BlackBerry Z30 apps in BlackBerry World to be automatically available for the BlackBerry Z3

BlackBerry Z30 apps in BlackBerry World to be automatically available for the BlackBerry Z3
By DJ Reyes on 3 Mar 2014 02:55 pm EST

A note to developers. If your app is available for the BlackBerry Z30 in BlackBerry World, then it will automatically be made available for the upcoming BlackBerry Z3 smartphone. Since they share similar physical dimensions as well as screen size, most if not all apps compatible with the Z30 will also support the Z3.

If, for whatever reason, you do not wish for your app to be made available for the BlackBerry Z3 you can simply opt out and perhaps add compatibility at a later stage. Developers should start to receive an email with regards to this. I do hope that developers don't opt out. It would be great to have the BlackBerry Z3 launch with a nice variety of apps available. Sharing the same screen size as the Z30 and perhaps the same screen resolution there wouldn't be much tweaking, or any at all, needed to make it run well.

The deadline to opt out, if you choose to do so, is March 14th, 2014, 5pm EST. The link can be found within the email you receive.



Good work BlackBerry

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The Z3 is going to kill it. Just taken a look at the Nokia XL with a similar screen size and the BlackBerry just looks so solid and more business minded!

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What about different specs?!? Games that needs faster processor and/or more ram will be pushed anyway compatible also for the Z3? :O

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Why would they opt out?

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)


Because they want to make sure the app REALLY does work or is optimal.


Perhaps some games may run poorly on the Z3? Asphalt 8 already struggles on the Z10 and the Z3 has a slower CPU.

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But a better gpu trust me will work better than the Z10

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Depends on how the app is coded.

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Now how about all the Z10 apps/games available on the Z30!



First thing I thought when I read this. Seriously this is stupid to have different apps for different devices when all are on BB10. Same reasons why Apple dominates the app world.

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BlackBerry made a dumb move when they made Z10 with 15/9 aspect ratio.

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Ditto on that! If the z10 run on would be just as good as the z30

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Uh, isn't the Z10 1280 x 768 and the Z30 is 1280 x 720? Is it objectionable to have a little letterboxing to match aspect ratios? The entire Z30 resolution can fit inside the Z10 display.


It is possible but it depends on how the developer coded the app.

If they followed the guidelines, it should work for the three definitions (1280x768 for Z10, 720x720 for Q, and 1280x720 for Z30 and Z3).

But this is usually pretty ot what is done for games. This is why you still have popular games that are still not available in the Z30.

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BlackBerry is not Apple. They both have different game plan or road map. Anyone who likes what Apple is doing should buy Apple devices and those who like the variety that BlackBerry is offering should buy BlackBerry devices. It is that simple.

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Will eventually be posted via CB10 on my Z70

Anthony Roberts5

It seems like the z3 will be a 720 display...well I hope so...I hate that qhd resolution....

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I was thinking that as well.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...


This means the Z3 has a 720 display. Yeah :))

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Problem is a few z10 apps/games are still not available on the z30.....


Problem is several US carriers the z30 is still not available...


Why wouldn't it be compatible, other than specs

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A software dev should never trust new hardware.


Assuming this means it will have a 720 resolution?

Sergio Gambini

Great. Its a software tweak? Or the device has 720p?

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so that means.. the Z3 will also have the 1280x720p instead of 960x540p? that's AWESOME!!


Not necessarily, it means it will have a 16:9 screen.

canadian nick

Great news. Anyone know if the Z3 will come to Canada ?

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Probably, once they release the LTE version.

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Not at the moment. The Z3 is meant for Emerging Markets. In Canada/USA, we will get the high end devices such ad the near future Z50 and Q30/Q50.


Wow, they're moving quite fast on this one. Good too see.

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Bring this phone to the United states we need it with the push to no contract. It will be a huge mistake not to get something like this in the high end prepaid.

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Yes I heard Z3 and Z30 have the same screen resolution 720p

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I have a good feeling about the Z3! I sure hope I'm right, hopefully I'll get the same feeling about the future qwerty phones.

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It is exciting to see that the BlackBerry Z3 Is coming to market faster than normal. A word of caution about the direction that blackberry is going in, however; BlackBerry, must cater equally to touchscreen enthusiasts as much as the physical keyboard ones.

I know a number of people that made the switch from iPhone or androids devices to the BlackBerry Z10, because of the gesture based interface and easy to use communication found in the blackberry hub.

