BlackBerry Z30 compared to Z10 and Q5 in new round of leaked photos!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Aug 2013 05:07 pm EDT

Just a few days ago it was revealed that the rumored BlackBerry A10 will most likely be released as the BlackBerry Z30. A few more photos of the BlackBerry Z30 were sent into us today on the good 'ol CrackBerry tip line, this time showing off the Z30 side-by-side with the Z10 and Q5. The images don't really show us anything new but they do help to give a bit of scale when put next to the other devices. There's no doubt that the Z30 is a big phone and we're looking forward to getting our meat hooks on it to try it out for ourselves.

The Z30 has a 5" superAMOLED display, 2GB RAM and a dual-core processor. It will most likely be running BlackBerry OS 10.2 - but an even newer version of what leaked over the weekend that will have have some added features such as a new quick settings menu.

Interesting to note here as well that the Z30 is running with 5 rows of icons, not just 4. There has been a bit of back and forth about this and we've seen it both ways, so we're thinking it may end up being 5 rows after all. 

*Note serial numbers and icons blurred out for obvious reasons.

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BlackBerry Z30 compared to Z10 and Q5 in new round of leaked photos!



Technically, I believe 16 colours would be it is EGA. CGA was 4 colour (but you could still get your game fix on with California Games on the 'ol XT 8086).

See, why can't more posts be like this? Reminds me of reading comments on reddit which is always a blast.

Thanks for the chuckle :P

Yep I hear ya. Been trying to decide between the Q10 and this. I'm getting this phone. It's decided, I can't wait!

Can't compare the Z30 to the is much better than the Q10 even the Z10 is better than the Q10.

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Can I get a Z30 with a physical QWERTY keyboard?! That would pretty much solve everything. It's the device keyboard loyalist have been waiting for...

ZQ30 :)

I second that!!! But having a bigger screen phone is nice so long as it's designed right. I'm kind of tempted in upgrading from my z10 to the z30.

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omg! omg!omg!!! this phone just bought me. I'm soooo ready to drop it like is hot and give blackberry my money, my house, and my kids!!!!!

Haha I was being sarcastic. I actually couldn't care less about that phone. I'm pretty happy with my Z10.

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Some day, maybe BB will learn that even though BBOS runs fine on a dual core, quad cores are a sales point. The US market wants bigger and better.

I don't think it's a matter of being closed minded. Many people don't understand that the usage of the cores is software driven. They just want to see high spec phones. It is what sells.

Samsung sells way more phones world wide than Apple. It's just that Apple only has one model.

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Exactly what i meant, iPhone is just one phone, and is the best selling (single model) phone in the world, samsung has like 100 different models, which lost are not even Quad Core.


Apps, and all their friends have them (in the US at least), and many folks just like iOS and Apple design, etc...

However, there is a fast growing trend of devs developing for Android first due to Apple's eroding marketshare. Apple has started its road into becoming a niche phone again. It's the Mac all over again.

Apple loyalists, those who liked older iPhone models and want more of it, and those who bought it because of an educated/researched decision will likely stick with Apple, but the many many folks who bought an iPhone just because it was an iPhone (and knowing little else about it) will have no qualms whatsoever switching to Android.

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exactly my point, people buy iPhone and galaxies cause is the trend, nothing else, on the other hand, the HTC is doing pretty good, cause is the best looking phone out there, with good specs. but other like Sony Xperia, motorola Razor, LG Optimus, Oppo Find 5, Lando X02, ZTE Grand S, etc. are not selling like the mentioned above.

I own both an iPhone 4s and an Android. I own them because they work and without issue ... well, the iPhone does anyways. I don't care what you have or ones opinion on devices. I simply use what works and have NO loyalty to a brand because its a trend or its "cool". One thing I can honestly attest to is that Android IS loaded with malware and my (so called) state of the art 4G LTE Droid has been replaced four times in one year! I'm watching BBRY like a hawk and hoping that they can pull off this recovery before a buyout, but the release of the A10 is nothing more than a Z10 with a bigger screen and an extra row of icons. Whoopy! I will continue to root for the underdog, but I am not one to jump on a sinking ship because its "trendy" or what everyone else is doing.

