BlackBerry Z30 arriving exclusively at Verizon in November for $199

By Adam Zeis on 28 Oct 2013 12:23 pm EDT

We've been speculating on a launch date for the BlackBerry Z30 at Verizon for a while now, and despite some leaked info, it appears that the latest BlackBerry will be landing in the US in November. 

Verizon dropped word on Twitter today that the Z30 will be coming in November but still no exact date -- so it does leave the gap open for the time being. The Z30 will run $199 on a two-year contract and is a Verizon exclusive. We're not sure if that's "exclusive forever" or just "exclusive for now" so we'll do some more digging.

So to wrap it up - The Z30 is coming to Verizon in November and maybe not any other US carriers in the foreseeable future. Check out the full press release below.

Press Release

BlackBerry Z30 Available in November Exclusively from Verizon Wireless

Big screens on smartphones mean less squinting when reading emails or editing documents, easier typing on a larger keyboard, and more sharing videos with friends sitting next to you. The newest smartphone from BlackBerry will make that all possible.

Coming in November, the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone with 5-inch HD display will be available online at for $199.99 with new two-year activation. Verizon Edge is also available for eligible customers who want to upgrade for $22.91 per month for 24 months.

Gamers will appreciate the HD screen for mobile gaming on the go, but the BlackBerry Z30 also supports Miracast to wirelessly connect to a compatible HDTV and mirror exactly what’s on the smartphone to the HDTV’s larger display. Business professionals, for example, can walk into a boardroom with only their smartphone and show their presentation on an HDTV to colleagues or supervisors.

Besides the big HD screen, BlackBerry Z30 includes the BlackBerry Hub, a single place on the smartphone where users can access all their conversations. BBMs, Twitter @ replies, emails, text messages, Facebook event invites and more can be found in one place without launching each app individually. And within BlackBerry Hub is the Priority Hub, which learns what conversations are important to the user, helping them stay even more organized and focused.

Watching a video or editing a document requires attention until suddenly a message arrives and the tough dilemma arises – do you continue focusing on watching or editing, or do you leave the app to check and reply to the message? BBM on the BlackBerry Z30 eliminates that dilemma with BBM Now. It gives users a preview of any BBM as it arrives and lets them either dismiss or reply without leaving the app they’re currently using. BBM is now also available on Android and iOS so BlackBerry fans can BBM with friends on those devices.

The BlackBerry Z30 also comes with a 2880mAh battery that can last an entire day (25 hours with mixed usage) and includes support for wireless charging, so users can easily charge it by setting it on a wireless charger – no wires or plugging in necessary. 


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BlackBerry Z30 arriving exclusively at Verizon in November for $199



I think Verizon locked it up because they are still looking for an iPhone killer (even though they carry it). Maybe its the BB Storm part 2 for them :)

it make sense, I heard the relationship between verizon and apple get a little weird the other day, and it's a fact verizon always been looking for a iphone killer to get out apple skirt,

as I understood it, it's a "reverse exclusive" in that none of the other carriers were interested in carrying it.

Indeed, T-MO was doing good with changing the game on no contracts and the JUMP program. Now they miss the beat on the Z30! Ok they have until Feb 2014 to get it together because that is when my contract is up.

if enough people speak up to their carrier, I'm sure they'll eventually carry it. look what rogers did. I just hope they display it

This is true. I have already taken to T-MO's twitter account and asked them how the let Verizon get the scoop. Do we have to start a petition???

Christopher Johnson ‏@CJ_Entrepreneur 2h
@TMobile How could you let Verizon get the scoop on the Z30? I am shocked and appalled at the same time. Bring my BBRY home please.
T-Mobile USA ‏@TMobileHelp 25m
@CJ_Entrepreneur Hi! While we don't have info on if T-Mobile will get the Z30, you can keep informed here!: ^TJ
Christopher Johnson ‏@CJ_Entrepreneur 6m
@TMobileHelp thanks for the feedback very much. FYI the Z30 is a phone worth running past the guy in charge of shipping and receiving :)
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5:55 PM - 28 Oct 13 · Details

go ahead, waste your time, US carriers don't care, they don't listen, the only reason rogers change their mind was for the pressure they get about "the canadian campaign" they did went verizon was thinking to go over there, US carriers don't have any reason to get pressure, so they don't care,

Cosign! The $299 price had me hesitant but I likely would have paid it. Lol. Now, I'm likely to get it right when it comes out.

