BlackBerry Z3 shown off with Z10 and Z30

By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2014 08:51 am EDT

We haven't seen much of the BlackBerry Z3 in the flesh just yet, but with it due out in the next few weeks, it will certainly be getting much more time in the spotlight. An image has turned up today however that shows of the Z3 next to the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Z30.

Nothing crazy fun on this one, but it does give a bit of a look at how it stacks up size wise against the other devices. It does look like a nice piece of hardware and we're definitely anxious to get our hands on one soon.

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BlackBerry Z3 shown off with Z10 and Z30


So does it have removable battery?
(Probably not).

I'm horrified that BlackBerry is turning away from its faithful customer/supporters, feature by feature BlackBerry is moving away from what made its customer/supporters loyal to BlackBerry in the first place!

I look forward to have this $200 phone come to the US with LTE.
It will kill TM by having it sold in mass by other carriers.

Hopefully US carriers will carry it. Still can't get a Z30 from AT&T or Sprint...

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I doubt any US carriers will carry any new BlackBerry's. The only one that picked up the Z30 was Verizon. I can't see them picking up the Q20 or Z3 if it makes it way to the US.

Well technically that could mean people who have Nokia are more . compelled to . check it out and accidentally stumble.on a fantastic os since we know BlackBerry won't market it properly (:

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Won't be trading my Z30 in for one...but I think it looks great and should come to the USA for $200 "off contract" asap.....

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Rounded Corners - Steve Jobs penultimate contribution to the world. ;)


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Looking at it next to the red Z10 I think BlackBerry should sell it in 3-4 different colours ;-) Black, Red, Grey, White.

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While consumers may ask that question to BlackBerry the reasoning is obvious. The Z10 costs much more to make. The Z3 was made to cost less than 200 dollars. The Z10 is getting around that price because of all the unsold inventory that BlackBerry already took the loss on.

In a couple of months you'll probably can find a new Z3 for 150 dollars off-contract. Moreover, even if I am a keyboard lover, I would pick the Z3 instead of the Z10 because of its bigger battery..

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Difference is... the z10 shouldn't be that low and rest assured BlackBerry is selling unsold inventory, not . making z10 for thst cheap

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Well, there's also the issue of screen size. From a distance, the Z3 looks like a full size 5" device that just happens to have a good price. A consumer won't immediately believe the low price is because they are giving something obvious up (screen size being probably the most obvious/non-technical attribute).

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I think it should appeal to the masses with good marketing strategy. The price point and brand BlackBerry name coupled with decent marketing will propel this device to flout good sales figures.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Blackberry doesn't seem to know how to market their devices. So many people I know think my z10 is an iPhone at first glance then they are confused when I tell them it is a blackberry cause all they remember and know are the older blackberry models since there are no commercials or online ad campaigns basically.

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I get that all the time. So many people don't even know that Blackberry have a phone without a physical keyboard!

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3 times this week I sent files via email to people and when they saw the signature "Sent by my BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone" they said "That's a BlackBerry?". They assume all BB'S have qwerty keyboards. They are impressed by the features and look/feel of the device but they have never heard of the Z10. Since I got my Z10 in March 2013 I have not yet seen one "in the wild". SMH..

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I am seeing more and more BB10 phones in the wild in the last couple months. I've seen a red Q5, a Z10 and a Z30. But try finding a working Z30 at ANY carrier booth in Canada. That needs to change!

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I still want to see it next to a Playbook, to see whether or not it would make a good replacement at that size.

Since getting the Z30 with the 5 inch screen.... I very rarely use my PlayBook.

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I almost stopped using my PlayBook when I got my Z10. I just bought a Z30, and now the PlayBook doesn't stand a chance.

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Love it! Looks so much nicer than both the Z10 and Z30 (which look pretty slick already). $200 is a bargain.

Really? I far prefer both the Z10 and Z30 over the Z3. It looks cheap. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

I'm hoping it actually makes it to market off contract for that amount in North America. I remember the Moto X making the rounds on tech sites with the rumor of 350 off contract then when it made it to market it was like 600 instead. Not sure I'll wanna replace my z10 with this... I'll wait for a final spec sheet.

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Would like to see the Z10 without a case to get a better comparison but I think it will sell well.

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For me the red z10 still looks the best, just imagine if the launch of these phones were in reverse order, I guess it would have been totally different situations for all these three specially the z10. Pricing went totally wrong, now when the z10 is available for 17000/- in India, it went out of stock twice here in India. I hope they don't repeat the mistake with future models.

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Man that Z3 is larger than I thought! I think that it will appeal to it's target market quite well. Let's hope so at least.

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This is obviously fake/photoshopped. All they've done is used a Sony Xperia Z and switched the logo out.

In its current form, why? It's a low-spec phone. That may be a 5" screen, but it's apparently VERY low-rez. Also, not 4G. Also, only 1.5GB RAM. Also, only 8GB device storage. Shall I go on?

