The BlackBerry Z30 to launch on November 23rd in Indonesia

By James Richardson on 20 Nov 2013 04:07 am EST

For the good folk of Indonesia who have been waiting to get their hands on the BlackBerry Z30 that time is quickly approaching. BlackBerry have confirmed at a launch event that the BlackBerry 10 flagship will be hitting stores on November 23rd. 

Indonesia has always been a strong market for BlackBerry so I see no reason why the Z30 shouldn't be as successful there as it is in other regions. Let's hope they do some marketing as in many places that seems to be rather sparse - take note BlackBerry! 

Press Release


Jakarta, November 19, 2013 – BlackBerry® today introduced the new BlackBerry® Z30 smartphone, BlackBerry’s biggest, fastest and most advanced smartphone. Featuring BlackBerry® 10 OS version 10.2, the new all-touch BlackBerry Z30 smartphone comes with a beautiful 5” display and the largest battery yet on a BlackBerry smartphone. It is designed to keep you hyper connected, productive and always in control, and lets you share like you’re there and collaborate with ease. 

“The new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone builds on the solid foundation and engaging user experience of the BlackBerry 10 platform with features like the powerful BlackBerry Hub, its exceptional touchscreen keyboard and industry leading browser. The smartphone rounds out the BlackBerry 10 portfolio and is designed for people looking for a smartphone that excels at communications, messaging and productivity. Having apps like the full Documents To Go office suite that comes preinstalled, together with its 5” touch display, the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone gives customers a best in class productivity experience on the go.”

“Today is the beginning of one of the most exciting periods in the history of BlackBerry smartphones in Indonesia. Customers told us they loved BBM Video for its ability to share an experience in real time.  With the addition to the BlackBerry 10 operating system of native Javanese and Sundanese dialects, we are adding to our customers’ experience by providing solutions that fit the way they live and work, connecting them to what matters to them the most. The BlackBerry Z30 offers the best all-touch BlackBerry 10 experience and is the first to showcase new innovations like BlackBerry Natural Sound, that gives users a more real and natural sound experience” said Maspiyono Handoyono, Managing Director BlackBerry Indonesia.  “Indonesia remains an extremely important market to BlackBerry. We remain committed to focusing on consumers in Indonesia, given how important the market here is for BlackBerry. We also would like to extend our sincere thanks to our key partners for supporting us in our efforts in the Indonesia market place.” 

The new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone comes with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2, which includes hundreds of refinements plus many new features that help you be more productive. 

Among key features are:

  • 5” Super AMOLED Display The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone features the latest in display technology with a 5” Super AMOLED display that makes whatever you’re running larger, clearer and more vivid. The smartphone also houses many top of the line components, including a 1.7 GHz processor with quadcore graphics that makes browsing web pages faster and games more detailed.
  • BlackBerry® Priority Hub BlackBerry® Hub is the one place to manage all your conversations and notifications. The new BlackBerry Priority Hub can now learn what conversations and what people are important to you making it fast and easy to find the messages and information you need. It collects priority messages across your email, social networking and other accounts and gives you instant access to the conversations most important to you to help you stay organized and focused on the most important tasks.  
  • BBM™ Now in Any App and Message Previews Everywhere BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2 continues to refine the unique communications experience of the platform. You can now get a preview of any message as it arrives in whatever app you’re using, and immediately dismiss it or tap it to read the full content and respond. If a BBM message arrives, you can instantly reply to the message without even leaving the app you’re in. In addition, if your phone is locked, you can tap the various icons on the Lock Screen to see an instant preview of your most recent messages and notifications.  
  • Longer Battery Life – The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone includes a 2880 mAh battery, the largest battery ever built into a BlackBerry smartphone. Combined with the battery enhancements in BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2, you can get up to 25 hours of mixed use* to keep you moving from dawn ‘til dawn. 
  • New Antenna Technology – The BlackBerry Z30 smartphone features BlackBerry’s new generation antenna technology that dynamically tunes reception to give you better connectivity in low signal areas. BlackBerry® Paratek Antenna can give you faster data transfers and fewer dropped calls in low signal areas, keeping you connected in more places.

