BlackBerry Z30 available from Verizon Wireless November 14th for $199

By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2013 11:29 am EST

Those of you that have been impatiently refreshing Verizon's site waiting for the Z30, the news in finally in. The BlackBerry Z30 will be available from Verizon Wireless starting November 14th. 

The news notes that the Z30 will be available online, but no word if it will be arriving in stores the same day as well. We'd assume that it would show up on shelves as some point, but it could very well carry an online only tag for a while.

The Z30 is a Verizon exclusive in the US and will run you $199 on a two-year contract. 

Verizon customers - do you plan on picking up a Z30? Drop a comment and let us know!

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BlackBerry Z30 available from Verizon Wireless November 14th for $199


I don't get it.
TM completely gave up on BB retail instore sales.
While, VZ decided to go for an exclusive on one model
Faith in profit!

Taking their chances to be exclusive. Perhaps, some of the Tmobile customer will switch to Verizon just to have the Z30. (* stretch *)

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Will that actually work? I too roll with T-MO and want a Z30 (2 Actually). Let me know how that works out, I am very interested to see.

"Blackberry is the iPhone of smartphones"

Yes, it works (the STA100-5, that is.) Take my word for it, or ask me to find you forum posts confirming this and I will.

Sprint was supposed to be getting the Z30 as well so it must be exclusive to VZW for a couple of months. Unless plans have changed.

Really... That would almost make a trip across the border worthwhile...

...if I had a car, or lived in a city where I could catch the Megabus for a buck.

Would love to, but sadly (tho not really that sad) i have my z10 and no discounted upgrade in the near future.

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ABSOLUTELY!!! I pay full price no matter the phone because I have my unlimited data plan. So why wait?? WOOHOO!!

How much was the Q10 when it was released in May? How much is the Q10 now? Don't bet on the phone dropping its price in half in two months, the Q10 is 6 months old and might be $50 cheaper than at release.

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Good to see. If one day it comes to Sprint, I will get it. Still using my 9930 and waiting impatiently. Unfortunately, I can't switch carriers or I would in a minute.

I want it, but there isn't a huge difference other than the battery for me to make me wanna switch from my z10, it's still a baby compared to my normal phone life. Since I never enter contracts, I pay full retail. I will pick it up in the future when I can purchase it out right for maybe 300 or so. At least Verizon is carrying it.

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I want it, but hope they at least have a working demo in store so I can feel the weight, size and quality before ordering one online.

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I paid for my Z10 too. Don't feel bad. It's a good device and you will get 10.2 eventually.

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You need to get over that eventually. There's always a better phone announced almost immediately after you get yours, regardless of which OS you're using (in Apple's case it isn't always announced yet, but it's a given).

It's the same with buying cars. A new, better one will always come out. You just need to learn to be happy with what you've got.

Omg, Verizon monthly is too expensive
And I have t-mobile how horrible
"Verizon exclusive" :'(

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Order one from a friendly Canadian ...

From the Z30 of Rockivy @ soon!!!!

Verizon really isn't that much more than a prepaid plan. My family's plan is about $180/month for 3 people with 4gb of data

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Verizon is a rip-off if you are a single user unless you need to use your phone in such places as P-Town (Cape Cod), practically anywhere in Maine, or on top of Roan Mountain. The family plan is more in-line with other U.S. carrier pricing.

It would be smart to wait a little longer for a price drop because that's what happened to the z10. If I wasn't happy with my z10 I would do just that.

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Yeah would love to but no upgrade discount too bad bbry doesn't offer deals to get more phones sold.

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Seems to be a big secret and delay for getting this phone in the US and now the carrier I am not involved with is the 1st to get it. I have the Z10 and had a big interest in the Z30 but I am quickly losing that interest.

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will probably order one at midnight if available..

for all my fellow verizon users.. if you've been with vzw for more than a couple of year.. you can ask to be part of the loyalty something or other.. it's $60 for unlimited talk, text and 2gb of data.. i was originally paying 100 for 450 talk, unlimited text and 2gb of data.. ask your local rep. if you're in nyc.. lemmek know..

I BB one-handed, so I don't see myself moving to the Z30 since the Z10 has been just perfect and getting better every OS update. That doesn't mean I am not keeping my eye on the Z30, but it just doesn't seem practical for my use.

Have you held the Z30 to make that assumption?
I've heard that people can one hand it, and others find it difficult.

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Oh wow. I'm tempted to drop my at&t z10 for that beauty.

