BlackBerry Z3 pre-orders sold out across Indonesian retailers

By Bla1ze on 28 Apr 2014 01:22 pm EDT

Depending on where you live, pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z3 started about 15 hours ago from the time of this posting and already Indonesian retailers such as Elevenia, Jeruknipis and Globalteleshop are reporting there's no stock left to order. They've seemingly ran through all their allotted pre-order stock for the latest BlackBerry 10 device.

Of course, that's great to see but the inevitable question has to be asked. How many devices did they allot for pre-orders to begin with? Most carriers and third-party providers are running their pre-orders until May 12th with devices expected to start shipping out to customers as early as May 15th, so were they just checking demand and only allotting a few initially? And why stop pre-orders? Let them roll!

Needless to say we likely won't know until financial reports with the device sales on them come out but for now, it seems as though the BlackBerry Z3 is moving in the market it was intended for. Hopefully the bottom line will reflect that as well.

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BlackBerry Z3 pre-orders sold out across Indonesian retailers


Officially $190 US but there was a flyer for the pre-orders posted that claimed $140 US as an early buyer incentive, although that is in dispute as to its authenticity. None are actually sold though, only pre-ordered.

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Not a bad price for an off contract BB10 device.

Should do well when it hits North America and Europe.

Are you asking how a 5 inch screen device compares to the q5 and it's little square screen?

I'm just going to shrug this off and pretend your joking

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I was being serious, really.
Okay, difference in screen size. I was looking at it from the specs.... but I get your point.

I guess I can see another shrug of shoulders....

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Well, it was a perfectly legitimate question. The Q5 is a much more capable phone given that it has even more features than the Z10. Smarten up.

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It isn't the price to the consumer. It's the price to the carrier.

If the carrier is making money, they'll push the device. If they're not they're won't,

It's the reason you don't see marketing for BlackBerry, but the air waves are full of advertising for iPhones.

Someone has to pay for carrier marketing.

Even for $99 the Z3 isn't going to see much success in North America without bb10 having a proper native app market.

Really? I doubt the vast majority of people even know how to download and install an app. My experience is certainly that it's mostly phone geeks that care about apps.

And Androids apps really aren't difficult to download. The Amazon store app is downloadable directly to the device, and from there it's easy.

Why phones are different to anything else I don't know. Retailers sell what makes them profit. If you're crazy enough to think otherwise you're being scammed regularly.

You lost me at 'the vast majority dont know how to download and install an app'

Now you just sound like some BBRY tool bleating about his superior phone. Fourth place phone. After Windows.

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It's based on a narrow survey of my extended family and friends, who knowing I develop software for various phones, are constantly calling me for help with apps etc.

Half don't even know the basics of their devices. 90+% of the population doesn't come on sites like Crackberry!

When they walk into a carrier store, the sales associate is the expert who guides them. And the associate guides them to whatever makes the most profit for his/her employer. Is this really so hard to understand?

And why are you on this site if you don't have a clue about BlackBerrys OS and why it is superior?

I have had Android and iPhone and technically they can't hold a candle to BB10. In other respects BlackBerry has failed but their OS is fine.

So wait back to your original response you truly believe that a majority of iOS and Android users do not know how to download apps?

I assumed you were talking BB10 users trying to side load.

It does seem crazy since the reason BB10 was bashed in the press was due to the lack of "APPS". More people are downloading apps than you think.

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In Indonesia, pre-ordered usually means paid. And that's the case in the Z3, whether by credit card or ATM transfer.
So all the pre-ordered Z3s are already being paid/sold. They just need to wait patiently for the device to be picked up/delivered, starting from May 14th

In several previous articles dating back to when the Z3 was first announced it was stated that they would be around $200. In several subsequent articles I've read $190. Way to stay on top of things pylon.


Even if there is a limited advance order available, this is very good news for BB.
It means that people are interested in the Blackberry product if offered at a cost-effective price.

My question to BB:
If Foxconn is capable of producing a sub-$200 product, what would be the price for a premium product?

