Take pictures amazingly, nothing else on the market can make you more social connected rather than the Hub. No in-n-outs. One single place to post, comment, share, like, etc. Amazing.

I love the z10 too! My only complaint is that with moderate usage, the battery only last me 8 hrs. I have to plug in twice, if not three times of partial charge before bed. Is happen/bother any of u?

My battery lasts easily the day i rarely have to charge it again before bed, maybe you're battery is faulty? If you can bring the battery back to where you bought it and say it's not lasting long they'll probably replace it!

Posted via CB10 (My amazing Q10)

I have the same problem with battery and I've tried four different batteries. The battery is dead after 8hrs even without touching the phone. Good thing for the ability to swap batteries. I've tried wiping the phone and starting with fresh install and end up with the same result. Now running 10.2 and battery maybe has gained 30min of extra running time.

Posted via CB10

DiscoKing I've studied that perhaps some app you install may cause battery drainage even no app is active. Open your Settings -> App Manager -> Device Monitor, sort by CPU and see what is consuming memory and/or CPU, kill all apps you think you don't need just for test. Tell us your results after. Another way to drain your battery is your network coverage. If it is not that good and you are most of the time below 4 bars, it is a big problem, you device will try to keep up your signal high and drain your battery faster.

My own experience: My device is always GPS, NFC, Bluetooth and Wifi ON. I can stay live for a day and a half without giving it a juice. When I install any new app, I monitor its performance and I judge a good app when well written which consume as less resource as possible.

Ur z10 battery life is amazing compared to my also 8hr.. I used to think it's a common problem for the z10. What is the os u are using? Maybe that makes a difference. I'm using the leaked os. My radio is usually all barred at home. And the phone uses about 10% of bat every hour of usage. 15% if moderate to heavy usage per hr.

"Open your Settings -> App Manager -> Device Monitor, sort by CPU and see what is consuming memory and/or CPU,"

You must be on 10.2
I don't see this on my 10.1

When I get the official 10.2
I will reinstall my 64 gb SD card and give it another try. I would love to see which Apps are using power etc...

Like you say you have to monitor apps. I downloaded ebay app, which was great but drained my battery in a couple of hours and it wasn't even open! Removed it and battery fine. Tried it again recently and did the same thing. Can't wait for 10.2 so I can see which apps are draining my battery.

Posted via CB10

I did the same, eBay port is a crap for BB10 and kills your battery even closed. I prefer using the mobile site version instead.

Ditto. Until I can make my battery go 48 hours, I am not in for a phone w/o a removeable battery. Imho it's not a business device if there's not a removeable battery. I don't even leave the home or office w/o an extra battery for my laptop. Allot of the professionals I know have 15-20 hour days throughout the year. A dead BB or searching for an outlet should have been unthinkable. Why not just go all the way and remove the sd card slot and make the charger/ sync cable proprietary?

My Z10 used to last for 10 hours or more until about 3 weeks ago, at which time it started heating up and draining the battery in 4 hours. I took it back to the Rogers store and they sent it off for repair. I was swapping batteries every 4 hours and charging the spare in between swaps just to keep things running. Only used it for checking email and the occasional BBM and Web browsing when not at my desk. Hopefully it gets sorted out.

Z10 battery sucks. I am a heavy user, and have to charge the battery every 5 hours..

A spare charger, a portable power bank has become a part of my bag.

Posted via CB10

It's very important to you to explain the "heavy user" term.
Is it gaming usage? Is it talk time? Is it messaging? Is it photo taking? Video playback?
Lets get deep into what you said and add to the community.

I use BBM, Whatsapp, line (sideloaded), browsing, CB10 very often. In the morning, I can use them for 2.5 hrs straight to catch up on stuff, and I will be down to about 60~50% of battery left from a overnight full charge.

Are you using 3G/4G most of the time or are you on a wifi hotspot? 3G/4G data takes lot of battery if you keep an "active connection download/upload". BBM is fine, whatsapp may be causing the drainage depending on which version of BB10 you are. Try installing the most recent leak They all come with many battery improvements.

I'm always on 3G connection, tho the phone shows 4G but I'm pretty sure my phone service provider only has 3G data. I uses Wind mobile, they are like the T-Mobile in the states. I usually have wifi turned off. If it's an OS problem, updating is fine but I updated it last time from the that came originally installed in the phone hoping to boost battery life. It wasn't of much help.