Posted via CB10

Should be less but I guess it's exclusive so a little gouge is baked in the cake.

Wonder if there will be any promotion at all??

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pretty standard procedure here; price to get high price from early adopters, then drop price to attract the majority, then finally drop lower to catch laggards and late adopters . . nearly everybody does it this way. If you think its too much, wait a few weeks ;-)

This exclusive thing is so BS. It should never be allowed across the network types. If anybody wants exclusivity then give it on GSM or CDMA. We need Z30 on T-Mobile.

Right, this sucks azz. We will have to see if BlackBerry can or will sell the GSM phone on it's US sales site.

And Verizon realizes this. Device exclusivity and broader 4g coverage are compelling reasons for some to switch carriers. How many switched to AT&T to get an iPhone back in the day? Oodles!

I imagine the feedback helps BlackBerry gauge customer demand elsewhere, when the exclusivity deal expires.

I get tired of sprint and order my 2 z10 from telus and drop sprint and when to AT&T, GSM it's the glory men!! you have the liberty to do whatever you want,

that's precisely my point, you implied BB was in trouble because of decisions such as this, yet a similar decision by Apple does not mean its in trouble, so therefore the problem is something else, not the exclusivity contract . . .

you just implied BB was stupid for drafting an exclusivity contract, now you're saying it can't dictate those terms . . so which is it?

Hey, I'm going to let this go and let you have the last word if you want to. I didn't mean for this to become "a thing" and derail the post . . .

Go Z30 !!!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming . . .

It's pretty hard to compare the demand for iPhones to blackberries. Reasoning is pretty obvious if you're a techie. Not trolling just being realistic.

I wasn't comparing demand, that point is pretty obvious, I was questioning the implication that this is why BB is in trouble - Because BB is not in demand they are in no position to dictate conditions of contracts with carriers, so if vzw says "we'll carry and promote your phone, but we want an exclusive", what's BB supposed to do? Tell them to shove it? So my contention was that this was not a stupid move by BB nor probably an intentional strategy, its just the way it shook out and not why they are in trouble,

I would agree exclusivity contracts are not the reason BB is and has been in trouble for a long time. It's clearly obvious to anyone with eyesight, BB's problems have centered around absolute poor management starting right at the top. Having made that disclaimer, I would submit that BB has allowed way too much power to the carriers, particularly US carriers. Although Apple, had its original iPhone exclusive with AT&T it did not allow modifications to the phone by AT&T. Apple's position is and has been, its our device made our way. Take it as we ship it or leave it! I would argue this has been tremendously helpful in controlling the iPhone experience no matter the carrier. The idea of uniform UI and experience has been a large part of the iPhone "thing". Everyone without having one knows exactly how it works, what it can do and most importantly what "I can do" with it when I get one. BB with the introduction of Z10 I would have thought would have modeled that technique that has worked for iPhone so very well. For me that would include, exclusivity contracts. When BB is already struggling at the bottom for smartphone market share, and in many cases just plain relevance among so many other devices. To be able in the US market to get the Z30 into as many hands as possible is a much better strategic plan than to LIMIT potential exposure. In my opinion this is but another example of BB making it difficult for people to WANT to experience BB. It would have been one thing if we were discussing BB at it's height in market share and popularity. Then the idea of exclusive contracts have a built in feeding frenzy to get your hands on "the" device, as has worked for Apple as well. At this point BB needs exposure, apps and intense marketing. BB needs as many people with a BB in their hands as possible!! Limiting the number of people who can purchase your device just doesn't help in any appreciable way in the short or long term. What is signals is a move to improve a line item for an impeding sale of BB. BB is bleeding to death rapidly...everyday long time BB loyals are defecting to Android and IOS for this exact reason. If this decision is true, yet again another idiotic decision from the folks up at Waterloo and quite possibly another batch of years long loyal fans even through the extreme tough times defending BB's ridiculous business decisions, finally saying..."I've had enough". Android, here I come...(big gulp and hard swallow)!

