BlackBerry Z3 announced for India, sales begin July 2nd

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2014 03:26 am EDT

As expected from previous rumors surrounding the launch, one day after the announcement in in Malaysia the BlackBerry Z3 has been announced for India. If you live in India and are looking to get your hands on a Z3, you can pre-order the device through the Mobile Store, Flipkart and BlackBerry exclusive stores. Device delivery has been noted for July 2nd with the retail pricing set around Rs. 15,990.

In addition to the launch device announcement, BlackBerry has also officially enabled BlackBerry Maps for India after a few weeks of it working fine but no mention of it. Looking for more info on the BlackBerry Z3? Be sure to check out full review for the full specs, photos, video and more to get a better look at the device on the whole.

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BlackBerry Z3 announced for India, sales begin July 2nd


Dammit, came here to see the typical one word comment that's posted at the exact same time as the article was posted, only to see an actual legitimate comment first... I'm so bummed... :-D

Anyway, how much does that translate to in USD? What do you think should be the price range? I assume you live in India so you should have some insight on what might work in your market.

Edit: Ok, according to the trusty internet, that's like about $265? Yah, that does seem a bit high, isn't it supposed to be "under $200" everywhere??

India has pretty shitty import regulations so I wouldn't be surprised if most of the price difference between Indonesia and India is made up of import duties and other taxes.

This is why it's almost impossible for foreign companies to compete in India in any sector without manufacturing locally.

Posted via CB10

Well, I'm sad to hear that. I think in BB's position, they need to get as many of their phones out there as possible, they should sell them at cost in India, if that would help sell more devices... I'm sure if they bring the price down to that, then after all of the taxes it'll be a pretty affordable device. I think once they establish some ground first, when people start seeing them in people's hands and if the name BB becomes popular again, then maybe they can start profiting off them. I think if the phone is too expensive, nobody will buy them and they'll just go nowhere again...

Actually, I said sell at cost. But even if speaking about selling at a loss: "No company would do that." Are you sure that's your final answer? One of the most profitable companies around right now started by selling everything at a loss... Any one with even the slightest interest in business and how business works should know this example...

no the point is customers are not ready to suffer loss by paying rs15900 for a rs10000- rs12000{im being generous} phone...maybe blackberry will have their reasons for overpricing it..thing is with the ultra high competition here with even nokia struggling {nokia is still a big brand here} and samsung releasing tons of affordable phones at this price range and motorola launching good specd phone at previously unthinkable prices and numerous chinese phones{actually good ones!} u think customers will pay more for just blackberry name?they wont enquire about the reason for overpricing..its their money and they have no reason to help a company for charity..
and believe me customers at this price range are very price conscious unlike the high end if u want to sell phones in this category price reasonably or fail...

Wow I really can't believe all the comments about the price... 260 USD outright for an amazing BlackBerry device seems like a steal to me. In the US the Z3 would be much higher and not to mention would probably have to sign a contract.

People complaining that the Z10 price has come down some... the Z10 is over a year and a half old at this point, the Z3 has an awesome 5 inch screen. There isn't a single device you can even look at here with a 5 inch screen alone that cost only 260 USD. You don't even realize how good you have it there on price. Maybe if India didn't stick it to companies with import taxes it would be lower.

Why not chillout and support the company we all love.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

It's not about not appreciating the value of the device. It's about the promise they didn't keep and how much less they're going to sell. Would you be happy and congratulate your friend who is going down, or be truthful and say what's on your mind?
The US is an entirely different market from India, why even bother to compare? The competition you see there between expensive high end flagships is close to non-existent here. You want to see something similar, check out the millions of people here who buy phones only under 15k INR. And to them, this is something they'll never even consider buying. To other fans like us, it's just an other opportunity we thought would revive BlackBerry, but we should have known better. Why shouldn't we lament, mate? Even you should.

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

BlackBerry has always failed only because of less advertise and high price. ..... And yes BlackBerry you are doing both again......

Posted via CB10

yea point is customers dont care and they need not care coz they can get same or better phones at lesser price with their hard earned money..only hardcore fans will spend that with the current options available..

MOTO too has to go through the same process isn't it?? And Moto G is great one in all respect with a competitive price tag. hope they are not doing business in loss. This was BB last and Golden opportunity but sadly (accept it) they have screwed it up real BAD.
BB Fans don't have anymore reason to be optimistic anymore. Accept the fact everything is over.