During the weeks that a deal is closing, I get 100-120 e-mails a day. I need to respond directly to about half. A few calls, Some web browsing. Occasional document to download, edit save and push back out. At least 2 hours tethered to my laptop. Listening to music all day either off sd card, sometimes Slacker streaming. ANd if I can find 10 minutes just for myself, I'll play 10 minutes of RR3. On my z-10 with BT off, NFC off, screen brightness to 50% and set to CDMA/ 4G antenna only, I get about 5-6 hours per battery. My aftermarket gold battery gets about the same.

You convinced me that you are a heavy user. You must tune your phone to work for you. I would do the following:
- Use IMAP email instead of POP, if PUSH is available, great.
- If your carrier supports 2G, I would be on that for most of the time, I would switch to 3G/4G when need to really download heavy attach or tether to my computer and switch back to GSM;
- Tether using BT or USB, never by Mobile Hotspot.
- Streaming or anything that requires active internet connection is a killer for your battery. Have your songs stored in the phone;
- GPS, NFC, BT, WIFI off if you don't need them and switch on just in case.
- Charge your battery using the Premium Blackberry Charger available at which delivers 1.8 mAh and gives your battery extra juice. I have the car-charger and wall-charger premium. You must have these.

Live Blackberry!

How do u use IMAP with Hotmail? I can't get it working, so I'm still using pop. I have done research before to try to set up IMAP with Hotmail, but failed.

Also, do u use the account calendar syc? I sync my Hotmail account with calendar sync enabled. Could it be a battery drainer? I'm using it Cus I like this feature, also backup my calendar in case of os upgrade.

I checked the app monitor, all the apps there are default apps that came with the device from the os. I usually close off all other ones regularly.

What is you BB 10 version? I really encourage you to install the leaked You won't regret. To setup your hotmail account is simple by going into Accounts, Add new Account, type your @hotmail email, hit Next, type your Password, hit Next, it will ask what do you want to keep syncronized: Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Save and you're done.

I'm on leaked. I setup my Hotmail account exactly like the way u suggested from the start too. I initially thought u meant by IMAP method using the advance setup, which I had tried for Hotmail but failed.

So for the longest time I use go with the direct Hotmail default method from the add account. But I m feeling the calendar sync is draining my batter. Do u use calendar sync?

Thanks for the tips! Should I get the premium wall charger or the premium high capacity wall charger 2x faster? The premium wall charger doesn't say it provides 1.8A charge but the high capacity on does. Which one did u get for the wall charger? Thanks.

Same, my battery doesn't last long. I'm also a heavy user ( browse Internet a lot, send a lot of whatsapp and BBM messages) battery lasts me about 5 hours

Posted via CB10

(Do you have a SD card installed)

I don't know about you guys but I had a 64 gb SD card (glass 10) in my Z10 and the battery was only lasting me about 5 or 6 hours with lite usage, it was sucking juice just on standby.

( I have a battery App always on to monitor usage/time etc)

I took my SD card out and now I get about 16 hours of lite usage.

Still love my Z10. Best phone I have ever had...


Omg really? I would never thought of that. I do have a sd card, 32gb sdhc plugged in all the time. I will remove it to see if it makes a difference. What battery app do u use?

I fully charge my phone before I go to bed then turn it off completely (hold power button in till it counts down from 3 etc)

And turn it back on the next day on my drive to work.

Not sure if you guys turn your phone off or not. But I think when you turn it back on it re index's everything all over again (each day) and uses lots of power/Juice etc to do this. And with an SD card installed (with lots of stuff on it) it takes a long time re indexing etc and the power does not last long at least it didn't for me.

That's my thinking, I may be wrong.

Anyway all I know is with the SD card installed I was getting 5 or 6 hours, with it out I get about 16 hours lite usage...

(I do think some Apps use a lot more power then others too)

Take care.

Guys, I charged my z10 again to full to test WITHOUT sd card. And turned BlackBerry Link off (found it was on for some odd reason). And after about 2.5 hours of use, my battery only dropped 15%! Usually it would drop usually would be 30% drop already.

Either the SD card or the BlackBerry Link is draining thr battery. And the app manager didn't include these in its monitoring. Will test tmr with sd card plugged in and link remained off.

Here is another hint: Do you really need to set your phone brightness to over 50% of the slider? I keep it on the middle and it's fine.

My brightness setting is slightly less than the 50% default setting. It's too bright for me at the middle point.

I love the one-handedness of the Z10. If I'm not going to lose that with the Z30, I think I've found my next phone.

