BlackBerry Z3 reportedly set to be announced for India on June 25th

By Bla1ze on 17 Jun 2014 11:58 am EDT

With BlackBerry Z3 sales reportedly going well in Indonesia, the next stop appears to be India according to several reports seemingly confirming the event. The launch has been rumored for a few days now but more of the Indian press has picked up on the matter giving it a slight bit more credibility.

According to The Times of India and several other outlets, invites have been sent out for the event scheduled to take place on June 25th. Pricing for the device in India has been stated being between 11,000 Rs and 12,000 Rs (Approx. $190 USD) however, all requests for more info on release and pricing have been declined.

We'll have to wait and see if the launch in India does happen but in other related news, there's also been reports the device will soon be making its way to Malaysia and Vietnam as well. Spread that BlackBerry love John Chen, just make sure I still get a 4G LTE version!

Update: BlackBerry themselves have now confirmed the BlackBerry Z3 will be arriving in other countries 'very, very soon'

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BlackBerry Z3 reportedly set to be announced for India on June 25th


I Love what you did with the July '1st' comment ;)

I just want to so before quick comes and pees on your parade.

And if you happen to get your hands on a z3 on July 1st, all the better

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If that is the price point then I'm pretty sure we're gonna see it going out of stock soon. Here in India there are large number of buyers of this segment and if the prices mentioned are right then definitely a lot of devices will be seen moving off the shelf. There's still a lot of hype about BlackBerry in India. People will prefer it over other devices of the same range just because it is BlackBerry and they are sure about its good quality. So I'm very positive about sales in India provided price mentioned is right.

Zwiped from a lightening fast, uber cool and bad-ass handset. They call it Z10, I call it Zeddy!

Great move. As long as they're consistent with low pricing, I can see this device taking off.

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So if they can't keep the z3 in stock to satisfy the demand for the one market they HAVE launched in, how can they launch in others? With what stock?

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Not so. But cheap Chinese made android phones are.

Now Windows loaded Nokias too are catching up.

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The price point, for once, seems perfect. It appears that BB learned their lesson from the Z10 and Q10 pricing blunders in India, and are finally able to price it within reach of the masses because of the Foxconn deal. If they can just do a bit of marketing to just let the masses know that there is a BB10 phone out there that's available at this price point, it can do wonders for sales numbers. I'm not even saying a huge marketing blitz but at least enough to get the word out there. And yeah, keep it well-stocked!

True. One of the biggest mistake of the BB10s are price point. It's the same price as the S4 on launching date! The Z30 even costs more in Indonesia.
The Z3 seems to be priced perfectly tho I was hoping they had released this device waay sooner. They sorta lose the momentum to the likes of Lumia 520 and Moto G.
But.. better late than never! I hope the Classic and Passport will be priced competitively as well.

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Hope BlackBerry also quickly spreads the Z3 love to South Africa and Nigeria too; it should do very well in those markets too.

At that price point, it will surely make a mark. If only they make it dual SIM (most folks here have two SIM cards, including myself, for a number of reasons (Official/Personal SIM, Cheaper Tariff,etc.,) ) it is sure to kick off right away. Moto G and recently Moto E are quite popular for the same reason. Not to mention that they bring the latest Android version to the masses. Motorola & Flipkart (the online portal in India akin to Amazon) made a clever gamble of marketing the phone & also creating an artificial demand.

If only BlackBerry could do that, they will have adoption in no time. Sometimes, people want to be different.

It is risky territory with Micromax moving in on Windows Phone and dual SIM. It is really in BlackBerry's interest to release a dual SIM device if it really wants to compete in these markets.

Hope the market gets flooded, and no hogging and re-peddling by hawkers...

... and we can buy them on eBay soon, Australia, US, elsewhere ...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

A little lower price and that phone could make a dent in the market here in the Caribbean, once greedy telcos don't attempt to inflate the price and rob the consumers.

They just might I could see #Limebarbados doing has to be right though, lots of people are anti blackberry with their Samsung minis and the alcatels are being market super hard at like $98.00 US, which is where the z3 should fit nicely...but tim will tell!

