Could this be the BlackBerry Z15?

By James Richardson on 5 Aug 2013 06:43 am EDT

*Update: It seems the image is a confirmed concept - however, feel free to air your thoughts. Maybe BlackBerry will consider a slider if they think there's room in the market for it*

It's rumor time again so take this one with a pinch of salt but I'm liking what I see here. Forum member Tariq Nasir posted the above image today and listed it as the BlackBerry Z15 which is due to be released later this year.

We've mentioned before the possibility of a BlackBerry 10 slider and from my own perspective I think it's a great plan - if indeed it's on the road map. I see tons of folk here in the UK rocking the Torch 9810 and I certainly loved mine when I had it.

Of course, the image above could well just be a photoshop job or more than likely a concept, but I'm hoping we will still get another slider from BlackBerry. Sure, the Z10 keyboard is amazing and so is the Q10 one - but I'm still pulled towards the thought of having both options on one handset. Whether it will be a big seller for BlackBerry (if true) will all come down to size I think. If the screen of the alleged Z15 is Z10 size or bigger then I'm going to be all over this thing. Any smaller though and I think that the size of the physical keyboard may be a slight let down.

Either way, only time will tell. What's your thoughts on a BB10 slider? Sound off in the comments or head on over to the original thread in the forums and join in the discussion.

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Could this be the BlackBerry Z15?


I agree that is one ugly device.

A BlackBerry slider would have to be at lease the size of the z10 to be viable.

Any smaller and you may as well get the q10.

I really liked the blackberry blade concept from a while back.

Now that was a sexy phone that would turn heads.

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Agree. The slider better be at least the size of the Z10 otherwise it's pointless. Less screen space is not an option when the keyboard is tucked away or in use.

Are you looking at it from the cb app? If so, look at it from the website. For some reason the app stretches pictures out. It's actually taller and less "fat" and looks to be the same size as the Z10...

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His right..even if ur on cb app, try 'open in browser' then it'll look more of a z10 slider. Looks neat and I know a friend who rocked a torch slider way back when and he's still deciding between z10 and q10. I think this is it for him.

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Yeah! I'm all for a slider, but I think it should be at least the size of the Z10. I'm seeing in these comments that the image here is scrunched a bit so I imagine that this is exactly what I'm thinking of. There was a white concept image a few days ago that I thought looked really good. I imagine it'll be tricky to build a slider that isn't too thick, but still feels good in the hand while typing. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Do not agree. Z10 size plus keyboard is to heavy. Plus the Q line is a different concept. A slider is something you go for because you enjoy the concept. Not because you enjoy a compromise. Imo.

Instead of wasting money to produce and commercialise it.. put the money into better Zs and Qs for their research and marketing!

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Look from the website not the app. Looks like at A10 or Z30 with a keyboard. See the 5 rows of icons.

I think that would be a great size if it's a 5" screen. The keyboard would be spacious.

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Now a new slider makes sense...IF and ONLY IF they fix the internal strip problem. I went 4 torches and 3 three strip problem/repairs.....even though it was painful dishing out that extra money the torch is a very nice phone. Good feel and good look as well.

Look at it from the website, not the app. On mine, the app is stretching out the picture making it look "fat." It's actually the same as the Z10 if you look at the pic from the website...

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A slider is very interesting. One of those things you just have to feel in your hands before making an opinion though. I personally didnt like the torch. To top heavy when useing the keyboard. Keyboard didnt feel as good as the bolds. BB07 sucked for touch screen so hard to say about that part.

What we need is a Q15 a 4 inch screen size Q10 with beefed up specs like quad core , 3G RAM and 32G internal storage etc... now thats a 10M unit seller

Yes, I wanted the the Q10 to be bigger. A 3.1in screen is not enough. I loved my Bold 9930, but I wished the screen was bigger on the Q10. So I went with the Z10. I still want a Q device and hopefully they'll make a bigger version next time.

Since when do specs determine sales figures? Some high volume products do have higher-end specs, but it is far from a definitive factor in the equation.

Too many wasted resources on something like 3 GB of RAM or 32 GB of built-in storage could drive the product cost too high and price it right out of the market.

My buddy in NY works for an insurance company loves the Q10, but they get a lot of large files, media files etc etc and said it would be a hit,

A MicroSD option can fill that need while keeping device costs down. There are newer high capacity standards that BB could look into if enough customers have high demand for massive storage capacity. Flash memory is still expensive and consumers and companies look at the bottom line.

A 16 GB device and a 64 GB MicroSD card (in bulk for a company in need) is significantly more cost effective than a 32 GB device.

I was wondering why there was a convenience key! LOL... I got all hopeful BB was gonna bring it back, damnit...