Posted via CB10

Why did they not go with a 3000mAh battery, or 3500mAh? It seems like BlackBerry is not going the extra mile for its loyal users? Or why don't they go with ground breaking specs?

He asked good questions.

Just because you don't like or can't admit the answer doesn't mean you should let the panties your mommy bought for you get all tangled in your v-jay-jays.

Thank You!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Why didn't they include a fuel cell and a backup Diesel generator? Now that would be real innovation. [/sarcasm]

A larger battery - for the very first BB handheld without a removeable batery is a reasonable request. In fact, it is a reasonable expectation.

In terms of specs. Compared to the specs for the leaked BB A-series device, the Z30 is a warm pile.

The fact that cash flow issues forced BB to abandon the A-series specs is proof that even BB thought they should have the higher spec'd device.

Further - BB so screwed up their implementation of the QNX OS that it couldn't run on legacy BB7 hardware, and they could not make it work efficiently at all on the A-series quad core. Or at least until they had to slash the R&D for it and just gave up.

Or even the current spec with a removable battery. A removable battery is really important. That was the one thing bbry had that the iPhone didn't and I loved it.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10 (My stable: 8310, 8520, 9900, Z10)

Don't need groundbreaking specs. The device functions smoothly and there are no issues with battery life. Why make me pay for something I don't need?

Posted via CB10

Because you are paying the same price as the galaxy note 3 but with last year's specs. I am not trolling but ever time someone post a comment like you it forces me to reply with some common sense. Saying "why make me pay for something I don't need " when you perfectly know that BlackBerry priced their phones like any other company is called living in the deny!

Posted via CB10

why the ignorants every time they talk about price just mention specs?
do the software/UI experience didn't cost money for BB?
the engineers and developers work for free?
ask apple about that, and see what they said,

Yeah sure ! Cool story, keep comparing iPhone with BlackBerry, makes total sense. I just hope that the executive people at BlackBerry will not listen to people like you and make us a killer specs smartphone to attract the mass and finally bring that platform were it meant to be.

Posted via CB10

Irrelevant comparison since Apple developed their own processors. I agree with BerryWizard's opinion, average consumers will see that BB offers last year specs at the same price with current year flagship, thus solidify their perceived negative image of BB. IMO, the current pricing is not designed for turnaround, it's designed for survival. The interesting part will be what comes next after this and I have a feeling I may not like what's coming...

Need? YOu need a camera on your phone? You need a music player on your phone? Heck you don't need the internet on your phone. You and most people like you should still have feature phones. WiFi? You definitely don't need wifi on a mobile device.

Here's a challenge - -go look in the forums. Over the last 5-6 years the above was at one point the position of BB (RIM) and was argued for vociferously by many in this community. Well who were at least once part of the community. Most have since tired of arguing for a heroin junky that doesn't want to help themselves. That's what BB has become. They've lost everything. Threw it all away - while shi- bags and apologists enabled and at times encouraged them to make crappy devices and charge a premium price.

At one time, a blackberry review used to always conclude that this new blackberry is the best out there. Over time we now settle for the biggest screen ever "on a Blackberry" or the best "Blackberry" to date.

Silly. Just silly.

Do we still trust Crackberry reviews since the PlayBook? it got an 8 out of 10 yet Kevin just admitted it was a useless disaster in a recent podcast with Rene. Should have been 4/10 max based on the things he recently said.

It's not like their going to give it a realistic view on a fan website. My question is (like most of the consumer market) is what can this device do that no other device can? Or why do I need this device? Unfortunately, the answer seems to be not much at least significant anyway. It's more like monkey see, monkey do which seems to be far more of a viable moto of BBRY recently than keep moving.

Posted via CB10

The Z30 has USB OTG which if I'm not mistaken is the only smartphone capable of this at the moment. If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me

Posted via CB10

It would be nice if you gave him/her an example of why they are "Wrong (: ". Name the phones that have USB OTG. Thanks.

Lol!! Why does BlackBerry have to outperform competition in order for you to buy a BB10 phone? Do you use the same criteria with other phones? Maybe BB10 phone is not for you and you don't need to make any excuses. For those of us who love BB10 phones we don't have to proof anything either.

Thank goodness I'm not a "follower" like you. I don't just follow the crowd blindly. I'm an independent thinking person. BB10 serves all most all of my professional and social needs. Hope one day you will have a mind of your own. :)

So because people want a device that they can do more on with apps etc(iOS/Android) than BB10 that makes them a follower??? Both of those platforms do the same exact things as BB10 just in a different way.

