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BlackBerry Z30 Accessory Roundup - Leave a comment for your chance to win!

By Adam Zeis on 10 Mar 2014 11:39 am EDT

With more and more of you getting your hands on a new BlackBerry Z30, you're certainly looking for shiny new accessories to go along with it, right? Well we have plenty of good ones to go around, no matter what you're looking for. Be it a case, external battery, screen protector or car mount — we've got you covered!

There are some great OEM cases including the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch and the BlackBerry Transform Hardshell Case. Screen protectors are always good to have and we even have spare battery doors, should you need one.

So if you're in the market for some Z30 goodies, check out all of our BlackBerry Z30 accessories here and keep reading for your chance to win one!

Newest BlackBerry Z30 Accessories


Best Selling BlackBerry Z30 Accessories


Contest: To enter to win an accessory for your BlackBerry Z30 (value < $100 USD) just leave a single comment on this post telling us what you want and why. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT.


I would love to win an accessory for my z30!


The only accessory I need is the z30

Posted via CB10


Then I'll take your accessory if you win ;)


Bluetiger Soundtrax because it sounds awesome


I can never leave a comment in this app ugh. Anyway 64 gb card, running out of memory. Orr the battery door.

Posted via CB10

Stephen Hollowood

I would love to win the Z30 OEM leather screen flip case

Posted via CB10 via My Q10


64GB SD card please for all the amazing photos and music capabilities the z30 has

Posted via CB10


I would also love the 64 GB SD card for all my movies

Posted via CB10


I just bought a case for my new Z30 but could always use another accessory!!


Give me a chance!

Posted via CB10


Love to win the Battery bundle! Thanks CB!


I'd LOVE a nice charging dock for my Z30.

Oh wait...


I would love the 64 gig SD for all my pics!

Posted via CB10


I want the 'BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB for Z30' and the 'BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Z30' to keep on moving!


64 GB micro SD card because I gotta love that extra storage !

Posted via CB10


Just going to upgrade to the z30 and I don't have any accessories.

Posted via CB10


I would love the BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger for my VZW Z30 because I never want to be a Wall-Hugger while still abusing my Z30s battery!


I'm on my truck so much that a charger is never far if it's needed. What I really need is that Jawbone Era, my previous blue third headset just couldn't keep up any longer

Posted via CB10


A leather pouch would be great for my Z30!

Posted via CB10 with my Z30!


Transform hardshell case would make a good companion to my holster!


I would totally love one of the bluetooth speakers :3


I love my Z30 and Crackberry!!! Could always use the 64gig SD!!

From my glorious Z30.

Frank Siedler

I would love to have a BlackBerry Z30 charging cradle, like for the Z10 from BlackBerry! :-)




I would love to get the BlackBerry Original Leather Swivel Holster so that I can carry my naked Z30 around the office.

Posted via CB10


I would like to have the BlackBerry leather pocket pouch, because it's just Awesome!

Posted via CB10


I would love to win the BlackBerry leather pocket. Gotta protect my Z30!


I have one you'll love it... best protection and when you're using your naked Z30, you'll be glad it's not stuck in a case!

Posted via CB10


The Otterbox Commuter Series case. Otterbox is known for their cases and it would be a great addition to protect my phone from those inevitable drops on the floor...

Posted via CB10


I just moved from the Z10 to the Z30 and would love the transform hardshell case.

Posted via CB10


okay i just need the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Z30... For protection reasons obviously... i'm tired of the carbonite pocket.


Due to the nature of my field of work, emergency sewer and watermain repairs, I need to have an Otterbox Defender case for all of my devices.


Pick me, me, me. Bluetrax headset :)

Posted via CB10


Heard really good things about the U-Grip car mount from Aduro, would love to win one.


A white flip case would make me look professional

Sent from my white Z30 in canada


SanDisk 64GB Ultra microSDXC for BlackBerry Z30 with now using my z30 more and more to record HD 1080p videos i have to keep on removing stuff from my memory card to my computer cause i fill up my memory card way to quickly if i were to get the 64gb memory card it would be way less of an issue.....BB4LIFE...



Posted via CB10


The transform hardshell case looks awesome

Posted via CB10


I really like the looks of the transform case and since I don't have a case yet for my awesome Z30 I would really love to have my name picked. Thanks for all the contest opportunities and especially one for the Z30.

From my totally Awesome Z30


If you offer me a Z30 flip case, I will get Z30 right away.

Posted via CB10


I want a white flip case because Z30 accessories are almost harder to find than the phone itself!