Nope, it's only beginning. You a basher or fan of ios or android. Sure they're cheap, but they aren't as good as what blackberry offers. Plus google is their bitch. Ever thought of that? Lol.

Because you are a fool. The device has ridiculous specs for being prices at barely 260 USD. I'm comparing about the US because here it would likely be at least 400 USD. It is your own countries ridiculous tax and import fees that caused the slight uping of the price. Not BlackBerry. Do you even want BlackBerry to be successful?

It is about a 50 to 60 dollar difference.... I realize that ever penney counts sometimes but maybe if 50 dollars is that big of deal you don't need a new shiny smartphone. I know how Indian people always want a "deal". I've worked in customer service and sales for years. But this deal is ridiculously good.

Wake up and see the light India. It's not just about how cheap the price is your getting a bad ass 5 inch BlackBerry for 260 USD. Stop whining and go support the company we all love.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

+1, yeh, whiners stop whining. It also annoys me to hear people slam blackberry for this so called "unfulfilled promises," when these are, in fact, acceptable market adjustments. Reducing everything to "another betrayal by blackberry" or "another fail by blackberry" is simplistic, self-entitled thinking.

Posted from my Z30

Yes, USD 50 is a big deal in many parts of the world. The reason being that USD 50 can be a weeks wages for an executive, what about those who are not at that level?

Posted via CB10

Yes, Price has disappointed me, it should have been less than 5000 . around 11000 Rs.

Z10 is being sold at 19K officially and this will be sold at 16K. not much difference.

anyway I will be buying Z3 through my local dealer.

19k? Three of my pals got the Z10 last month for 13.5K. And I thought the Z3 was a budget phone, bringing the possibility that it would at least be priced the same as the Z10, if not lower.

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

13.5 K phone you are getting those are imported from other country like mexico & africa,

those are not STL100-1, means these phone may not be compatible with Local ISP's. that is why they being sole at such low cost..

You mean the regional telecoms? Well, importing them from other countries won't make them any less unlocked.

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

True. But if they don't sell they will just do a sale and that us that. I think they are probably testing the waters.

For 16k??? When Z10 is available at lower price...whn will they learn. what happened to USD 200 pricing promise...expect a lot of backlash and negative publicity just because of outrageous pricing (as always).

Posted via CB10

Any 5 inch phone with awesome battery life and software as smooth as butter and ability to run android apps which sells less than 15k don't tell moto G or micromax or Samsung with its bloatware anything from android over a period of time is slow as a pig

Posted via CB10

Those phones don't need to be "sold". They sell based on the buzz. And BlackBerry lacks that buzz right now. It was a perfect opportunity to create that so important buzz, but they messed up as always.

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If you keep blaming blackberry, it doesn't make sense! It's the GOVERNMENT that set the high import/duty and taxes.

Very very very very very high.

It should be 12k if they want a good response.

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

How about they give it for free people always Bitch and wine do you even know the excise tax sales tax commission for the retailers fluctuating $ rate all count when they decide the price

Posted via CB10

Try and convince a normal consumer saying that and see what happens

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

Yeah this same thing was told when Z10 was launched and check now where the price is. ( From 43365 to 16600 with official warranty )
Do justify the fall of Z10 too

They were subsidized by BlackBerry shareholders (You're welcome) when they wrote off the value of (millions?) of them, so their accounting cost base was dramatically lower. They could then technically sell them at a profit at a much lower selling price. That is not a sustainable business model.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

You are and idiot allwyn. It's such a ridiculously low price I doubt BlackBerry with even make much off any of the Z3's they sell. It's 260 us dollars... you make me sick bitching about the price.

If you can't afford the slight difference them maybe you don't need a new shiny smartphone.

2 of my best friends are Indian. But even they drive me crazy with their constant "deal" making. Do you want BlackBerry to give it away for free? Do you want BlackBerry to be around in the future? If the answer is yes then shut up and support the company we all love. In the US we couldn't even dream of a device this good for 260 USD off contract.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

One more thing that all have not taken into account is high price of dollar. When BB was selling curve for 12k 3 years ago it turned out to be almost 240 USD. Problem is price of dollar. Same way price of iPhone increased from 45k to 51k because dollar jumped a lot. But Still price wud stabalise arnd 14k in few weeks time.