Apple shopped carriers and AT&T were the only ones willing to deal with the extra bandwidth and network strain.

Posted via CB10

Maybe Verizon was the only carrier interested since the other big 2 are not really keen at selling Blackberry phones

Actually, sprint committed to carrying the Z30. Consider this :the carriers owe apple billions whether the sell all the iphones or not,so what incentive does the carriers have to push blackberry?

Carriers BEG Apple to carry the iPhone. Carriers that don't offer it are seen as "second tier" until Apple lets them have it. The newest iPhone is STILL difficult to get, because they sell so well. So, it doesn't look like "owing billions to Apple" is a problem to carriers because iPhones actually sell. Sales staff are not told to push the iPhone. In fact, the opposite. The carriers make higher margins on other brands of phones, and they tend to push Android and Windows phones for that reason. The iPhones sell themselves. (And note that I'm not an iPhone user.)

Yes, I do. Employees push phone brands that offer them "spiffs". Apple doesn't offer spiffs. Look that up. Have you ever worked in phone sales?

Then why when I went to purchase my Q10 at a Verizon corporate store, the sales representative with a BlackBerry promo shirt on tried to sell a mePhone to moi?

The rep wanted me to go to iPhone, I said

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

The carriers really don't have too. Apple does a pretty good job by them selves advertising their phones. Blackberry "assumed" the carriers would push their phones and now we're in this position. I bet if Blackberry put even a little bit of effort in letting the world know that the Z30 exists, it won't end up being as big of a flop as I totally anticipate.


I remember a while back reading Sprint was waiting for the Z30 so it skipped on the Z10. And now it's a Verizon exclusive. lol smh

This is cool and good news for those who are eligible for a phone upgrade, but for those of us who recently upgraded to the Z10 what good news can Verizon or BlackBerry provide about the 10.2 o/s upgrade. Since BlackBerry appreciates Verizon enough to give them exclusivity with the Z30, why not also with the 10.2 upggrade. CrackBerry can you check on this and let us know the response to this from either BlackBerry or Verizon?

Thanks. Peace

As I write this, millions more people are about to get started using BBM, now that there is no “line”. Yet with the current Fairfax offer that’s on the table for BlackBerry, at one half of BlackBerry’s book value, BBM is receiving a value of $0. That’s to say that BBM has zero current value or future potential value given to it by the market and analysts.

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Well hopefully BlackBerry will start selling them direct like they are with the Z & Q.

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The AT&T situation is really bad. The Z30 they're supposed to get hasn't even been to the FCC. Which to me says that they don't want it, which is why BB isn't willing to go ahead with its testing/clearance.

There's no "custom" model for TMO like there is for Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. The Canadian -5 works , and it has passed.

IIRC, the AT&T model is supposed to be compatible with TMO too, but that's because the bands in there overlap with the -5.

Too bad that you need to finish up your contract to be eligible to participate in EDGE. I would go for the upgrade at $199.

Posted via CB10

Verizon seems willing to put up rather then shut up.

I am sure if AT&T wanted it they would have it.

Probably short term with others following for the Holidays.

Posted via CB10 on a Verizon Z10 running

10.2 is your answer. Load up a leak (or the 1791 official) and you can have the same ones...

Posted via a Verizon Z10 running a hybrid and CB10. My channel: C0004F9BB

Exclusive to one carrier means in less consumer hands. Bad move by BlackBerry, but it may have been their only move as their brand continues to die in the U.S.

BlackBerry an Alternative Reality, An Alternative Future

The financial system in the USA values PATH at $1Billion; they recently received additional venture capital funding.  Yet the book value of the company is nowhere near $1 billion dollars, most of the valuation is based on future earnings potential.