Crushed on my Q5 or flicked on my Z30!


Leather pocket pouch please....I love leather

Posted via CB10


Winning the Transform case would help, as I am about to start using BBM video a lot and I like the convenience of standing the phone on the kickstand.

Twitter : @ForrestBivens Instagram: ForrestBivens3 http:// About.me/ForrestBivens


I'm a power user so I would love to have the BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB (MP-2100) with Free BlackBerry Premium Micro-USB Charger for Z30. Thanks for the opportunity to win it =)


I dropped my z30 and had to get a screen replacement already.

Please consider me for the pouch.

Thanks Crackberry.

Posted via CB10


I need a holster to carry my gorgeous Z30 in please

Posted from my Awesome  Z30 |Juventus Channel: C0001C785


BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB for Z30 would make less nervous every time my Z10 needs juice and there is almost nothing left.

Posted via CB10


I would like to win the BlackBerry Transform Hardshell Case for Z30 because then I would have that extra incentive that I need to go ahead and purchase a Z30 off contract. Chicken or the Egg? I can't decide.


I'm from the Philippines, and my Z30 is now in the BlackBerry serv center in Malaysia. It was hit hard with an unexplainable hardware malfunction for the screen. I'd be receiving it back from the serv center by next week, and I would love to give it a new Flip Case to better protect it. :)

Posted via CB10


I hope I win... fingers crossed

Posted via CB10


I have a Z10 but some of these would still be useful. Particularly eyeing the Jawbone headset with charger.


Would love a 64gb micro SD card!

Posted via CB10


I want any good set of ear buds/ headphones/ speaker because I love audio and audio is something that BlackBerry 10 does very well but is not given enough credit for.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Nice list of accessories.

Shahid Salam

I would love to have anything cb gifts me....beacause all I have is my sexy z10 and would love to make it look even hotter with some accessories...!!!

Posted via CB10


I'm dreaming about Blue Tiger SoundTRAX in white. Because I love music on my BlackBerry a it's an amazing tool for listening!! Thank crackberry

Posted via CB10


Here is to wishing and hoping and praying and.... that I win


There's a lot of nice accessories!


I would really love a pair of the BlueTiger SoundTrax headphones, my girlfriend is always complaining about me listening to music and watching videos on my Z30 in the evenings!


The 64 Gb SanDisk Micro SD would do great for all my shows and pictures on the go

Posted via CB10


I'm considering getting the z30. Currently have a z10. Any accessory would be nice as it would ensure that I get a z30 :)

Posted via CB10


My Z30 needs this.

Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF


The 64GB micro SD card would be the perfect accessory for all the videos I take of all the places I see on the road :)

Posted via CB10


A new accessory for my z30 would be amazing!! I just got it last week and could use any kind pouch or case to protect this beauty!!

Posted via CB10


I love my Z30. Any accessories would be a bonus.


I got the pocket and the holster. A white battery door or 64gb SD card might be next.

Posted via Z30


I would love a white leather pocket as it would really compliment my white Z30 when I want to rock it naked!

Posted via CB10


I haven't got a Z30 yet, but if I could get the Leather Swivel Holster, then I will surely buy one. Consider this as a challenge. :)


I would like the leather pouch because it is an OEM accessory that would help me rock the Z30 to its full potential in style!

From the Z30


I would love a black Blackberry flip shell for my Z30. I have had this phone since the first day it was released in Canada. I have been preaching the virtues of this amazing phone all over the office and need a stylish case to protect it. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Wine

Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10

Vithulan L Nathan

Awwww z30 me please! Go BlackBerry, Go Canada

Posted via the awesome Z10. White Z10STL100-2/

Daniel Montanaro

Would love an accessory for my father's Z30.

Posted via CB10


Pick me

Posted via CB10


I want to win
BlackBerry WS-430 Premium Multimedia Stereo Headset 3.5mm
Because my old one was not work anymore, my nephew put in his mouth. Fully covered with water.

Hope I can win this.

Posted via CB10


I would love to get those RevJams Xec headphones! Been looking for a decent pair of headphones for some time now.

Posted via CB10


BodyGuardz Echo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in black would be great!

Boo Boo Boy

My Z30 wants all knowledge, so it sounds like I need at least a 64GB micro SD card.


I'd like to win the OEM Pocket Pouch!

