BlackBerry Z30 external battery charger coming soon

By Adam Zeis on 29 Oct 2013 11:27 am EDT

The BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 both have an awesome accessory in the battery charger bundle. It's long been one of our favorites thanks to the multitude of uses. While the BlackBerry Z30 has a non-removable battery, it looks like BlackBerry will be offering up a similar external charger for that device as well. 

The Z30 charger won't be so much of a battery bundle as a simple external charger. Where the Z10 and Q10 versions allow for charging an extra battery and/or powering your device, the 2100mAH Z30 charger seen here will just be a spare charger with no extra battery option. 

The battery life on the Z30 has been nothing less than stellar for us so far, but we do love to have the extra juice at the ready should the need arise. This guy can be charged up and carried in your pocket or bag so you can easily power your Z30 in times of need. 

No word on pricing or a release date just yet, but we'd expect this to show up sometime in the near future. 

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BlackBerry Z30 external battery charger coming soon


Smaller size fits M--Canuck better maybe. M--Canuck has tried both phone so M--Canuck knows.

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Not true. I've used both. Z30 is an amazing phone. I can say it is the best I have ever used. I have used Samsung and iPhone 5

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I have both and each have their merits but overall I real do love the screen size and battery life of the Zed30. Can't beat the battery life!

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The evaluation Z30 that Adam got had one in the box. It also had a leather pouch that doesn't come with retail phones.

What's the difference between this 2100mAh battery and a 2100mAh Q10 battery in that charger bundle dealie?

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You charge this external battery at home, then later if your Z30 battery is running low, you plug this into the Z30.

There's no 2 pieces of separate battery and charger.

This is how you CB10, son!

There isn't much difference, and to me being able to switch a battery out of the charger module itself seems potentially useful.

I replaced my Q10 with a Z30, and I'm just going to continue using the Q10 battery bundle I already have.

There is no real difference really, except that the Q10 charger bundle has the battery which is a spare (could be replaced), versus the charger unit which has no battery. In essence, there is no difference.

I don't understand this? If there's no extra battery to be charged, how's it different from carrying your original charger about?

Nope, I've used my Z10 external battery pack on an Android device before. So long as it has a micro USB port you're good.

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It's an external battery to charge the internal one. Think of it as a portable wall socket.

BlackBerry weapon of choice.

Will be grabbing one as soon as it's available. Great for traveling when you're not near a hydro source.

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Sweet! Although since getting my Zed30 I've been able to go all day without worrying about battery, and that's with fairly heavy use. I loved my zed10 size but multiple charges and/or battery swaps with the bundle was a little of a pain in the a$$.. I'm not sure I'll need one for the Zed30 but might get one just to be on the safe side.

My impression of the Zed30 to date, AWESOME! If you don't have one, go out and get one.. My one complaint, if any, is my inability to one hand type on the go. I found one hand typing very effortless on the Zed10 but due to my hand size, I find it a real struggle on Zed30..

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I think the difference is the battery in the Z30 bundle is non removable from its case with plugs. The Q10 and Z10 bundles have a removable battery if you want to swap then instead of plugging it into the phone.

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I'm wondering if the Z30, has a higher or lower current draw than the Z10. The Z30 has a faster chipsets, but also has an amoled.

Anyone know?



Please please BlackBerry work on that connector piece its not good designed.
The charger bundle should become one with the phone while we use it somehow. Now it's so inconvenient holding it.

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It is a bit fiddly. It's only for emergencies so I don't mind too much.

Btw I use my Z10 battery bundle to top up my Q10. Very rarely though.

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How about you try using it instead of asking here. Then you will be able to tell us if it works.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

I get 7 or 8 hours of heavy use with my z30, far better than the 2-3 hours I would get out of my z10. Nice accessory for sure, but unless you are a power user like me, you may never need it :) Z30 is the cat's meow!

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Isn't this just like a power bank? Since z30 has irreplaceable battery.. what's the difference with any other power bank?

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The difference between this and any other power bank is that this one is not available yet.

Z30, and yes, it's a bit on the heavy side...

If the Q model has a 2100mAh battery (as someone above said) it makes more sense to get that one. When the battery wears out, it can be replaced.

I have the Z10 and Q10 battery bundles. I use them to charge all kinds of stuff: PlayBook, BT headset, two Z10s, BB Storm2 (used for phone calls only). They are great little portable charging pods.

The Z30 looks pretty awesome but personally I don't think I'd ever buy a phone that doesn't have a replaceable battery. I'm a bit disappointed that BlackBerry would not give the Z30 a removable battery considering that the Q10 & Z10 both have that feature. Batteries eventually wear out & usually before the phone itself does. I'm not a guy who rushes out to buy the latest phone that comes out so I expect to be able to replace the battery when needed.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

I felt the same way. Don't any more. if a Z 30 battery goes down for the count. Replace it. There are too many ways to keep a phone charged without worrying about swapping. Keep in mind, I am basing this on a Z30, longer lasting battery. Z10, not so much.

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Or maybe it's just intentional to make a phone in which a person can't replace a battery so that more phones are sold. Strange if that's true because why was the Q10 & Z10 given a replaceable battery feature?
Also, what happens when a phone freezes up & you can't remove the battery to reset it? Do people just wait for the battery to drain itself completely then have to charge it just because the phone froze up? Just curious.

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LOL! That might be true. Before I got my Q10 this past June I had been using my T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excaliber) running Windows Mobile 6 OS. I got that phone when it first was released in 2006 I think. I enjoyed that phone but I did have to do some battery pulls on it.

