BlackBerry Z3 sales appear to be off to a great start in Indonesia

By Bla1ze on 15 May 2014 07:54 pm EDT

Now that the BlackBerry Z3 has officially launched and is available for purchase, many folks are waiting to see how well the device actually sells for BlackBerry. Early indications showed there was some pretty good demand for the device with retailers but that's always debatable.

Perhaps the best evidence of a good start that's available right now is actually seeing how many people turned out for the launch events and according to some videos on YouTube there was plenty of folks that did just that. Ultimately, we'll end up seeing the sales numbers eventually but this works for the moment.

Check out the video above from the one of the Indosat events and jump below for a few more including some new Indosat marketing for the BlackBerry Z3. Yes, I said marketing. As in a commercial of sorts showing off the Z3. Even though I don't understand what they're saying, the commercial is rather obvious and funny. Read our review of the Z3? If not get to it.

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Update - The Inside BlackBerry Blog has now followed up with more info surrounding the launch of the BlackBerry Z3 in Indonesia - BlackBerry Z3 Sells Out on First Day in Indonesia

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BlackBerry Z3 sales appear to be off to a great start in Indonesia


The same kind of articles appeared after the release of bb10. I would actually wait a next quarter to gain a better understanding on how well the device is doing.

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I agree. I would love to see evidence of a strong sale as soon as possible, but the reality is that gathering data about it will take time. Just sit back and be productive on your blackberry until then!

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Well, the good thing is that since it's not made by BB, it's not as big of a deal if the sales were not good. Might be less profit but less chance of a loss.

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I'm not so sure that's a healthy way of looking at the relationship between BlackBerry and Foxconn. If the phones don't make money for Foxconn, I'd imagine they would end the relationship after the current contract. That could effectively end BlackBerry phones.

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At this point, it's more about getting phones in people's hands. The more people have them, the more companies will developed for them, and the better the overall image of blackberry. If a lot of people have blackberrys, the scent of near death will leave the company.

The Z3 isn't about making money. It's about setting a foundation for the future.

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Next, I would like to see how BB can revive sales in 'developed' countries where Apple and Samsung dominate.

The current Z3 sales will only add fuel to the Press and 'Analysts', saying that BB is making a last wind effort to re-build their market share of smart phones.

Yeah too bad it's only available in one market, regardless of previous successes with BB7 in this market. Opportunity lost. This is the kind of device people in North America want who think of BlackBerry as a me too product so $149 price is great. Most people are not going to dish out $700-800 for a BlackBerry when they know it will drop 1/2 it's price in a few months, just release it at a reasonable price like the Z3.

I suspect that BB is taking a conservative approach. They are testing the viability of the product, the new maker, the supply chain. As I understand, the current model does not have the essential 4G LTE that the developed markets need, but, will soon be available.

So, with smart phones now being a 'commodity', it is logical that the next generation of Z3 will be first sent to places like Brazil and China, then the European and North American markets. The critical marketing problem is to make the public aware that BB is 'alive and well' and has worthwhile products.

There are two elements of the BB program:
1) overcome business BYOD by providing BES services for other maker devices.
2) re-build confidence in their smart phone devices.

Good to see that they are showing off the device and showing what it can do!

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Yellow shirt hmmm, yes, I see you guys want to do a 10.3some with her... :)
or just hub her! :)
or at the very least get a peek view :)


Considering this was BlackBerry's first successful device launch in an extremely long time, that seems like a fitting word.

I'm not getting my hopes up! Seems like CB only reports good news at 1st, besides didn't the Q10 sell out in certain areas but there's stories about how there's only so many BB10 phones in customers hands.

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Exactly what I was thinking.. lol so I'd rather wait for the numbers before getting my hopes up.

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Yea, my exact same thought. They always "sell well" but at the end of the day. The numbers don't lie.

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The Q10 wasn't targeted at any specific regional market. If the Q10 was produced and distributed to just those specific markets (Dubai, Canada, England, amongst a few others) the Q10 would have had stellar results. Blackberry did specifically went after those markets first, but, were forced to distribute to other markets to maintain carrier relationships...

A Z3 would have been better for the US, Spanish, france, and other under performing markets. Rather than over produce a three high priced flagships. However... Back then, the intention was to go for gold when launching BB10.

I care not. Just get me a new device pronto, BlackBerry. Moreover, keep ramping up the OS to include even more goodies. Good for Indonesia, but I want some of that new BlackBerry lovin as well.

I wish to get there pins.

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So get your supply chain organised.