Essentially my question is, does Apple sell their Foxconn made products at excessive markup?
If so, from a competitive standpoint, Blackberry has another opportunity to re-build market share of premium products if they are sold at appropriate 'fair' markup.

It cost less than a C note to make an iphone. And then they go and sell it for like 700/800 bucks. Go figure.

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There ya go! Tha'ts why, with great marketing, the Apple company is holding multi-bazillion dollars in overseas bank accounts. Who would think?

You haven't been around much have you? Not trying to be negative, but come on now. BBRY sold what 1 million BB10 devices WORLDWIDE in 3 months, you think they moved a million in 15 hours, on just a few carriers?


Sold into a population of 250 million at FoxConn batch manufacture sizes.

They could well sell 1 million probably more like a few hundred thousand though.

While this would be great publicity for BlackBerry if it were to be true, however I recall hearing the whole "sold out" tune before only to find out that sold out meant all ten handsets.

Good point. Not only that, but the previous management lied to shareholders and customers when heinz said that BlackBerry was enjoying record sales with the Q10. "Fool me once... "

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The Q10 did sell at record numbers, for the Q10. Not a lie, just not the whole picture. Advertising has been doing this forever.

Not to pick on Apple or Samsung, but the latest commercials show these amazing experiences but it also has a page of caveats, detailing the extra hardware, software and services required. No one seems to call them out on the bullshit they spew.

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They're talking pre-orders.

And FoxConn don't manufacture in tens. Tens of millions maybe.

Good story, Blaize...I have always said that BlackBerry - given the right phone - will have success in places like Indonesia for a couple of reasons:

1. They don't have the "Apple Media Machine" pumping Apple good/BlackBerry bad 24/7.
2 BlackBerry is still popular there so a well priced/nicely featured phone - should 'take off" there as a
"cool upgrade" to my old BlackBerry...

Why do you think Apple has been panicking about not being able to have lower priced phone for emerging markets - it's because that's where the growth is...

We don't yet know if the product is a success, and won't know for some time yet. Honestly, "sold out" is completely meaningless without actual numbers. I think the product is a good idea, and I am hoping for success. I also think it could make a nice "off contract" offering in many other markets. Let's hope.

Unfortunately, Apples artificially inflated stock price (buy back) has got most folks fooled into thinking that unit sales keep increasing, and Apple is A-O-K.

I wish BlackBerry had that kind of muscle... perhaps in a couple of Years....

No one knows. And won't until either BlackBerry comments with numbers or when the next quarter's numbers come out.

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Well according to the stores, the ones that were available

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One million dollars :-) says Dr.Evil! But seriously dude they don't know it's a marketing ploy, could be a million or couple thousand. We won't know till the next quarter results or someone from Foxconn leaks figures, just wait and see, I expect it to do very well only in NA BlackBerry has been plagued with negativity. Its still very much respected in many other regions.

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No one knows how many were available for pre-ordering, other than BlackBerry - and they're not likely to divulge that information until later. Pre-ordering is a little different than actually selling a device in that you are essentially committing to buy the device when it becomes available. So, technically, it is not a sale, but most of us would consider it to be a sale - especially if something happens to OUR pre-order and it doesn't go through when the phone becomes available.

Just glad they are selling devices. Here or there it is only positive for the company.

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I'm happy also!!! In the last week I did personal challenges to family and a friend to try a blackberry and if they weren't convinced I would buy them the phone they wanted originally... they love their BlackBerry and I won the infamous privilege to say "I told you so"

Z30 Canada

To be honest not surprised at that price point with a 5 inch screen and the massive battery and nice specs it will sell like no tomorrow for sure. BB10 is such a superior OS and with low entry models to help build the user base we should be good to go. With any new OS you have to make it can get into the hands of everybody from the low end to the high end and once BB10 user base increases that is when you will see the apps and dev support from major players like netflix....instagram....and so on :).

Exactly, look at the Lumia 520/521, they were the best selling Winphones at one time, and may have been a factor in broadening their market share and increasing their chances to get big name apps. Chicken or egg...

