The Z3 'Jakarta Edition' is being adopted by new BlackBerry users in Indonesia

BlackBerry Z3
By James Richardson on 30 May 2014 08:17 am EDT

The first Foxconn built device from BlackBerry - the Z3 - went on sale in Indonesia a short while back and I thought it was worth asking the question to the people the county if the new low cost handset was their first BlackBerry.

Taking a look at the results - things are looking good from where I'm sitting. That is if we take into account that hopefully only people in Indonesia actually voted in the poll. I'm sure a few votes from other countries slipped in which is a shame.

Anyway, what's encouraging is that not only did most people answer that the Z3 was their first BlackBerry, but just behind them are legacy BlackBerry users that have made the move to BlackBerry 10 with the new device. In addition, 12.5% of voters still hadn't made their minds up about joining us on BlackBerry 10 from another operating system - there must be folk out there that can see the benefits of using BlackBerry but just haven't been tipped over the edge yet to make the commitment.

We're not sure on how many Z3's have been sold so far in Indonesia, and even though stock ran dry it still doesn't give us an indication of figures, but as the device rolls out to other countries around the world later this year and with a 4G version I suspect that BlackBerry have made the right move with this latest budget offering. We'll have to wait and see how pricing pans out globally as there is some decent competition out there at the moment in the Android world for not much money.

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The Z3 'Jakarta Edition' is being adopted by new BlackBerry users in Indonesia


James.... I don't care if the people who voted are on Mars....

Any indication of people buying BB 10 for the "first time" is good news.

Adoption of BB10 in the USA has been pathetic - thanks to Thorsten and Frank Boulben....

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

That was me when I first got my Z10 last year. I love it. Best phone I've ever used. I promote it and BlackBerry all the time now, when before I thought BlackBerry was a failed company. The iPhone had passed its prime with me and I was bored. I had fell in love with the BlackBerry PlayBook because of its size and gestures, so that was the turning point for me. I decided to check out CrackBerry where I learnt about BlackBerry 10. I became enthralled and followed the development and release. I decided to give it a try last March. It took about 4 days to fully convince me as I had been completely invested in the iOS ecosystem since 2008. Best decision ever.

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Nice story. I did the same from bb7 to bb10 just had to make the leap to bb10 best OS never look back. Now to only let the world know blackberry is here to stay.

Vtecberry Z10

Unfortunately I don't trust those numbers. Too bad you couldn't limit the voting based on region

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Yep. This poll is not going to be accurate at all. I'm sure a few hundred votes from other regions slipped in, not just a few. :P

What he said. I didn't vote because I'm not from there, but I am sure people wanting to support blackberry voted, even if they weren't from the country

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If they could only realized that they were actually doing BlackBerry a disservice by voting (if they weren't from indonesia).

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If it was in Canada I would buy too, I already have the new Super phone... Z30 blackberry but I would like to see how the Z3 works too.

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that's the next level - but hells yea I would love to see a z3/z30 comparison. I wonder how it stacks up against a z10 as well

If we're using the car analogy I'll see your S8 and raise an R8. (Of course, a Bugatti Veyron SS would be pushing it a bit! ;) )

Let's go all out and say Citroën 2CV is bbos and the Maybach Exelerado is BB10. XD, I probably spelled those names wrong.

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I'll raise you a Town Car (slow but reliable workhorse) and an S63 (fast, yet incredibly refined)...

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You guys!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Used? So people are already starting to send it back? X) oh crap

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No. It's because the know they can make a profit from that. Most of the user love BlackBerry 10.

Q10 user

Indeed, because no one can say if all votes are from Indonesia... so it's USELESS!!!

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Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Geo-IP? Not too hard to do server-side. Let the CB webmaster have a look into it, if anyone cares...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Crackberry please remove this editor out of your team or create a filter so I can block his posts. 90% of his posts are for children, dummies or are just plain stupid! Sorry nothing personal but it's annoying.