Z10 overstock, now not enough Z3 for launch day and beyond in the target market / target city?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

That's the best news I've heard in a long time! Keep moving!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

BTW, we pay about $150 (180 on Telstra!) for about 12-15GB on prepaid per year here in Australia, so that's a flamin' hot deal at the right price.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

One major difference the Z10 came out at over $600 , the Z3 is $189 much better chance of creating momentum IMO

And? Whats Z10 sales got to do with Z3 sales? Are there any similarities in terms of the OS at their respective launch or the strategy of launching the respective phones? Please enlighten me because maybe I'm missing something.

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The device launched last year in terms of OS is a different system Z3 had been launched with a stable mature system and is at a great price point, that's the difference. The end result will be less returns and higher sales volumes.

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That was not the point of the statement I think. The point was that we all heard how sales were booming when the Z10 was released, and those of us who are stock holders would get all up in arms about the "fraudulent" claims made by Pac Crest about high returns, but in the end, I admit that they were right. The sales were not there, so don't get excited until you hear that sales are definitely up.
Does anyone know what BlackBerry is targeting as a total sales # to be profitable on the device, or at least successful? I know it's a Foxconn phone, but BlackBerry must have a target.

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We can continue to be negative and behave aa Debbie Downers that's fine, let's wait to see the numbers, the point that he made was cynical. The devices with reboot issues and incomplete released a year ago isn't this device. As a share holder I am also aware of the pitfalls of the claims made last year, I do believe that the sales numbers initially were there but the rebooting issue incomplete OS etc etc are NOT there anymore so this tome around it should stick.

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Oh btw I don't believe that BlackBerry would be making a ton load of cash here,the idea is to get as many out there with BlackBerry 10, once that is done, then they can reboot so to speak the lineup mid tiered and high end devices where the margins are greater. Once the population realizes the benefits of BlackBerry 10 with these low end devices, they will aspire and upgrade as time goes by. This is what I believe is the strategy..

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I also think the idea is to vastly increase the numbers of those who are using the BB10 platform in those emerging markets, where BlackBerry is still strong and to lessen the numbers of those on legacy devices. The Z3 at it's price point, marketing buzz and more mature operating system will hopefully achieve this.

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To shareholders, the comparison to z10 isn't equivalent because BlackBerry held all the inventory risk. With z3 it's all profit (although very slim). Totally different circumstances

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Z3 looks to be a winner! Let's hope for massive sales here! ... then followed by very customized approach to the Indian market for the Z3 ... two great markets for BlackBerry to re-establish a strong presence.

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I can see that, the best sales for BB10 are in Asia

One more thing, the spread of BB10 QWERTY devices here middle east is amazing

One more thing also, Blackberry World team announced that last month Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are always in the top 10 countries buying apps

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I remember you CEO, you said same thing about Z10 and then Q10...Did you not learn the lesson...

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Only because of the write-off. You won't make it that cheap manufacturing from the ground up!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

To a consumer this point is irrelevant. What's relevant is how much cash I'm parting with now to get a new device & I will maximise what I can get with the amount of cash I'm parting with.

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What's wrong with the comment?

Are you sure you could make a Z10 now for $200 including a profit?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Congratulations to everyone who has the new BlackBerry Z3 enjoy it! Wish they had that deal here in the states I would jump on it :)

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Selamat Datang di Blackberry 10, Indonesia!

On your new sparkling Z3 Jakarta Edition....

Throw a few over the pond to Australia, we want some cheap BB10 fun as well!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Hope it goes well enough for them to launch the Z3 in other countries. As stated before, it's a great way to get more people on to BB10.

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Maybe BBRY can sell 1 million Z3 before the end of this quarter. Xiami sold more than 10 million last quarter.

I disagree... Country by Country, they really need to pick their battles now.

If they want to regain traction lost marketing is not worth while... bombard countries with larger campaigns for a better pay off, then let demand dictate where next.

Granted, I can't imagine them not providing international availability for the phone....

From what I heard, the Z3 units all sold out.. But yeah, it's baffling how none pops up in eBay, are you interested to buy it through eBay?

Wait a few days after today, it's the initial launch in Indonesia, maybe afterwards somebody will try to sell it off in eBay.. Maybe you'll be lucky.

@Bla1ze: "Ultimately, we'll end up seeing the sales numbers eventually but this works for the moment."

I don't think we'll going to hear how much the Z3 sold at the innitial launch, wireless carriers in Indonesia don't exactly open about sales number.. But so far, the reaction of BlackBerry fans are great. And from what I heard, there are some first BlackBerry adopters that lined up to get the Z3 because of the price alone, that's good news.

Keep it up BlackBerry!!! That seems like an awesome start.
BlackBerry por vida!!!

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Alright now BlackBerry! Hopefully we see some strong numbers posted.

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I'll wait until a future earnings report before I get my azz cheeks all puckered up!

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Blaze why don't you go to Indonesia for a month and report back! It will be fun for you and we will get the most usefull information about BlackBerry.