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I don't get why not start selling them all across the world. This country per country thing is ridiculous. The longer they take to get it out, the more people will want to move to another platform. They need to sell phones.

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I played with a moto g for a bit my BlackBerry was being fixed. I never thought it was an issue only having 3g. It's plenty fast for you tube, netflix and all that jazz.

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I am buying on day one for my wife, as I promised her long back to upgrade from BlackBerry 9380 to Z 3

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Time for the Caribbean to pool resources and fight for a better deal for the entire region.

With India, Malaysia, Vietnam price is all important.

Nigeria and South Africa will be watching closely.

BlackBerry needs to stay focused and humble.

One Swallow doesn't make a Summer.

Build momentum , execute precisely and fulfil your stock demands.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!! ©

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Intetesting comment re:caribbean, in Barbados most people are comfortable and would pay whatever price, moat people don't mind paying the high price for the galaxy it's really no issue of better pricing it's more of when is the s6 coming...

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Good news. I have recommended my friends and colleagues to Z3. Their weight will be over soon.

Long live BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry has to simplify distribution channel. Franchisees could not even talk to managers about product deadlines & commissions. Too many layers of data centre non-graduate half-baked operators sitting on the toll-free network.

BlackBerry has never learn the lesson. The designs of blackberry phones are sucks. Z3 very ugly looking phone except z10 is okay. A phone should be very attractive and good looking just like women. Apple is king of design. bbm should have long crossed all the platforms. Marketing is very very bad. Canadians like to drink beer and watching hockey games.

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Foxconn the Z3 for the most part. Not BlackBerry. When I look at an iPhone I don't see elegance. My opinion

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That's interesting.

I find that the Z10 looks pretty bland and that the Z30 looks much better.

The reigning king of the ugly BB10 phones is the Q5.

I know lots of people in price sensitive Markets feel that BlackBerry owes them something and should sell each one of them a phone at a loss to the company. News Flash, you pay for a cheap phone, you get a cheap phone. The Z3 looks as it should compared to the Z30 or Q10. As for the iPhone, I don't see them selling any of them for $200

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You are an Apple drone, don't go too far away from your base or else you will get lost. iPhone looks stale and people with any common sense are now moving away from it.

I owned the Z10 and now I have the Z3. Personally I prefer the design of the Z3. It's understated.. sturdy.. and feels more durable than the Z10

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Launching in India is a great move. That is a huge market for mobile devices. I would even argue that the mobile market in India can rival the market in the US in terms of overall sales. BUT, how many sales are we going to consider is a successful launch in India? I have no knowledge of the market in India. What device is the majority of people using today? Do people have to wait for contracts to expire? Do people have contracts in India? How many Z3 devices do they need to sell? 100,000? 1,000,000? 10,000,000? Are high sales numbers even possible in that market? I'm asking because I don't know. Would a CB member in India please try and do a break down for us here in North Amercia.


No contract in India. Customers buy phone with cash or loan. 40 million smart phones get sold per year in India and growing at the rate of 40% a year. Lot of customers prefer dual SIM. If they price at Rs11,000, they can sell few million phones a year easily.

In India most of the people aims for budget friendly devices tht is around 10000inr not more than 20000inr at that range Samsung provides a lot of variants starting from Samsung's galaxy s to s3 ,grand variant on....though all the variants in Samsung similar and look alike they go for it...if not they made their secondary option for trusty "Nokia" or crappy "sony"(coz of it's brand name) or lastly htc(for nonsense)....and if these shitty unstable androids and closed windows are heavier for their pocket they go for a change and they try micromax,Panasonic,xolo as they provide high end for fair value their don't even aim at LG or BlackBerry as LG provides worst camera and poor software upgrade and BlackBerry for old hardware and sharp edged os7 at the price tag of 15000 so they lost their market share a lot coz of old specs.coming to high-end market (>20000inr)they totally go for look alike Samsung and sony,htc for their brand name.even in India @apple takes top spot and they treat iphone as the symbol of silly....if u launch a Chinese crappy mobile look alike to a iphone with a apple symbol on it rules the market...these weird. Things happen across countrywide. When the market share is considered across the emerged and emerging cities across India similar happens but there u can see the life of BlackBerry in India . In cities most of the people go for blackberry for it's uniqueness and loyalty. And they even purchase Os7 devices because of trust and obviously coz of it's brand name and logo which is so appealing . So by launching BlackBerry z3 around 11000inr BlackBerry can reach a common man in India as blackberry z10 is reaching now for it's major price now the"Moto" is back on track blackberry show launch at a price point that Challenges Motorola's moto x,g,e..and in India "Samsung is nexus killer" no one would bye nexus if a Samsung crap launches ....BlackBerry need to invest some money in advertising in order to survive in India mostly for z3