And there are people who want device/phone for other purposes and don't really care much for tons of apps. Like I said before, to each their own. If you read the post I'm responding to, and the preceding exchanges maybe you will understand.
In a nutshell, I am very happy and unapologetic for using or owning a BB10 phone. I made a conscious and prudent decision to buy a Z10 (also, soon a Z30) and have never regretted it since. Oh by the way my kids and I also have Apple products and I like it too. Nothing wrong in enjoying the best of two platforms.
People should just enjoy whatever platform they like/love but refrain from trashing or belittling other platforms.

If you listened to the podcast, the confirmed revelation was that the PlayBook was absolutely marketed wrong as a standalone tablet instead of a fantastic companion device for an existing BlackBerry smartphone user. This obviously has cost them dearly but other than that, the PlayBook is still a very useful for a 2011 device. With a legacy BlackBerry bridged to it, what was wrong with the PlayBook? Could the competition do the same thing at the time?

The only other attempt to do the same thing failed also.... it just isn't a good idea.

People wanted tablets, and the PlayBook had the same problem as BB10... no ecosystem to support it. And the PlayBook had the additional problem of a crappy browser.

No they didn't. Never really did. People wanted the I-pad. That's a different story. And it's not hindsite. Check the forums. At one point there were early reports that BB was looking to buy 7" glass. And the forums erupted! Many of us begged the powers that be to try and convince the brass it was a terrible idea and they should focus on getting the new OS on a handheld.

I use my playbook everyday, it fits perfectly in my purse so I can take it with me everywhere. I have no complaints about my PlayBook , does what I need it to do.

Same here. I use it in bed instead of my laptop and can easily do what I need to. The only problem I have with it is that it takes an ETERNITY to boot up.

It's a fkin toy. Glad you like it. I have a plastic laser gun from 1976. I adore it. It shoots out multi color light. Exactly what I need it to do. So what? As a tablet/ work device it was useless. And it doesn't work and play well with BB10 devices. And most importantly it was clearly responsible either directly or indirectly for a huge part of BB's loss of value.

The Playbook was a business failure. The PlayBook itself is OK. I use mine frequently. A lot easier to hold and read articles on the sofa than my laptop

Posted via CB10

In fairness Kevin has been quite vocal about his dislike of the Torch 9860 so we can't say they are not fair

Posted via CB10

BS. He was shilling. He knows it. I know it. Heck - I remember the preview of the BB Storm 2. What a load of manure that was. I would be embarrassed. One wonders if maybe Kevin and others are too.

So it comes with 10.2 but other devices will get 10.2 after z30 launches? Is that correct? I really need official os for wifi calling...

Posted via CB10

It was a second 10.1 update to I guess it was released on 9/5, but I didn't see a notification until last week.

In any case, my point was that you don't need to wait until a non leaked version of 10.2 to get Wi-Fi calling.

Posted via CB10

having the best hardware in market is not enough if you don´t have the top applications to run in it.. my Q10 is my fifth blackberry but people needs more apps.

Great. Now my Z10 is going to get a little brother that is big in size. Lol. Can't wait for it to arrive at my carrier

Posted via CB10

I realize not the forum for it but cant let the Playbook comment go by. I missed Kevin's comment that it was useless. Just returned my Nexus 7 to Amazon and re-energized my Playbook. It does all I need and cleanly and professionally. Couldn't stand paying for a device whose home screen brought up ads for movies and things I couldn't delete aand was marginally faster than PB.

Do you have to have the ads? I'm curious to know, I need another small tablet and if the Nexus 7 can't be cleaned up, I will have to hunt the backwaters of the Internet for another PB.

The opening screen had crap on it: Once Upon a Time (ok I watch it on tv) and some other stuff. A Movie, TV show, Book kinda deal they want to drive you to. No you cant get rid of it. No scrolling ads. I want my home screen to be mine and it infuriated me to pay $300 and be treated like a child. I also didn't like the multitasking and the simple fact that downloading apps takes you into a play store plastered with games and toys.

It's like windows 8.....set up for 7 year old kids. We need professional devices.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

You can get rid of all that stuff that you mention on your homescreen. I have customized my homescreen to have just my email, calendar, and a clock.

I will have to try one to see if it will work for me. I have my BlackBerry in a holster so a larger BlackBerry might be a problem.

I love my Z10 no matter what.