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That's a little harsh, just ignore his posts if you don't enjoy or get value from them.

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The price is rising here in Indonesia, from initial price 2,2 million idr, now they sold it for 2,4 ~ 2,7 million, the jakarta logo is smart move

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Why is it a shame?
You could do that poll on Indonesian forums as a partnership or whatever... but if you do it here... it's obvious that some people will vote which are not from Indonesia ... so don't blame it on them..

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It's a shame that you take this poll serious... it's not accurate at all

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This is a fan blog site. It's meant to generate opinion and discuss. We're not electing the next US President. Just go with it.

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The conclusion which is made from this poll by the writer is even worse!

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Yes, at the very latest in 3months or never.. then it's too late..

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I very much agree! BlackBerry should start rolling out to those countries where the BlackBerry brand still has prestige and presence.

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Couldn't agree more. I've been wondering what are the strategies for those countries and what holding them back to launch z3 on those countries?

No matter how you play it, forever i'll be in it.

Couldn't agree more. I've been wondering what are the strategies for those countries and what holding them back to launch z3 on those countries.

No matter how you play it, forever i'll be in it.

Well, they first have to find carriers who are willing to offer it. Then figure out quantities with Foxconn. Then marketing strategies, etc. It's not going to happen overnight.

Blackberry has to launch the phone to India and other parts soon and with some good advertising

I like the part in the ad where there is a sticker saying " Android compatible " for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

"Android Compatible" should be on all advertisements for BB10 phones. It will really help because most consumers still seem to be unaware of this feature. It is a game-changer.

Posted via CB10 on the Zed Ten

I think an Indian launch may be in the works. If you go to the Z3 manuals page, they already have a "for India" manual up. They only seem to put this up for the models that make it to the Indian market.

People; be glad BlackBerry struck a synergistic relationship with Foxconn. Both companies will benefit including people that want a good and reliable phone.

So stop your whining and get on with more important things in your life!

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Are you telling me there is something beyond CB? Way to go, spoil my weekend.

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I don't know if the pool is reflecting the real Indonesian user, but for sure, with blackberry Z3 launching, a lot of my friend who is using blackberry legacy (BBOS) move to BB10 - I just bought 2 Blackberry Z3 + 1 on process (total 3) so my friend can replace their blackberry legacy.. and btw, I am from indonesia..

Posted from my Quten

That's nice.
What are your thoughts on the Z3 launch?
Is it going well?
What about advertising?
If I were in Indonesia and had no clue about the Z3 would i notice it if I went to a shopping mall or walk through the city.

Posted via CB10 on my ZED10

The launching is not as huge as other big event, but still noticeable, they put advertiser in newspaper.. on the first lunch around mei 13th, the people still waiting the thing "Z3" what it's look like, what it's feel, people still wait and see for the device... but now.... people are looking this device desperately... and no stock available in the market... I am waiting 2 whole week just to get the last one.. - it's available because now they are running a launching in a big mall in other big city in indonesia besides jakarta -- in indonesia.. blackberry brand is still quite a good brand... some people still think, blackberry IS a BlackBerry .. not a phone :)

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Its sad many have been duped by Android thinking a phone with more powerful spec is also the most powerful.

Time and time again it has not proven to be the case. Maybe the spec is used to collect data on the user. Smart Bug. Take a look at android flagship HTC one M8.yes it looks shiny on outside. The spec looks good on paper but once you use a simple feature Ex. Phone camera the phone heats up!!

Video chat has been around for 2 years. But not one android phone proven reliable over the carrier network. It was and still is a gimmick.

I have used BBM video on my BlackBerry 10. I can tell you it's the most clear video and sound on both ends. It never breaks a signal. With Blackberry the world now finally has videochat that works!

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Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

BBM video is great. Used it extensively in New Zealand , Australia and Japan to phone North America. Never failed, just wonderful. I gave up on SKYPE a year ago. That's a product that never seems to advance beyond mediocre.