Yes my frnd they did mess up with pricing of Z10. At par with iPhone 5s. And it bombed. I am eagerly awaiting for classic but I hope the price it competitively. Otherwise BB will end up with another failure. Too bad when mere 2.5 years ago bold 9900 drove people crazy and last year Z10 got such a Luke warm response. 9900 sold for 2k more than its price,that is almost 40 dollars more. There was shortage all over. And people at few places paid double of what the price was.

India has a huge market. Place classic around 35k that is 600 dollars and it will sell like crazy. Thing is that Samsung has lots of devices and by the time Classic will be out S5 wud be selling at 30 to 35k. So if they place classic around that range it wud blow away competition. Bt I can well expect classic to be priced not less than 750 dollars and BB will repeat the same mistake again.

A normal customer doesn't care how much it sells in Malaysia or Indonesia either btw this is still the initial price which will go down eventually

Posted via CB10

I think for starting the price is okay... wait some months and you will have a price under 200$ ;)

Rs.12000 was s good price point. At Rs.15,990, Z3 will go head on (in fact Rs.1000 expensive) with immensely popular Moto G here in India.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

It is a serious issue... at almost 16K it is not going to sell.. like what happened with the Z10 and they will land up selling it at 6K after a year and Millions of dollars of inventory write down... they simply do not have a pulse of the Indian market.. too bad

Posted via CB10

Flipkart is going to give a 1K voucher for a month or something like that.

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

Absolutely disappointed with price tag!! If dey were not gonna get the phone for 200$ usd then why did they made wrong statement!! Stick to your words BlackBerry!!! Totally disappointed... n well z10 is available in India in a range of 12000-16000 depends on which warranty and stl version u prefer!!


Pretty much agree with every one else. Rs. 15,990 is a bit too much. I sold my Z10 less than 24 hours ago on the hope that BlackBerry will price the Z3 aggressively. But these damn Taxes. Nevertheless, I shall purchase it. Need the boost of battery. Z10 isn't exactly a full day driver.

Posted via the BlackBerry Z-Ton

Could you tell me where it is sold for 13.5k? Tell about software support for z10 by BlackBerry. thanks

For 13.5 it's available on ebay. But don't go for those as they don't provide manufacturer's warranty. Only sellers provide warranty. So those are not official devices. Insted keep searching for those with full BlackBerry india warranty. My friend kept searching n bought a z10 for 15,096 on ebay.

By that I meant the devices for which BlackBerry doesn't provide warranty and refuses to even touch if you go for repair.

Even with shitty regulations it would have costed 14,000 had it been priced at level of Indonesia. Get ready for bad sales of z3. Recently a friend of mine bought z10 from ebay worth rs 15000 with full manufacturer warranty. On flipkart also z10 is worth 17000. So how do they expect to sell it for 16000. Do they even want to sell it?

Phones with similar specs available at much cheaper prices. Government doesn't charge BlackBerry alone. Got it?

Blackberry India knew about the import duties levied. They could have managed this imo. Keeping the actual price of the phone lower.

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

Once again flop show for BlackBerry like Z10. Huge price. Best price is Rs:1200/-. When blackberry learns from others. See Moto G sales because of price point. If BlackBerry needs to stand here in India they has to think their strategy. Once again same story like Z10. Z10 launched at 44000/-, now at Rs: 18000/- officially and 15550/- onlune shopping.

Using BlackBerry Z10

Posted via CB10

Fail.... z10 is selling in India at rs. 17,000 nobody is going to buy this phone..... people will go for z10 instead

Posted via CB10

No, it's the government that charged so much for import taxes and duty. Otherwise the price would be lower.

It's a good phone as from reviews and other videos!!! But hope to c change in price very soon


Its $65 more expensive to Z3 in Indonesia. I don't blame the taxes. Z10 sold well in India so BlackBerry kind of got carried away, I guess.

Bla1ze ain't f****** around with the EIC title, I've lost count of how many times he wrote something in the last 48hours lol!

Posted via CB10

Price is higher than expected.. bad move by BlackBerry.. Pricing around INR 11,000-12,000 would have been ideal

Posted via CB10

BB has again shot itself in the foot and killed Z3 even before it is born in India because of its crazy price. 11K or lower should have been the price. Consumers don't bother about taxes/ duties etc. They care about the final price only. R.I.P. Z3 in India.

