The BlackBerry Z3 shows up in BlackBerry World - Coming real soon to Indonesia

Z3 BlackBerry World
By James Richardson on 4 Apr 2014 03:58 am EDT

Look what I spotted in BlackBerry World today - the BlackBerry Z3. We know of course that the low cost, Foxconn made device is meant to hit Indonesia later in April and judging by the device now being in BlackBerry World it looks like things are full steam ahead. 

The BlackBerry Z3 (aka "Jakarta") ​at under $200 could be a real deal breaker for BlackBerry 10. Don't get too excited just yet though if your not in Asia as that's where the device will first roll out - to be followed by an LTE version later in the year says BlackBerry CEO John Chen. 

It looks like the days of devices not being delivered on time are a thing of the past which is great news. BlackBerry and Foxconn seem of have formed the perfect partnership for budget handsets. Long may the relationship continue. 

We will of course let you know when the BlackBerry Z3 becomes available in Indonesia. 

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The BlackBerry Z3 shows up in BlackBerry World - Coming real soon to Indonesia


Me too! As much as I enjoy the Z30 I'm still left wanting more.

Sadly I think we will be waiting for quite some time yet, all touch is not a priority for BlackBerry

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It is not priority for the 2014 so that mean they mean business on physical keyboard models. I'm still using z10 and i have no intention of getting anything yet because the z10 is only less than 15months.

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What are you looking for that the Z30 doesn't offer....or are you just flapping your yap?

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He could be looking for better screen resolution or a better screen dpi. As of now, the Z30 is behind even the Z10 on both of those.

Also, some find the internal storage low or a bit on the tight side, especially since apps have to stay on internal memory. Other minor issues are non-removable battery and possibly not taking full advantage of available spectrum (AT&T). The ~720p resolution itself may also be a factor when mirroring onto a larger display, since most are 1080p nowadays, if you want the best possible looking presentation.

"or are you just flapping your yap?" Really?

Don't mean to nitpick, but while I agree there is room for improvement, screen "resolution" and DPI are technically the same, as DPI (dots per inch) is a type of measurement of resolution, which essentially means how fine certain details can be shown. What you're referring to in the first instance is the number of pixels that make up the screen. So for example, if Z30 screen were to be shrunk down, it would still have the same number of pixels, but the resolution (dpi) would be higher since those same number of pixels would be squished into a small physical size...anyway, hope this makes sense at make your future arguments stronger.

Also, the native resolution of the display does not impact the HDMI output. Just plug in an HDMI cable, then head to settings -> display and check the drop down menu under HDMI.

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My understanding is that the Z10 screen is 1280x768 on a 4.2 inch screen. The Z30 is 1280x720 on a 5 inch screen. The Z10 both has more pixels and achieves it on a smaller screen than the Z30. As such, I thought it had more resolution and greater dpi (or I guess I should say ppi).

I haven't played with the HDMI output much and I don't have Miracast since I have a later Z10 so I could be completely wrong when it comes to mirroring the OS/interface onto an external display.

Me too after using my z10....for me bb10 with full touch screen or nothing..os10 is for big full touch screen devices that my opinion

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In Indonesia it will be a smash hit even though you can get Android phones for less. Plus the deal to preload BBM on Nokia X is a smart one. I think Foxconn could also make a Keyboard model if this is successful. The resolution not being HD is not that important for an entry level phone.

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Personally I don't think so. Previous BB owners I know already on Samsung or Lenovo or some cheap android handset. Selling this under $200 is a good starting point but that alone is not enough. Blackberry must advertise, advertise and advertise. But that's Blackberry's weakest point unfortunately. Z3 may be my ticket back to BB device, or maybe not. I'm already on android.

BBRY new focus has been determined to be Corporate, for which the Z3 does not fit it. Should it fail, it still leaves them with their overall corporate strategy.

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Though they are focused on corporate, that's in part because the launch of BB10 was very consumer oriented. They now need to show progress on things like BES10, MDM, and corporate BBM to make business stick with them. Also the Classic phone with the belt buttons is part of that.

At the same time they need try to reverse the erosion of use of BlackBerry phones. I think they are jumping to directly to markets that still view their phones in some positive light, since it is less of a marketing message battle to convince people to consider buying your phone. That's where the Z3 comes in.

