BlackBerry Z30 arriving on Telstra October 29th

By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2013 07:08 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Z30 now official, there's a lot of folks asking "When will it be available in my country" and while we'll all have to wait for official announcements for the most part before we'll know, one area that can now be checked off the waiting list is Australia. Telstra has announced they'll be releasing the BlackBerry Z30 on October 29th, for all customers looking to pick one up.

When it comes to pricing, Telstra will be offering a few options including an outright purchase cost of AU$672. If you're not looking to purchase it outright, you can sign up for 24 months on the $80 Every Day Connect Plan and get the BlackBerry Z30 for free. Business customers can also purchase the BlackBerry Z30 on $80 Business Performance Plan with 24 month terms. You can check out the source link below for all the details.

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BlackBerry Z30 arriving on Telstra October 29th


I really want this phone. So much so I have been downloading the Z30 variants of all the latest leaks.

As a AT&T US customer I may be in for a long wait however. I have two lines available for upgrade so just release it. My Z10 is awesome, but can't wait to sport a 30 as well. If I could verify 100% the compatible version from a Canadian model I would buy it unlocked from one of those carriers.

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LOL you download OSes for a phone you don't even have yet? That's dedication right there.
Regarding compatibility, unfortunately no Z30 with AT&T's main LTE band has been released yet.

Big deal!.... so what?. They didn't till this point of time release OS 10.2 for Z10/Q10, despite previous reports that it will be released Oct 15!!. Where the hell is it?.

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Not bad pricing being free on $80.00 plan.

Already undercut the Harvey Norman price also, it will be available from 1st November from HN.

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At that price it undercuts the following phones on Telstra...

iPhone 5C
iPhone 5S
Galaxy S4
Galaxy Note 3
Lumia 1020

A Lot better than what I was expecting, just need to market it now but I doubt it will get the in store love that iPhone and Samsung have.

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What if I told you that the BlackBerry Z30 is better than any other phone or tablet? It's true, replaces your old phone, tablet, and even your laptop? What if I told you that your next computer is a Z30? You'd believe me because it's a true story.

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As much as I love and would WANT to own a Z30 my Z10 has already done everything you say...including my laptop. It's the best device I have ever owned EVER!

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Same here with my Z10! I only got the Z10 for a BB10 development device but the BB Hub and the amazing build quality and removable battery have made it my main phone.

I have a galaxy note, iPhone 4S, and a nexus 4 and the only thing that would get me away from my Z10 would be a Z30 sized phone with 1080P screen and removable battery or Qi wireless charging.

I got my Z30 today in Canada and I love it. The speakers are amazing, the battery is amazing and OS is really nice

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BlackBerry please start selling the Z30 unlocked through your online store - this will get it out to folks in the US asap, as well as help you pocket the much needed cash even faster!

I 2nd that! Blackberry put the z30 on your website for sale instead of this slow rollout so your die hard fans can get it !

Awesome phone, I've talked to qwerty 4 life users and z10 owner who didn't think it would be worth it who are just loving it.

I'm just worried about the size of it. That's why I got the Q10 but keeping a close eye on the z30 Il go into Telstra next week and hold one in the flesh and make my decision then

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WOW free and $80 a month that is less than my Z10. I hope we get deals like that in the US if we ever get it. Every year I treat myself to a special gift for Christmas and hopefully this year will be a Z30.

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Don't take this the wrong way cause I'm happy that our Australian friends are getting this.......however, I'm sort of surprised that a small market for BlackBerry seems to get the new models out quicker than some of the more popular BlackBerry strongholds

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Those of you who decide to upgrade will not regret the decision.

The Z30 is truly refined, and I was known for spending hours on my Z10.

As the ecosystem keeps growing BlackBerry devices of this caliber I am confident will be a game changer.

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I'm from Perth Australia.. My Q10 is with Telstra and my Z10 is with Optus..... It dun surprise me that Telstra are aggressively pricing the Z30 here... Samsung has virtually taken over in OZ, the IPhone is losing its appeal (for mine that's the awful battery life if the I5 in particular ... All my friends and colleagues bitch about it) and there is little love for windows phone here ... I think Telstra are hoping that bb10 will slowly become popular... I know some people at Telstra and internally they like the idea of the 'big battery' and 'big screen' Z30.. They think it's 'sellable' to the iPhone business users in particular

Speaking of Telstra I went into a T store the other day and they all have z10 mouse pads for the computers I asked if I could have one they said unfortunately you can't lol. Good to see tho.

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I'm the only one who uses the BlackBerry mouse pad in my store. I might be able to snag you one from out the back, if you're in Melbourne.

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Geez. No wonder you guys are consistently ranked high in the list of the friendliest countries :P

We have some Z10 coffee mugs at my my store so if you're ever in the cbd (melbourne) hit us up. I'll hook you up.

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Great news! I'm abit jealous when comparing my Z10 with the new Z30 in terms of specs/performance.
Please give me 10.2 update this weekend! I can wait no more.

Where is my «Seven flying D's» Logo???

Interesting it's cheaper than the Q10, I'd assume they'll drop the Q10s price now, not that it will make a difference to people like me who got in early.

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Couldn't wait, ended up buying one from Mobicity who are hopeless in service by the way.

Telstra as usual lied about 10.2 release date so I thought Z30 would be much later.

BlackBerry user for 10 years.

Yup would be interesting to see if the Q10 price is going to move....

from an australian Z10...

Since BlackBerry confirms to write down Z10 inventory, I expect my current model of Z10 may have very low second-hand value or no-value at all! In fact, I was thinking to trade-in my current Z10 for Z30.
If Z10 has no second-hand value, how?

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Apparently the Z30 is 20 better than the Z10, and only 19.8 better than a Z10.2 :)

I'm going to stick with my Z10 for now, as I don't think the z30 would fit in my work shirt pockets. Seems just a bit too big for my needs.

And now the Z10 links to my PlayBook via bridge, i have a larger screen available when needed, so why upgrade :)

Z10 on Optus 4g in Sydney