Have patience. Chen has said this phone is coming to North America with 4G.

Cool low cost smartphone, i like it and I think most people will like it as well, there will be a few people who will find something to whine about but it's a great phone for its intended market and i hope more people get to see bb10 before they just dismiss it without even seeing it. GO BLACKBERRY!

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I will be interested to feel the weight on the Z3...

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I like the look of it. It does look like Nokia phones which I like as well. I would like to buy one.

This is the device that will give bb10 a huge chance and increase bb10 adoption rate....this is a sink or swim situation...I have no doubt it will sell but they need to market it as much as possible and get it out here asap The LTE version is going to do well only rhj g is that I hope the lte version is 720p or even the non lte version but again if it's 220ppi shouldn't be that bad since the PlayBook is less and is sharp as hell :).

Anthony....i think this phone has a real chance in emerging markets that aren't plagued by the iTard Media that bashes BlackBerry everyday...

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I completely agree with you the media here in North America is so bashful of blackberry it makes me sick to my stomach...I don't why there is so much hate towards the company

Canadian media bashing a canadian company... Shame on them. Shame on them all! American media hating on and bashing a canadian company... What america does to just about any company/country (the military that is). :/

Its pretty much confirmed.

5inch 960 x 480 screen
1.2 dual core same as Q5
1.5gb ram
8gb device memory
Sd card slot
3G only for now
2800mah non removable battery

What is unclear is if it has dual sims or not.

Dual sim is a must for the market the Z3 is targeting, I really hope BlackBerry didnt mess this up.

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540x960, not 480x960.

This is the same phone as the Kopi/Cafe, but designed by someone else and built for cheaper.

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Nooooo, it does not. Even if BB COULD do that and still build it as a "budget" phone (not at all likely), it would take away a lot of incentive to spend the extra on the Z30, right?

Personally I need a Z-series phone with 32GB or more of storage space, remember we need more app but too more space of storage!! anyway welcome to the new and awesome mate Z3!!

I agree with you 100 percent also we need the option to install apps and games in the SD card like android....they need to use that option in 10.3

I think the Z3 looks great. Very modern. I like BlackBerry's new design style/language.

And if its made by foxconn it gonna be decent build quality.

BlackBerry and foxconn now has to market the thing to success!

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We don't know for certain that this represents any change in BB's design language. I think part of the point of this model was that Foxconn had a compatible device that was practically ready for launch, and Chen decided to take them up on it.

It will be interesting what the Z3's speakers will be like compared to its premium brother.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It's a shame about the sharp edges. Just rounding them a bit would have helped it look more like a BlackBerry. Still, I think we are looking at a winner.

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Talking about whining, in India, definitely some people are going to do it anyway. What I expect is that Z3 will be compared to Moto G which already is in the similar price range.

"Only dual core"
"No apps"
" I will buy it if it is around 8k (133 USD)"

Given are sample responses. Don't trust me? Head to and read comments section of blackberry phones. :)

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I think the pitch in countries like India and Indonesia is going to run something like: "Look! The Z3 is a BlackBerry that runs tons of Android apps, too! Plus it has the best BBM experience for the price!". And I think it stands a great chance of finding a market with that pitch.

It's way bigger than I thought. Makes the Z10 look small. That seems to be a compelling purchase point. Big screen for under $200.

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Um, don't buy it then? It's a BUDGET PHONE for SOUTH ASIA, so you will never be buying it. What do you want, looks over features? Now that's pretty stupid if you ask me. Here, take this knockoff phone, since it looks like the latest-greatest, but it's only a feature phone with a touch screen and laggy as fuck! XD (see what I did?)

Oh.. please... these phones must sell...
They are probably Blackberry's last chance for survival!

All the best Z3... it holds the key to Blackberry's turnaround :)

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I was just about to buy a z30 wondering if i should wait to see how the z3 is before I make my decision...? Hmmmm z3 or z30

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They are completely different phones. But if you're not a tech-savvy person the 5" screen for that price is going to fool many people and sell like hotcakes! You are already seeing the responses in the comments here. Most people will scoop it up at that price thinking.. wow. $200 for a 5" device. (scratching their heads). But that is the sole purpose of this device. To appeal to the non techies of the world. Which are in the majority btw. Go BlackBerry !

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I work with Virgin Mobile (Canada) and I can tell you that there is definitely a market for an LTE Z3. I try to champion the brand the best I can but the only BB's currently available at Virgin are the Q5 and 9320. Z10 is EOL and not available in store any longer. It seems there are giant gaps in Blackberry's lineup and the Z3 would be perfect right now to capture people's interest.

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I have had the z30 since November now and I still use the PlayBook for video streaming. It's screen and image quality and resolution when hooked to the HDTV through HDMI cable is MUCH BETTER than that of z30.