Well I'm a Z10 holder and a loyal BlackBerry fan. Have been using there devices for more than 5 years and am into business. As much as i do love my Z10, I'm a bit hesitant in buying Z30. It was just last February when I pre booked my Z10 for 650+ USD and now it's available for 325 USD. This steep fall in price has lowered it's upper tier category. And with all the negativity surrounding the company, I would prefer to wait N watch. I love my Z10 and will keep it till the end of the road or will upgrade it once BlackBerry goes private and decides to launch a Super Speced Device- And hell yeah I'll get it.
Love BlackBerry till the end!!!

Posted via CB10

Stereo speakers have to be distanced apart. If they are together than they act like one speaker.

wooow.... that's cool ^^

soon I will get it.. but it didn't release in Bahrain "middle east " .. dose anyone know when it will be out?!!:( ..

Posted via CB10

I am definitely going to buy. I am buying full price the only thing concerning me is the full price cause in Canada the full price is $700. I am hoping the the full price here in the US will be around 549 that seems to be a nice rounded price for off contract.

9000 > 9800 > 9900 > Z10

I'm thinking the off-contract price will be more like $650+ in the US. Here (on ATT) the Q10 is $580 right now.

I don't believe we have any official news or even leaks on such a device, could you please post a link, I would be very interested in seeing what the Q30 might bring to the table =) / gaaawh can't wait to get a Z30!!!

Cautiously Optimistic.... Your damn rights I'm getting one!

... one for sure, maybe a couple, see how the wife likes

If in one year time BlackBerry is still there I'll think about the Z30, at the moment I keep enjoying the fabulous Z10.

Posted via CB10

I'd like to see someone butt it up against an S4 and i(device that will not be named) and test for browser speeds etc,..


I'm a she and you can get the wallpaper via The World of Pootermobile Wallpaper app found in BlackBerry World

Posted via CB10

Would love to get my hands on this. Thinking I might have to wait for a price drop though, as I'm still on the first year of my 3 year contract (new contract this past February for the Z10) so I need to buy the phone outright as buying out my contract would cost me a small fortune.

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I am very happy and content z10 user, but for me the uncertainty of Blackberry is giving me plenty of reservations, the z30 looks great, but I do not understand the timing of releasing a $700 phone when the company could be possible sold and broken up.
I am keeping a very positive spin on things, but I would rather have some encouraging news, but each day it rains on Blackberry, very sad , when the products are damn good.
I have tried the new Apple 5c and I cannot believe to be honest why people are screaming how great this phone I personally do not see it. If I had a choice and there was no Blackberry I would go with an Android, at least the quality and feel is better, but my z10 blows the Apple away I will stand by that.

Have Faith! I believe there still is a future!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I've asked this a million times...wireless charging...does it exist on the Z30? and is it on the UK variant.

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I hope this phone is a catalyst for an upswing with BlackBerry. I have a z10 and I am not complaining at all I can imagine the z30 being a beast

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Thanks for your review DJ. I have been really wondering what the Z30 would be like for a woman. Sometimes my thumb can hardly cross over the screen on my Z10. I think you just might have sold me on a Z30.

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I should buy more than one of it! ..hopefully this wouldn't be the last masterpiece from BB!

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Im happy with my q10 I will use it for it keyboard and I have a gs4 for other use, camera, apps, calls,so I don't think I will buy it

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Could u do a gaming test on th z30 I really wana know how good dat quad core gpu 4 th graphics is mixed wit th 1.7 dual core s4 processor......... playing real racing 3 on my z10 does give me small lags @ times mainly wen u hav a lot of challengers around u on th track same goes wit Nova 3 u can really feel th lag.... thanks

Posted via CB10 we go again. I fully agree but it probably isn't the best place to start this discussion. Just a heads-up: if you're going to nitpick on grammar, you should use inverted commas when specifying the words you're referring to. ;-)

I believe in the near future we will be able to project our phone to any computer. The screen, keyboard and mouse will operate your z10, Q10, Q5 and of course the z30 as if it is the computer. Ie windows and Mac computers will be the docking station. BlackBerry demonstrated this at the Asia conference. This is what they mean by 1 device on the go. That will blow ios and android right out the water. Apple will be pissed because they want you to buy 4 different devices per year from them. Ipod, ipad, ipad mini, and mac. BlackBerry just 1 every 3 years. Go BlackBerry.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I know BlackBerry has done it again dere r 2 different models of th z30 1 for western region n other 4 middle east n Asia could you update me wit th specs difference between both th models so I don't th mistake of buying th STL100-1 again aka th ugly duckling

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6 Variants...STA100-1 to 6.