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Take the cover off of a Z30, the battery is actually removable by taking out half a dozen or so screws then removing the battery and installing the a new one. They would have to do this for warranty purposes if your phone had a battery failure BlackBerry could easily fix by replacing the battery.

Posted by the Zed 30 of rockivy

That's some great information & work around tip. However, using an external battery charger causes the user inconvenience while waiting to charge the internal battery to only about 60% based on some comments I've read here in the comments. It would be so much simpler to just swap the discharged battery with a fully charged battery instead of being tethered to an external charger. This would also be beneficial for the OS because it would mean a complete restart which not a lot of people do on a regular basis.
I think BlackBerry finally realized that it can sell more phones by making them now with "non-removable" batteries. When the battery finally reaches the end of it's life span then people will go out & buy another phone instead of dealing with the hassle of finding a new battery & replacing it every time. I do hope that if BlackBerry survives as we know it & continues to produce phones that they will make them with removable batteries. & resist the temptation to just sell as many phones as possible by implying that it's users buy a new phone just because the battery bites the dust.
When shopping for my new phone, my personal must haves list included a removable battery among a few other features. The Q10 fit the bill & I'm quite satisfied with it overall. I do wish the screen was larger but I can live with it since I'm not playing games & watching full length movies on my phone.

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2 of my main requirements wen buying for a phone are: removable battery and sd card support, that's the first 2 things I look, after that, I look for other stuff, but, if that 2 aren't available I discard the phone immediately and move on the next one,

hey.. I know this is totally out of topic but what are those cute little red circles that resemble notification badges? where can I get those? :) it's so cute

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I believe the description is confusing

In the case of the Z10 external battery/charger combo, you have a removable extra battery.
When you plug the combo battery and charger into the phone the charge on the external battery quickly loads power onto the internal battery. The external battery gets hot and about 80% charge goes into the internal battery.
The other option is to remove the Z10 battery and replace it with the external battery directly.

I believe, since the Z30 does not have a removable battery you therefore can not replace it.
This 'charger' device seems to be like the Z10's except you don't have ability to load the external battery into the phone itself.

I can not speak of the Z30, but on the Z10, the battery/charger is essential. Several times when I have used a lot of battery charge (ie: photo apps) my battery charge runs out late in the day. Simply plugging in the combo into the phone gives me enough charge to get me though the day, until a wall charger is available. It is very good when you are going on long trips where wall charge is not practical.

I'm not sure if this is worth buying. I bought a 5,200mah external battery for $25. This 2100mah won't even charge a Z30 fully. I'm usually all over buying the external battery charges, I had one for the 9900, Z10, and Q10. I'll sure miss removable batteries when I give in to buying a Z30.

One thing to note, at least for the charging bundle for the Z10, is that if connect the bundle to the phone via the US connection only use up to 60 percent of the bundle capacity. I'm not sure why. Swapping the battery will allow the phone to use the full capacity of the battery.

Now, the Z30 doesn't have removeable battery so I don't know if the same principle applies.

Adam, do you know the answer?

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Why isn't the external battery charger not an option for North America? It appears to be included with the Z30 in the UK... watched an unboxing video last month, and it was most definitely included. Can you shed some light on this please... Thanks

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Hi, I have all the BlackBerry 10 phones and their corresponding portable chargers (except for the Q5). This new one will be added to my accessory collection for use with both my Q5 and my Z30. I will be trying to get two, one for Q5 and Z30.

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Why not buy a Q10 charging bundle then since it is on 2100 anyway? At least witht he Q10 charging you can replace battery as needed.

I can go 2 days without charging my Z30. With moderate use. I was always charging my Z10 and 2 charges a day on my Q10. Z30 hands down the best for me

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No need! The battery of Z30 lasts a full working day!
I start 07.00, a lot emails, browsing etc and at 23.00 is still at 30%! And this with 3g networks, not wifi!

Sent from my Z 30

"the 2100mAH Z30 charger seen here will just be a spare charger with no extra battery option. "

Huh? If it charges up and provides power to the phone it must have a battery in there? Sounds like an extra battery to me although it cannot be inserted in the phone.

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I know some of the CB reviewers already have this charger in their Z30 box.
what is written on the charger ? capacity and current delivery ? will it charge a Z30 faster than a noname microusb charger ?

I love my Z10 one with the removable battery. Sometimes I need to charge while I'm working but I prefer to just swap out for the fully charged battery.

This weekend I lost power and had of course hadn't charged my battery overnight as usual and only had like 19% battery. I had to call ConEd and the wait time was forever and then once I was on it took a while for them to troubleshoot. Much easier with the battery swapped than with the external charger stuck into it.

Even just generally I prefer to swap and go than to wait for my battery to recharge.

What's the major difference in the z10 and the z30? Amoled screen and what better speakers? Doesn't the z10 still have the best ppi for a screen? I love my z10, a bigger size isn't going to get me to buy the z30. My battery last all day and I swap out at night. So the large battery isn't going to get me either. I'm sure it is a good phone.

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It's just a matter of power consumption. AMOLED display, faster processor, dual speakers, all draw more power from battery. That's why it uses a larger capacity battery and larger capacity batteries needs higher current chargers to fully charge. An external portable charger needs to have more mAh rating to give the z30 battery a healthy charge. Battery chargers made for Z10 or Q10, IMHO, won't supply enough current (mAh) to fully charge a Z30.

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I got my Q10 bundle from Amazon. OEM and good price. I usually just swap batteries if needed (rarely) but have charged my phone with it too.
I had an external charger for my 9000, then found a battery bundle for it for $10 on Amazon. They both worked great, but don't have the micro USB :-( So I had to get the new one for the Q10. If I ever get a Z30, will try the Q10 bundle on it too.

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