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The future of communication looks good with Blackberry. BBM Voice, BBM Video proves it. Not just texting anymore.

I have only started using BBM video about month ago. I had BlackBerry 10 for about 1 1/2 years. I was thinking it's all a gimmick like my experience with android videochat.

With BBM video I was able to show panoramic view of my location to my associates. It was amazing experience.

I'm going try out BBM Voice. One hand communication is now practical with BBM Voice.

I believe all people should should have the option to experience BBM no matter what OS. Keep the updates Coming BlackBerry.

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Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

In the land of indonesia where Z3 wa recently launched, not android, ios or bb10 are worthy of video call. The BB10 video chat is nothing to write home about.
Heck, even bbm voice drops most of the time. It all boils down to connection quality of the providers. And believe me no one provider in indonesia have that. I have 4 different mobile for data and swap them around between handsets to see which combo fits best. NONE DO.
Everything, not just Skype, becomes a gimmick when it comes to poor quality connection even at 3G+ quality. 4G is still in its infancy here and their coverage area akes you laugh...

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App! on my Oppo Find Way S

Here, its 4G LTE ,Xlte. Fastest network available.

Years ago we had 3G. Back then voice chat, Video chat never worked or existed over carrier network.

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

My Z10 (in Jakarta) to my friend Z3 (in Bali) or to my wife Q10 (in Jakarta) of ввм Video didn't have problem at all.

Are you sure living in Indonesia?

All the providers here are now in good services.

FYI, I'm using Halo, Telkomsel, my wife using Xplore, XL and my friend using Mentari, Indosat.

Again, Are you sure living in Indonesia? :p

CB10 on  Z10STL100-2/

The no such thing as a bad poll, just ill thought out.

Might I suggest another poll for those who insisted on voting.

Do you intend to buy the BlackBerry Z3 when it is available worldwide?

1. Yes , it's a BlackBerry and cheap - I'm amazed those words are in the same sentence.

2. No , I'm happy with my non secure device

3. I'm not sure, I'll wait until I see what the response is.

To all you armchair critics, at least Mr Richardson is doing his part for Crackberry / BlackBerry.

Put up or shut up

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!! ©

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Are new Jakarta users on CB? (sorry, shouldn't try wiping lint off my screen while typing)! :-)

Posted on my Q10 via CB10

I am not a new BlackBerry jakarta user, I am using Q10, but my wife, and her little sister is new BlackBerry Jakarta user

Posted from my Quten

Your telling me Toronto isn't in Indonesia? News to me. LOL. I didn't vote but I guess sometimes people's liking for BB10 gets the best of them.

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BlackBerry needs to police carriers... I guarantee you when the Z3 hits the caribbean it will be $400 USD for the one just launched in Jakarta. Heaven forbid it be a 4G capable one... then it's gonna be more!

LIME and Digicel are disgusting and continue to stifle bb10 growth in Barbados and the rest of the caribbean. The z10 is about $850USD while the q10 is like $900USD. Even the bloody iPhone 5s is around $1000USD #Bastards.


Please Crackberry kick this editor out of your team! When I read the headline I am happy for BlackBerry but when I open the post is the writer happy with his poll with about 1000 users in total from which he doesn't know if they are from Indonesia and makes the conclusion mentioned in the headline!

What a BS articles.

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Chill out, CNX66 :
1/ polls never reach all users (and only a fraction will answer)
2/ Z3 is Indonesia only ... where should they alternatively come from ?

James is professional enough to include editorial precautions as he didn't have - probably - all the poll tenants; have a step back an relax.

Take it easy dude. Free speech doesn't mean you become inconsiderate, rude, and write nonsense on public forums. May be you should be banned on commenting on this site for being an a$$.