From strategic point, what I see BB India is trying/attempting to further push up Z10 sales numbers by means of keeping new device (Z3) price closer to already existing device (Z10) for atleast one quarter if not more. (Recall: BB had previously written off large amount of Z10 device). Further, I will expect Z3 in short supply.
I would also not be surprised, if in next quarter price of Z3 goes down & Z10 (marginally down too).
Z10 sales numbers are marginally higher compensating the potential revenue loss from Z3
A new launch of Passport device priced closer to Z30, following the same pricing pattern as in case of Z3.

At this rate I don't see much hope for sales of BlackBerry phones in India. Already all over Internet you can see howlings like "towoo kwostly" and " lolz" etc by disgruntled Indian mobile customers. With a price that is so close to not well known Z10, and a flood of cheaper but specification rich Chinese phones already available, Chen (or whoever is in charge of sale figures in India ) will have a real living nightmare of a time in their hand.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Forget Chinese phones, Micromax just started with Canvas Win series and that is what BlackBerry has to compete with right now.

16k is too much for Z3 as Z10 is available for Rs 17000 bucks and heck even it is available in ebay for Rs 12000..

Again bad pricing will impact as it made a huge bad impact on Z10 and Q10.

Posted via CB10

Sorry to say, but what are you thinking BB? The price is a big disappointment. You guys have a very grave misunderstanding about the mobile price game in India.
You guys are launching a phone inferior than Z10 at a price higher than its. Z3's price should've been in between 10000 to 11000.
How will it sell at this price?

The price is ridiculous. And please don't tell me it's import duties and taxes. How is it that every other phone company manages it but Blackberry cannot?

Posted via CB10

Obviously I don't know the Indian market but what else could they do? It's a bigger device with much better battery than the Z10, it has FM radio and it's launching at less than half the cost.. After they sell out because of low inventory which is probable given the new Foxconn deal they will have to make or ship more. If then there are too many they can lower the price. If they start too low and sell out anyways they are leaving precious profits on the table. If they start too low, there is no reward for the risk. Even the App world argument is less because of the reliance on Amazon now. It's a difficult position to be in but I think it sounds like a reasonable strategy.

Posted via CB10

I am From India and let me tell you something very frankly, there is no Forgiveness for what they have done this time. The Z10 was a disaster and I think this is a bigger one. There can be no logical justification for the price tag for this device. Rs. 13 - 13.5K would have been somehow acceptable and anything below would have drawn a vast number of customers but this price is just unacceptable for India public. Accept it or not, I can see imminent death of my Beloved BB. My Heart started crying now. This is the End My Friend, this is the END.

May I ask a question? Did BlackBerry sell any Z10's at 44,000 when they launched a year ago? I think everybody knows that the price will come down as they always do. If you wish to be in the "selective" crowd by having one first then you will have to pay 15,000 (which is actually closer to 1/3 of the Z10 launch price) The Z3 has some real advantages over the Z10 and with limited supply I suppose they will sell out. Why leave profit on the table? Giving them away for cost will not help BlackBerry except for perhaps a very small amount for native developers but if you can't afford $265 for a phone are you really going to spend $200 on apps?

No debate on what you said. However almost all other comments here merely reflect the ground reality that exists in Indian mobile market. True, BlackBerry's hands are tied here. But the common Ram may not be concerned himself with that fact. The 'zero advertisement ' strategy of BlackBerry doesn't help either.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

I think you are missing the main point. The core purpose of bring out the Z3 was to reach it to the maximum number of people but at this price point half the Battle is already lost. They (BB) did the same blunder with the others BB10 devices and this was a golden opportunity for them to make things right as many people were considering to buy it but with this price tag there is already a negative sentiment growing among people. Moto is a perfect example what wonders right pricing can do. Had they priced it at around 13k it would have been a hot favorite for many. Accept it or not this is a Great Blunder.

Not to be argumentative as you could very well be right, but what if your core purpose assumption is incorrect. It is not to reach the maximum number of people but to make a profit on the few "niche" phones they actually sell? I say this only because if I were a shareholder I want the company profitable as quickly as possible. Perhaps the ship has already sailed on maximum exposure being the route to a bigger more profitable company?

Dude you are a complete idiot. It is a ridiculously good device with a 5inch screen for around 260 dollars usd. You Indians bitching about the price makes me sick. It is your own governments bs taxes and import fees that caused the slight uping of the price.

Do you want BlackBerry to be successful? Do you want BlackBerry to be around in the future? If the answer is yes then stop bitching and support the company we all love.