Posted via CB10


Would love to win a Micro HDMI lead for my Z30. Could play my games on the screen along with my moga and present my documents on screen

Posted via my Z30 running 10.2.1


I would love to win a ULTRA MicroSD XC CARD 64GB W/ADAPTOR CLASS 10 for Z30 to replace the 8gig I have. The reason I want the bigger SD card is to capture all the amazing moments that's going to happen once my first child is born in June :). You guys rock

Posted via Z30 using CB10


I want the battery pack, because it's compatible with my Z10... hehe

Posted via CB10


I want a Spigen Steinheil screen protector!!! :)

Posted via CB10


For my Z30 - how could I forget that.

Posted via CB10


I would like to win a transform shell case, a car charger and a memory card. I do project management and my phone is my all-in-one solution to go paperless on my files. I take notes, pictures, update files online, setup appointments with invitations and again always on the road so I need to plug it in every now and then. I'm about to upgrade my Q10 to the Z30 so hopefully this will help me hit the ground running at work.


Posted using my Q10 workhorse


A car mount would be fantastic to win. You guys are great.

Posted via CB10


Z30 swivel case would be nice....

Posted with the sweet Zeeee10


Keep the good stuff coming!


Would love the 32 gig micro sd card! You can never have too much storage for watching movies on that beautiful screen.


I maxed out my 32 gig on music alone. If the 128gb shows reviews of working on 10.2.1 then I'll leapfrog the 64 for that.


If there is a 64 gig one that works, I would take that too.... hahaha


My choice would be a 64GB SanDisc MicroSD card so that I can load my device with movies and music.


BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z30 - BLACK
this is something i'd never buy for whatever reason.. BUT - if i won one, that would be friggin' awesome!


The Bluetooth speaker looks awesome


When do we get the Crackberry Crunk case? Had one for my Z10 and we need a Z30 version?

Pick me!


64gb memory card

Posted via CB10


I would love a white back for my Z30 to spice up the look of the phone.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry leather pouch for my brother's birthday present
A little big for my Q10

Posted Via CB10 - Q10SQN100-1/

Gab Uche

I just purchased the Z30 last week and the only user that I know in my area. My colleagues doubt that BlackBerry can compete but I simply said "you have not seen or used a Z30". Currently, it's like I am being evaluated.

I want the "BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Charger" to [show that I can] do more and keep moving further than anyone. (I would have bought it if I could find it in my area.)

Posted Via CB10 for Z30


BlackBerry leather pocket pouch, I would like this because I always carry my phone in a pocket and need some stylish protection

Posted via CB10


I need a new battery door since I dropped my Z30! :(

Posted via CB10


SanDisk 64GB microSDXC card because I need space to store all my media!

Posted via CB10

Sarab Sodhi

The blue tooth speakers so I can jam out please!!!

Posted via CB10


Spare battery door

Posted via CB10


Blue Tiger SoundTRAX to just LIVE in my music :)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10


BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB (MP-2100) with Free BlackBerry Premium Micro-USB Charger
The reason I want that is because the battery life of the z30 is already amazing but having that as a back up I can travel without having to find an outlet for days!

BlackBerry Wine

Good day to you, yes I would love to win a Jawbone. For my
Z30, which to date is my favorite BB, started out with the Storm 1 then bought the Bold 9700 but missed the touch screen and tried the Storm 2. I loved that one, parked the 9700 until last fall when I bought the Z30. Traded in the 9700, still have the Storm2 for a spare,
Yup, BlackBerry the best.
Thanks, Rick

Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10


Don't have Z30

Posted via CB10


Loving the z30

Posted via the elegant z30


I wait my own Z30 too

Posted via CB10


Z30is very great!

Posted via CB10


I need a new case...

Posted via CB10

Artik Patel

I love to win all for ma z10

Posted via CB10


Can I haz a case for me phon..Correction BlackBerry!

ali alsalman

Hii, its nice to get the usb charger, cus I spent my time in my Z30 so this charger will help me

Posted via CB10


I would like to get the Nano teck stand because it looks pretty awesome

Posted via CB10


BB 2100mAh mobile charger would be great to win.


I'm hoping to win the Motorola SF600 Wireless Sports Headphones for BlackBerry Z30.
I've been looking for a quality wireless sound solution for my workouts for the longest time and I'm hoping these will be the right one.


Seeing as BlackBerry has not much received much support from South African carriers in launching the Z30, I would LOVE to have a Z30 Transform Case!

Posted via CB10


I have the leather pouch already but I would love some nice headphones with in-line control! I have been sick and tired of looking for a good pair of heaphones (not earbuds) that has controls and mic built in!


I would love the Blueant Q3 earpiece so that I don't have to flip to speaker in the car.