All using the Snapdragon chipset so there won't be the same issues as the STL100-1 differences. The Z10 STL100-1 was often left out since it had a different chipset: the TI OMAP vs the Snapdragon of all the other variants.

big problem most of the public hasn't ever heard of z30...the phone hasn't gotten any push... on the other hand samsung has the note 3 in your face 24/7...

Oh the irony of this phone's existence. Even more ironic are the BlackBerry fans that are anticipating it's arrival. Shades of Android bashing come to haunt.

This phone could sh!t gold bricks on command and I still wouldnt buy it. I have a Z10 and I am happy with it but the company blows BIG SAUSAGE.If they get their sh!t straight I might buy another BB

How about the screen brightness in outdoors? Z10's screen is good but the Z30 uses the same kind the AMOLED screen of Q10 that is sometimes painfully legible outdoors.

hahaha "painfully legible" hahahaha...

Like you're complaining and claiming it hurts you that it works. :-)

Most likely just a typo, but it made me laugh anyway. :-)

You must mean "painfully illegible"...though I don't imagine there would be massive problems. I will have to get it to test before I'm able to say anything.

Huge futurama fan, so love your avatar man.
In response though - a lot of people say this kinda thing over and over. It's important to remember that the OS IS a "spec" in and of itself. Fast, fluid, unique. This is not to say iOS or Android are bad, but I personally love the Hub so much that in itself is a selling point.
There are at least two other "specs" which are fairly advanced on Z30 :
-The antenna. Better reception than your typical smartphone.
-The speakers. Better sound.
A lot of you guys on here who keep saying these are "last year's specs" are also not taking into account that BlackBerry represents a concern for the privacy of your data.
All in all, the specs are outstanding, and even if there's one or two devices with 0.1 faster Mhz or something, you have to take into account the other intangibles.
None of this means BlackBerry will market it successfully of course...but here's hoping.

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Thanks for the insight into the Z30. I will have to test out the Q10 to the Z30 as I am still on the fence to which device is right for me. I appreciate the comments about both devices in this write up!

Perhaps not...though I would really like one anyway. Just need the moola!

It is unfortunate that marketing is some sort of remote concept for the suits at BB. This will most likely be a very good phone...pity the marketing sucks.

Thanks, DJ for the nice review. The Z30 looks tempting, but I agree with you, it's hard to beat the Q10. I had the Z10 for a few months, before the Q10 came out, and loved it, but went back to the classic bold form factor as soon as the Q came out.

I hope TMO USA ends up carrying the Z30.

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That's what I did, enjoyed the Z10 really thought I'd go touchscreen from there on. But when I got hold of the Q10, I was hooked.

I'm blackberry dance through and through but what still beats me is the claim that the Z10 keyboard is so much better than the others out there..other phones that is.

Well, compared to an iPhone I must say, there is very little in it...i have never owned an iPhone but I can type in it as easily as my Z10.

A UK Z10 Owner

I don't get it, why do people think the Z30 would be "humongous"... it's a half cm broader and 1 cm longer...

I would rather say that the Z10 is far to big for that "little" screen...

But to be fair, still waiting for getting my hands on it...

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I keep telling myself that I'll hold off on this one then I read this from a fellow Q10 fan. Thanks DJ :p

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The battery life is one of the best features for me, on the Z30. It feels like it has twice the power of the Z10.
Natural Sound is very nice to have when play games and music....i love it.
The touch screen is very responsive too, even better than the Z10.

Hard to go back to the Z10 after using the Z30.

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My Z10 is still using version With memory card. I email, read news, BBM and txt. My battery will last all day. Until I play a game. Then pow, unit gets hot and battery drain galore. I have an extra battery pack with charger. I cycled my batteries. IE: completely drain then full recharge 5-8hrs. Several times when new. Seems to help. Love the Z10, still willing to try the Z30 when it's available.

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I hope BlackBerry just releases this for sale through their website asap. In fact, why not sell it right now? Don't bother waiting for the US carriers who have failed to help advertise or create positive buzz for BlackBerry 10 all year long. Sell the Z30 directly to people who know what they're looking for and are willing to buy off contract. Otherwise I'll have to purchase a couple of these from Canadian retailers via eBay (again) to avoid waiting for several more months.

Just received my Z30 from and delivered to my door today here in Edmonton, Canada. This phone is staggeringly better in every way.. nuff said

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You paid $823cdn for this phone? For the privilege of owning it a WEEK before it releases here in Canada for $200 less? Must be nice to have the money to throw away on a phone when there are so many other worthwhile things in this world to throw your money at.