By contrast, BlackBerry has an instant messaging system, BlackBerry Messenger. Many would argue BBM is far more feature rich than PATH. Plus, they had 60 million users previous to BBM launching on Android and Apple over the last week, when BBM was downloaded 10 million times in the first 24 hours! It was downloaded over 20 million times before the first 3 days. As I write this, millions more people are about to get started using BBM, now that there is no “line”. Yet with the current Fairfax offer that’s on the table for BlackBerry, at one half of BlackBerry’s book value, BBM is receiving a value of $0. That’s to say that BBM has zero current value or future potential value given to it by the market and analysts.

Posted via CB10

What's their retail amount going to be?, and folks need to know if we're going to get offered strong trade promo programs too!

Unbelievable... at a time when BlackBerry should be trying to get their phones into as many people's hands as possible, they go and make it an exclusive.

Posted via CB10

could be a good thing if this scenario plays out . . exclusive to verizon gets the phone out there, if its a great product people will want it and there will be pent-up demand building, then release it on other carriers for the holidays . . . I know its a stretch but its possible, no?

Only if the Verizon sales reps don't actively push shoppers towards Samsung or iPhone every. single. time. No one ever suggested the Z10 to me or any of my friends when we visited a store and several tried to actively argue with us about the Z10 even when we went in and expressed specific interest in BlackBerry 10.

I have never personally heard any negativity regarding any BlackBerry device, and certainly not BB10 at Verizon stores in Minnesota. However, I just about blew a gasket when my brother ran into an unapologetic BlackBerry basher armed with every clichéd attack I've heard about on these forums at a Verizon store in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. I really hope this phone is successful for BlackBerry, and they figure out things on the business side, to shut up idiots who regurgitate half baked theories and speculation with no real business sense or business education and use those ideas to justify their sales actions.

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If it means that they actually have to promote it, then I'm all for it. Most corporate BlackBerry users I know are on Verizon anyways

The pricing is good but I really don't understand the exclusive deals unless they're getting big advertising. Sprint said they would carry the Z30 where is it? What about the at&t models? Are those not happening either?

By making it exclusive, BlackBerry will hopefully train up and swag /incentivize Verizon employees to actually sell the Z30!

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Great news for my neighbors to the south. Since their launching the Z30 with 10.2 that must mean everyone on version is getting it soon (they obviously tested and approved it)

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"Big screens on smartphones mean less squinting when reading emails or editing documents, easier typing on a larger keyboard, and more sharing videos with friends sitting next to you."

This is a big LOL especially "more sharing videos with friends sitting next to you"

Posted via CB10

Another small group of potential BlackBerry customers for Verizon to push Samsung or iPhone on. I thought Sprint said they are going to carry the Z30?

In order from largest down, by number of subscribers... Verizon (118 million), AT&T (107 million), Sprint (64 million), & T-Mobile (44 million). So, yes, 4 big. 2 are enormous, 3rd and 4th are only 20 million subscribers apart. Was your comment your way of trying to knock T-Mobile just because you don't like them? Don't see your confusion...

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$199 sounds like a great price!

But... Did anyone else thing "storm" when they saw this? Anyway, here's to hoping this is the turning point on this long streak of bad news!

Could be just a temp exclusive . . . could be a good thing if this scenario plays out . . exclusive to verizon gets the phone out there, if its a great product people will want it and there will be pent-up demand building, then release it on other carriers for the holidays . . . I know its a stretch but its possible, no?

Not that's exclusive, but that Verizon is continuing to support BlackBerry and that the price is not bloated.

Posted via CB10

Good for Verizon; hope it sells well. I would think this would be a short term exclusive. Hopefully, a GSM version will hit the US by late Dec or early 2014.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

Neither Sprint nor At&T wil carry the device. Verizon will be the only one at the beginning. They should have also the white one that is supposed to be pretty cool.

Posted via CB10

+1. Last I heard, they had said they were going to carry it. Their model has even cleared the FCC (while the AT&T hasn't...tells you something.)

It was mentioned long ago that Verizon will have exclusive rights to the White and QI wireless charging version of the Z30. The STA100-3. :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Got an upgrade scheduled for 1st of the year. Hopefully enough time to get it at a lower. White? or Black?