Blackberry must come out with another high-end touchscreen device that will keep new blackberry users in the ecosystem. A step backwards to buttons and keyboards for most models will certainly lose a vital and growing customer base.

I personally have a Z10, and have no desire to go back to a physical keyboard or any button related interface.

If blackberry does not release another high end, gesture based phone like the Z10 or Z30, in the next few quarters I will seriously think about my personal commitment to buying another blackberry device.

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Maybe they could just have some marketing in place for the Z30. It's just too good to ignore.

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The Z30 needs availability before marketing at this point.

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I would bet anything that BlackBerry will be coming out with a high end touch device soon. Mr. Chen had to tackle what he promised to do first. (extremely quickly I might add) Bring out an Emerging Market device and hope for enterprise customers that complained and/or returned the Q10's by providing the Q20.

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Christophe Piquemal

If it means that the Z3 will finally be a 1280/720, it's a great new; and it as to be said to the press!


I hope z3 can auto detect scammers hehe. As of now without a public announcement 7 digital is on the scammers list until I get my music or refund.

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On my bday :D

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I don't think the Z3 will have Mircast so that's one app or group of apps left out of the equation. If it does, well then I'm jealous since it's the only thing I really wished my Z10 had that it does not. I'd love a newer version of the Z30 but I have 12 months to wait so if they release the Z30 successor in the fall (i.e. 1 year after the original Z30) I'm good with that. I'll probably upgrade a little early.


Great marketing, great use of interchangeable parts, great price(???hopefully???). This is what BBERS were begging for back in the day. Stay with 3 different screen sizes, one for the QWERTY, one for entry level touch, and one for top of the line touchscreen. But now, I guess they'll have to add another size? (Q30). Well, that's not so bad. And all apps available as well(or at least most of all Z30 apps)...awesome!!!!

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Prem WatsApp

Resolution shouldn't be too much of a problem, as long as the aspect ratio is the same. Hope it scales well.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Now just make all the Z10 apps available for the Z30. How hard is it???!!!

From the Z30


This is already shaping up to be a great year for bb. It just seems like a completely different company with the speed they're announcing everything. The news outlets are filled with hope. I actually read an article today that didn't start off with a short reminder of their short comings. Keep it up BlackBerry..... BB10 is worth fighting for.

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I think it will be the 540p. The z3 doesn't have the power to run games at the same rez as the z30. Heck, the z30 is running really old hardware compared to android phones. Going low res is the only way to get decent performance out of games.

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Shadberry Bold

Should app store compatibility be expected. Why is this news. I could understand if one had a keyboard or something, but this should be BAU. Why is this "news?"

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This news gives a lot information about the Z3 screen.

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It's good to see BBRY making things simpler for developers.


1)all z10 games have to be available for Z30.... I don't know what are they waiting for

2) 540p? AFAIK the only resolutions supported by BlackBerry 10 sdk are 1280x720 and 720x720. With the 768p of Z10s,I think it was suggested to developers that 720p should be used with a small black bar....

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What dev wouldn't want their app to be available to more phones?!

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I can only see 4x4 icons per screen on my z10 - how does this lower end model get 5x4...
Can I increase the number of icons per screen on my z10?

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Seems foolish apps are being made phone specific. All BlackBerry apps should work on all BlackBerry phones all the time.

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Adrian Lukmansyah

Look forward to seeing z3...anyway I will still stick with it more and more...

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On another topic, anyone knows the latest app count for BlackBerry 10 store?

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I like it how they put in the words "if you wish to opt out" means very positive from blackberry. Like Z3 is surely gonna sell well so let us know as developers if you want to miss the opportunity :p

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Solar 77

I'm actually considering this just because if the better battery life as a replacement for the Z10. So far no carriers here in the Philippines offer the Z30. Let's see.

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BlackBerry. Please make a dang BB10 phone to be able to make a backup using BlackBerry Link, as done on a Curve 9320. Without hooking up a friggin' cable to a desktop.

Also.......Make a dang BB10 7.0" tablet!!!

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The Z3 had better specs than the newest iPhone. Yet the iPhone is overpriced. I will not compare software at this time, but as it stands, BB10 is FAR Superior.


Developers don't opt out please! You'll get more users faster growth more revenues. Please pay special attention to the feedback comments work with one another on code to refine your app based on feedback or performance... pull the app only if you absolutely must!

Also work for various auto language support for the layout considering the Z3's launch locations in Indonesia and South Africa.

Thank you kindly,
A message from your BlackBerry Hub Gang keeping it on lock down ;)

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