BlackBerry Z3 now available to buy in Egypt

By James Richardson on 18 Aug 2014 07:29 am EDT

Just a quick heads up for you folk in Egypt that have been holding out for the BlackBerry Z3. The low cost BlackBerry 10 device is now on sale so it's time to go shopping!

The Z3 is currently available from Mobile Shop, Raya, Appliance, and Etisalat Retail for EGP 1849. How that price matches up with the other countries around the globe that the Z3 is also available baffles me, but it's sure to be the lowest option to get you onboard with BlackBerry 10.

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BlackBerry Z3 now available to buy in Egypt


Prem....I think Mises also said, "a plague of BlackBerrys on all of your houses".....or maybe that was Thorsten Heins....never mind....

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Oh, that's right - Thor said that the Q10 would sell in the "tens of millions" bad....

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You can't directly translate an exchange value to the spending value in the country of sale. $258 (US) isn't necessarily worth $258 (US) in Egypt when it comes to spending power.

So are you saying $258 isn't a lot and that compared to other devices with the same or better specs it's comparable?

Wow.....even with the "most incompetent and horrific administration we have ever had in the USA" I am glad to live here when I hear complaining about $258 for a new amazing phone off contract like the Z3.

Go buy some Android garbage and save a few bucks.

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I don't know about him but I through rubbish not buying it

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I agree. The problem with the current exchange rate is that it's constantly fluctuating. If the value of the Egyptian Pound increases vs. the dollar, it'll appear less expensive to us. For an Egyptian, the price hasn't changed & how expensive it is is relative to other items purchased in the country.

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The less we hear about the Z3 sales the better. From what I know, its an indication to good sales versus bad sales, so lets tell everybody its selling like hotcakes, so we may create a demand. THOR tried that with the Z10 it failed.
Plus Marketing was utter CRAP.

"Marketing WAS utter crap"? That implies it's improved. So far I have yet to see/here anything about marketing and my company is set to buy 10,000 new phones this year. Until now we've ONLY used BlackBerry devices due to security requirements. But without ANY marketing it's hard to convince my coworkers that the Z30/Q10 really are great devices.

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How does that price compare with the Legacy OS devices sold in that country?

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I still just can't believe that the Legacy OS 9900 is more expensive than the Q10, Z30 or any other OS10 phone on the U.S. ShopBlackBerry site.

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I live in nasr city, cairo.. but i can find a shop or blackberry centre here.. i want to buy blackberry z30 and trade / swap with my z10..


Z10 a7sn bkteeeer mn Z3
Z3 ma3mool lltabaqa elfa2eera :D 3lshan elly mafeesh m3ah floos y3rf ygrb blackberry devices :P

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It's a nice news for people who need it. $250 isn't too much iPhones and high-end galaxies are being sold 5000+ sometimes triple the price of this Z3

If BBRY can put other BlackBerry devices that use OS10 on sales as they do for USA customers (30% off) that will be more welcome than selling Z3 alone

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

Maybe I'm missing something, but wasn't there a hype about this device being sold for under $200? Aside from the launch promotion that happened in Indonesia...

Without BBM the Arab spring would have been crushed quickly. I believe Egyptians remember and understand the importance of BBM.

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U mean Facebook... the only thing BBM is responsible for is the London riots lol

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Arab spring? The same "spring" that the west orchestrated to further weaken our nations? You do know the only thing that it brought is total desturction and anarchy? It should be called the Arab "doom" rather than Spring. Nothing good every happened out of that so called "spring". Only nations fell back to the stone-age and total anarchy reigns.

I think "baffles" is not the word you were looking for. If you are baffled, you have a lot of or most of the information pertinent to a given topic, but it still makes no sense (generally because you're missing a key detail). In this case, you don't seem to know the local price of comparison devices which is at least half of the equation, so you are are more just... Unaware? Uncertain? Unclear? Something like that.

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Or were you unclear how the device is priced in Egypt as compared to the same device in other markets? I'm uncertain of what you meant.

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I think he was baffled at why they priced the phone so expensively. The one thing James didn't mention is that BlackBerry only controls the price the carrier pays. Then the carriers mark the device up from there. Theoretically BlackBerry could sell it for $5 and the carriers could still mark it upto $250 if wanted to....

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How is it Acer can also call it's cell phones Z3 and Z5 and not have BlackBerry suing them????

Chen get on this!

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And Sony a Z3 tablet. The "Z" series is going to confuse a lot of people. Unless BlackBerry starts suing over copyright infringement and starts making news so everyone knows that the Z3/Z5 are BlackBerry products. And the free media news wouldn't hurt either :)

Come on BlackBerry... stand up for yourself.

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I'm malaysian student live in egypt
Z3 price in Malaysia is USD 220±, while in Egypt about USD 258±

Woooo.... Egypt always overpricing their item... in every single market, from clothing to electronic to mobile market.
I understand bout the concept you can't direct exchange the currency between countries, but i live here for 6 years now.... and I can say, Egypt always this kind of problem... I don't know why or how whether there's some extra tax or else

Btw, hoping Z3 can be sell like a hot pancakes in here

Keep on moving!!

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I agree with you even console games, it should be 59$ maximum but it's up to 70-80$ a disc!!!

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I think the standard Egyptian import duties for mobile phones are about 40%, but customs can add extra duties if they suspect 'under-invoicing' - I know that import duties for computer equipment (including spares) were slashed (to zero in some cases) to try and boost the local IT industry, but I'm pretty sure that mobile phones were not deemed as IT kit..... (Can remember having a hell of a challenge trying to price up options for getting Tablets to an Egyptian client....)

If this is the "Z20", I'll be disappointed. Not in the device per say, but at the fact it's just a Z3 with a new name.

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Fanboy-ism won't let them see how BlackBerry kicks its own legs.

Living a retro life fulfilling the intentions of yesterday. By tomorrow, I will be ready for today.

Good to see BlackBerry rolling out around the globe. Even more pleased to see their aggressive marketing strategy in South Africa, Z3 on billboards all over and constant radio ads.

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Amazing looking! What realy upsets me is to know that it Will probably take more than 2 years to see one of these here in Brasil

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It surely will not make any impact on BlackBerry, because no matter where the Z3 is released there is absolutely zero advertising.

Here in INDIA too it was launched, but nobody really knows that Z3 even exists.

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It's good to see John Chen continuing the longstanding BlackBerry tradition of overpricing their devices. Plus, he gave the added incentive to consumers of killing off consumer marketing completely, and all consumer focused services that aren't BBM as well. I'm sure the Z3 will fly off the shelves just by putting Android compatible on the box.

When I was in Egypt a few years back, a pack of Marlboro was EGP 2. EGP1849 - that's over 900 packs of cigarettes!

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Z10 is 1999 egp, z3 is 1849... better buy the z10, I saw it yesterday in mobile shop, but aside this... zero advertising

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Okay, regarding the price, you need to keep in mind that that price includes a 10% import tax and another 10% sales tax.

So the actual price is much lower than E£1849. (20% less to be exact).