BlackBerry Z30 with AT&T bands heads through FCC

By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2013 04:12 pm EST

Verizon is holding onto the "exclusive" tag on the BlackBerry Z30 at the moment, but if the FCC tells us anything, that might all change soon. Forums member LutherSnow74 spotted a new device heading through the FCC -- and it looks to be a Z30 model with AT&T bands. 

Not many details are known at the moment, but some quick recon shows that the device has been entered into the FCC which is a good sign. It doesn't necessarily mean that we'll see it anytime soon, but it hopefully means that it will show up on AT&T at some point in the future. 

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BlackBerry Z30 with AT&T bands heads through FCC


Yep, you're right. I went to the Verizon store near my home and stood around looking at it. When I picked it up the alarm went off as if I was trying to steal the phone. It took at least 5 mins for someone to come over and turn off the alarm. I put the phone down and went over to look at the Note 3 for about 5mins. I returned to the Z30 and picked it up and the alarm went off again. I ask the manager if he planned to fix the connection so that the alarm would not go off that easily. He said he would later in the day.

I left the store and came back the next day to play with the phone some more and the alarm went off again. I reminded the manager that he said they were going to fix the alarm connection and he assured me that he would later. I jokingly said that it seemed like Verizon did not want anyone to spend any time getting to know how to use the Z30 since the alarm keeps going off and they are not fixing the problem. He laughed and said, I was the only one looking at the phone. I left very disappointed.

At the AT & T store I looked at the Z10 and not one sales person came up to me and asked if I needed help. I was in the store for 15mins.

BB better get the carriers on board or else they may not survive. They also need to get their Z30 phones on T-Mo and Sprint.

Hopefully, BB will sell the Z30 online.

You should of told that manager "Of course I was the only one looking at if every time its picked up the alarm goes off" SMH.

Sprint is supposed to be getting the BlackBerry Z30 to go along with the Q10 which is not surprising as Sprint has a very large corporate / enterprise / government customer base. It is somewhat surprising it has taken this long for them to get the Z30 though.

I sure hope they do it soon as I am considering opening an account with Verizon just so I can get the Z30.

I'm convinced that most Verizon stores don't encourage people to buy the Z30 because the stores don't even have them in stock. It's online only, so the stores probably don't make any money selling them.

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It was only a matter of time. You can buy a Z30 from Telus because the frequency bands match T-Mobile.

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On the back of the Straight Talk sim package it says it will not work with BlackBerry phones. Do you think that just means BlackBerry OS or does that include BB10? Maybe it only refers to certain services? Does anyone know or can anyone confirm that Straight Talk works with BB10 phones fully in the USA?

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They have to be talking about BBOS devices that use BIS. Since BB10 only needs a regular data plan, it should work.

I've been thinking about trying them out since I'm currently not in a good T-Mobile spot, but wouldn't want to throw money away if it didn't work. I think you are probably right though. Thanks for chiming in.

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It works. I've been using a z10 with lte on st for months. Ignore the label as long as it's bb10. You have to use the escreen to edit apn then you're set (not always with mms)

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I switched from T-Mobile to AIO wireless.( Using AT&T bands). Saved money,Works fine, good reception inside and outside, just missing WiFi calling.

Wouldn't they just run through a device like the STL-100-3 that has AT&T and T-Mobile so they only have to manufacture a single Z30 to support both carriers? Seems like it would be the smarter way to do things given the lower volumes that BlackBerry is selling currently.

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That would have been logical, but for some reason they chose to isolate LTE band 17 out of the other models. But even if you look at the STL100-3, TMO and AT&T sub-models are different, even though the 'difference' seems to exist only on paper. And for the Q10, the SQN100-5 works on both AT&T and TMO, although AT&T carries the SQN100-1.

I wonder if BB at one point wasn't counting on AT&T picking this up, so they didn't want to buy the requisite hardware needed for band 17?

Completely off topic but I knew Raino would be all over this post hah. I love it. Thanks for all the work in the other thread sir

Haha. You know it :p

Ofutur posted a link to Luther's thread it in the frequencies thread, and when I saw it, to quote Gabriel Iglesias, I damn near piss myself. This was completely out of the blue.

That's great news can't wait to buy one. But how long does it usually take to go through the FCC?

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I can't wait for an official one to release. After spending time with mine I'll definitely get another one from AT&T. shall not be forgotten.

I just Ported my Verizon Service to AT&T Wireless using my Blackberry Z-30 (STA100-3) which was used on my Verizon Service previously. It appears to be working fine now on AT&T Wireless here in Florida. I DONT get the LTE Indicator for Internet, and had NO Hotspot or Internet Tethering either at first. However, after going into E-screen and Switching Off the VZW Entitlement Check then my HotSpot and Internet Tethering started working. Only thing I cant get is LTE Access. Is there something else that I need to do for LTE to kick-in? Im currently getting HSPA+.... Your Help or Knowledge would be Greatly Appreciated.

I don't believe there is anything you can do because the STA100-3 is not fully compatible with AT&T's 4G LTE. The STA100-1 is fully compatible with AT&T and to my knowledge hasn't been released yet. This is the model that I am waiting on because I want it to be fully compatible with AT&T's 4G LTE especially since I will be paying full price for the phone.