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Looking forward to BlackBerry getting another new bb10 phone out there...gotta shift folks off the old platform once and for all.

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BlackBerry needs 5million of these sold first quarter, not a big number in relative terms.

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And as a dev myself, I'm so looking forward to big sales numbers!

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Needs??? Based on what? If they don't are they going to die again (like every hater says they did each of the last few years) ? And 5 million? Seems like an arbitrary number. Any justification to both these????

Throwing numbers out there and saying that they "need " to meet those numbers is useless. Do you know the profit margin BlackBerry is taking on these? Do you know the breakeven point?

Explain please.

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JC himself has said that BlackBerry can do 10 million devices a year and be profitable. So 5 million Z3's and assorted other devices should be good enough for now.

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You *dont* need to state a question as follows: "WHAT????? HUH???? WHY!!!!! EXPLAIN!!!!!!"

How about: "Can you explain why 5 million devices need to be sold? Are you basing that off anything in particular?"

Not sure about the rest of the world but if BlackBerry brought the Z3 to the U.S. it would sell like hotcakes here, too.

At least this will sound good in the press! It seems as if BlackBerry is starting to play the Apple card when it comes to selling out. Start with a small amount of devices just so that it's fair to say that you sold out.

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It's a developing market. That's where you want to enter something like this considered a discount device...

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242 million souls there.... that's a lot. 6 times the population of Canada, and 2/3 of the USA. They may be a lot poorer but the phone is a lot cheaper and this is not a saturated market with cut throat margin.


Yup. Fourth largest population on earth.

It's a big deal.

More price sensitive than the US perhaps, but in the end all but a very few are price sensitive.

Actually Indonesian margins are probably pretty tight. There are very cheap Android phones swilling around in Asia. My guess is most BlackBerrys would have been selling at cost or very slight profits (or even at a loss). If this phone is successful it will boost profits as predicted by John Chen.

I don't think this phone is about making money. This is about supporting the platform by creating as much of a user base as possible to create the development incentive and marketing exposure which will eventually lead to ways of monetization.

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I would hope the pre order allotment was quite large, I mean afterall, it's easier to build to order than to guess at how many to build. If they are only hoping to sell a handful of devices then what's the point of even building them.

So, they better have either had a lot to sell,or die to such demand, bump up the initial allotment and get the ore order program working again.

Even if BlackBerry only earns a penny a phone, it is needed to get the bb10 os into people's hands so that more people demand the apps and realize what a kickass os bb10 really is.

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This is the push they need. A low cost BB10 device, built by Foxconn, the maker of the greatest device ever built, never to be topped! Of course I need a pail.....anyhow that might be a perception some adopt making it ok for them to try a BlackBerry device. BB10 is the best OS and with BlackBerry World and the Android fill ins, I can't think of what app gap exists.

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If it's sold out due to being mega popular, great. If it's sold out because they correctly gauged demand, great.

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Weren't there reports of the z10 being sold out when it was released too? And we know how little we're actually sold. Nevertheless, it's good to see people eager to get this phone.

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You are indeed correct. Hence why I am not going to get too excited until the hard numbers come out.

I do hope they sell millions though.

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Hence while people are hesitant to give it too much weight. It's a bit different though, this is Indonesia. A cheaper BlackBerry 10 device is what they've been waiting for. All previous devices were, arguably, too high priced for that market in comparison to the other available options.

Z10 has been sold out in Canada future shops and best buys for weeks since it dropped to 199 off contract for TELUS... I an just not sure they have brought more stock in.

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Another 3rd world market. Wish they (BlackBerry) would regain faith in the US market. Just skip the big 4 and focus on smaller carriers like Boost, Virgin, Cricket, ect.

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When they bring the LTE version out they'll launch in North America.

The key here is that this device will be sold cheap to carriers. Which should mean carriers have a change of heart about whether to sell BlackBerry because they'll finally be able to make as much cash from a BlackBerry as they make from Android and iPhone.

If and when BB10 has mass access to the USA market it should cause a mass migration with all the so-called experts claiming BlackBerry has listened to them and changed.