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I think Z3 comes with built-in 32gb of ram plus you can add another 64 gb SD card with a total ram of 96 gig as posted on the poster

OS - Z10 Bell - My FIRST full touch screen phone.

No, it's the data allowance over 12 months for the plan advertised, if my Indonesian doesn't let me down

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

And either way, it wouldn't be 96 gigs of RAM lol even juiced up spec monkey android phones only have up to 4

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Now if they can do something really good in the Indian market, it will be a big hit.

My team up with IPL or one of the bollywood stars to launch the product.

Get the attention of the teens, make it cool and it will sell like crazy in India. for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

Heard the same news for prior 3 devices opening week.(only device excluded from these news was q5)

Let's hope this time the actual sales happen than media sales.

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Friends living in Indonesia told me that they build 20-25k special edition and that one was sold out and that blackberry distribute 200.000 blackberry Z3 included the special edition.

There are banners, flags, billboards and commercials in some malls in jakarta so it seems they going for it.

In the surrounding of jakarta 23M people living there. For a lot of people the phone is a month wage like a bank employee.

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Indonesia is a strong market for BlackBerry plus Foxconn are not stupid. Its not guaranteed but i think Z3 will do well in Indonesia and then BlackBerry 10 in general will get seen by more people and how good it is. GOOD LUCK BlackBerry and Foxconn

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Go BlackBerry! I hope they keep up the momentum and roll out the Z3 to other countries soon without delay.

So excited for our fellow BlackBerry users over at Indonesia!

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Time to start working on the LTE version today. India then Africa then Europe.

Indian Premier league limited edition Z3 with IPL BBM would have struck GOLD Mr Chen

BlackBerry ...Get it done!!!! ©

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Great idea.

IPL fever is going viral in India and an advertisement in between the matches and an IPL limited edition z3 is home run(sixer)

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This thing is faster than my Z10! For the price level a great phone imho. Lucky Indonesians! I hope we will see it in europe too eventually.

I think girls should take inspiration from this advert for chat up lines, "Hey boys, have you got Z3s in your pockets or are you just pleased to see us?"


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Too early to say. Let's wait for the quater results. They say the same thing when BB10 was released and then huge disappointment. Wait and see life is and won't be easy for BlackBerry.

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This is sounding an awful lot like when people claimed the Q10 was the hottest phone on the planet.

If you go into the forums and listen to what people on the ground are saying and the news reports they are translating for us from local media - we are looking at very low numbers. One of the main carriers sold 700 units out of their 1000 preorder, hardly a sign of good demand ( ) and other news sources (AFP for example) are reporting that "Only a few dozen Indonesians queued up Friday to lay their hands on BlackBerry's new budget handset, in a lukewarm welcome that highlighted the smartphone maker's fading fortunes."

Even Berryflow had to correct a story where it was point out that it was possible to count the 'many hundreds' who had turned and it was actually...35 people (

You need to understand the people that buy and use BBRY's, they are not iSheep like iPhone fanatics. Nobody can measure sales just by looking at a line up that continues to move throughout the hours of the day(s). The raw numbers will be revealed. And 700 units out of 1000 is bloody awesome.

I read the article this morning and I feel sorry for BlackBerry, the frenzy lasted only 3 days. Like John Chen said, if BlackBerry don't sell enough Z3, they will have a big problem in their hands. It is happening unfortunately and the stock is already responding to it. Investors are vultures, they are on site to see for themselves, and after short the stock accordingly. BlackBerry will end like Nortel, fast and furiously. I am very sorry for the employees......and Canada, biggest technological looser of all time.

Anyway the consumer even for the launch will be from the 16-18 of May here in the forum it has been pointed out

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I am curious as to how effective John Chen's marketing is going to be versus the previous CEO/CMO junk they did before.

lately i feel disappointed with middle low level blackberry device, I'm still waiting for Q30...
the highend blackberry device...

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I think this phone is late to the market. There are now versions of Chinese phones in the market with the price ranging from USD 90 - USD 150 with almost the same spec's.

Seriously doubt that this phone will do well.

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Same specs, but different OS.

I hope the OS and BB branding will be enough of a differentiator.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Hey, Blaise, you don't know what they were saying? I picked up the word "Okay" quite a few times :)

I hope they come out with the Z3 in North America with 4G support.

After Indonesia and assuming it goes well, I suspect India is next. As someone suggested a tie-in with the IPL cricket league would be a great idea. Either ads during matches or an outright sponsorship deal with one of the clubs would put BBRY front and centre.

We need more "bums on seats" so I really hope Z3 sales match up.

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Until hard numbers come in after a quater of sales any claim of early success is complete non sense...Any one who believes otherwise clearly has no idea about Blackberries history..