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

Mine is looking up at me (as I type on it) wondering if I'll do the same. I told her (it's a *she*), "No, baby, you're right where you belong."

Besides, do we know for sure if they're selling the Z30 in white?

Debating on this. At first I was going to jump on it but, now I am curious as to what direction the new CEO, etc is going o take the company. Might we see a radical new BlackBerry in the works for next year? Who knows? On the other hand, I really want the extra battery life, improved speakers, BlackBerry antenna, and USB OTG. Not to mention I would be om OS 10.2 sooner than later, and I am really curious to see if side loading Citrix Receiver on the updated Android runtime will finally make it work for my job. I haven't messed with a leaked OS on BB10 yet. If I have to think more. I may install a leaked 10.2 and go from there.

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I am doing the very same thing. Two years is a long time in the mobile market, but it also isn't a lifetime. Even if "they" kill off the company, it will take them most of two years to do so. THEN, we can see who is who and what is what. The Z30 is the phone I wanted, and 2 years is a 'reasonable' time to commit to it. I just might... maybe... buy it for myself for Christmas.

The Q10 was sold on Verizon fully unlocked for other carriers (I don't think it was even possible on the Z10 based on the radio frequencies it supported, but I'm not sure) so as long as the Verizon version of the Z30 has the necessary hardware capability to function on other networks, I think they'll sell it unlocked too.

Great question. Who knows, the two aren't necessarily dependent on one another and if you remember, the Q10 launched on Verizon with 10.1 but it took another month or so for the Z10 to officially get it.

I'm thinking not since BlackBerry said the US wouldn't see 10.2 until the winter. I am still debating on installing one of the leaks.

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That price makes my wallet cry after I paid the same amount for my Z10 back in March. Oh well, I'm happy with my phone and the updates (read: leaks) keep my excitement level fairly high. :)

I will be getting huge upgrade from my Z10 I can't make it pass a half day with out it dying. #ichooseblackberry10

#FeneoNation #ichooseblackberry10 #blackberryZ10

Good for Verizon and their customers. Still waiting on if TMO USA will carry (not holding my breath).

Since the z30 is being released in the US on the 14th what is the chance of the 10.2 roll out for all other BlackBerry 10 devices?

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If anybody knows the inside workings of Verizon well enough to recommend a work-around that would let me preserve my current "unlimited data" status, that would be MUCH appreciated.

Cheers, DJH.

The most publicly known workaround (if you want to call it that) is to buy phones at retail price ($549 for this one.)

I had a Verizon staffer tell me that he wasn't sure, but thought I might be able to upgrade another line on the family plan (that's currently not in use -- placeholder until youngest gets old enough for a phone -- complicated, and probably not smart, but that's what it is). and then switch that phone onto my "unlimited data" line. He seemed confident, but when I asked another Verizon person to confirm, they seemed pretty skeptical. Anybody know if this would work??

That's what I do. I have four lines on a Family Share plan. Three smartphones all with Unlimited Data and a Samsung Flipshot for my mother. Whenever I want to upgrade...I transfer the upgrade to the Flipshot. Then once the Phone arrives I activate it and move restore the Flipshot and perform an MEID change thereby keeping my Unlimited Data plans intact. I do this all online. The less contact I have with Verizon Employees the better. I worked for Verizon for seven years. I know better than to give employees the chance to glance at my plan and decide to do something hateful.

I'm hoping that AT&T releases 10.2.1 at least in December. That would be cool with the release of the PD Z10.

Posted with my Q10

I never post on these boards, but since I just got some valuable information I thought that I would share...I received confirmation from Verizon that it will also be available in stores on the 14th as well. Good news!

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He'll yea I will be getting this. I was officially the first person in Boston to get the Z10 now I will be first to order online for the Z30

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It would be nice is VZW offered a trade-in...any old BBRY for the Z30. (Believe it or not) I still see some old fogies with the 9930. Don't get me wrong. It was a solid device. But it's time to get every BBRY user on the BB10 platform. It's hard for BBRY to drive forward while still looking in the rearview mirror.

I'll jump on it after the new year. But for now imma get a Z10 at a super low price. Its worth has dropped into my price range.

What gsm frequency will it have? I heard there is a possibility that it could have the Att LTE 700 MHz. That way you can use on Att?? Anyone have any info???