With a renewed focus on the enterprise, BlackBerry really can't focus on the MVNO carriers, nor should they. Their customer base is far too small and doesn't really align with their long term strategy.

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Think of it this way.

If BlackBerry only made 100,000 units and determined that they could make a profit on those numbers at that price point then awesome they just made a profit. Anything above and beyond those numbers should therefore be profitable as well. As such, if they sold out then they should be in the money.

Of course it all comes down to what the carriers ordered for supply. But if BlackBerry announced IT sold out..... well THEN we'd have some amazing news :)

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CDM76: Replace BlackBerry with Foxconn in your comment. This is Foxconn phone, paid by Foxconn, created by Foxconn, sales managed by Foxconn.
I suppose that first batch is about 100,000 but for preorder Foxconn offer about 10,000. Not more because price for preorder is price without profit or with loss. But this is good marketing.

View the flowers bloom @ BlackBerry roses, orchids & tulips :)

Ios & android gonna get hurted by old thorns :)

Himanshu's Z10

Unlike last time with Z10, I think this time stock out is real because it's priced to sell..Go BlackBerry!!!

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I think BlackBerry are still a very popular phone in a lot of Asian markets now they can get BB10 for a low price so hopefully the many many BBOS users there will transition to the awesome BB10. The more bb10 out there the more people will see just how good an OS it is fast becoming. Makes me wish I could shake people and make them just LOOK. I get pissed by persons who are negative about BlackBerry when they haven't even bothered to see what they are dissing!

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

They should continue to take pre orders until the launch of the device... sell as much as you can now...Sell atleast half an million phones...

Or just bump up the price by 20$ and continue taking pre orders...
And please... come to India via Flipkart and take half a million pre orders ;)

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That's good to know. However, I only believe when numbers come out. I've got a deja vu feeling at the time Z10 was launched.

When is supposed to be launched a proper ad campaign for these phones including for the Z30 apart from crackberry fans nobody is aware of?

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What I read from Jeruk Nipis person at Kaskus, their online shop sold 700 day 1, and the pres rder will be open again tomorrow....

You stop them because if you can't fulfill close to the 15th then people will complain!

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OK cool put some of that income into research and design because blackberry 10 is just the beginning

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The question is whether BlackBerry built only a few devices, or whether Foxconn can't build them fast enough

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They sold out because they are gauging demand and are implementing a hype tactic. Im sure they will be releasing more allocation to these resellers soon.

I would imagine the initial allotment being between 50,000 to 100,000 units.

We need to hear the Z3 being sold out at least 3 more times before it becomes a resounding success.

Im hoping for at least 500k pre sold.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

That is awesome news. I really hope when they get the phone it works well.

Reg Q10SQN100-1/

Good point, that's a positive buzz.
Bad point, I seriously hope we'll not see the Z10 story again.
Latest news seems to indicate that most retailers should refill and re-open registration between tonight and tomorrow ... we'll see ! :)

edit : for you guys in Indonesia, it seems that you can order Z3 again after 23:00 west indonesia time on erafone website. (thanks to Garnok !)

They really should increase the allotted amounts for pre order. I mean its good to hear they are sold out but if you've got more devices just sell them now and don't wait till later.

Very good news indeed!

Even though I rather just see High-end devices, I do think their strategy is slowly but is surly working.

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Take all the positive news you can get. Sooner rather than later people need to learn that BlackBerry is Back. I showed my Z30 to the bar man here in Paris. He did not know that BlackBerry now made a touch device. Ok, some people, but a bar man here by the Champs Elysees must see a thousand people a day on their phone...

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Very good news...but it's early. I like the pricing when you consider that some carriers and 3rd party sellers will offer deals too...we just saw Elevenia start Z3 at about $140 USD. That sounds like a good deal (?) for this type of device.

