BlackBerry Z30 Accessory Roundup - Leave a comment for your chance to win!

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2013 11:17 am EST

The BlackBerry Z30 is making its way to carriers across the world and as of last week has finally hit US soil. While many users are sticking with their trusty Z10, Q10 or Q5, plenty are making the jump to the awesome device that is the Z30.

Once you have it up and running there is still one more thing you need to do, right? Accessorize! Luckily we've just stocked a bunch of awesome BlackBerry Z30 accessories including cases, chargers, cables, car docks and much more.

There aren't too many Z30 cases readily available, but we've got the OEM Transform Case, Leather Swivel Holster and Flip Shell Case in stock and ready to ship. Want to get your hands on one? Keep reading and you can enter to win one!

New BlackBerry Z30 Accessories

Contest: To enter to win your choice of BlackBerry Z30 case (Transform, Swivel Holster or Flip Shell) just leave a single comment on this post. Don't have a Z30? You can pick from any of our other great cases for your device. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. One entry per person.

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BlackBerry Z30 Accessory Roundup - Leave a comment for your chance to win!



Flipshell for Z10 , if there is.
Don't own a Z30, but I definitely want to own one in the future :D

Keepin' it Chill Z10

Just checked out the Z30 at Verizon this weekend. It's on my Christmas list. A shiny new accessory would be a nice pre-Christmas gift.

Definitely want a flip shell for my Z30! I had to pay extra money to break out of my contract to get the Z10 last Feb, and paid extra money to get out of my Z10 contract for my Z30. Gave BB lots of cash! I'd love to get a little something out of it with a free case! :) Thanks Crackberry.

Don't have a Z30, but would LOVE a blue poetic atmosphere case for my Z10! I've been looking for them but can't find one in Canada!

Flip shell for BlackBerry z10 even f a don't have a z30 and not going to get it still waiting for z50 if there really is going to be one hope so

Posted via CB10

Blackberry please get the Cangjie input method for bb10!!
I know many ppl in HK and China who will only buy a BB if the device have Cangjie !
John Chen, you are from HK and I know you know how important it is!

Getting my z30 after 2 days cant wait <3 i cant even sleep bad the market in my country has zero accessories for it , gonna have to buy another 5 inch screen protector of another device :(

Ordering my Z30 today and a black Transform Hardshell Case would sure come in handy. I need the kick stand to prop it up on the nightstand for clock and alarm. CrackBerry all the way!

Would love to win the accessories package as I'm getting the z30 for my birthday which is tomorrow yay!!!!

Posted via CB10

Thank you CrackBerry for another contest. My Z30 might just need a swivel holster, or a black flip case, or even the tranform case. Why do you make me decide? Can't I get all 3?

I desperately need a new case for my AWESOME Z30! An otterbox commuter case would be perfect. Thanks crackberry!

Posted via CB10

Love the classic BlackBerry holsters as its traditionally part of the BlackBerry ensemble and that is what makes BlackBerry different to other brands like.

Posted in CB forums using SQN100-3

Definitely need a case before I shatter this awesome 5 inch screen!

Posted via CB10 on my awesome new Z30!

I just have to show up at our next scotch party with the flip shell case. Need to see some jaws drop.

It's a tough call.. but I'm kinda interested in the Transform hardshell (I've seen pictures of the blue one and it looks awesome - doesn't seem to be listed above though..).

Z30 is rocking, but could definitely use a flip case. How about flip case with wireless charging?! Am I just being needy now?

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

If I win, it'll be the kick in the butt I need to get the z30.

Still super happy with the z10 though.

Posted via CB10

Got my Z30 just need some CB Love accessories to go with it b/c it's nekked right now and I need something to carry it around in besides my shirt pocket. :)

I don't have a Zed30 :( yet. My Q would love to be in a new case. Thanks CB for your awesomeness as always!

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Flip Shell for my absolutely incredible Z30! Rocking it and getting things done (and having fun doing it)

The accessory choices may be slim, however if the Z30 owner start to press manufacturers they will listen IMO.


Posted via CB10

I would be thankful for anything really. I don't win much in life but maybe this is the start lol

Posted via CB10

Looking forward to getting a Z30 on Bell. Trying to decide between a white flip shell case vs a white transform case.

Posted via CB10

Mine just showed up today! A nice new leather flip case would look great on it. :)

9700 ~ 9900 ~ Z10 STL100-3/

My z30 is on the way from Verizon and I would love to win some accessories for my baby.

DJ TEKNISION (All mix No talk) Podcast BBM Channel C001208C3

The BlackBerry Z30 had to be the most amazing price of technology I've laid my hands on in a while! I absolutely love mine and get great satisfaction from showing it off to everyone! Any accessories would make this look that much sexier!!!!

Posted via CB10

Could certainly use a BlackBerry Transform Hardshell Case for the Z30 I'm looking to snag this week.

Flip shell case please - that'll get me off my backside and off to the shops to grab one of these badboys!

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

I could do with a few extras for my z30. Finding retailers that stock items has been tough. Good things for CrackBerry store.

Would like and mp-2100 when it's available....

Just ordered White Flip cases for both Q10 and my amazing Z30!
Plenty in your store for me to choose when I win so... PICK ME ;-)!

Posted via CB10

Flip Shell Case! I need to spiff up my already spiffy Z30! Go BlackBerry! Bringing smart back to the word smartphone!

Sent using my spiffy Z30

And on the 8th day G-D created the Z30...I'll take the swivel holster please!

Posted with my Q10 on Verizon from Philly

Good morning! Would love to protect my Z30 with a case or holster. The big screen and solid built phone needs a secure safe place to rest, when I'm not using it or be propped up when I'm watching vids.

Black Transform Shell for the Z30 I will have for my next phone! Thanks for another contest CB

Posted via CB10

Could do with a case for mine! It's such a Mawy Qween phone compared to the Z10, I'm scared about it getting scratched to high heaven :(

Posted via CB10

Definitely need more cases for my beloved Z30. I hope Seidio is doing their line of cases for the Z30 as well but the Leather flip case looks great too


Don't have a Z30 yet, so I'd love a Z10 extended battery pack.

Proudly tweeted the first #IChooseBlackberry10 tweet.

Oh, i'd like to habe the flip Shell case!
I hope m Z30 will be a bit thinner in m pocket..

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry in my hand I feel like a man. I wear confidence with BlackBerry in my pocket. I love to explore my BlackBerry for 24hrs... BlackBerry rules.

Posted via CB10

My Z30 is Oh so freakin awesome, now if I could just get that sexy white flip shell case, I'd be in Heaven all over again!!!! #teamcrackberry4life!!!!

Does anyone else think the leather swivel holster is crazy tight? I tried one out the other day (because I want one) and I could barely get the phone out of it

Posted via CB10

Would love a new white case to keep my phone looking fashionable. And to complement my amazing BlackBerry white housing.

Posted via CB10

I'm currently waiting on my Z30 that should arrive in an hour; I ordered it the day it came out in Verizon. This would be so nice to win on top of getting the phone. Love you guys!

Posted via CB10

Proud owner of z30 along with the z10 and Q10. Love blackberry. #poweredbyblackberry #keepmovingforward

Proud owner of Q10, Z10 and Z30

I was a big BlackBerry fan. Now I'm a crazy BlackBerry fan. And I know I will always be in love with this company ! <33

I like the Bluetooth headset; at least I can use that with my Z10. I'm still not one hundred percent sold on the Z30 yet. I like the idea of a larger screen but not sold that its far and above my Z10. Anyway.... Good luck to me :)