If this a Blackberry slider is due out, I am definitely going to grab myself one! Come on, baby!!! Though design wise, the one on looks better :D

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Q10)

I disagree, between myself and my colleagues we had quite a few torches.

Not one issue with the slider mechanism.

Software on the other hand was atrocious till they released the 9810 refresh.

Then it was a dynamite device.

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That may be owner error. I had a torch and it was the most durable or at least one of the most durable phones I've ever owned. I was extremely rough on it anticipating my BB10 device. For the last 6-8months, i didn't even have a case on it, very rugged lil' rascal. Great phone!

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I've had a Torch 9800 for two and a half years now, and probably won't be going for a Q10 until the end of the year. By then I'll have had it for three years. I've never used a case on it. I don't baby it at all. This thing is a tank.

I've had very little issue with the hardware or OS 6.0. Cosmetically the LED under the escape/end buttons has gone out just in the last week. The painted bezel around the screen has a couple of very small chips in it. Everything else including the chrome trim and plastic back looks new. As I said, I don't baby this thing and it practically lives in my hands. (Or hand. I often use it one-handed. Any bigger and that'd be impossible for me.) The slider is still tight and smooth and the screen is perfect.

I've never really had a problem with OS 6. Sure, the browser is slow, but that's about it, and not so much that it's a bother. (I'd considered getting a 9810 with 6.1 but never got around to it.) I have a lot of apps, but not many games; I use it for communication and information, not as a toy. That's what my overpriced, bloated iPad is for. ;) (It was a hand me down, or I wouldn't have it.) Occasionally it gets a tad bogged down if I'm really taxing it, but a 6-second run of Memory Cleaner fixes it right up. I also do a hard reboot (alt+shift+del) about once a week to two weeks; otherwise it's always on. I don't use my BlackBerry as an MP3 player but I do watch streaming video on it fairly regularly. My biggest 'offense' is that, as wimpy as the camera is, I get lots of use out of it and don't clear my 8 GB microSD card as often as I should. I currently have 4512 images and it's still a whip.

So there's my two bucks. Like others have said, if your 9800 "always broke", maybe it has more to do with the user and less with the device.

BlackBerry needs a slider. I can't get uses to the q10 screen size but I miss the physical keyboard so much on the z10 that I still use the q10 half the time. A slider would be the best comprise.

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Well this is obviously photoshopped. The artist forgot to include the qwerty keys on the side view. And having a 5 row of icons means the display is bigger than Z10, but the qwerty keys on front view didn't compromised the size for the big display, meaning they are too big for the finger. In either ways, it made me drool :D

I like the concept, I would buy it. The phone should be WIDER and use the Q10 KEYBOARD instead. If done MY way, it would be the best balance between touch and keyboard; it would have no rivals!

ABSOLUTELY!! ... a Z10-sized unit with slide-out Q10 keyboard would be DA BOMB!
BUT it MUST have an absolutely FLAT bottom and/or 1 side edge so you can stand it up for self-timer & other photo uses like the 'Panorama photo' app on iPh.

Then, put me down for TWO!! ... and those are just to replace our aging 9800 & 9810 - which are still LOVED - in my environment.

I loved my 9800 and 9810. But of this were to be released as is, I would probably have to pass. If it's any slider is released at or around the same time as the "A10", then I would hold out for the "A10".

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the spiritual successor to the Pre3 :) it could be prettier but i want this form factor. would be great if it could have the 'proper' BB keys, not the gel-like ones.

nice ..but BlackBerry needs to have a few great models instead of many good models at least for now..focus is the name of the game.

I'd love a slider - just not one looking like that! It's a little too utilitarian - good for a concept, though.

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It's definitely photoshopped, i know because i was the one who photoshopped it. If you look carefully at the back, you can even see where the frets at the back was photoshopped out from the Q10's back. The keyboard was taken from a q10, but with frets taken out. It was also badly placed with a simple drop shadow. lol.

I have to say I'm not a fan of sliders. I had a 9810 and it felt like a compromised of both sides (big screen, big keyboard) rather than the best of both worlds. Smaller screen than the 9860, and a smaller keyboard than the 9900. Both I loved more than the 9810. The phone is also a little too thick for my liking.

Unless BlackBerry can figure out a way to implement a slider that has the screen of the Z10, the keyboard of the Q10, without making it extremely thick and unwieldy, and still have a great battery life, I would rather they dont.

LOL so you are the guilty one for spreading the rumors. We'll hang you if we don't get the slider as shown ;p

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Lol. I'm certainly not the guilty one. I just did this for fun. When I posted this image along with a bunch if other stuff more than a month ago, I labeled the thread [CONCEPT] in caps.

How It became the Z15, I have no clue. I just labeled it a concept. And some sites even have specs to go along with it.


To me, I thought it looked fake enough that no one would confuse this with a real product. It certainly looked to be a photo shop patchwork to me, which is exactly what it is. Lol.