In North America people who have moved on still think BlackBerry means BBOS7 type experience. They won't even look at new phones because of that stigma. That's tough to overcome. But in North America, if enough businesses switch their old BlackBerry phones for new ones, then they can slow the erosion, and even sell enough phones that the hardware side makes money. Adding the Classic to the list of available phones helps that.

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Actually, things like the classic and the LTE version of this one are very corporate devices, it is the higher end all-touch model that would be less likely for a business to be going out and buying for their employees if anything.

Yep that's it...but how is a smart phone under $200...if it is powered by an operating system witch not have a market I mean apps it will succeed and the all will buy it .

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I think that what they need for success is some kind of momentum. That the number of BlackBerry phones sold starts to increase and increase market share, even if it is very gradual.

While kicking off there, shortly after, need to sell the Z3 in the next market, and then the next.

They could focus on countries that have region specific apps and BlackBerry is still big enough that local developers will provide those apps.

Not sure how well those apps are represented on BB10 at the time of launch of the z3 in Indonesia?

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Now I'm proud to be an Indonesian, for the first time BlackBerry to be launched in Indonesia and called "Jakarta"

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Not the first time a BlackBerry phone was released there first. A couple years ago a BBOS phone was launched there.

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Dave...are people in Jakarta excited about buying the Z3?

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No. Trust me. For the same price they would rather have lenovo or samsung low end phone. I live in Jakarta.

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Keeping our fingers crossed that it is well received there.

Let us know what you see. Is BlackBerry advertising it much? How are people going to know?

I hope blackberry is still liked enough there.

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Does anyone know if you can have an android phone run blackberry10. I'm with t-mobile can't afford to buy a z30 out right, so was wondering if it's possible.

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Haven't heard of it. I'm pretty sure the hardware could run it only if the Android OS was ripped out of it and you really knew what you were doing loading in BB10. But I'm guessing.....

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I have the z10 but want a bigger screen. The z10 is my first BlackBerry and really liked the hole BB10 experience. I was hoping t-mobile would pick up the Z30.

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I have T-mobile as well and I gave used BlackBerry for years. Take my advice, if you want to stick to BlackBerry switch! And avoid sprint. :) good Luck! I'm switching very soon!


Good Morning all, looking forward to seeing review and sales of the Z3. When the Z3 lite comes to Canada I'm buying one...By the way, TIME magazine has named the BlackBerry Z10 the world’s best “fun-sized” smartphone that wasn’t made by Apple. Great News!

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Hope India would be the next, the country being close to Indonesia in alphabetical order ;)

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This report from TIME lists the ten best small screen smartphones.
Here’s what it says about the BlackBerry Z10:
“The best of the tiny bunch, the BlackBerry Z10 is the perfect undersized mobile device, with a focus on productivity over chart-bursting specs or millions of apps. Yes, your friend might tease you with a few BlackBerry-based barbs, but let him laugh as he taps away at his Galaxy Mega 6.3. Chances are that giant phablet is compensating for a secret of his own.”

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I wonder if BlackBerry is doing any pre-launch marketing/advertising to create buzz. It would be nice to know that these flew off the shelf upon market availability.

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Yes, in Dominican Republic there are good data speeds, not in all places ofc but 10MB/s is pretty decent.
When I went there and used my wife's phone I was very impressed

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I might be out of the loop, but did we EVER actually find out the official display resolution on the Blackberry Z3?

Last I checked l, there were folks having a debate about it on forums, and I'm not really sure where gsmarena got their specs from. Any confirmation on this would put me at ease. Thanks!

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Seems like it is not HD for now, the PPI guys will cry. I need 1000 PPI and 1000 mpox camera with 8 cores to run my Android

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Wondering the same, at first they said 540p which I guess technically is hd, but then when they said all z30 apps would work for the z3 people saw that as proof that it was a 720p.

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Thanks for the reply guys. But it SURE is aggravating not knowing such a relatively obvious question that the Blackberry folks would sure have. Especially since it's about to get released this month.....

*Sigh* I guess I hope the surprise would end up being good after all of this.

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Take the TIME magazine and run with it.

How much would the LTE Z3 cost?

This relationship with Foxconn is potentially a very rewarding one.

I'm just wondering what the roll out plan for the rest of the world? Indonesia first and then where next and afterwards.

I hope Carphone Warehouse gets it for the UK.

How about just having the BlackBerry symbol with the power 10 just in the top right corner.

Does BlackBerry really need to put the whole name across the bezel when a symbol is enough.