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It's May 16th already, Z3 launched yesterday. However, they only sell Z3 on some mall... mmm about 2 or 3 places in Jakarta where millions people live. Jakarta has horrendous traffic, I would not want to drive all the way to those places if not really really urgent.
My question is:
why is Blackberry doing this?
I thought blackberry wants to sell as much as they can.
selling only in few places after launch seems counterproductive.
Mr. Chen, I am very very disappointed.
Getting the products to the customer seems like last priorities for them now.
I almost swear *$#@*@ you! but I didn't.

Why dont you buy it online?

So many online stores sell it and you just need to sit down nicely at home for the package to arrive

The Z10 was also off to a great start in the UK... Let's see how many they sell in a quarter :)

And it's a bad idea to use small men to show off a large phone... That thing looks ridiculous in their hands :S

Blackberry has lost me. I'm still clinging to my q10 and I love it but I've got to see the success to believe it. I've lost so much money on BlackBerry stock. I'm all out.

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We need Z3 and the same type of engagement here in the Middle East as millions of residents here are nationals of India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, etc... and I really think if BlackBerry can pull off something similar with the carriers here like Indosat in Indonesia with Z3 being cheap and all, they'll for sure get it in the hands of the locals too especially the teenagers and college students which account for 60% of the population and most of whom really live by daily or monthly allowances and Z3 will be within their budgets. The keywords are marketing and engaging city by city as they are doing in Indonesia!

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Just got mine today!! Great one, value for money.. despite the speaker quality is off, the rest are good... Go  Jakarta!

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It's interesting CrackBerry reports Z3 sales off to a good start while Google News downplays the reports as "lukewarm" and how it showcases articles which highlight how BlackBerry "will struggle to build international momentum" with the Z3.

They even go so far as to compare BlackBerry with Motorola.

If anyone felt BlackBerry was arrogant a few years back, Google has gone beyond reproach in its own business practices; it should be asked questioned whether Google even has the moral authority in posting opinion pieces on (it's world's most popular search engine) reporting on its competitors.

The results always come across as skewed and in favour of its own products.

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I often do the old gold test to tell them if they were dreaming by pinching them on the check and ask if they feel it and if so they aren't dreaming; it doesn't matter what's written, they wrote Apple off for almost a decade while Apple was in loss and almost was going to be sold and they recently they wrote off Canadians as lazy and reaching surpassing Bruins (best record in NHL) and what do they have to say now?? Not everything written is melted gold and imposed, Z3 got a good chance in Indonesia and many other markets even USA and Q20 has a better chance imo especially in that side of the world. Chen is incarnation of Jobs if you have the foresight to see it as the market people see it. BBRY is already higher since before he took over and is higher today than yesterday and I'm not a market guy, just a layman saying as it is.

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Wow marketing is always welcomed but had to stop the video, it was ruining my brain

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"BlackBerry Z3 sales appear to be off to a great start in Indonesia"...

"Appear to be off to a great start"... now let's wait for the confirmation...

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Z3 won't save Blackberry, the specs aren't top even if we considere that BB10 don't new premium specs to run fast, the problem is when we install Android Apps.

Blackberry need to have a top smartphone with a great design, that's what people want - exclusivity, design and specs.

I will have to disagree for obvious reasons. BBRY already has the high end Z30 for that type of market.
The Z3 and it's price is targeted for a specific range. And while all this is going down, BBRY is working on a special device that's meant to attract new customers to the superior BB10 platform.

Personally I think it's a super spec'ed Z50 full touch 1920 x 1080p, Quad or Octa-Core power house. This device is meant for Android and customers that want the best specs and mobile OS

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Hi, for me Z30 it's not high-end, it's bigger but that it's not enough. I was an Android fan and i'm loving the BB10 but i miss a lot the Android smartphones. That premium phone with a great design will save Blackberry along with a good marketing campaign.

I have been waiting 3 days just to get stock over here. BlackBerry should really look into availability and logistics better. The official distributors here are a piece of crap. And buying online does not work after the pre-order period...

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Worst part is that all the in-store show phones are locked down in some stupid demo mode that means that I cannot switch to Indonesian Keyboard to show my dad how typing on BB10 would be fun and fast. And all the swiping tutorials are in English, which means that there were lots of customers in front of us who were also fumbling fruitlessly with the Z3... BlackBerry distribution strategy is bad in Asia, they just show a poor spirit of excellence and attention to important details. Somebody should get fired for this... maybe the Blackberry Asia Pacific head.

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Afraid to say the sales of Z3 in Jakarta may not be as expected; so quiet. Don't talk about India market first, talk jakarta in jakarta

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All very good. You've included all the great information in this article. I'm using the N9 I do not feel very happy about the sun