BlackBerry Z3 pre-orders ramping up in Indonesia

By Bla1ze on 25 Apr 2014 08:54 pm EDT

This pricing might be off as Jeruknipis states the image is not theirs. However, it was posted to the Elevenia site. Clearly some miscommunication is happening between Elevenia and Jeruknipis but in any case, the Z3 is well on its way to being released officially.

When BlackBerry officially announced the BlackBerry Z3 they noted the device would be available in certain markets starting in April, yet we've not heard much about the device going up for sale or pre-order. With five days left until the end of April though, at least one Indonesian site has plans to start taking pre-orders before the end of the month.

Elevenia will start taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z3 on XL starting April 28th with what appears to be a limited time pricing of Rp. 1.650.000 or around $142 USD. The promo period is set to run until May 12 with the expectation of product deliveries starting May 15th.

That pricing fits the sub $200 criteria noted when the device was initially announced so that's good to see. You can check out more via the Elevenia site or head into the CrackBerry Forums for more discussion. The Z3 is the first BlackBerry device to be produced in partnership with OEM manufacturer Foxconn. Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn, said that "Since December we have worked on devices quickly."

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BlackBerry Z3 pre-orders ramping up in Indonesia


I am very interested too. I wish the pricing would have been a bit closer to the usd100 mark. Maybe with carrier subsidy that will change. My expectations are very high and wish to see BlackBerry kick it off with this model. Fingers crossed!

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It is better blackberry think how to increase quality and produces high end mobile phone!
I think low prices will not encourage people to buy a brand.

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Mo, why do you think this? They already did that, and how did that work out for them?

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

high end mobile phone in Indonesia = expensive
expensive = low selling figures
Indonesian people GDP in avg = $300

In what kind of thinking they will think to invest their money in higher end smartphone?? While the BlackBerry power is in the BBM right now?

My expectations is a maximum of USD 140 as that would be half a months pay for many people in the region. Telco's don't really give much subsidies & they lock you in for 2 years.

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Whatever the capabilities, I think we all know that they will be fairly decent and for $150 it's a steal. No offense meant but complaining about this price probably only comes from people who whine about paying $0.99 for an app (while sipping their $4.80 rubbish Starbucks latte)

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Hoping it will come out in the U.S also or at least be sold in shopblackberry that way I can get one for my nephew. Got to start them of early right? :D

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Conversion +/- $1.00 USD...covering for exchange rate fluctuations.

100 pennies...kind of nitpicking...maybe?

Murray Squire Marr

Should not use the current exchange rate for the conversion. For business calculation, people here usually use a more conservative number (a stronger Rupiah) to anticipate fluctuations. Now, people use USD1 = Rp.11,000. The appropriate price conversion is USD150.

Cool. Hoping it comes out with some new additions to the os. Fingers crossed for 10.3

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From what the road map was saying the 10.3 dev versions should be out around May (like 10.2) which means we'll hopefully have leaks! 10.3.1 will be by the end of the year.

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It will get nuked... or so we hope. It's even lower resolution and a much smaller screen. No front camera.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Wouldn't t it be the opposite. I would rather them pre sell and get a gauge of what they need so they don't sit on a bunch of dead inventory.

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Worse resolution screen and no LTE at this point. If they can get it priced at $200 with 720p and LTE I'd be interested. I'd rather pay $300-$400 for a 1080p Z30 replacement though.

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Z30 isn't 1080p. And the z30 screen is fine. I don't understand why people want super high resolution on a small screen, it'll kill the battery faster and you can't even notice much of a difference.

Well, I have a Z30 and a Nexus 5 and I can definitely tell you that there is a huge difference in the sharpness and crispness of the display between the two devices. The Nexus 5 is so much more enjoyable for reading. The blacks are better on the Z30 because of the AMOLED screen however that is about all the Z30 has going for it in the screen department. There is a definite and very noticeable difference in the pixel density between the two devices.