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I am afraid that Foxconn is the one who is now dictating production run size due to their contract whereby everyone bragged that they were taking the risk for unsold inventory and not Blackberry. Hence I expect Foxconn to be very conservative in their choices. I know I would be if I were Foxconn. Obviously you want to be as accurate as possible to maximize production run efficiency but given that this is a new relationship, I don't think they are ready to swing for the fences just yet. The good news is that this happened so quickly. Because they still have 2 weeks to gauge initial demand, the carriers can now update their estimates and expand their pre-order/back-order quantities. If it takes more than 2 weeks to produce then this next batch might not be shipped with the rest on 15-May but so be it. Hopefully it won't be too long and we can see iPhone type order queuing that we've seen in Canada. It can build a little anticipation and excitement if it doesn't drag on too long.

BBz10, you are 100%, Foxconn is taking all risk, also will benifit most of the income/margin from each unit.

Awesome! Now bring more choices color WHITE BLACKBERRY Z3 ALSO PLEASE and bring those cool phones in the world! Planning to give all my family members. Thank you! :D

Awesome! Now bring more choices color WHITE BLACKBERRY Z3 ALSO PLEASE and bring those cool phones in the world! Planning to give all my family members. Thank you! :D

Well, commenting on this again.
It doesn't matter how many they sold, the good thing is that it sold out. So far Chen has made good decisions, I believe he made the right amount for pre orders

Posted via CB10

Agree it makes no sense to say we are sold out and stop taking orders. Unless Foxconn has given them specific instructions on how many devices they get and how long it will take to get more. It's good BlackBerry has Foxconn taking all of the risks, but maybe Foxconn is also going to be a little more conservative.

Any good news, is good news. If the allotment is 2 units, it's good. Create positive buzz baby!

Still no official video from BlackBerry showing Z3 off
This is very bad marketing still no lesson have been leaned?
BlackBerry will always be miles behind.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

One small step. Looking forward to a Z30 update so that I can upgrade from a Z10. Meantime, I'm impatiently waiting for OS 10.3.

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Bla1ze, is it possible the reason for a limited supply and sell out for pre-orders is because it's the "limited special edition" we've read about.. with the custom "Jakarta" decal?

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Great news but we had the same headlines for the Z10/Q10 we need numbers period !

On that Great news BlackBerry

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

It should also be remembered that this phone is also being manufactured in Indonesia.

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Wow.. If only this was always the case.

As BlackBerry spirals to 1% of global market share it sounds so great.

Posted via CB10

What does that have to do with anything? By that logic 90% of the phones in Canada should be BlackBerry because BlackBerry is Canadian. (yes they should all be BlackBerries).

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

Awesome news! Glad to hear! Now... let's do that for the rest of the world! :) Blackberry... the most under-rated company out there... Long Live Blackberry!

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I like the idea of sold out, but how about having a BlackBerry van loaded with phones and accessories sitting in the loading bay. With the forms ready to sell the store more stock. So instead of selling 1 thousand phones when there are 2 thousand people showing up for the sale. Sell the 1 thousand then bring in another 8hundred . So the phone is still sold out but with higher numbers. , but having only 6 phones in a store and fifty people show up to buy a phone which happened with the Z10, costs sales and looks bad when the sell out turns out to be only 6 phones and the anti BlackBerry media jumps all over the low number.

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After the Z10 sell out buzz (which turned out to be not much), I won't get over excited just yet.

I do have to wonder, how do you sell out on pre orders thou? Wouldn't you just take as many as you can and simply adjust delivery times as required if the pre orders keep piling on?

CB10'n it via da Z...30

Yes indeed that's what they do here in the USA.

Perhaps they are trying to generate some buzz for the official release to encourage line ups where photos can be shared of folks waiting in long lines for a BlackBerry product...

BlackBerry would only breath. Sign of relief when Indonesians finally get the phone and nobodies expectation of it is cut short. Cos if it is, that when u hear people advising others not to waste their money on purchasing it. Then BlackBerry would have a major challenge of aggressive marketing

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Sold like fu*cking hell! :D I told ya so!!

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Nice change of pace for BlackBerry. Hope the quantity was small because the carriers can buy more of it and really bring in more business.

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I just wonder what the margins are like on the Z3?

