BlackBerry Z30 all set to arrive in white

By Bla1ze on 18 Sep 2013 03:22 am EDT

We're pretty much tuned into what's happening in Malaysia right now and the cat is seemingly out of the bag out about the BlackBerry Z30 despite there being no official press release as of yet. That aside though, we now know for sure that the BlackBerry Z30, when it arrives in carrier retail outlets, will follow some of the Z10 footsteps and be arriving in white for everyone out there who enjoys a color besides black for their smartphone. No word on exclusive carrier deals so we'll just have to wait and see how that all unfolds.

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BlackBerry Z30 all set to arrive in white


Can't help but agree... I can only hope it will be available on T-Mobile US...

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Great news! I'm hoping for more qwerty devices next year with keyboards similar to the Q10.

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We will both have to keep dreaming, friend...

Would be nice if BlackBerry took the Q10 keyboard and put it onto a device with a larger/taller screen

Yeah. I'd also like to see a qwerty phone that has the natural sound feature and stero mics. Very cool features of the Z30. I hope I get a chance to see one in action soon!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

These are the displays and dummy units. The actual coverage will be happening at 4pm Malaysia time. 1 am here.

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So is Malaysia the top market for BlackBerry? Most dense population of BlackBerry users in the world? Surprised they would have a release announcement there.

Given the relentless negativism from the US - which may well be because the US government wants no phones which do not run software controlled by US companies - what would you do?
The short answer is that a niche phone maker can afford to ignore the US market because the rest of the world is now so much bigger, and that this may be the best way to conserve cash and grow the business.

Where could we find live updates of the events being held in Malaysia, India and France??

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No, you're not! Lol. I'm hoping the bottle and lanyard come with the Z30. :D

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ugly design...looks like cheap android device..BB Z10, Q5 are much better looking than this phone

and it seems it's very thick, BB need to slim it down

I agree in context of the colour... I will never understand to like a WHITE phone... But it is personel taste... But what YOU mean is the waterbottle- it has to be so thick to take around 600ml water or alike... If you slim it down you will get a so called hipflask (or mickey for the canadians)... :-D
The device´s thickness is around 9mm... I´m not interested in 2mm more or less. I think this size descripes the "end" of manageability! TO thin means deficit in wear behaviour... but WHIIITE?!? Never! :-D

Now it makes sense that the transform case on ebay is in white. Since their announcing the device will be available in that color. Guess I'm going all white! Then I'll customize the case with Dodger blue pinstriping.

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It looks nice, but one thing that ruins it is the bottom par, why does it have to be gray, should have black or keep it all white, or black for the black version

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Take for sale signs down. We have now four competent BlackBerry phones. Ok not the best specs in every category, but unique, secure and solid. We only need a bb10 compatible tablet and we have a real competitor with its own software style and capabilities. BBM is coming out. As people see it let them also see what BBM voice and video/screenshare are like on these phones.
Keep movin'

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It seems like an "old" HTC Sensation XL ! Check out guys :)
BTW great looking device, even though it's too large for my needs.

The white looks cool but with the silver bottom line finish it screws the whole look. Something needs to be done of the bottom portion.

concerned about the jagged, untouching edge along the phone where it meets the silver bezel, hopefully thats just because its a crappy display dummy phone and not the start of a htc one style quality control problem

i'm not really a fan of white phones but for some reason this with the silver bottom looks awesome!

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Me likey! Oh how I wish I could directly order this from BlackBerry online. It's such a pain to haul my butt into my carrier.

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The only thing I don't like about the white phones (the main reason I didn't get my Q10 in white) is the cheap-feeling plastic backplate. The glass weave is much better.

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Not getting excited. Missed out on the white 9900, white z10 and white q10 because of exclusivity deals. Not getting excited about a white z30. If it arrives at AT&T I'll decide then.

This might actually be my first white BlackBerry.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Wonder if they will again make the same mistake of signing an exclusive for the white with Verizon here in the States?

Can't wait to get the Z30. BUT- I am disappointing at the colour choice (or lack thereof). I don't think the current choices reflect the extended functionality or even Rim's new brand/name change to BB? What about something more high tech looking (ie silver) or perhaps a sophisticated metallic aubergine to reflect Blackberry (ie purple) and its sophisticated functionality. I personally want others to see my BB phone that I purposely CHOSE from a distance.

grey bottom ugly and Verizon's version will suck ass after 6 months like the torch did me and all there phones. I was to patient with verizon. good call quality but that as far as it gets. they are not loyal or appreciative of there customers. finally blowing the whistle.