Potentially the Verizon exclusive could be a good move for BlackBerry. If VZW makes any effort to push it, BlackBerry could get noticed. Think about it as a broken underground water main. If it is a big pipe with low pressure (lots of carriers, each pushing small a number of phones) the leak could go on unseen for a long time and few would notice. If however, it is a small pipe under high pressure, the news camera will be there showing the fountain shooting high in to the air. The same number of phones are sold but one gets noticed and the other doesn't.

This logic doesn't make a lot of offense. BB isn't Samsung, HTC, iPhone, Microsoft, or anyone else with interested consumers looking for the latest greatest version of their phone. To rely upon the carrier to be your marketing arm is not very good strategic planning. Example, iPhone introduced through AT&T exclusive contract, but who didn't hear of the buzz about iPhone and what it was and "how badass its gonna be" etc. Apple controlled the media about "it's" device and simply locked a deal with the only carrier willing to deal with its bandwith and demands. So AT&T was just but a store making the device available. It's true that the exclusivity at AT&T drove the frenzy about being the "first with the iPhone by switching to AT&T but AT&T didn't drive interest. BB would be better served by using the Apple model by first disallowing carrier to make whole sale changes/modifications to the BB devices. Make the carrier take the phone as is....that way BB controls the users experience with its hardware, not the different carriers. Further, BB NEEDS as many hands on its devices as possible. So how does cutting out those who are holding off from switching brands, devices and carriers to get the Z30 help? Logic says a smaller pipe is just that...a smaller pipe. Less people being able to purchase the device is less people being able to purchase the device. The increase in pressure from a smaller pipe will not make up for the amount of consumers plain unable or unwilling to switch carrier to get the phone.

There goes my Z30 buzz for now if Verizon will be the only one to carry this phone. They have the highest priced service in my area.

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BS! With only a handful of devices BlackBerry should not be doing this as often anymore...Att customer here

Posted via CB10

I don't think you'll have to switch carriers. The Z30 is most likely exclusive to Verizon for a few weeks then the other carriers will get the green light to sell the phone.

Posted via CB10

Z10 sold poorly on 3 carriers, how well is this going to do on one? But I'm sure the advertising will be way better and the kids selling them in the corporate stores will be pushing them hard over iPhone or whatever Samsung is out at the time.

Posted via CB10

I would argue that the Z10 sold poorly because of several issue directly associated with the guys at Waterloo. First...look how long and how many different release dates and prices were rumored, pull back, reintroduced etc. Second, after March how often did you see a BB Z10 commercial on any media format with the same level of intensity as in the beginning before and after the superbowl? By May, I hadn't seen anything about Z10 in weeks and after July all but went completely away. Third, without an full fledged BB ecosystem no device is gonna be able to go up against the daily barrage of Android and IOS app/ecosystem commercials. Let's be honest folks...MOST consumers don't give a rat's behind about encryption/secure transmission etc. They want apps and lots of them and they want the app/ecosystem experience they have become used to. Case in 68 yr old mother has an iPhone and does her scanning of grocery items to build her weekly list and price checking. Can control her cable, tv, little sound system and programs, does her banking on her bank's app which does not have a BB app to date. My son took an iPhone app developer class in tech camp last summer and know finally loves his iPhone so much he doesn't want the HTC anymore. These consumers/users are in far larger numbers than corporate/techno geeks wanting the BB experience. How BB delicately merges the two worlds without similar ecosystem and at least a decent app world experience is challenging. But will have huge effects upon who offers which device in the stores...and which device consumers come looking for at the stores. This is a Waterloo issue that no carrier can solve for them!

Wow, off contract price looks pretty good too all things considered and wireless charging as an option! Good going for Verizon.

Posted via keyboard bearing Q10

Considering that Verizon was the only US carrier to put any kind of marketing behind BlackBerry 10 in the US this is a good move. VZW is also the largest carrier in the US, so if there's any kind of promotion at all it's going to get the largest possible audience.

Actually, in this case it just might (in most places,) but it also depends on what better means to you. If better is consistent, then yes--Verizon takes the win. If better is fastest speeds, I think AT&T does.

No but ATT also consistently trailed the others in customer service and (verizon) in cellular service quality for years.