Quad core is only a selling point to a small percentage. Most phone buyers wouldn't have a clue what quad core means.

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I agree. I think the big problem (at least in the US) has to do with carriers. I can walk into a carrier store and say I want a phone, and most likely I'll be dragged to whatever phone they want me to. Whatever happened to the question "well what type of phone are you looking for?" It annoys me when salesman drag people to the latest and greatest and talk them into that phone, stop being bias and actually ask them what they want.

You're right a lot of people think that way. But honestly, Moto X marketing, and iOS marketing both are examples of another way of thinking. We will see if it works for BBRY.

No, it's about future proofing. Look at Playbook, it didn't have the specs to run BB10. Under spec'd devices do not live in today's rapidly changing mobile market as long as over spec'd devices, ergo I want my gadgets over spec'd. Duh!

if they made the PB more than 1 core it would have had them lose more money than they already did with the thing. sad to say that just one damn core detracts us PB owners from the fruits of BB10...

Then the entire US and European markets are close minded too. Specs will sell..regardless of in t is good enough as is

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A quad-core BBOS phone, that would be laughable.

Now a dual-core + gpu quad-core BB10 phone, that's good. WHY DO YOU WANT MORE THAN SIX CORES?

BBOS never ran on a dual core CPU and doesn't take advantage of multiple cores.

I agree that bigger numbers are important to people even if they don't mean that much.

Without the large gesture area on the Q5, it almost looks as it BlackBerry can fit in a larger screen on a full querty phone with it it being ridiculously large. A full qwerty with a larger screen would definately be my ideal phone. I'm not really a fan of phablets. Having said that, I'm not much of a fan of touchscreens either :D.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

Even the specs could possibly change between now and release. However, I believe the specs as listed the last time, are awesome. The specs will rock either way. Dual core cpu with quad core gpu is more than enough to kick some serious a s s, because BlackBerry 10 is that good. BlackBerry 10 can utilise the specs it's given because of how it works. QNX!!!

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Correct ;)
My published specs are correct, but we now have proof and I can't post it yet.

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

Design is still a bit too conservative... I would have really liked an eyecatching BlackBerry for a change.

maybe we should have a return to whites only restaurants and bathrooms. How about water fountains? Yeah. Conservatives have done a world of good.

woahh racist!! besides, conservatives are all about saving money and economy.. separation will cost more from duplication of everything...

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Agreed. Industrial design expectations don't evaporate on products designed for people in business. They actually elevate. This looks... meh. Even the z10 has more personality. Curve those corners. Profile the back. Add textures and colors. Or be forgotten.

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Can't wait to see how much it will cost... but I don't want spend more like 750usd... it's just not awesome enough to spend that much money, sry BlackBerry.

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I don't want an OS that absolutely requires the most insane specs to run properly. I want an RTOS / micro kernel that fully utilises the specs at whatever level. That's what BlackBerry 10 does. BlackBerry 10, in the future, will also have the capability to properly use say an "octocore' processor, where another OS actually just needs it in order to boot and run properly.

"Getting good grades, the future looks bright, I got to wear shades." - somebody in an 80's rock song.

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So true. The phone I want doesn't need a screaming processor if the OS can run efficiently on whatever it has. I have had NO speed issues with my Z10. It works like a charm and doesn't keep me waiting.

As for the Z30 size, I'm finding my Z10 is just a little bit big for my hands, too. Thinking of going to the Q. Regardless, I will still be rocking the BB10. Just *love* the OS.

Care to do the marketing for it?

Hey buy this blackberry, it doesn't need high end specs.

Unfortunately this is how one device is compare over another. Even if it doesn't technically need the badass specs to function, it needs them to sell.

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What BB needs is a marketing point, like they once did with BBM, and like apple did with Siri on the 4S.

I'm in the music business, and it sells more to have One really good and catchy song, than to have an overall good songs album, so by that what i mean is, they need a really attractive feature, that makes people want to have it, and focus the ad campaign on that really attractive feature, A marketing point.