The BlackBerry Z30 is available in Indonesia starting on November 23, 2013 in black color at a retail price of ID

R 7,999,000 at all BlackBerry Lifestyle store as well as authorized distributors PT. Telematika Artha Mandiri (TAM), PT. Trikomsel Oke Tbk (Comtech), and PT. Surya Citra Multimedia (SCM).  Those wanting to pre-order the BlackBerry Z30 

Reader comments

The BlackBerry Z30 to launch on November 23rd in Indonesia


The Z30 is amazing. My Z10 would have been dead by this time of the night. I have 50% left. Amazing.

Posted via CB10

I wish they had trade-in programs for Z10 holders. I really want that phone, I hate the fact that my STL100-1 doesn't have 4G and has an inferior processor.

Posted via ZCB10

The processor isn't inferior. The TI oMAP is on par with the Snapdragon in the stl 2,3,4.

Posted via CB10

Awesome to see it launching in more markets! Now if the rest of the US carriers would announce their intentions with the Z30...

The only one I know of that announced it is Verizon. Everyone else has been quiet. I'm hoping for a wider US launch in December, but I'm not getting my hopes up

Too expensive, people will choose iphone or Samsung. Try to be more realistic not to sell BlackBerry with this kind of price. Better grab many people as possible to experience bb10. I am a big fan of BlackBerry but majority people here in Indonesia are ready to switch to other platforms.

Posted via CB10

That's great! I hope they actually make a point of releasing it, so it's available. UK was among the first and it's still so limited it's not even funny.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

To expensive with 80 GB and better reception, good os, 5 inch and best stereospeakets and high quality battery power then 575 euro is cheap against an apple phone.

Posted via CB10

What he means is, if you buy it through Telkomsel (arguably the biggest operator in Indonesia, also the best signal reception, *kinda) you'll get 80GB of data for the whole year, it's not bad at all. But the price is still too high I think.

Posted via CB10

Come on BlackBerry, Indonesians really don't need that highly priced handset.
For a couple of weeks, It will be cut off, just like the Z10 had right now.

we need blackberry to push local operators here to release official 10.2 for all user instead of selected ones. its a shame they pulled out 10.2 from their servers weeks ago. I installed leaks 10.2.1 but most of my friend still stuck with 10.1

Posted via CB10

true that!
you know what i'm afraid of?
BBRY ID trying to sell 10.2 as a marketing gimmick, saying that z30 is coming with the latest OS.
(as if not available yet for other BB10 devices)

How many of us getting it OTA? I have a feeling that the percentage is not that high. And it's toward the end of November now.

Zwiped up from my white AndroBerry 10

BlackBerry pricing scheme is nightmare. I'm afraid that people will wait until price drop.

Posted via CB10

You guys will be amazed how this beast could do. I've been using this Z30 for almost 10 days now, and it absolutely rocksssss....

Just got my Z30 2 days ago. Had the z10 since last January and watched as the OS matured. The z10 latest software release is really good and it is a great device contrary to all reports. Now the z30 is way over the top. This absolutely destroys the iPhone. The leaked OS, shows a very capable and bright future. All the android apps directly downloaded and installed, all the BB10 native apps from BlackBerry World. What does this mean? This means early in the New Year BB10 devices will sport more apps than Apple including Netflix, Instagram etc. People who have installed the leaked OS are already there.

Posted via CB10

I am sure it is an awesome BlackBerry smartphone but after the whole Z10 pricing fiasco, unfortunately I will be sticking with my Z10 and Q10. The Z30, no matter how good, is still overpriced. I would say US$550-600 is a fair launch price.

Posted via CB10

Maybe its not the right place to ask, but im dying to know, how to upgrade my z10 stl100-1 from 10.1 to 10.2.. till now im still stuck with the old poor OS.. tried sachesi and couldnt find any to download either.. HELP ME!! Desperately need an OS upgrade :((... Crackberry experts, pls pls pls help me.. thanks in advanced

Posted via CB10