It's Very Difficult in India for the Z3, because of the Andriod apps and the decreasing Price, I purchased the Z10 on the first day of the launch at 42,500 and the now the price of the Z10 is very much similar to the Z3, so why would ppl go for Z3 when they have an option of much upgraded version with the same price and the people in India wont select the Z3 because still BB lacks with the Apps, I know that you have the options for the Andriod apps but that doesnot work as the native apps, we need native apps and not android portable apps, if I wanted the android apss then why should I not go for android rather using BB, my Experience with the Z10 is not good so far even being a die heart fan of BB, since from the February 2013 till now my phone has been replace twice but still I am having the same issue which I ad from the day 1 and the quality of the device which BB sells in India re not good as they sell in the US, BB keeps on decreasing their price every now and then which feels very bad for the people like me when I see the Z10 price dropping so cheaply.

I hv purchased on mrp 43499 something and sold on 14k.. now purchased white Z30.. n too much happy..

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I would go for BB10 with Android because I like BB10 OS and its features, hub, multitasking, gesture based UI etc. I like Z3 handset also. Having Android apps on BB10 means having best of both the worlds. Also, imagine if Blackberry signs deal with Google for Google services. Android OS is very fragmented. Having uniform Android runtime on all BB10 devices is another advantage.

Still the marketing and availability of this device is moving way too slow, considering there is growing markets worldwide for such device.

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

How the f are they gonna sell it for just Rs. 12000?? That's impossibly cheap! I'm thing about Rs. 20k atleast.

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I hv already mentioned before in India it will be launched on 25th june.. with mrp of abt 19900 and dp price will be 18k.. its confirmed news guys

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"Once bitten, twice shy" lol.. quite apt for BlackBerry India. Z10 and Q10 became a joke for their launch price. Now it's selling at 60% drop in prices.

Anyways, I was thinking of gifting a Moto E to my dad, I'll wait and see at what price and when exactly will BlackBerry launch the Z3.. will gift this to my dad then..

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A good way to expand the user base. That's the key point to get devs working on BlackBerry 10

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Nice move BUT, in 2015 (end) the z10 wil be EOL.
Than what about the z3? With only 1.5gig ram? released in 2014 and EOL at the end of 2015?
Hopefully a lot of people will not complain about that

Indeed, they pointed that out.
But if you look how far old apple products carry new updates..

Anyway. Looking forward to my bext BB10 device with 10.3.1 or 10.4

Here goes nothing. I follow you guys religiously. Here is my first attempt at posting since this post features India. And I live here and more so have been a BlackBerry loyalist.

My recent experience of BlackBerry is as follows, on Father's day I went to a mobile shop to pick up a Z10 for my Dad (ended up buying one for my sister too). The bloke had 0 stock on him as far as BlackBerry was concerned, anyway, he made arrangements and I had 2. I use a Z30 and wanted a BlackBerry leather case, leave alone the case he wasn't aware of the Z30, he actually looked like a goat staring into thin air on my very mention of the Z30.

The truth of the matter which I think everyone wants to be oblivious of is that BlackBerry has lost hold and unless they come up with something revolutionary and put an adequate marketing budget around it, things won't fly. India is no longer the BlackBerry crazy nation it used to be. And that is that. There are a few OS 7 users and if they had it their way they would jump off the BlackBerry wagon.

As for me, since 2013 I've owned 2 Z10s, 2 Q20s and the Z30 now. What it does for me I guess it does not do for others. But I personally do not believe in volumes. A company needs to know it's niche and play on it. Too much is being said and nothing done about the sales figures of the handset business. From what I see, I don't see a strategy in place to revive the handset business. Its madness without method.