"insane specs".. like not being able to run on less than 2GB of RAM. Not trying to bring up the Playbook/BB10 think AGAIN, but this argument doesn't fly with me anymore.

What the hell have you been smoking. You still buying all that qnx nonsense that is absolute drivel?

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I think I'm going to be doing the same. Unless the size is just to big for my hand. The zed10 is the perfect size in hand, pocket and suit..

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Thanks @BadGoliath43 - you are good :)

Is it because it is a 1080p screen like others have pointed out? Crackberry (and N4BB) had carried the original Aristo spec and it listed the screen to be a 1080p. Also, that spec calls out a quad core CPU (with 1.7GHz when one core is running and 1.5GHz when all the cores are running).

I guess all they're showing us is just...
Blurred lines.


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If I'd known about this phone I wouldn't have gone all in for the z10 so to speak. Slightly irritated that I will have to wait months for a chance to get it unless I want to fork out hundreds for it

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It looks pretty awesome I must say. I wonder why that and the q10 get similar backs, but the Z is different. It's almost like the Z30 was the phone BlackBerry was going to launch first, but had to put out something, and that something became the Z10.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Sure hope it has more than 16gb storage built inside.
I had to delete stuff on my Z10 just to install the last update, that should not have to happen.
32 gb internal should be the minimum nowadays...

Looks good though.

Qt least the option to go for a 32g for those like me who needs it ? Please ?!!! If blackberry can pull that off and a 1080p display with a price of 700, I'm sold

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what if you compare this display being 720, with a 1080 of another phone, and this one looks a lot better, would you complain about it ?

Get an sd card for all your music, pictures and video. Leave the 16 gigs for your apps. I put a 64 Gig card in so I'm rockin' 80 Gigs of space. Cheers!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I have a 64gb SD card installed already with all my music/pictures/videos and anything my apps let me put on it. 16gb is still not enough all games and apps go on the internal storage.

If they want to make money they have to provide enough storage so we can still buy stuff without worrying about our storage being filled up.

32GB should be the minimum...

Question, since the specs of BlackBerry 10 phones aren't as up to date as other phones on the market (dual core vs. Quad Core, lower resolution screens, etc), they should be cheaper to make hence they should have a cheaper retail price no?

Wonder why they're not cheaper than competitors.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

haha I like how the flagship Z30 is running on the cutting edge Edge network!

The Z30 looks dimmer than the Z10.. I'm curious to know what the brightness settings are at for each device.

I'm really trying to be excited about the Z30 in the same way I was for the Z10 and Q10.

I think you're right. Good eye. I really hope the lack of high resolution screen on the Z30 is overblown and I'm just worried for nothing. Seeing that the top and bottom bar icons are both the same brightness and clarity makes me feel better.

So.. the Z30's screen will have colors more like my Q10 than Z10? I like them both, it's hard to decide which one looks better.

The Z10 seems to have no signal at all though. If it doesn't and the Z30 managed Edge well that's still pretty good.

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

haha if that's true, then that's good. But I bet whoever's phones these are, they just have their sim in their Z30, leaving the Z10 and Q5 to be on Wi-Fi only.

PS. Any idea why the Q5's screen is totally blacked out in one picture, and why all the icons are blurred in every picture???

My guess is the Q5 is just there for size comparison, but the main difference is to see the screen comparison between the Z10 and the Z30 (like how the Z10 has 4 rows of icons compared to 5 on the Z30) which is why those 2 screens are on. And the icons are blurred probably for protection reasons.

I don't know why people get excited over specs. The average person walking in a retail store is not looking for quad core phones. If it weren't for the blog sites and tech geeks I wouldn't even know what a quad core processor was. As long as the software runs well on the hardware it's all good for me. " Child Please "

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Day one buyer here.
The only real question is "what will I do with my trusty Z10?".