Verizon is also the carrier that caused many new and returning BlackBerry customers to walk away from the Z10 without a second glance because their 10.0 OS version was shoddy and they didn't bother to expedite release of a new one to resolve the widespread issues. They caused several people I know, some of whom were previous BlackBerry fans to trade their Z10s for Android or WP devices because the random restarts were interrupting their professional productivity. I have no faith in Verizon....

I couldn't agree with you more bittersweet. Until Waterloo gets their heads around these kinds of issues there is not much good long term for BB. I am a lifelong BB user and despite many many times seriously considering moving over to Android remain with BB. I've said many times on this forum BB needs to take Apple's approach...stop allowing carrier to modify the device. Make them take it as is...farther, BB needs to develop and control its own ecosystem. Apple releases its updates...not the carriers. Apple decides what is on its hardware and what the software will support, not the carriers. Last I looked sales for iPhones continue to dominate the industry, so why wouldn't the guys at Waterloo consider moving in that direction? about the spinning hourglass or countless times the phone locks up for no reason and has to hard reboot....I'd be wealthy for every time it happens. Yet I remain a BB loyal fan...I just want Waterloo to f*^king get their acts together and kick the crap outta these kid devices!

Just wanted to say your signature is a little confusing. It reads as 9000 is greater than 9800, 9900 and even the z10. You should change > to < unless that was your intention.

Posted from my incredible Z10

I got it but that symbol means "greater than" Too a lot if not most ppl. Perhaps ---> would be more appropriate. I'm just bored at work today lol

Posted from my incredible Z10

@carruthers I changed it just for you, but I see what you are saying it might be a little confusing but I was just showing progression.

9000 ----> 9800 ------> 9900----- > Z10

Not us that live in rural areas or the mountain states. CDMA is a much more reliable and stronger signal for our uses, being why GSM carriers don't do well in the RockyMountain states except in metropolitan areas. For good or bad, Verizon is THE only option if you want wider coverage and less dropped calls between towns. Where I live I can't even get a GSM signal. We tried ATT because of a better family package at the time and they even let us demo a phone to make sure we'd get reception, but we didn't, so Verizon it is for us.

LOL. No man, I'm good. Now send me an STA100-5 from the Great White North, please. I'll pay costs and provide the Molsen for the trouble.

Question: is wireless charging avaliable on all z30 models? Or is that a Verizon or specific model exclusive? I'm in Canada and would appreciate that feature.

Posted from my incredible Z10

Wireless charging is exclusive to the Verizon Z30. I'm in Canada on Bell/Virgin, and I hope it's compatible too! What are the network Verizon use? Would it work on a Canadian network?

Just the Verizon model. Buttt...if you are a Robellus customer, this model is compatible with your networks.

This totally makes sense to me.. If BB does what I hope they will do....

1. Verizon "exclusivity" with the US Z30
2. The only alternative for a GSM Z30 in the US would (hopefully) be through

You have Tmobile stopping In-store stocking of current BB10 devices..
You have what has been since the launch of BB10 lackluster AT&T support....

Why not get full retail (and profit) from all GSM Z30 sales if the carriers are not going to do their job when it comes to marketing, Sprint is (I feel) is going to be a no show, and you are already losing the B&M advantage with Tmobile? Totally makes sense to me....

But BB would need to market the device themselves....... pointing people to their website to let people know.... maybe this isn't the best idea :P

I like this idea, but with the Z10 and the Q10, there was only one GSM that was fully compatible with all GSM carriers in NA (same with the Q5 too, odd they didn't directly sell them.) This isn't the case with the Z30. The STA100-5 covers Canadian carriers and T-Mobile, but not AT&T.

Torch and Torch 2 where ATT. Storm and Storm 2 Verizon...why are people surprised is beyond me. On top of that, Verizon probably offered better terms for BB.

Well - this sucks for us AT&T scrubbs. I guess if we want a 5" device we will have to move along to another platform. Nothing against Verizon, but I prefer GSM. Love my Z10 but was really looking forward to the 30. I guess it will come down the road, but I am losing patience.