Apple doesn't need to, Nike doesn't either .

I think BlackBerry has been around long enough for people to recognise the brand.
How is that for saving money?

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Doesn't save you money but I like your idea.

BlackBerry yo just use the symbol as its already synonymous with the product and now the company name. This alone would help sales(?maybe)

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Does that headline actually say "Coming real soon to Indonesia"?

Does that mean "Coming soon to Indonesia" or does it mean "Coming real, soon to Indonesia"? Or is it just terrible grammar?

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Also wondering if James meant to say "this will be a real deal-breaker for BlackBerry 10" . . . isn't a "deal-breaker" a bad thing, as in "no go / no sale / non-starter"?

Can't wait for a review on this one.
The phone looks good but I really wonder what the screen resolution will be and if the lower end hardware still can run the OS smoothly with multiple apps open.

If the resolution will be to low, the screen will get back criticism. If the system isn't running great either, BlackBerry will get even more negative remarks.
They really need to nail this one.

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Even though the cpu is lower than the z10 the gpu is much more powerful so it will be fine only the ram I'm concerned about a bit either way it will sell

But, but, but this was already on the drawing board,. All Chen is doing is taking credit when he didn't do anything. Heins would have done this too. Chen really hasn't done anything.

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Just wondering if Heins had set up the Foxconn deal or if that was all Chen. I'm inclined to think Chen because Heins was busy trying to sell the company.

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I'm with you on this. Problem was TH was like the brilliant autistic child. He had trouble relating with people. Chen on the other hand is a master at it. Just what BBRY needs at this point in time. Knows what to do from here. TH did a lot of the work. Chen will bring her home.

Exactly but low budget phones won't fail so easily especially this one...for under 200 bucks you can't go wrong...bb10 launch one of the main downfalls was pricing especially in emerging markets the z10 in India with the price cut is a perfect will sell no doubt about that...only thing I'm concerned about is the 1.5 GB ram I hope it will be enough....:)

This is great news.
Wonder if the Z3 sales will be available at the next quarters earnings?

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I have to agree Nokia low end lumina is flooding the Latin American region I know digicel removed 10 devices from on display and showcasing lumina and yes us in Latin America use 3G/4G no lte as yet should be a good device to flood this market with at the 200USD price it should score and loaded with 10.3 and Google play service "rumored" and good marketing should score.

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It's great news that the Z3 will be launched later this month in Indonesia. Hopefully it will be a success.

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Something tells me tmo's CEO saw this coming and now trying to damage control... hence the talk to Chen plea. he wants a piece of the possible action that may be down the road. Perhaps Chen saw it too and why the bye bye move.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I'm in Nigeria. And I'm not familiar with shaun the sheep. So I won't be buying it. I'll be waiting for the next Pack. I have bubble dot tho

From Zarafet my Z30.

In Indonesia, BlackBerry Z3 sales without good marketing's sales is gonna be trash in warehouses. Nowadays every time I watch the TV it's always advertise the android products like Samsung and etc. Even local android devices flooding the tv advertising. So if it wants to succeed in market. Probably blackberry must use radical way to advertise it!

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But BlackBerry has still got some brand rep left over from the glory days, when it was mainly used by high income individuals....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Just what BlackBerry wanted and wished that it'd have been launched sooner...
The bb10 platform has really evolved in a year... but it needs to go to the masses...

The z3 must perform well and give people a taste of the power of BlackBerry platform... Then the phones will sell by themselves..

And... they also need a good marketing push for this phone... nothing like the Z30 marketing which was absolutely next to none!

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A well organized marketing campain would be needed simply to drive the message that BBRY is still very much alive and kicking, I guess. The Z3 will also be in direct competition with the Nokia X family with launch dates close to each other. At least in Indonesia.

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Budget handsets with the same quality as iPhone :). BlackBerry should try to break into the Chinese market with the latest device.

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Good. Set the release date and let the rest of us know when we can snag one.

I'll buy one just to support the company. Looks like a great phone for my mom to use.

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I have a feeling just like the z10, q10, q5, z30 which all had a hard time selling, the same will happen to the z3. Marketing is key and until that changes and drastically improves it will continue to be the best OS in the market that no one knows about.

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Agreed - BlackBerry needs to target, consolidate, then dominate a limited number of key markets with growth potential. Then build from there.