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So we laugh at iPhone 5 because an extra row of icons. Yet we praise this junk spec z30 for the same? The i5 from 4s had more difference than a z10-30. This is getting ludicrous

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I5 was an upgrade to the 4s, Z30 is not an upgraded Z10, it's a different phone. Both Z's will be in production at the same time. Q10 & Q5 are being produced concurrently. The i5 was mocked for being insufficiently different from the phone it was to replace. The Z30 is not a replacement for the Z10, merely an alternative for those looking for a larger handset.

Z10STL100-2/ O2 Uk

"I5 was an upgrade to the 4s, Z30 is not an upgraded Z10, it's a different phone."

Interesting Spin. But come on dude, the comparison is valid. The Z30 is being touted as BB's new flagship. Which phone is currently BB's flagship, again...?
There's two types of BB's running BB10: The Q series and the Z series. The Q10 has higher specs than the Q5 (which is why the numerical identifier is lower....Q5....Q10...) Blackberry has always attached the highest numerical identifier to its flagship. The Z30 is more than an alternative, it's BB's next flagship (replacing the Z10). So his comparison to apple is valid.
I have faith that BB will weather the storm. But I agree if you trashed apple for the Iphone 5-This is a pretty close parallel, where's the trash talking now?

*sent from my galaxy S4, using my PlayBook as a foot rest.

You're still a tool. We laughed at the iPhone because it lacks HDMI, has a dated user interface, is not capable of running Flash, doesn't have NFC... the list goes on and on. Freaking troll. Nice try buddy.

Back to kindergarten

Wow! I can't wait. Wished the specs were a bit better but what the heck I am still going to buy it when it becomes available in the fall. Good job BlackBerry I think big screen is the way to go.

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Wear that in a holster and you will look like the geek you were in high school sporting a Pickett slide rule hanging from the belt holding up your floods...

Oh, does it come with a fully functional Bridge?

That's what I'm saying. Plus Super AMOLED! The only reason I miss my S2 is that display, it is incredibly brilliant, and crisp.

I'm not sure which S2 you are referring to, but I have the GT-I9100 that I imported from Europe. I can assure you they don't even compare. The Super AMOLED is a 10/10, the Z10 screen is a 7/10.

If the Z30 Super AMOLED is on par with my S2 screen, it should be sweet.

That's just it though, YOU'RE coming FROM a 9930 to a Z10. To the 99.7% of the rest of the smart phone world? 4.2 is a mid range device and screen.

Bad battery life in a non removable form factor. Sounds great already. As usual blackberry will throw in a lacking mah battery. They NEVER learn.

Enhanced SoC, same res, AMOLED, 60% more battery in other words it's probably a Z10 with 160% battery consuming less power. HOW is this not enough?

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Bad battery life based on your personal experience with this phone right? Hahah...If you have a hate on for BB in general, then get something else! Gotta love the crackberry 'fans' out here. Now excuse me, but I have to go comment on the Honda forums because my car battery died for no reason the other day and I HATE THEM! Lol

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I'm very happy with the battery life on the Q10. Also, the "battery bundle" BlackBerry sells for it is super-sweet.

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I really wonder how they are going to market this phone? What is the hook? Is a screen slightly bigger than a Z10 that much of an improvement?

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I don't mind buying the Z30 but if the ecosystem is not what I expect by then. U can forget about me buying another blackberry. Especially after what they did to us PlayBook owners!

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

I like the device, my hands are big enough for it but works for other ppl, but Z30 come on, the name doesn't sound good.

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My Z10 is gonna hate me for this, but that Q5 is a pretty sharp looking little number too. Reminds me of the best parts of the old curve mixed with a little Palm Pixi.

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This phone should be a late term abortion. It is destined to flop. There is no case to be made for it.

It has absolutely no standout feature. It has nothing to make anyone consider it high end. Even the Moto X with it's similar specs went ahead and put a 10 megapixel camera on the back (yes I know megapixels don't mean a thing for image quality). Plus it has a wide range of customization options and the assembled in the USA gimmick going for it.

The Z30 has literally nothing.

Screen? Nope, it's not the biggest. It's not the best. It's got the lowest resolution in it's class

Battery? Not the biggest. Not removable.