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I'm actually surprised how good this phone looks. If BB10 runs smoothly on the low specs, BlackBerry just may have a winner on their hands.

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I can't wait for the hands on reviews. Also want to see how bad the screen. So little stuff out there is showing pixels anymore, I wonder how this will look in comparison.

If they can bring it to the states with LTE for $200 it might actually sell a bit.

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For $199 and with LTE I'll buy two. Please release this phone for every market and do a proper job of marketing it!

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If Chen is able to engineer a similar turnaround at BlackBerry, the company will look very different in the future. In Chen's words, it will be focused on software, services and messaging. To get there, it must first return to its roots for at least two years to generate much-needed revenue to finance the turnaround and transition.

The company will soon do a limited production run of the Bold smartphone, which operates on the older BlackBerry 7 operating system. With its keyboard and a "utility belt" that includes a track pad, cut-and-paste, send and refresh buttons, it was among BlackBerry's most popular products.

Corporate and government customers asked for it and Chen is responding. The plan is simple enough — keep those customers happy with the return of the Bold until BlackBerry brings out a new phone that will provide what they are looking for.

The new phone, dubbed the Classic, is slated to be unveiled in November. It will be a marriage of the Bold's hardware with the software advantages of the newer BlackBerry 10 system, which has a superior web browser and multimedia offerings.

Chen made it clear that the production run for the Bold and introduction of the Classic should not be interpreted as a wholesale return to the smartphone business. Hardware and handsets will be part of the equation for at least two years, but after that it is anyone's guess.

"I hope it's not confusing to others that all of a sudden, 90 days later, I shift gears," Chen said. "It is nothing to do with that. I mean software and services going forward are still going to be where the growth engine is going to come from, and messaging."

It appears that handset users will be the vehicle which allows Chen to do what he really wants to accomplish with BB, thus leaving loyal handset users in the dust.

I would have preferred more rounded corners, but generally I think it looks very nice. Hoping for its success!

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Different strokes, different folks. I like that they are trying new designs. And the xperia z1 looks pretty slick.

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If anything, I'm now sure that Mr. Chen is taking BlackBerry in a very wrong direction: great devices but poor sales&marketing execution. The technical department of BlackBerry should be proud of their work, the CEO and Sales Officer should quit. They launch new products whilst the old ones are not available on the market. I still can't a Z30 from Orange Romania, it's mind blowing and plain stupid.

Love the shape. It is an executive type look. Sharp edges for a sharp person. Very cool. Now we need this BlackBerry Z3 to come to London, Ontario, Canada BlackBerry!

Let's go! I want one!

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It would be cool that when it does come out with specs, if we could get a side by side spec sheet\layout of all three devices.

Also, what up with this site:

I was greatly appreciating the layout and information provided; are you guys going to ever go back to using it???


Ok, Z3 first pics came out like 3 months ago (if not longer) - I don't remember any such numerous opinions against the 'sharp edges'?...Obviously everyone has their own opinion. I like the look. For that matter I also find Sony designers always up to speed on latest looks.

iPhone's oval edges look so retro, but then it's a phone where the designe has been roughly the same for 6 years now. And as we know Samsung doesnt do much else than follow [Apple's] suit...

I hear the comments that it's like an Xperia or Lumia - still it's a phone...I just hope the plastic has a good feel and the overal build impression is good!

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I really don't understand the naming structure of these devices.

If Z means completely touch what does 3 10 and 30 mean?

It's confusing

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Total mess with device names.

Unless they do follow a chronological/low to high end numbering - and the Z3 is the pre-quel to Z10 :) :)

Maybe Chen's plan for the year is low end all touch (Z3) high-end qwerty (Q20) and we won't see Z10/30 successors soon.

I'd be willing to give a try to a Z10 successor. I've no need/desire for 5'' screens. Untill then Q1O all the way! :)

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Z10 is an amazing phone. If anything they should invest more money and time into making a second version of Z10. It's a perfect size. I don't see the point of trying to make bigger phones when especially the sales are no where close to the Z10 since it came out. I honestly think they should work on a part 2 of Z10 with the same size and everything but new hardware.

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We need a powerful touchscreen device :(
1080p quad core 3gb ram
Need to run faster or at least same as the competition

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I so hate big phones. And i see more bigger phones trending lately.. I so love the size of the Z10. what i would want is the display of the Z10 get much bigger on the phone, cause there is so much space left on the device.

I have a Z30 and honestly couldn't go back to a smaller phone. I love the phone and everybody that I show it to likes it as well. If you do any surfing, the size is great.

I'm not talking about the screen dude. I'm talking about the size of the phone. If you look at the screen it can be much bigger on the Z10. There is enough space to use for a bigger screen on a Z10.

I dont think Blackberry know what they are doing.
They will lose more and more clients.
This will be another dissapointment.

Without actually listning to there clients it will be hill down..