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Even though Verizon has it available, it's only online and with T-Mobile pulling inventory, there seems to be a pretty good chance that the carriers will only stock them online. But who knows. I'm hoping a BlackBerry rep will drop me a free phone again to champion at T-Mobile.

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Well, AFAIK AT&T is still stocking BB10 phones in stores. IMHO this behavior is more indicative of their plans for the Z30 than other carriers' policies would be.

Better late than never I guess. Sure wish carriers would start showing BlackBerry some love again.

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This will help push some units! Go go go Z30 is our only hope to keep BlackBerry alive during this hard time!

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Of course Sprints Z30 model went through the FCC when verizons did, and we have no idea if it ever will get released, so don't get your hopes up to high.

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True, but why would this one be sent through by BB NOW if AT&T doesn't plan to release it? In other words, why make the effort/incur the costs, etc.?

Who knows when big red's exclusivity is up... maybe Sprint will release when AT&T does right when that contract with Vzw ends? Since AT&T is only now getting approval, and Sprint already has it, I feel like this is a strong possibility.

Fellow TMO user, I'm looked into this model, and it *may* be fully compatible with TMO. I say *may* because something in the FCC documents doesn't make sense.

Unfortunately, even if this is 100% compatible and sold in AT&T stores, we'll have to buy it at retail price, plus it will be locked. And AT&T has some pretty shitty unlocking policies.

Cant you just get an unlock code off an online vendor if ATT gibes you hell?

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Well, as it stands in the US right now, unlocking recent, new phones bought from the carrier without said carrier's permission is essentially illegal.

Hopefully this is true because I'm already making plans to upgrade my Z10 to the Z30... Unless CrackBerry gifted me one ;)

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This is great news. I told my local AT&T sales rep (who's also a big BB fan) that I'd be the first in line if AT&T offered the Z30. I hope to keep that promise.

Can't wait. Sold my Z10 two months ago waiting for this news. I've also been holding off on signing a new contract with AT&T for months waiting for the Z30.

It was weird to go back to my Torch 9810. I miss BB10! It had grown on me so much over the months. I can't tell you how many times a day I try to swipe my Torch.

Meh... I'm good. I love my Z10. It's the perfect size. I still miss my keyboard, though. I want a slider.

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Wow. Call me clueless.

In canada and have been rocking it long enough to want to do an upgrade already.


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Its not coming to AT&T. Source BlackBerry carrier rep. They made the devices for AT&T and they refused to sell them BlackBerry has them so why not push them through. I asked why not sell them unlocked but was told they cant till ATT sells them. BlackBerry gonna try to push AT&T but they are pushing back. No I will never give my friends name.

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Interesting commentary - but since these "may" not be carrier branded and just have the AT&T lte primary band they can sell them as they please. I don't recall the post saying anything specific about a carrier, rather a specific device seeking FCC approval. I would rather buy it direct from BlackBerry or ebay or anywhere else just to spite crappy AT&T

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Hmm..well, if not AT&T, then T-Mobile may get this one. It doesn't make sense that BlackBerry would all of a sudden up and decide to send this through the FCC, when they could have continued to sit and do nothing.

I will defer to you Raino - I consider you the resident expert on this subject matter :)

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I wish I was an expert, especially if my expert status came with influence I could exert to make all the carriers carry the Z30 and other BB10 phones! But I'm just someone who likes to stay informed about different models of the BB10 phones.

Thank you for the kind thought, though :)

Well - I appreciate your research and posts in other threads - So Cheers and Merry Christmas

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Happy for you AT&T folks. The only question now is will it have wireless charging??? Wait and see I guess.

So love my Z30!!!

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Now BlackBerry just needs to market them. If they are counting on AT&T to make the ad, it hopefully will be better than Verizon's (because everyone wants a device where your coworkers can video call you in the middle of the night while you are on vacation).

Spoke to an AT&T rep a couple weeks ago, I told him I was holding out to upgrade to the Z30 if they were going to carry it, he said they definitely would be, just wasn't sure when. After all, some of the first photos of the device had the AT&T logo on it, wouldn't make sense for them not to carry it.

Welp! I can hold off on buying one online for the moment.

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I can't wait until AT&T offers the new BlackBerry pager so I can use their phone booth to reply to the page.... seriously AT&T, GET WITH IT!...

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Overall, no. There's very little overlap: one UMTS band (2, 1900 MHz,) and one LTE band (4, 1700 MHz.)

Count me in! I've already ordered a Verizon and a regular GSM model for business reasons. But what I really want for myself is an AT&T model that supports LTE. Looking forward to this!

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My JUMP plan for T-Mobile kicks in mid - January. It sure would be nice to be able to jump into a Z30

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The Verizon stores near where I live had no love for BlackBerry devices. I wanted to check out the BlackBerry z10 in person and the sales person kept trying to push other phones. He said there are so
many better phones,etc..
The second store didn't even have the z10 on display. They only had the z30.. I ended up getting the phone online. It was free with a 2 year contract. I'm very happy with the phone.

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Rocking the Z30 fr sasktel mobility on LTE...BlackBerry da bomb...regina SK Canada...woo-hoo

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I remember when I got my z10 my friend was like "BlackBerry, really! Look, I got a galaxy s3, far better than yours!" then I let him use it and he was like, I wish mine had that, now he has note3 and can't wait to go tell him, look what I got, it's a z30 far better than yours! :)