It's disgusting. If 50 dollars difference is that big of a deal then maybe you don't need a new shiny smartphone at all. Maybe you need to get your life in order.

The only reason google is able to sell the moto G slightly cheaper is because they recoup a lot of the cost stuffing ads all over your device and data mining all your personal information and selling it to the highest bidder.

BlackBerry doesn't do that at all. They protect us with incredible security. So if you want them to be around in the future... inform yourself and stfu and support the company we all love.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

+1 again, am with you Antoniius. :) But to our Indian "brothers-in-blackberry," I'd encourage you not to be too harsh and judgmental on BlackBerry just because of this 65 usd price difference. Let us wait and see how Z3 sales perform. Perhaps, there is a method to this price madness, that we do not really know.

Posted from my Z30

Hi, I am from India and I know that it's the government import duties which lead to a higher price point in India. However, the common Indian man is not so aware of the details or may I say is naive. All they care about is a glass slab with whatsapp, fb and a camera under 10k (150$). Motorola has struck gold with MOTO E in that case. Being a BB fan, I would have loved to see them selling the z3's in a huge number. It is very difficult to convince the common man. India could have been a great market, had the price been around 13K(with taxes included).
They might not have to decrease the price any further (unlike Z10) if they succeeded to catch a wave.

BBRY fans in India, I feel you.

The Motorola G is selling like hotcakes. It's priced right now at 13999. Blackberry is offering a pre launch price of 14999. Don't tell me they couldn't have absorbed some of the pricing, aimed for a low profitability phone and kept it near the Motorola G.

Posted via CB10

The LAST NAIL in their Coffin has been Hammered now.
I fail to understand why BB don't understand the sentiment of the Customers. Though their reputation was all time low but there were many (at least much better than the last 2 years) prospective buyers of Z3 thinking the price tag would be reasonable. BUT, BB screw it up. Accept it or not, this this the end of it for BB in India. I am wondering what $h!t the top level !diots were drinking. Don't they understand the simple RULE of the Market Game. It hurts to see our beloved company is going do. Now there is no slightest of Hope alive. They have messed it up real bad this time.

No more Hope to be Optimistic.

Simplistic and too sound like the Prophet of Doom come to blackberry. yaiks, you are scary, man.

Posted from my Z30

No Buddy I never owned any Android or iOS because right from the beginning I was a BB Nerd. Call me whatever you like but the reality in here is what I was trying to portray. India is super sensitive when it comes to price. Few of my friend whom I managed to convinced for the Z3 just went to market and bought some stupid Samsung and such silly thing just because of the Z3 price. Sadly they paid more than what they would have paid for the Z3. It is all about market sentiment and trends. BB should have gone for making an impact rather than making profit. anyway, we all have our own perspective of looking into things but the general sentiment here is that the Z3 is very overly priced.

i was hoping to buy this one ...but the cost is way too high than what they had said earlier...but i guess
they will reduce it further in a few months like they did for z10...

I would like to buy it online. Why isn't BlackBerry making it available worldwide?

Posted via CB10

Wow. What a bunch of whining and crying. Cmon BlackBerry give those Z3's away for free..the Indians deserve it ... don't they?

Hey, here's a thing. If you can't afford it. Don't buy it. Sheesh.

Why can't I buy a brand new Dodge Ram for $5000? Damn you Chrysler!

Posted by the indomitable Zed Ten.

All these whining and crying is just because WE CARE and cant afford to see our beloved Brand is going to bite dust very soon with such foolish strategies. It is not that we can't afford it but there are a huge crowd for whom it is expensive. People shows their emotions because they care. Got it Mr. Maximus?? Time and again BB fails to understand the customer's sentiment because of which they are in such a Bad if not Pathetic Shape.

Maximums65, already people are not buying it. Anyone with BBRY in India is laughed at. You have no idea of the situation here.

Kosmos2503: I totally agree with you. BB has failed again to get hold of the Indian Market Dynamics. The large population of India should have been their target. Price less, sell more should have been there MOTO. Now due to media bashing and negative sentiments the sales might not take off.

This is what people will do: they will compare specs with the cheap android phones and might find the Z3 better (if they have discerning power) or similar to some models. In the end they will say let's go for the android phone which is probably (120$) cheap and almost similar in their opinion.

Heck the people are not aware what BB has to offer and by the time they realized it might be too late. My bleeding heart with BBRY.