Posted via CB10


That Powerall battery would be sweet!


Amazing! I always loved those slip cases. Great craftsmanship! The z30 has been an absolute gem of a phone. Bought the z10 when it came out and z30 as soon as it came out. BlackBerry for life!

Posted via CB10


Crackberry rocks!!!!!!

Posted via CB10


Please pick me. I need some loving!

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!


A BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for Z30 would be the classis case I would want if I was so lucky. Thanks for the opportunity.


I'd like the BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker. I've been doing a lot of snowblowing lately while listening to music, plus chores around the house, so a good bluetooth speaker would be absolutely useful. Not to mention that my state is now Hands-Free While Driving as of this year.


Black transform case please. My hands get tired of holding my phone when BBMvideoing with my 2 year old daughter who I love so much and miss dearly when I am at work!

Bor Navas

The battery bundle would be great to have, as I use my Z30 all the time!

Posted via CB10


I would love to win a holster for my Z30. Or even something that I can secure to my waste or arm while I'm working it at the gym!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


Id love the 64gb memory card, please make my birthday dream come true crackberry :)

C001B7B16 The Gif Exchange


Would love to win a "BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB for Z30"
Yeah I know Z30 doesn't need these but I'm a very heavy user and this might come in handy :3

Posted via CB10


I would love to get BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB for my Z30 as it will keep it running for longer. I really need it :)


planning on getting a z30 this weekend so this would come in very handy! long live Blackberry!!!

Medium Brown

The 64 GB SD card would let me take ALL my music with me. Perfect for playing through the blue tooth in my car!

Posted with my awesome Z30


Those RevJams look pretty sweet

Posted via CB10


I would love a blackberry music gateway to stream music. So I can sit in the sun at my trailer and control the music playing through the stereo inside

Posted via CB10 on ZED10


I would want this: Powerocks Magic Cube Power Bank 12000mAh (Black) (MC-PR-2AB-BK-1200). So I can take it everywhere and not be afraid to forget power cables.


I would like to win the BodyGuardz Echo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker , then I would give them to my father as a present (:

Jimberry Storm

Hey guys thanks for another contest so soon after bday. 2100amh mobile power charger, cheers

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z30 ,will help protect my top device.

 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform.


Ordered my Z30 yesterday, would love the BlackBerry Leather Swivel Case for it. Definitely would allow it to be worn in style.

Alvin Tang

I would want a 64GB micro SD card for all the media I would store and watch on my new 5" Z30 :D


I would love the BlackBerry leather pocket pouch to go with my amazing BlackBerry Z30...

Posted via CB10


I'd like the Z30 leather pouch because my phone needs a cuddle bug.

Posted via CB10


I'd a like a new battery door that isn't missing the silver piece that covers the SIM and Micro SD card slots. but since I have a Verizon version, that is pretty much impossbile. I ordered one from e-trade supply and it came with that piece and without the mesh covers that cover the microphone holes. $30 bucks down the toilet. If you can get me a legit battery cover that would be awesome. If not, a nice Qi charger would be cool for my house. Got one at work.


I'd appreciate the BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB for Z30 as I travel for business and can't always plug in. Thanks Crackberry!!


I need a new battery door! 5 minutes after getting my new z30 I popped off that tiny metal sliver covering the sim card and media card ports. :( thanks!


I would love the Revjams xec bluetooth headphones! Just came back to Blackberry with the Z30 and wireless headphones to work out with would be a great welcome back present.


I would really love the universal car mount, as I like using BB Maps for my road trips, plus having my phone within easy reach to activate SayIt is a cool bonus! Thanks!

mohawk apple

pocket pouch for me! thanks CB


Would be awesome to win for the first time. Thanks CB

Posted via CB10


I'd be pleasantly surprised if I win. :)


64 GB card would be nice. That way I can play lots of movies on this awesome screen.

Posted via CB10


Want a flip shell case because it looks sweet and will give me holster control without having to pull it out of a case and clumsily launch it across the room like I did with my 9900 a few times like an idiot. Don't think My z3a0 would put up with that shit. XD

Posted via CB10


I would love to win the 64 gb micro SD card because I can never find anywhere that sell them and when I do they are sold out

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB for Z30

Posted via CB10

johari ismail

always on the go.of course a mobile power charger become real handy

BlackjzBerry z10


I think I would have to go with the 64gb memory card! I don't own a z30 but this would push me over the edge to upgrade my z10!