Maybe Chris Umi could shed some light on it...

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Forget the past...BlackBerry 10 is all about the now and the future...Z3 and Q20/Classic will bring good choice to the $$$ ppl have for phone purchases...the Z10 Z30 and the Q10 and Q5 are also xcellent one is better...personal preference is the decision maker...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Bravo BlackBerry, best move was to go to other markets because US are blind to quality products like BlackBerry. One day soon they will open their eyes

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I bought all the stock of Z10's in my area at a Kiosk. They received 1. After that they were sold out....

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BlackBerry has a new device? What's it called? Does it have kit kat or ice cream Sammich? How many got sold? All three? This is fucking great news. Who's Dr. Chen?


I'm all about living in the future. I'm planning on going back there as soon as I can. I'd like to take some of the morons that comment on here with me. Posted from my new Z3.


If I could buy one at that price I would buy 3 and give one to my wife and two kids. I think it is a great value. I paid $130 for a low end Windows phone locked to Telus and that was just for research. So $200 for a phone I actually like is no brainer.

Posted with my Z10

Great news!! Let's hope this is a big winner for BlackBerry and sets the tone for the Chen leadership team to move blackberry ahead in a very positive way, profitable with a growing base and excellent products at great value.

This is a great phone for the price!!

Posted via CB10

All good so far. Let's just pray that there are no software issues in the first weeks and that the phones work flawlessly.

Good for blackberry! I'm an android user at the moment (moto x) but I like to have options. I've had a blackberry, iPhone,Wp 920 and now a moto x. Trying out a new OS is fun.

I am curious, how can you sell out on pre-orders when the actual physical devices are not even out.

A pre-order is just that, PRE Release of the hardware. So I've come to the conclusion that they probably mean, they had an estimated amount of devices for sale per retail store. And they all sold out.

In any event, this is great news. Keep those pre-orders coming and people will keep buying ;)

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#Blackberry Get this rightly priced phone into Indian Market and see the Magic. Remember how Z10 was sold out within hours when priced right !!

Honestly, I don't see any of the ads around here in Jakarta. I knew it first from CB. Plus never heard anybody here in Jakarta talking about it.
So my conclusion is, these are retailers who would resell the phone again later, or the same BB users who want to upgrade from previous BB7.

Which means no further new users added. So still feel pessimistic about it.

No need to be sarcastic. Just showing the fact.

I don't normally take a pessimistic route on this, but I suspect the preorder numbers are low as delivery number was set very conservatively.

It is good news that they exceed those numbers. But if preorder opens again, it is because foxcon is saying they can easily ramp up capacity and deliver more phones. So we shouldn't be expecting a million sold phones or something like that.

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I live in Jakarta and I have some BBRY stocks. I'm excited about good news, especially if the news will get the stock price up.
However, the news about sold out pre-orders of Z3 is very puzzling. The only reason I know that there is ANY pre-order offer of Z3 is through crackberry and There is not much advertisement here in Jakarta about this offer. Not many Indonesian knows about this. so, to whom are blackberry is selling the device to? perhaps to retailers who will sell the phone to customer when price is US$200 and pocket the difference. or perhaps only 50 device is sold for pre-orders. Either way, Blackberry does not seem like serious about selling Z3 in Jakarta.

I believe that BlackBerry 10 devises were too expensive, especially at launch. If they can sell the Z3 for this price worldwide I am sure that they will be very successful.
I think that now days is too hard to get customers from other platforms because people are afraid and too lazy to learn a new OS.
But there is a huge market from the new comers in smartphones, for them the price is a key point and the price of the Z3 is very good for a 5" phone.

Sent from my Z 30

I'm Indonesian. I've been waiting for this z3 since last week. And all of them "SOLD OUT". Very dissapointed coz i can't get this one. I don't know how many preorder they accept. I hope soon there will be preorder again in elevenia or jeruknipis. Please.. :(

There only have 750 z3 units which totally sold out in 5 hours. More likely it's a marketing gimmicks. However I think Z3 is very reasonable in pricing strategy.

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