Dimensions? I mean it should be thin without a removable battery right? Nope, thicker for no reason at all then the Z10. At least the Z10 has the removable battery excuse. Oh and it's wider and taller then other 5" phones in it's class too. Not pocket friendly.

Camera? I mean if it's going to have the same resolution as a 2+ year old iPhone 4s shouldn't it have some other feature to make it worth while? Nope.

Ecosystem? Well great for us who know how to side load apps. But for the casual shopper, it's the worst there is today of the major players.

Price? I mean with the bargain bin 2012 parts and halfhearted design it should at least be cheap right? Don't count on it lol Expect to pay every bit as much as other high end 2013 Snapdragon 800 phones that demolish the Z30 hardware and design wise.

As much as I want BlackBerry to succeed this phone will not help their cause at all. It won't sell. Sales people will actively push people AWAY from it.

Well stated.

I know TH and his pals have to include some smart people, but sometimes I wonder if they're paying any attention at all to how their devices look next to the competition. The Z10 is a tough sell in a highly saturated all-touch-screen marketplace. This? Dunno who's gonna buy it.

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That phone rumoured to be called the Z30 will give any current and coming soon 5" phone a run for its money. You are basing your information on rumoured specs. Either way, who needs powerful battery draining Octa-Cores when this is rumoured to have a Quad-Graphics and a fast Dual-Core, all run by a very efficient OS. Just like Apple's iPhone 5, I don't hear people bitching about it's 1GB Ram, slow 1.3GHz Dual-Core and its crappy camera do you? Yet its sold at a premium. Why because iOS is quite optimized and does not require all these high end and useless specs.
Reserve your judgment upon it's release and let it get reviews by the pro's, then we will see if this masterpiece sells. The Z30 already sold me, and can't wait for it. ;)

Like I said in my other comment, a few diehard BlackBerry people will buy it. Everyone else will take a pass.

The iPhone can sell at a premium because of the ECOSYSTEM. There are tens of millions of people who bitch daily about the iPhone but buy it anyway because of the rich ecosystem that supports it. Plus, it's a market LEADER. When you're on top you can sell at a premium because you're in demand.

BlackBerry is not on top and I still hear daily from uninformed people that they are going out of business. The Z10 and the Q10 aren't selling and the Z10 was closer to being current at it's time of launch then the Z30 and the Q10 has the BlackBerry keyboard. The Z30 has nothing other then 5" screen size (the most fiercely contested segment of the market) and a pretty big battery.

We know how great BlackBerry 10 is. But to casual shoppers, it's not a selling feature. We know how to side load the missing apps. Casual shoppers will just know that there's a bunch of apps missing and they will always have to wait longer then everyone else to get the apps.

You have to have something to sell. If you don't have the ecosystem, you'd better at least have hardware that will stand out in the crowd in a good way. You don't stand out by being portly and dumb in the 5" touchscreen segment. BlackBerry 10 isn't efficient. The Z10 fights with me daily just rotating the screen in the few apps that actually work in landscape. It REQUIRES 2GB of RAM to even run half decent. It's anything but optimized. But I get that it's a work in progress and I support BlackBerry.

But the Z30 isn't even trying.

This is a nice low/mid range end phablet. But of course bbry markets it as a flagship and that's where they fail. Bbry has decent profit margins but they are so greedy they wait for the price to kill the phone then then drop the price by then nobody cares.

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Yeah they will still be trying to squeeze loyal BlackBerry customers for every penny when this phone launches and a few will buy it. Everyone else who isn't diehard BlackBerry, will look at it, laugh hysterically at the price, and buy something else.

Reviewers will shred this phone to pieces for the specs, the uninspired big fat design with a removable back plate that serves no real world purpose, and the price.

Sales people will treat this phone like it will immediately cause your hands to fall off if you touch it and steer people away from it in haste.

I hate when people say stupid ignorant things like this. Specs are not everything. The Z10 uses the same chip as the galaxy S3 but the z10 destroys it. The OS really makes a huge difference. I wish fandroids would get off the whole specs thing.