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry transform hard shell case. If it's made by BlackBerry I know it's good

Posted via CB10


I am upgrading from a Z10 to a Z30. More storage would be fantastic. I'd choose the SanDisk 64GB Ultra microSDXC for BlackBerry Z30. Thanks

Posted via CB10


Jawbone for me

Posted via CB10


Otterbox defender case to take care of my phone on the next summer vacation !

Posted via CB10


I want the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch. But not for me, for my S/O that made the switch from Android to a shiny new Z30 last month.

Posted via CB10


Just got my z30 yesterday and love it! Need accessories!

Posted via CB10


I would love to have both the Transform case and the Blackberry leather swivel holster. I haven't gotten either one yet because I cannot decide between the two of them. If you pick me, I won't have to choose :)


Just got my Z30 2 weeks ago. Would really love the portable mobile power charger.


Oh please lady luck! ...let me win?


Headphones please!

Posted via CB10


Can always use a good case for my z30!!

Posted via CB10

mohamed fuzail km

First time in life used a blackberry mobile.. it's awesome. I would love to get some accessories :) leather or holster ll look Gud

Posted via CB10


I'd love to have the BlackBerry leather pocket, I've had the same pocket for both my Bold 9900 and Z10

Posted via CB10


I would love the extra battery charger kit.

Posted from my Z30 /STA100-5/


The great device Z30 needs to be sold with this sexy looking Leather Pouch.....So I would like to have one as a gift....

Posted via CB10

The Aficionado

I could really use the bluetooth earpiece. I often have to take calls when driving or otherwise occupied and this would help me do so without being distracted

Posted via CB10


Any accessory :)

Posted via CB10

Uncle Sky

I just want flip cover/ rear cover fixed panel to stow n go in my pocket. I bought my partner one, she loves it, I want to too! :)

C004682C1 .... shot from my z10


Perfect timing for a contest! BlackBerry Original Leather Swivel Holster for Z30 please and thanks! I am getting my new Z30 this week!


Oh man, black Flip Shell case would be pretty slick. (Because I can't find any in stores!)


Would love the mobile charger, I could go for 3 days without plugging into the wall. Or the Wireless Bluetooth Headset, I recently found out that BB10 can read your last email/bbm messages


Would you recommend me to upgrade to a Z30 from my Z10 or wait?

Posted via CB10


What kind of comment do I need to leave to win one of these contests!?

Posted via CB10


I would love to get the Jawbone Era because I can't afford to get a ticket while driving, the ticket has been raised to 280 here in Ontario!

Posted via CB10


I would really love to get a second Battery Door for my Z30. Mine is already a bit worn out and it's also never wrong to have one in reserve :)

Posted via CB10


I'm liking the look of that BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for the Z30.

Posted via CB10


I would love a car charger because I am always on the road.

Posted via CB10


64GB micro SD card would be an awesome accessory to my Z30.

Posted via CB10

Pam Pam Naraidoo

Not going to win but what ever


Posted via CB10


I would love to win the premium stereo headset because I broke the one that came with my phone and don't have money to buy another pair. :/

Posted via CB10


I would love to be a lucky winner!

Posted via CB10


Me wants the Z30 Battery pack please!!

Posted via CB10


Just upgraded to the Z30 three weeks ago. Had to leave T-Mobile after 7 years being with them just to get the Z30. I am in such need of a case for protection has Verizon is basically "out of stock" and this is such a premium device that cannot go without protection. Upgraded from Bold 9900 to Z30 so I am concerned about protecting the bigger screen.


Id LOVE a Jawbone Era Bluetooth Headset (Black Streak). Seeing as i'm generally always on the move, if i had one of these, i could enjoy using my blackberry even when i can't hold it lol >.<


Nanotek stand please. So hot!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


I would like to actually get one for my Father's birthday. He only recently upgraded to the Z30 and is loving it! I, unfortunately, am among the less fortunate and am living on a very fixed income. But to share with Dad, a reason why He should join the CrackBerry forum and hand him something special for his Z30, that would be sweet!!
-Sometimes we need to give, not get. Dad has given so much. I would love to have a chance to share.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App! from my Samsung Galaxy Express i437p

David Durigon

The 64G memory card to take amazing pictures and 1080p video

Posted via CB10


I would love to have the Z30 external battery charge pack for my Z10 ;)

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10


I'll live the clip on case it will work best for me while working....but I never win anything time and time I try

Posted via CB10


The Z30 rocks. Need a rocking accessory to go with it.

Posted via CB10


64 gig SD card would be great :)

benedict gomes

It's really very hard to find a case for my BlackBerry Z30 here in india, would really be happy to win this....