Amem Max all these idiots bitching about the price makes me sick.

It's 260 usd... it's so ridiculously cheap to start and it's still not good enough for them. nothing really is. It is your own countries bs tax laws and import fees that cause the slight increase in price. Maybe if 50 dollars is a big deal you people need to get your life in order.

Do you people even want BlackBerry to continue to make the devices we all love? Do you want BlackBerry to be around in the future?

If the answer is yes then STFU and support the company we all love.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Indeed Antonius.

I support BlackBerry. I buy their products and the companies shares. You will never hear me bitching and moaning, not in my nature.

So... yes, let's all be positive and promote this great company moving forward.

A device this powerful 10 years ago would have been a fortune. Because of all the hard work at BlackBerry, the majority of the planet's population can now afford one. Let's all give some credit where credit is due.

Posted by the indomitable Zed Ten.

Absolutely agree 100% Max. BlackBerry is innovating and working their ass off at a lightning speed pace.

I buy their shares and multiple devices at full retail to help support them. No where else in a privacy free world can you get the security and power of BlackBerry from any other manufacture.

Everything has been crazy positive for BlackBerry and I'm so excited for what's to come from them. I will be first in line for the Passport and I'm sure I'll be picking up a Classic too.

Stop complaining Indians. Support the company we all love. I will die before I have to use android or ios ever again. BlackBerry for life.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

This is barbaric, why wouldn't someone go for Z3 instead of Z10, when he can get it for 1000 Rs extra!!!

Posted via CB10

People like maximus65 don't understand the market sentiments and just have to say something for the heck of it... what a looser!!!

Posted via CB10

It's spelled "loser" jackass. And yah I do. I am a shareholder of the company. I have a right to bitch, because I am an owner. Do you?

Didn't think so.

Posted by the indomitable Zed Ten.

Guys this isn't about me or you. The phone was a part of BlackBerry's strategy to turn things around, and we all know what happens when they get the pricing wrong. And this is to you Maximus, if people think the pricing is high, it is high. And it isn't doing good to anyone. For what it's worth, you as a shareholder should be more worried than the rest.
And instead, some people are busy calling out (misspelled) names, some busy correcting them.
No offense anyone, peace out.

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

Totally agree John.

I do worry about sales. Obviously I want the Z3 to be a big hit in India. Price points are critical for sure, but I am hoping BlackBerry has learned a few things about the Indian market to make it a success.

My point is, the price may be too high for some consumers, but may hit their target audience, which is India's large middle class.

Thanks for your post and have a great day!

Posted by the indomitable Zed Ten.

Having one share and boasting it doesn't make you the owner!!! Go and use your profound knowledge of curses on your grand dad and not in here 'oh the owner of BlackBerry '!!!

What!!! Your grand dad don't want you in his house? Thought so!!!

Posted via CB10

Another high Pricing given to Z3 as compared to Android, so we should expect the price would definitely go down in nxt couple of months..., this is always the poor point of BlackBerry India, while the launch they keep the price so high that the sales does not goes good as expected, and when they see their sales have gone down then they reduce the price in nxt couple of moths after the launch, Blackberry India have to Think about the pricing before the launch so that they don't have to reduce the Price again and again..

BlackBerry! You lost the competition!!! Price > Rs.15000 is going to act as your enemy... keep the price below Rs.11000 ...z3 will sell like hot cakes!!!

With CB10 with lovely  Z10STL100-1/

BB what are you thinking charging 260 US. Do not get greedy to fast it will backfire!!
For a budget phone this is over priced in India !! You could be selling tons of these drop the price !!

It's good to get perspective from customers in the Indian market. There's a lot of arm-chair pricing experts, making reactionary proclamations without all the information.

Maybe the initial stock is limited so local resellers are keeping the price "high" to match their limited supply, but their cost from BlackBerry is low enough that once their stock ramps up they'll be able to drop the price without losing money, and BlackBerry would make the same profit from the initial high price and the future lower price. Who knows...

Yes, so many overreactions, exaggerations (on the so called Indian price sensitivity), premature judgments and doomsday predictions. Wow, can't people just buy the BlackBerry phone that they want AND can afford? And be happy with it?