Is it? I haven't seen a single user in my download stats. Organize some sort of holla so we can see them! :)

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Ya if you are not believe from that numbers you can visit to Indonesia.. you will be surprising about BlackBerry matter android or ios or windows phone..
They always find BlackBerry especially bbm

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BlackBerry need bring Z3 to Canada BB10 is popular here and like the US

BB Z30!! Running OS

Hi Guys I'm Leo from Jakarta Indonesia, I just want to share the story about Z3 in Jakarta.. a lot of Jakarta People come to buy the Z3. And my Friends buy a lot of Z3 to sale again to others because my Friend have a store sale mobile phone.. in Jakarta ITC Roxy Mas. My friend buy the Z3 for USD $189/unit and my friends buy for 20 unit Z3 he sale again for USD $ 220, and it's sold for only one day.. then my friend buy another Z3 for USD $200/unit. He sale USD $230/unit. Last day I heard from him that he sold for USD $290/unit.. because the Z3 stocks depleted and hard to find in Jakarta. Amazing and Bravo for Mr Jhon Chen... I wish this is the turning point for BlackBerry to take the Market again... cheers Guys Viva BlackBerry

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this is actually worrying. Not being able meeting the demand means loss of sales and clearly put off dreams of global roll out before the specs are deprecated. Looks like foxconn only builds it when it has nothing else to build...

I'm living in jakarta now for work and since the launch date I haven't seen anyone with a z3 at all, and believe me when I say I'm looking...sales might be ok but I hope they really take off here...because when I lived here in 2008 everyone had a blackberry...let's hope it gets back to that again

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If prices are going up it means something good is happening. Demand is exceeding supply and BlackBerry doesn't have the same manufacturing power as Apple or Samsung. I think in time we will see how the Z3 is doing. But I think they can make it the most popular BB10 device if they do it right.


I'm indonesian, i can't find it in any official stores. If there's one the price is 20% higher than the official one. I'm using BlackBerry z10 right now, but I want to buy z3 for my sister, yet I still have to wait and still looking at it.

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BlackBerry Z3 third launched now @ Surabaya, second largest city in Indonesia. Just found out that 100 units sold out in the second days just in few hours in the morning. I got there in the afternoon but no more stocks available. Should wait for tomorrow, said the counter girls. Good selling BlackBerry. Good luck!!

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Thats was Good news for BlackBerry! Z3 is All sold out in my place Jakarta. And now the price is high

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I never had a other phone past my flip phone but blackberry. I also tell everyone about it. A small curve and now my z10.

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I'm new on BlackBerry too, i was a WP and symbian user wich for me were really good OS's on their own goods, the reason: I hate android so bad. Thinking to stay in BlackBerry unless Jolla Sailfish OS gets to mexico!.

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This is a great smartphone once again! Thanks Blackberry! I'm currently using my ever reliable BB Z10 here in Makati City, Philippines. But i'd love to get a BB Z3 for that extra screen real estate and battery life.
Crackberry, have you got any idea when it is going to land in Manila, Philippines? I'd be happy to know. Thanks!

I was using a Samsung tablet today and I kept swiping and the damn thing didn't work lol the gestures and active frames really make things easy and feel natural. The revolution was not televised, for the first time in a long time the competition is behind Us not in sales I know but BB 10 is really awesome. Read an update about iOS 8 and they are talking about gestures, so last year literally.

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Saya belum pernah mencoba z3 ini. Namun preferensi pribadi dari sisi kebutuhan seharihari, saya lebih memilih z10. Pertama dari sisi harga retail z3 hampir Rp2.6juta. Bandingkan dengan z10 garansi lokal distributor dengan harga nyariz sama. Kedua, Saya lebih memilih kerapatan pixel z10 dibanding ketahanan baterai z3. Ketiga, ukuran z10 lebih pas digenggam dibanding z3 yang menurut saya terlalu lebar.

Kembali lagi semua adalah masalah selera dan sangat subyektif antar orang. Yang penting adalah memaksimalkan perangkat yang kita miliki.