Posted via CB10


How about a BlackBerry music gateway.

Posted via CB10


I forgot the why: because I can then listen to music from my phone without plugging It in. I also think it will work for my wife's iPhone (I know, I tried to convince her to get a BlackBerry).

Posted via CB10


My Z30 need some new accessories.... it will come at the perfect time !!!! love my phone :)

Posted via CB10


Blue tiger soundTRAX for me please.

android player better than android.


I am about to upgrade to a Z30 and the Blackberry Leather Flip case looks really good.


64 GB SD Card for sure. I can store all Music, Podcasts and an arsenal of videos to "keep moving" all day long


Jawbone era blue tooth headset please!

Posted via CB10


Love my Z30. Wish I had some accessories to go with it :)


A micro SD 64 GB because with a bomb phone you need bomb accessories !

Posted via CB10


I wouldn't mind getting my paws on the new 128GB card for my Z30.

Posted via CB10

Zahid Hasmani

I would love to win the ishieldz premium HD screen protector because I don't have one for my phone and I would really love to get this one to make my screen more safer from scratches and drop etc

Posted via CB10


Would love an SD card for my music or a blue tooth speaker so I can jam out when working out instead of having to max out the sound on my phone.

Posted via CB10


Stereo headset

Posted via CB10


I despise cases. They hide the silver bezel and the carbon fibre back. I would risk ruining my device before I hide the beauty of the design. A pouch would be nice so I can protect it when not in use and show it off when it is in use

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30


The BlackBerry charging bundle to keep me moving (we're not wall huggers :P )


The otter box defender would make my day!!!

Posted via CB10


Love to win a cradle of some sort for the car.

Posted via CB10


64 gig SD card, white battery door, blackberry stereo headphones, or battery bundle! So many options! I would like to win!

Posted via CB10


I would love to have the BlackBerry Premium Headset so I could listen to my music without them falling out!!!!!!

Posted via CB10


Since no charging dock is available for the Z30, the Breacketron Nano Tek Stand looks promising.


I'd really appreciate an accessory for the Z30. I only have the Z10 though. So if I win, please give it to the person below that has posted a comment after my post. That's how we do it at CrackBerry Forums. :)

Posted via CB10


I held one for the first time on Saturday...i want me oneeee!

Posted via CB10


In love with BRACKETRON NANOTEK stand-. This stand is awesome and it will keepp my z30 standing tall in my 7th floor office

Posted via CB10


I wouldn't like any of them, please don't pick me.

Posted via the almighty Z


RevJames bluetooth stereo headphones. Because it will work with the Q too.

Secret Squirreling with my Q  BBM Channel C0001FE5D  DPI Private Investigations


I would like to win either a transform cade or an Otterbox Defender.

Posted with Z30 on Verizon.


BodyGuardz Echo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Z30
So I can use it as a part of my presentation as I push for bb10 in Jamaica

Posted via CB10


Chingidy Ching Ching!

Since 2010 


I need the 64GB SD card, so I can add all my media files!

Had my Z30 for two days now, and I friggin love this phone!!

Krzysztof Patyna

I want the extra battery. I'm toying with an idea of buying Z30 and winning would definitely help me to speed up the process.

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BlackBerry Transform Hardshell Case for Z30 in black would be awesome. Why? It's almost impossible to find stuff for the Z30. Even your own store is sold out. If I won the black one, you'd have to order more!


I would love a BlackBerry Flip Shell cover for my Z30! My friend has it for his Z30 and it's pretty slick. Three of my buddies have Z30s and we're always spreading the word about how great a phone it is!

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Pick me. I like free stuff

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Great! Rogers is now offering the z30 for $0! Let's hope they sell tons!


I would love the BlackBerry 2100mAh Mobile Power Charger Micro-USB
Thank you very much Crackberry :)

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I would like a 64gb SD card or the OEM flip shell case!
I'm going to break my baby if I don't protect her better

the brother

I have my holster, now just missing the ever-so-rare external battery bundle for the Z30! Please enter me in this fabulous contest!

Martin Denis

I definitely need a car mount for legal use of the mapping feature to find my way around. Don't need tickets or to get lost!

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Would love a smartphone experts case to protect my new baby which I just got last week but the leather holster would be cool too so that I got the classic look with the new device.

Mi Lindo Pulgoso

I want a stand. It seems that the stores in the Northwest Louisiana are not interested in selling blackberry accessories. It is hard to find anything for a Z30.

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