Posted from my Z30

Could not agree anymore!!! Appears like BlackBerry strategically priced Z3 closer to Z10, to further push up Z10 sales numbers for atleast one quarter if not more. (remember BB had previously written off large amount of Z10 device, so company is still holding a large portion of Z10 Inventory). As general consensus for Z3 we came across by now a price tag of INR 11K-12K, so the price fall is very much inevitable. Pricing Z3 at higher band would means, consumer doing cost comparison b/w Z3 & Z10 would choose Z10 on account of marginal difference in prices (somewhere between INR 1000 to 1500), and BlackBerry need not have to further reduce the price of Z10 or in other words BlackBerry saved its ass from further devaluation of its Falgship product (Z10). I will not be surprised if Z3 in short supply.

I would be expecting, in next quarter prices of Z3 goes down on account of poor sales & Z10 (marginally down too). However, Z10 sales numbers marginally higher compensating the potential revenue loss from Z3. A new launch of Passport device priced closer to Z30, following the same pricing pattern as in case of Z3.

Sir, the z10 was out of stock in India a month back. The phone is awesome yet it failed to gain traction just because of the price point in last one year. Priced in the affordability range (after slashing price) it drew a large amount of customers. All the Indian people care about is a glass slab with some features like whatsapp, fb, camera and a music player. If we (BBRY) are too proud to appreciate what the customer want, we might have to pack our bags.
Look how wonderfully motorola has captured the market and made a comeback. It is slowly replacing the most beloved NOKIA brand here and SAMSUNG(CRAP) too. There is nothing bad in copying a successful strategy and moving ahead than being egotistical and hurting yourself. Now motorola is a strong brand here in the sub $250 range despite the fact that their after sales services are not smooth.

They could have priced z3 around $220 and sell it in huge numbers. The further price deduction might not have been necessary if the phone was a hit. (As evidence shows Moto G is still selling at its launch price BECAUSE THERE IS DEMAND)

I can buy a Z10 in 1600 here in India, 15500 is too much for this phone.... yet another disappointed move by BlackBerry.... no matter what they try, this phone will never work in INDIA...

Using Z30 since its launch, was waiting for Z3 for launch, will skip and wait for my passport :)

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Stupid Price. Literally putting off all who may have thought of changing over to BlackBerry 10.

11000 INR would have been more like it or even 11999.

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Bought 3 Z10s STL 100 -1 for RS. 11000 approx each from Dubai last month. 700 AED each.

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Bought 3 Z10s STL 100 -1 for RS. 11000 approx from Dubai last month. 700 AED each.

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Don't lose your hope. The 15,990 may be the maximum retail price(MRP). The actual market price will lower that the initial quote. That's how it works in India.

Apparently BlackBerry should charge us even more here in North America and in Europe just so in India they can buy them at cost. How exactly would BlackBerry survive selling phones at cost? One phone in India comes back for warranty and they just lost money. Maybe there is no market for good phones in India and BlackBerry should give up there

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I am sharing here some info so it may help others -
India is one of the impt global destinations for outsourcing work, bez it costs less for getting the work done here,and it will continue to be like this for some period until the time it is also called as developed country
HTC want to test there brand here first before going global, bez they say-if they get succeed here they can succeed any where
The logic behind that thought was India is a developing country,here majority people's average income is low so the average expenses as well,so some have mobile and some don't ,day by day income is gradually increasing so do the expense - just for illustration: what would be the profit of a co. If it able to sell a single mobile to even 60% of the population of 1.25 billion + and plus chance of selling 2 to 3 for a person when his income goes up,[bez I had a single mobile earlier now I have 4]
And gradually when there is such a large opportunity so do the competition-price war,offer etc .and don't know what not will crop up and price get gradually get adjusted as per market demand and total mobile handset supply by all Co.
So just let the price issues to the market - it's make it's own path :)-love you all BlackBerry family

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The phone price point is may be 2k INR more but then the device is awesome and also considering the fact that people shell out more on android devices which are not even half as good this device I personally don't see any issues with the prices. At this price point there will be not even a single device which will be better than z3 and that can be felt only after using the phone.

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Wow, people need to relax and realise (I gave up copypastaing) that the government is charging obscene taxes and import/duty costs and that is what raises the prices.

Did see the copy - pasting throughout the page. At first I was like, wow, anti- government spammer. I'm impressed, good job.

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

They have priced a product again horribly wrong.In India Z10 costs a 1000 bucks cheaper than Z3, why would anyone buy a Z3 when you could get Z10 for a lesser price! Blackberry products are never bad but the prices are always bad.