Do you know if anyone at CrackBerry has contacts within BlackBerry that can confirm or deny if GSM models of the phone will be made available on the BlackBerry US sales site? This would be helpful to know for people on T-Mobile and AT&T.

To all of the users on others, sorry. This is a better deal for BB and for BB users in the long run.
1. Verizon will market it.
2. V's reps are much better trained than Att, they will be able to convey the product much more successfully.
3.V's call center support is far superior to Att, it is important due to learning curve on the OS
4. V's foot print is larger
5. If this phone sells, BB will able to negotiate better deals with other carriers due to demand for the product and complaints from user base.

V doesn't give a hoot about phones, they want to pull customers from the others, it may work, there are signs of it in the context of posts on this article. So it will behoove V to put some muscle behind it and invest in the training and support.

These are my thoughts on the launch based on the fact that my wife spend 20+ years working for either ATT or VZ. We are still in touch with several management folks at both companies. The conversations are pretty interesting when unofficial.

Dude I was TMOBILE before there was a BlackBerry! I'm not leaving for V even if they were the only people selling BlackBerry, T-Mobile takes excellent care if me and my BlackBerry with support with well trained personnel.

Posted via CB10

@ Nick - please see my comment below. My experience in multiple VZ stores in the Chicagoland area are rather "contrary" to your thoughts... Upper Management of VZ "talks a good BlackBerry game", but these punk sales associates in VZ stores - don't give BlackBerry a chance...

Feddy, I get that, but the stories I get from the others isn't better. I think it varies all over the map. The job of inside sales for mobile phones at a carrier is not exactly way up on the food chain, or on the pay scale. The turnover is brutal. It is a constant fight for both VZ and ATT, the others I know nothing of, but can't believe it is much different. It is retail.

The whole "mobile carrier game" changed when Motorola dropped $100 million to launch the first "Droid phone"... that was a lot of money and they bought the VZ sales reps to "push" the new Droid - which if you remember was like a "brick".

Then Samsung dropped big dough on Galaxy S3 launch, Apple spends a lot of money on metrosexual fairy tale commercials and BlackBerry is "incompetent" when it comes to advertising and messaging....

Frank Boulben is the "worst"... glad he is getting $7million if they sell the company - well deserved...

Well Verizon has always wanted an iPhone killer. Looks like they just got it big time. !!!! Come on att. T-Mobile. Or blackberry direct. Join the party asap!!

Posted via CB10

Exclusive to Verizon! No wonder carriers are throwing BlackBerry devices out of their store shelves.

Posted via CB10

BB devices being thrown out at the other carriers, started a long time ago. The events may be connected however, as BB needs to go where they get the best shot at moving this OS into the main stream.

2 weekends ago, I stopped in a local VZ store and the metrosexual moussed haired Fanboy Sales Representative told me that "the Z30 will not be sold in the United States".... he went on to tell me about how "BlackBerry is going out of business"... blah blah blah...

Question: How does VZ get the "exclusive on Z30" and how are VZ sales reps like this - trust me - Chicago VZ stores are "littered with these anti BlackBerry clowns" and what is Frank Boulben's strategy here?

cause I ain't seen one from him yet - and this may be the "most hair brained" of all....

Anyone??? Bueller??

Help me on this one...

Please, everyone, I am not campaigning for VZ, just offering a point of view that has some inside history with the industry.

The thing that drives me crazy in the states and especially with VZ, is the time it takes to release OS updates. But that also will change if the user base grows.


I want the Z30 on AT&T. The Z30 being VZ exclusive sucks. I have been looking forward to the Z30 more than I did for the Z10 or Q10.

Posted via CB10

Still waiting for Z30 from T-mobile. CDMA sucks. I need STA-5, does anyone have it and want to sell. I am willing to buy STA-5

I'm on Verizon, have an upgrade available and love CDMA. So life is good! My Verizon guy is saying there is a $50 Rebate on release which makes me Happy, Happy Happy.

And also the reason Americans didn't care about the iPhone when it was exclusive to ATT. Oh, wait...didn't Americans jump all over it when it moved to other carriers?