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Too bad the human eye can't differentiate over 350ppi on a 5" screen without the aid of a microscope. There are lots of factors that make up a beautiful image display, ppi is used as a marketing spec. Brightness, contrast, saturation, display technology, size, viewing distance, source content, energy efficiency and yes, resolution and ppi.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Blackberry should ask the carriers and stores to pre-install android Apps like PATH before these phones are bought.

At that price, I wouldn't even hesitate to pick one up to play around with (and the kids to play).

Would be a great way to see if I can do touch typing.

If this can't be a hit at this price, I don't know what to say. Seems like great pricing, at least from an North American perspective.

ATT should offer this phone on contract and as a pay as you go phone.

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Amazing. BlackBerry can never please. First everyone was convinced less than 200 meant 199 in BlackBerry language. Now they have priced it at 185 and pre sale price of ~140. We have people saying should have been closer to 100. SMH.

This is a good price for the product and the OS it comes with.

Lets hope they sell very well.

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They could sell it for 50 bucks and give a free hundred dollar bill with it and someone on CrackBerry would moan about it

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This one wins the award of the 'Most Hilarious Comment' on the thread! I guess this goes in every language. I have seen it used in Urdu and it was just as hilarious as this one!

Why shouldn't they? BlackBerry should provide lifelong unlimited voice and data plans to everyone buying the phone too - for FREE..!

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That is actually a really good price for this phone. I am for the first time ever impressed by BlackBerry's pricing. Now they just need to make sure to market the heck out of this thing and we will be golden.

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I am watching TV here tonight as I type this I think I have seen an ad for the Samsung Galaxy S5 about 4 or 5 times now within the last 3 hours.
I don't think I have ever seen an ad for the Z30 I far as I can remember...

Pretty sad...

True. Marketing is zilch. No way to get product out there workout telling people about it. I'm assuming the ad efforts are ramping up in Indonesia for this puppy..
I hope

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Given the reasonable price of the BlackBerry Z3 I wonder whether the BlackBerry Q5 could have been build in Indonesia and priced accordingly? If the quality of the BlackBerry Z3 is on par with the BlackBerry Q5, the smartphone will be a hit.

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I can't wait to try and see it. From the pictures it makes the Z10 look like the budget model, please BlackBerry launch this phone worldwide

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I will buy one as soon as I can to have a backup phone in case something happens to my Z30... this model must come to latin america ASAP to fight the cheap lumias that are starting to go wild everywhere (at least in my country)

From what I read in the forums, it'll be launched around late May along with Z30.

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"Since December we have worked on [b]devices[/b] quickly."

Poor English or did he just let out there Re other Foxconn BlackBerry devices coming soon? Hopefully BlackBerry is having them make a high spec'd device too at an attractive price point. We see it is possible with One+1.

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Very eager to see how this does, have a lot of hope people will see how great BB10 is compared to other things out there

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I've seen a few people talking about the resolution. I just looked up some pixels per inch comparisons. The PPI, while low for a phone (even lower than the Bold 9900, for example) is the same as the MacBook Pro retina screen from last year. I wonder if most people will notice? It will be interesting to see one in person.

They might notice when comparing but if the screen is good in other aspects than ppi it will still look very nice. People use computers every day with much lower ppi (96ppi) and don't really complain.

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Why are ppl saying it should be closet to 100 dollars when blackberry said under 200 dollars

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I went to my local retailer here in Mumbai to purchase a screen guard for my Z30 yesterday. The BlackBerry salesman there tipped me that Z3 is launching in India by around May 26 in the range of 12000 to 15000 INR. It's a good price for a capable smartphone. And I think BlackBerry should come out with buy back offers for all the Curve users here in India, majority of which are college students. That could pull some good traction for them.

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That's a great suggestion. BBRY needs to get as many BB10 devices as possible into people's hands.

Great looking phone at a good price point. Looks like a recipe for success to me!

BlackBerry by choice,blackberry for life...