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And that is BlackBerry s # 1 problem. No marketing. Maybe they don't have any funds for it. But to have the Z30 ( the best phone on the planet) Z10 Q10 Q5 Z3 etc. And not have any of the general population know it even exist, is beyond comprehension.

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I see many a ios and android guys buying this as 2nd phone , Indonesia will see move from bbm7 to bbm10 in drastic way.

I love BlackBerry, just make some colors except to basic white & black so people have choices.

Long live my marketing and  and 

Himanshu's Z10

"Under $200" probably means $199.99. They have smart people who do research on things like this (at least post-Heins Admin.)...but really hope they get it right for this market. Remember, there are cheap Android phones in these areas for $150 and under.
I'm one of the people who thinks BB should keep its prices competitive/high for their flagship devices...but beyond that, clearly they need a new approach.

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All that needs to happen is to have BlackBerry z3 bought and promoted as a potential low cost high productivity (as a communication tool) device that you can buy for dirt cheap.

About APKs and others, Indonesia can handle it. It's South East Asia after all. (note, I am from Malaysia)

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If this phone is successful, it will accomplish many things but maybe the most important will be getting BB back into a market share % that is more enticing to app developers...BB has to make money and in part, they make money when they have enough market share to warrant apps being developed for BB10. Once they can get BB10 to be on par with the full package you get with other phones I think that will get them over the hump and back on the road to regaining a meaningful chunk of the market...but there are a lot of things that have to happen with little to no room for a misstep...

This is a great start IMO.

Fully agree. This Z3 can put BlackBerry back on the map in terms of World Wide Market Share. And if successful, they plan on selling this phone to other countries, including USA, Canada & UK via the 4g networks. Can't wait.

I'd like to see it in person. But I doubt it will be quickly available in the US.

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With Foxconn taking control of, design, production, inventory control, inventory RISK, distribution, channel relations risk/distribution, advertising, and this device list for about 200 bucks, Foxconn takes their cut, what's left for Blackberry?

Maybe 20 bucks or less.....

This is the downside.

Absolutely not. Because if Z3's sells well BB will take advantage, like more customers, more applications, more developers and more money.

Guys, you all forgot one very important thing. Marketing and promotion is Foxconn's prerogative. Yes, of course Blackberry have to do a lot but for the Z3 all risks, promotions, marketing must to provide by Foxconn.

Everyone that sees my uncased z10 in black is like wow what phone is that...this girl told me Sunday that she didn't even know blackberry made phones like husband shows it off at lunch that day and ppl were like whoa that's a nice is nice and the back is slick with the symbol, I'm down for staying BlackBerry I just need to know they will be kicking and supporting the device after I purchase it...that's the question ppl wonder...I buy it and then they sell out to some lame company and scrap their devices...that was the media last year...what we need is good...excellent media coverage

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"Real deal breaker" is a bad thing, not good thing. I think you meant to say this beats previous deals, but used common slang for a showstopper problem.

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Let the Z3 sell in the emerging markets BUT!! Keep 2 high end devices for the US market made in Canada. Lets market this biatch. I have come back to BlackBerry since they launched the OS 10. I in one year I have bought the Z10 and now figured out a way to buy the Z30 for T-Mobile or for that matter any of the US carriers. And now I will buy stock in the company if I see any kind of meaningful sales.

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I hope it makes it to Canada it would be great for work phones. When it falls in a puddle... No Big Deal! just go buy another one and move on.

I dont care about the specs of this phone all I want is the awesomeness of installed BB OS 10.3 or something. I'm very excited!

This Z3 has got to be the best-looking phone I've seen in a long time. I'm not talking the best looking "Blackberry"; I mean the best-looking phone in general. Sure wish it were for sale in other countries too.

A couple other interesting devices appeared in that list for me. What are the...
1. BlackBerry 8980
2. BlackBerry 8910
3. BlackBerry 9788

Work in Jakarta, I know that people tend to turn their back from BB phones no matter how good it is. Past memory of lousy BIS and BES people experienced (lost servers, dead servers, no local data centre) plus the arrogant price that BB charged plus the arrogance of people use BB phone, were and are the main reason that drive people from BB phones here in Indonesia.
I my self a Lumia user but bought BB 9330 for my wife, and I can tell how people are leaving BB. The phone just become very much a problem for her, continuously.

I guess, BB need to do their homework of providing better service, and do a better PR. Maybe try to make humble approach to the market and the government..

Midterm device of blackberry never showed impressive success, so we will see.

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