Yeah I know -. Different product and time, but let's not get hysterical. Exclusivity isn't unique to BlackBerry products - and it has been successful.

Maybe other carriers are fearful due to the poor sales of the Z10. Hence they are nervous to go all out on the Z30. 
It doesn't help that ThanksGiving and Christmas is around the corner, and Apple are simply going to sell their iPhones by the boat load for the holiday period... 

After being a loyal user and fan of blackberry for over 7yr's I wake up to this >>
(( Exclusive on Verizon ! ? What about T - Mobile Customers ! ))
If thats not bad enough We're still waiting on the new update ( 10.2 ) Which was supposed to be here at the end of October that everyone else has but the U.S. And then we get informed that there will be no mircast or Wifi direct as well as no USB to go either in the 10.2 update for Z 10 owners . Sorry Blackberry I am DONE ! I think we all waited with great hopes that BB would turn around. If any one has any Info on the link above let me know I'm hoping it's wrong but I doubt it . If not what can T - Mobile due for Its disgruntled customers like me Who now just wants to get out and away from this device ((( ASAP ! )))

Thank You / I must inform you that as of right now T - Mobile is putting together my trade in options for myself and my constituents on either the NOTE 3 or APPLE 5s . Looks like blackberry loses 200 plus people in this Organization I stated this in a past post here on Crackberry and with this stupid move they sure did ..

Don't care anymore if BlackBerry sinks for acting stupid with the Z30... they forgot users now gave options since BBM us cross platform.

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The same price when they release the Z10 on contract, them they drop the price to $99.00 and now I think they giving away for free for two years contract at Verizon.

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If it's exclusive for more than couple of weeks then it's OVER for BB, period - even TH and his ilks cannot be THIS STUPID, seriously.

Only on Verizon? This may be good in a way. And smart move for Verizon to offer such a fantastic device.
So long as its not permanent. Because many on AT&T and Sprint for instance want the Z30 and want it BAD.

If it never comes to T-Mobile it may force my hand to make a change to a different phone. The T-Mobile domestic/international plans along with the JUMP program keep me at T-Mobile. I can't make a move till February so will hold out hope they carry the Z30 at some point. I also assume on November 4th we should know BB's future so all of this speculation will be mute.

AT&T reps at my local store didn't want me to buy a BlackBerry (Z10) in the 1st place. Tried to talk me out of it. Said silly things like, "they're going outta business...!" Yeah.

AT&T hasn't been too excited about BBs for a long time. Probably doesn't bother them that Vz is getting an exclusive on a product they didn't want in the 1st place.

This is very disappointing, Blackberry should be trying to get this phone out to EVERYONE who will sell the damned thing!! The more the better at this point in the game for them, no time for this exclusivity crap!

Did anyone notice that the press release specifically says 'available online'? I hope it comes to stores too, or at least in select markets like LA, NYC, Chicago etc. I'm on Verizon and would love to get one eventually.

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I think this is less 'exclusivity' and more 'only Verizon was willing to sell it'.


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Sorry if I missed, but why exclusive?? BlackBerry should be pushing this through ALL carriers and pressure them to sell it. Wtf?? VZ (like the others) doesn't even like BlackBerry! So now the z30 will only be with one us carrier who won't sell it. Makes no sense.

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Told ya so... and by told you so I mean I told no one but read a rumor and didn't doubt it... in my mind.

Any thought on the Verizon exclusive deal and the delayed 10.2 OS release in the US? Could it be that VZW managed to get exclusive rights to a 10.2 phone?

I made the comment, now discuss amongst yourselves.

Glad it's coming to Verizon, but I have been told it will be coming to ATT. This was by ATT. Obviously, we shall see. Not trying to spread misinformation or anything, therefore we shall see.

Sweet!!! I'm totally getting this for my wife...then I'm totally going to be instantly jealous of my wife's phone! :D

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Am just waiting for some good news from Sprint. Sprint your BlackBerry customers need to hear from you about Z30. :)

I mentioned weeks ago that Verizon was the only carrier confirmed for the Z30. At the time from what I could gather this was not because BlackBerry wanted it this way.

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