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Very nice pricing, hopefully it will land on Philippines as soon as possible...

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Typical people. This device for other people who can't afford or want to waste money on expensive phone so they can have a choice.

Hope this z3 can capture more people to buy. More people more interesting for app developers and it good for BlackBerry to survive.

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I hope this is a hit but once again BlackBerry misses their own deadline for a release. Why not just say from the beginning it would have a May release or how about not giving one at all

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According to jeruknipis guys, 1 mobile market will be pre installed on this device so people who don't have skill to load android apk are able to install android apps easier than before. This is very important cause customer here in indonesia very demanding and really love BlackBerry.

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thats big news, hope they know how to disable notifications on the 1mobile market. would rather them install SNAP .

So it's seems that Z3 can be bought on other countries just weeks after the Indonesia launch. It looks better than its other Z brothers.

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$142?!?! Bring this to North America! The price point should really help getting the phone out into the general public...I would hope. The question is, even at $142 would anyone here, as in States/Canada, outside of Crackberry even look twice?

Really looking forward to this phone..
I'm currently in Africa, any idea when it hits here? From my observations, BlackBerry still has a MAJOR stake here in Africa. If an android sideloading app is indeed isntalled in this phone, then that would also be a better side attraction and help drive sales.
Oh, and yes I'm new to the forum, guys.. Er, who's gonna be the first to welcome me......?

Snap should be installed at least. I find snap to be more reliable than 1mobile market. Just saying.

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In India... please sell this phone via Flipkart and the phone will be a guaranteed success....
Tie up with Flipkart for Pre-launch and the phone will be an instant hit :)
And don't forget to mention that its Android Apps friendly device... that would help deliver a clear message that it runs Android apps as well as would give it much more clarity among the novice consumers who don't know BlackBerry 10 OS.

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You guys will be happy with this phone if it's anything like my Z30. It will keep you interested for many many months because it is so much fun. And so much to do with it. Customising up the Wa-zoo. But first learn to use it. When you get lost swipe up then right or left. Lol

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I like this shape. Would like to see the next flagship touch to have the same box shape, perhaps with a 1080p 'infinite bezel'.

I would buy three of them immediate for my own kids as their first smartphone. Looks good and price point is in sync with what the Nokia X is selling for here in Oman (48 riyal off contract)

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If this is anything close to the lumia 520 which is popular as an abuser-friendly teen phone in my parts... I think it will do well as long as they publicize the android app compatibility...

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Expecting this device to be sold in 4/5 million in Indonesia itself converting lot of old  7 to  10.

I'm india too this will outpace samsung and nokia for sure.

Fingers crossed for 

Himanshu's Z10

Again, an article talking about price without qualifying if it is subsidized or outright, walk out and put on another carrier. Thank you. Very informative.

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I don't know about you however I'm more interested in how much this device would cost off contract...

It never fails to amaze me that so many people are taking the pricing for something that isn't even available in their country/market - do people still think that the HP Touchpad Fire Sale method of doing business is the best way forward?

BlackBerry still need to make a profit at the end of the day - I wish them all the success with the launch of the Z3

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"BlackBerry still need to make a profit at the end of the day"
This is Foxconn phone, even it has BB logo and BB 10 OS. There will be some small income from this phone but only if will be successful and foxconn covers its initial expenses. Z3 is project to stay relevant on market, not to become profitable.

Lot of people missing the point. Z3 is to increase market share of bb10 and BBM so BlackBerry will make about 42 per user

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The BlackBerry Z3 resembles an Xperia. The design is interesting and might be a viable all-touch smartphone; a mini-tablet if landscape orientation is supported.

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Brilliant price tag for a new BlackBerry smartphone, never thought BlackBerry smartphone could be bought at this price. Will buy three of them for family once it launches here in United Arab Emirates.
I hope it is a success as it's success might push Z50 the beast out more quickly.

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Any news on when it will drop in South Africa?