Auto Corrected by BlackBerry 10 via CB10

Ignorant is thinking BlackBerry 10 matters to anyone outside of the BlackBerry community right now. It's NOT a selling feature. It's a reason NOT to buy a phone. People want apps. BlackBerry 10 doesn't have them and people have to wait longer to get them then on any other platform. So the greatness of BB10 isn't selling many phones right now and we continue to lose three times more legacy customers then we are bringing in with BlackBerry 10.

I'm not a fandroid. I just know that if the platform is a weakness that you need to have a hardware or services advantage of some kind. Nokia know this. They have Here and their camera tech.

It is.

But it has and ecosystem supporting it that is the envy of all other platforms and the only way to get that ecosystem is to buy an iPhone.

BlackBerry on the other hand, has a piss poor effort at making a flagship 5" touchscreen phone that no one will say is worth the asking price, and they also have a very poor supporting ecosystem and killed off all the unique services that sold legacy devices.


BlackBerry Internet service.

The service that provided the free email and the ability to backup legacy blackberry devices to the cloud with blackberry protect and the dirt cheap unlimited social messaging plans etc...

It's apparent you haven't owned a legacy device. There are a plethora a features that were SOP on the 7 OS that are missing on the 10! I would rather have my Tour (with the bridge feature) than what is being sold now!!

Is a 5 inch phone really enough difference to a Z10? Is this phone a partial answer to no playbook? I think BB still needs a new playbook. The BB10 sotware is coming on strong now. BB is updating it regularly and listening to its consumers. Only IOS is now like this. Android is only controlled by Google. So BB needs the full suite of functionality to find its niche as the best communication mobile system, especially as the ad promotes, for those who want to get things done. BB is now the only system without a tablet at all. Its a mistake?

Fully Agree. BlackBerry needs to launch a 7" and 10" PlayBook based on BB10. It's a must to complete BlackBerry's hardware ecosystem. Many people that own smart phones want Tablets, and Apple has proved this to be 100% correct.

Yes because technology must emulate today or innovate for tomorrow. Thors vision is to ignore both and copy what Samsung did years ago. But Samsung offers features he can only dream about.

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Hey Z30 you better be a 13 MP camera else the reviewers like CNET, Verge etc shall hammer you and that wont do any good for your sales. It better be a 1.7 GHz quad core and not a dual core. I agree that due to the greatness of BB10 it wont require a quad core but these days stupid mobile analyst simply compare the hardware specs and based on which bash the new BB. As such I am 110% sure BB is going to be EXORBITANT in its Z30 pricing. So then why not really give it alway with premium hardware specs as well. * MP camera would be disastrous.

Z30 - Rumour Specs
1.7GHz Dual-Core Krait
Quad-Core Adreno Graphics
5" AMOLED @ 1280 x 720
2GB of RAM
Li-Ion 2800 mAh battery
Z10 - Specs
1.5 GHz Krait Dual-Core
Adreno 225 Graphics
4.2 inches 768 x 1280 pixels
2GB of RAM
Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery

Atinsider, if the Z30 has these specs I'll be the first in line to pick one up even though I love my Z10. If it's a dual core, blah, blah, blah on specs, I'll stay Z10.

Say what you want peeps, gimmicky specs sell phones. We don't need all that, but all people will know is this is the biggest, baddest, fastest, bestest device out there.

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5 inches is way to BIG as she would say.. Lol I guess you got to satisfy everybody though..

Quad-core is not that big of a difference. The S4 is quad-core and it still lags.. it's all about software and the experience. My Z10 is awesome on this new10.2! Not a hitch! Apple has also proves it's all about software!

Great BlackBerry 10 smartphones! :D
I'll surely get myself a Z30 when it arrives in Manila.

Posted using my BlackBerry Z10.
I Love BlackBerry! :D

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its an all touch and wont get me to buy ... my z10 is ok but as soon as i picked up the q10 a week ago theres no going back . 6' 7' whatever size screen wont do it for me ... its gotta have physical keyboard or im not buyin it. z10 is my first and last all touch

I'm waiting S 10 model. Maybe that one have an skype apps!!! I'm waiting for so long for this apps on my z10!

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