BlackBerry Z3 coming to the Middle East in July, pre-orders start today

blackberry Z3
By John Callaham on 25 Jun 2014 08:21 am EDT

BlackBerry has announced that their BlackBerry Z3 smartphone will begin to go on sale in countries located in the Middle East starting in July, with pre-orders for the device beginning today in one of those countries.

The Z3 will go on sale first in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in July, and other Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait will offer the smartphone for sale sometime later this summer. UAE residents can go ahead and pre-order the phone via the BlackBerry Store in the Dubai Mall today.

Blackberry added:

Consumers who purchase a BlackBerry Z3 smartphone in July can benefit from an exclusive app offer. They simply have to login into the BlackBerry World storefront from their BlackBerry Z3 in the month of July and download a selection of free premium apps worth AED200.

Pricing for the BlackBerry Z3 in the Middle East was not revealed. The phone is already due for launch in India on July 2 and in Malaysia on July 7. The BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta edition was previously launched in Indonesia.

Source: BlackBerry

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BlackBerry Z3 coming to the Middle East in July, pre-orders start today


And I do hope that they focus more on widening the user base.. I mean, they don't overprice it BlackBerry.. keep it at 190 USD tops

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Did they already made a list of all country who will receive the BlackBerry Z3?

Sent with my amazing Blackberry Z30.

Yes, it talks about middle east country and I asked ALL country.

Did you read my question?

Sent with my amazing Blackberry Z30.

The Z3 will go on sale first in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in July, and other Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait

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That's not what he meant. He meant in the entire world and no such a list doesn't exist, they did however say they will probably bring out a lte version of the phone for asia,europe,america etc.

I hope this phone makes them a bit of profit. And I hope they can use the same models (using lower device prices) with future devices in the west as well. Just to increase adoption.

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Foxconn is not stupid. They did a test run in Indonesia to see if it sells. Make a batch run for 1000. Then see how the pre orders go with the rest of the countries. BlackBerry has some unique features but lacking consumer level apps hurt adoption. Even if the OS was half baked but all all the Apps, people would have bought the device. Now we have a more mature OS and better App availability. Not to mention the dead of the company is not a question. Media has given up in most parts on bashing the Brand.

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Rbrar...well said. why would they make 2 million Z3s for Indonesia if they did not know if they would sell.

I think the whining you hear from the India marketplace is positive- it means Chen thinks he can sell these at a more profitable price.

It's not BlackBerry's fault that they have excessive taxes in India.

Also, glad to see they are releasing in UAE - they never cry about price.

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They should come out with a Blackberry "Africa" phone....another market that still appreciates BlackBerry...

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Something that I think or feel nobody is addressing here, or better said, giving BlackBerry some credit for.
Is the fact that they have been executing lately quite fast
Remember the old BlackBerry " this device will be available soon " turns out it was 1 year later and that kind of crap
I feel they deserve some credit for addressing this about it crackberry!!??

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I'd agree. They seemed to have vastly improved in their execution. Chen seems to be steering the ship with an iron fist.

Just hope the markets can have confidence in the product and start buying.

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Totally agree. Apple and Samsung keep their new products under wraps until a big glitzy event where they're announced and then they're on sale worldwide within a few days. Blackberry would make a product announcement and then the actual product would be on the shelf 9-12 months later.

They leak their devices throw back channels all the time, to bring up hippe and then make a full release with all the features just before launch.

Mondi...if you can swing it..get the Z30....and join "Club Z30 "..

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No, they should order iThings, put down their guns and get hooked on cute little games and sharing selfies.

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Oh, so thats the reason why peacefull good guys from isis are on head choping spree... isis are criminals and should be dealt with bullets and bombs, no matter if its Iraq or Syria. Criminals are criminals, and mass murderers and hate murderers are the worst of them. Corrupt government does not give u legitimacy to go on killing and head choping spree and forming middle ages caliphat for opressing women and other citizens. And dont watch kremlin bs propaganda channels like RT, they are only showing some fantasy worlds most of the time.

Its offtopic, sry for that, but I cant be silent at terrorist ISIS supporter

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Good for you blackberry! I hope you offer some nice promotions for the US with the new devices that are coming out. PLEASE do some more advertising so people know that you are still in the game!

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Why don't u get the Z10? I bought mine 2 weeks ago for R2499 new. It's better specd than than the Z3, unless you want a bigger screen.

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Z3 has bigger battery, bigger screen, and is actually faster at loading Android apps

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BlackBerry is rolling out the Z3 faster than any other product. Foxconn obviously has to be given the credit.

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Since there has been no news about the LTE model, I assume this is the non-LTE variant that went to Indonesia, and I guess will go to India. If so, why are they shafting the Middle Eastern customers again? They did this with the Z10 as well. Not cool.

How are the shafting anyone? It's supposed to be a cheap phone not a flagship phone. If you want lte buy a z30 for instance.

Then why are they even going to bother releasing an LTE variant of it? It's not fair that the Middle East (which uses the same LTE bands as Europe) doesn't get the LTE version while Europe most likely will, and it's not like their phone LTE networks are non-existent (as is the case with India, and perhaps Indonesia and Malaysia.) And you know what? If history is an indicator, the non-LTE Z3 in the Middle East will be priced equivalent to the LTE Z3 in Europe/NA.

Waiting for the Philippines :-) I think Philippines is the last in Asia to have z3?

Powered by Q10 Philippines :-)

It's too bad it does not come pre loaded already with 10.3 and Amazon app store.

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Called BlackBerry store in Dubai, pre-orders tomorrow and anticipate stock by 1st July, retail around 200 USD, non LTE edition.

Hmmm the Z10 is 679 dirhams on which is way below $200 so they better price the Z3 lower than that.

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For those who refer to BlackBerry as "the snake-bitten Canadian smartphone maker", John Chen has stemmed the tide. Now, things are different. Very different, and positively so.
I'm happy to be BlackBerry.

Some who used to bash BlackBerry have stopped. They've realised the BlackBerry they're bashing is the BlackBerry of the past,not that of the present, and certainly not that of the future

I live in Dubai and it's 8 pm here. Just called the BlackBerry shop they are not taking pre orders yet.

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So what's the reason they can't release it everywhere? I really want one but I feel it's going to take longer than the second coming of Christ to get released in the U.S.

just coming from the store in the Dubai Mall. Preorders are taken, They dont know the price. you pay down 200AED and the rest once you pick it up. The problem is, they dont know if they will come in 2 weeks or after Ramadan. They do have a demo unit to play with which feels good....

Just ordered mine today. I have a Q10 and the z3 will be my secondary phone. Replacing it with my whacky samsung!

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899AED in Dubai, that is around 244$...
they dont learn on the pricings...
a Z10 is yours here for 649AED right now...

Why is BlackBerry not bring the Z3 to South Africa. I see legacy BlackBerry users switch to Android daily and weeks after the switch they complain and regret making the switch. Come on BlackBerry if you don't market and sell you products the people have no choice but to follow those who do.

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