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Sounds great, and the Price is good.
:) would be nice for People in Germany too with less money :)

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

Wow that's 140$ that's even less than the 150$ they were talking about. Nice to see Blackberry is starting to be offensive again. Too bad I didn't see any clear specsheet though. Hopefully a 720p screen at the least.

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The news is wrong, the site it self elevenia not selling z3, even in they confused, because they haven't made that banner, indosat still mark it as coming soon

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I personally will not get one but I do hope they come to North America for the budget conscious consumers. I believe this is a good way to reintroduce BB10 into the consumer's market. Especially US. And the ability to buy out the phone straight to have the freedom to choose a carrier is a plus in my opinion.

Great pricing compared to Heinz's "Q5" that rolled out at $400+ for Emerging markets..proving he had never landed in an EM with our private jet.

Finally someone has a clue. This is a great start.

That is a sweet price for the Zed3. Let it sell like fucking hell! :D

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If this device is sold cheaply here as well, it could save BlackBerry! Who would not want a combo of BIG BEAUTY SCREEN + BB10 + PRACTICALLY GIVEN AWAY

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Nice find! While low on specs that is to be expected but front facing camera is so crap. Does have the radio feature which is cool. I hope it does well!

From my new z30 mentions in their website that they have not released any information yet regarding Z3. so where did the flyer come from? does not have info on pre-orderin their website either.
Can CB clarify who the source of information please?? are they credible? reliable?

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With 8GB internal storage, what's left after BB10 OS installed? And without provision to transfer games and apps to SD card, how many premium apps & games it can accommodate?

You'll end up using it as a regular phone... which is probably not considered a low cost... after all...

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BlackBerry please release Black and White colors of BlackBerry Z3! Thank you so much from Philippines!

I love the idea of partnering with other manufacturers, but it seems odd to design this phone when a good condition used Z10 can be had for about the same price on ebay. Of course this implies that the Z3 would also likely have some rapid price drops lowering it to below $100. And the 5" screen does appeal to some people at that price.

I'm more concerned that anything slower than the Z10 will just degrade the BlackBerry brand like BBOS does. The Z10 hardware already struggles with the rapidly increased functionality of apps like BBM much less Android apps. I regularly have to shut down apps to have enough memory to run with and can't leave eight open anymore. We need to accept that the Z10 is now an entry level device. BlackBerry needs to introduce Z10 form factor phone with more RAM, CPU, GPU, Miracast, 4.7" screen, bigger battery, etc.

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Love to see Indonesian people would enjoy this phone as much as earlier curve (Gemini-8520) products.

Nowadays, they're moving from cheap qwerty BB to cheap android with larger screens. Since they can use BBM in android as well.

In the country when none of the operators are subisidizing phones & 98% are prepaids, cheap phones with known brands are more sellable than those chinese ones.

Only XL has confirmed that they will activate preorder link in the next 2 days (since they're partnering with jeruknipis & elevenia). But, maybe later other operators (Indosat & Telkomsel), will open preorder as well.

The price of Rp 1,650,000 (not to mention additional cashback worth Rp 200,000 (for local CIMB Niaga credit card holders) & additional 5% discounts (for Visa credit card holders) is very compelling to most of Indonesian. Since they can spend the same amount to buy cheap (chinese) android phones with 4.5 to 5 inch screen.

Lets get this phones kickin' in Indonesia. Love to see my friends are using BB again.

I really like to look of it, if the specs are good I'll probably be tempted to trade my brand new z10 for one

I read in the
The clarified that they never released such price list.
They will open preorder at 28april with XL axiata operator indonesia.thx

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Wow, that is a great price. If the reviews of the performance are favorable, this could sell. And I'm guessing the OS is going to run great on this and basically this will perform as well as a z10, but with the advantage of the 10.2 os and some lessons learned in manufacturing.

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Question is motherfukers when can we get it to the us.

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

That price point is the type that will get it into people's hands like cupcakes

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This is where BlackBerry should be competing, not on the high end side.

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