I wish BlackBerry success. But stop dwelling on the past and be progressive in marketing outlook. The 10 is a good product with poor funding to support it.

Blackberry has a difficult task in hand if it wants to woo the Indians. Because one, an average Indian has almost forgotten about Blackberry. Two, they think since it is not android it is a tad lower in features.
Yet i see a phone like Windows 8 (feature lacking and not an android)picking up. This shud give hope to BlackBerry.
What blackberry needs to learn from Nokia is to provide Indians with atleast one option in each price category. Make handsome phones that look attractive. Make the retailers stock up Blackberry devices so they can pitted against the likes of android and Windows phones whenever a customer is exploring his options at a retail outlet. They'll buy it.
Same happened with the Curve 8520 that became their cash cow in India. It was priced at the same level as the Z3 is expected to be and looked the sexiest phone in its category because of the qwerty.
Z3 should only be a start. They need many more BB10 phones in India to make an impact.

Posted from my ZedTen

Here is something they should do in India and I believe it will improve sales. Get top executives in firms to use their handset, the psychograph here will ensure others follow. There is no visibility for 10s right now. In the past BlackBerry was seen in the hands of "important people" and every wanted one. Now everyone sees an IPhone and they follow. And that is the truth. But then again, what do I know, I'm just a customer!!

Sales are going well? What does that equate to in units sold? My sales team tells me all the time it's going well until I see the numbers.

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Don't think it was a bomb in Indonesia. I think sales weren't as high as they expected and went back to the drawing board. Perhaps to get Foxconn to produce more z3s meant widening their target audience quicker than they wanted. I don't know how many phones they're going to sell in India alone. My guess is less than a million.
BlackBerry needs bb10 users to hit at least 10 million for app devs to start looking at developing native apps.

Too late. Just after the rumor that first generation BB10 device will be discarded came out.

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Remember Foxconn earns a piece of the profit, not profitable no Z3. If the Z3's are not selling well in Indonesia they would not be selling them in other countries. Therefore I can deduce the Z3's are selling well in Indonesia.

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Sell it like hell and get 'em into the people's hands!! :D

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India is a huge huge market and if Z3 lands properly in the hands of indian it can be a milestone in the revival journey of BlackBerry. I am quite positive. BlackBerry needs to keep bringing more devices in this range because indian want variety with low cost.

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Excitement and right pricing are essential in Indian market.
They should include a pre-order or first-come-first-serve basis pricing below 10K. Say 9999. A very good price point and then jack up to 12K.
Or even generate noise with 12K and actually offer at 9999.
But in all scenarios, shout out or get bullied!!

The pricing is right and the device looks much better than any other device in the price bracket. Yes, there are Micromax really good cheap Androids in the same range, but the plus point BlackBerry could have here is the brand name. Despite poor performance, BlackBerry still is a brand, and with a great OS, a completely new navigation experience, right marketing and MOST importantly the right price, this could do for BlackBerry what Curve did here in India, but that's only if they make its arrival heard.

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Among sales marketing and corporates : I see many still using their bold even though they can easily afford Iphones. So with OS10 being now updated and with support for android as well. Blackberry will ring good times with Z3. Also note that pple r tired of samsung, now.

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Somehow I feel if it priced at 12K. It will as as hit as bold. Acche din for BB. I am very hopeful.

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That's correct every product need advertisement to boost their sales.. because people are aware if they saw the advertisement. They will not buy the product because they are not familiar.. honestly here in Philippines I've known 5 people who uses BlackBerry and no other than that, the BlackBerry store is very little, and the other store I don't see any display of BlackBerry devices.. john Chen you need advertisement to boost your sales and to know what BlackBerry 10 can do. Honestly I'm a proud user of BlackBerry Q10. But people doesn't know what is BlackBerry 10.

Powered by Q10 :-)

I really like this move by blackberry been screaming about this for what seems like entirely too long! Emerging markets are gonna be key for BlackBerry! Good work Mr Chen!

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Good for India.
I'm loving my Z3!
Some if my friends already converted back to BlackBerry from Android due to the awesomeness of Z3, especially the design, Android capability and battery life.

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