It will have the UMTS 850 and 1900 MHz bands that AT&T (and T-Mobile) use for 3G/HSPA+. It will also have T-Mobile's LTE band, but no AT&T LTE support, unfortunately.

Is this verified? I had an unlocked Z10 that supposedly was going to work on all carriers and TMO was the exception...

This information is from the FCC filings for the Verizon Z30. The same set of bands as the Verizon Q10. Just to be clear, here is the information again:

AT&T compatible bands present in the Verizon Z30: UMTS 850, UMTS 1900
TMO compatible bands present in the Verizon Z30: UMTS 1900 (TMO's secondary 3G/HSPA+ band,) LTE 1700

of course I will be picking on on Thursday 12:01 AM I got Z10 and Q10 now I'll have Z30 GOD IS GOOD. BIG RED IS THE BEST!!!

Meh, I'll go into a store and play with one. But I'm not switching to Verizon for any phone. I'll save up and buy an unlocked Z30 after Christmas.

What does Verizon exclusive mean? I get that it is only launching in the US on Verizon the 14th, but how long is it exclusive to Verizon? When will the other US carriers have a chance to start selling it?

It won't be an all-CDMA phone. Those are relics of the past now, with LTE and globalization.

Again no details on black or white and wireless charging! I guess we'll have to wait till Thursday

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I work for sprint advanced Tech support and we get trainings way before the product get released and so far we have not heard one single thing about the z30 :(

My superior BlackBerry Z10 soon to be Z30

This makes me so unhappy. I love my 9930 but really wanted a BlackBerry full touchscreen. I can upgrade in Jan. If no Z30, do I want a Q10? Hate hate hate to go to Android. Damn it Sprint!

Either be patient or go Q10. Great device, best phone I've ever had. BlackBerry user for 7 years

Posted with my Q10

Got the Z30 only to jump back to a Z10. Too big for one handed typing on a Z30 as your thumb doesn't reach all parts of the screen. It also is twice as heavy. Z10 is still king IMO.

BlackBerry user for 10 years.

The other day I was so angry at how store sales agents approach people! This customer was sooo upset because he went super excited to the store to get the new BlackBerry Q10 cause he really liked the "BlackBerry Balance " feature for work and the agent FORCED HIM TO BUY THE HTC ONE TELLING HIM IT WAS A BETTER AND SUPERIOR DEVICE AND THAT WITH BlackBerry HE WOULD NEED TO PAY FOR BES!! OMG STORE AGENTS ARE REALLY KILLING BlackBerry

My superior BlackBerry Z10 soon to be Z30

I wouldn't switch from T-Mobile to Verizon just because of the Blackberry Z30
I current have the Blackberry Z10.... The phone is amazing, and it's going to receive the newest software update 10.2 soon....So if you still have the Z10 or Q10 no need to get the Z30

I don't like the way us carrier are treating the blackberry customers
I think it's the cell phone companies not rolling out the 10.2 on purpose

Can my us brother and sister spread the word around?

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

I was waiting for it.. sadly not for verizon.. T-Mobile... guess we have to save up and get one from Canada.

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My superior BlackBerry Z10 soon to be Z30

Z10 is STILL the flagship IMO!!!
It has Goldie Locks features and functionality that makes it Just Right!!!

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Does the Verizon Z30 have a sim card slot? If so can we unlock it and use on t-mobile?
Using my BlackBerry Z10 on
t-mobile !

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I had to order mine form Canada as I am on T-Mobile. A CoWorker of mine was considering the Z30 as his first Smartphone. I warned him that most sales guys would try and convince him to go with Android or iPhone, he was sold on the Z30, but then got impatient and went ahead and got the Droid Rzr Maxx I think it is called. Now he is downloading every app he can find to get the phone to act more like a BlackBerry, grin. He has a few more days to take it back and get the Z30 if he likes.

Booo! Come on T-Mobile! Makes me want to activate with Verizon....but I won't. I don't want to have to sell my organs on the black market to afford my bill. Hopefully this exclusive thing will pass and T-Mo will sell it online. Happy with my Q1O though!

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Z30 only available on line at this time. Not carrying in stores. This was also stated in their press release. Though I did get play with the demo tonight even though it won't be out till tomorrow. Have to say I was impressed speed and build quality was near perfect. There was one little thing about the battery cover that irked me. There is one little piece that covers the sim and SD card I feel could've been a little better designed. I think over time it may not sit properly on the phone. Screen is gorgeous and fits really well in my hands. Mine will be here Friday just in time for the wknd.

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