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Yes! A slider! Don't care if it's fake. Meanwhile, it'll be cool if we can build our own BlackBerry with our own specs. Personalised hardware, nice!

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Would ditch my Z10 for a slider! Last slider I had was the HP Pre3, which lacked a virtual keyboard. Having both virtual and hardware keyboard would be legendary!

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I would much prefer the 6th device to be a bb10 tablet. Bb10.2 is pretty amazing,

To implement that into a tablet would be great

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Love sliders. Came back to BlackBerry from the palm pre when the pre was no longer cutting it.

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The nice with with BlackBerry 10 being ironed out and completed, BlackBerry can just pop out devices that will answer certain niche market. The Q10 and Q5is a nice example... not much competition in keyboard phone nowadays... and a slider... when was the last anyone saw a slider that wasn't a Torch?

The Z10 and Z30 are mass market products and lots of competition there. It will take time and effort for BlackBerry to succeed there.

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Not a chance this is the Z15.
There is no slider on the roadmap for the next 6-9 months, only cheap Z and Q replacements.

We'll let you know when we see a slider on the drawing boards.

Not sure I would get a slider. I'll wait and see how it feels. But in all honesty my next smartphone will probably be decided based on app availability. I would like to see many more native apps on BB10.

I think it looks stupid. I love the flick gesture on the Z10 too much to ever want a keyboard.

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Looks terrible. Do not make blackberry spread themselves making a bunch of devices and fail!! 3 is good enough. What is important is having a solid OS and then work on apps!!!!!

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Horrible idea... waste of time and energy. not to mention $$$$$ money$$$$$. Come on BlackBerry make us proud by putting this one in file 13. (the trash).

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YES! I think I just had a tiny orgasim. As soon as BlackBerry confirms a slider phone, I'm hopping onto the T-mobile 'JUMP' upgrade plan.

I want a slider. I was really impressed with my Torch 9800. Here's the thing: we are looking at two different BlackBerry companies. The first one, the one called RIM who took huge design risks and made bold statements with them, that's the one that made a touch screen slider with a track pad. The second one, the one I call Heins and Co. , is a timid and reserved company that sticks to very basic styling and plays things more carefully. They have zero desire to take huge risks. I love my Z10, but look at these phones; they are all minimalist designs built to blend in. We need something that stands out, and a slider like the one pictured that everyone balked at would take balls. This "new" BlackBerry had shown nothing but neutered moves.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I just used my old 9810 this weekend after a month of living with a Q10, and realized what a bastard child that thing really was. I'll stick with the Q10, thanks (even though it would be nice if the screen was a little bigger).

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The picture looks a bit fake to me, that aside, I would consider switching from my Z10 to a slider, if BlackBerry would make one.

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A slider doesn't interest me at all BUT I have a co-worker who refuses to give up his 4 year old Torch slider. He bought a Z10 and returned it after 1 day. He'll wet himself over this story. I don't get the attraction but he sure likes it.

Making an unpopular design form, for a company barely increasing its market share with "basic" forms as it stands?
Even if 25% of BB users would purchase this phone (I can not imagine non-BB users switching to a slider phone at this point), it probably will not create any revenue. Especially considering you will have yet another form factor to optimize the OS platform for (the difference in available/optimized apps between Q and Z is already too big). There is just no way I see a phone like this being profitable for BB. IMO the most important issue right now is improving OS functionality, BB Link, and between-device communications. And creating more awareness of the capabilities in mainstream media and reaching out to/supporting app developers.

In short: the reason they should not produce a slider at this point, is the same reason they themselves gave for stopping PlayBook development. It will just cost them money in the long run!
Focus should be on supporting the 4(almost) BB10 phones already on the market and increasing OS performance (and update availability).

Some people might want it. But I think they should not use the Z series name, they should use X10 since it's a cross between touch and keyboard.

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God, I hope that if they decide to make a slide model that it has a bigger keyboard.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

I did really like that concept when it came out, but can you imagine how bad the battery life would be in something that thin?

I support function over form but BlackBerry could at least put some form into their phone styles. It would sell better if it looked cool.

Also, when is the CB10 app going to be updated so as to not squash images on posts? It makes this concept look short and fat.

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I was bold to torch. Thought I couldn't live without my physical keyboard and loved the visual real estate.

However once the Z10 came out, I couldn't wait around for the next slider, which I thought was gonna be the razor, with a huge gulp I took my chances with the Z10.

Now, after sliding my way for the past 4 months there is no way I would ever go back. The Z10 is the real deal, it's the best phone, and it needs to be pushed and showcased.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

I like it, though it should be a Q15 not Z15. I'd take the slider if it was 1.5x depth of Z10 and otherwise same dimensions. I think any fatter is too big of a compromise for me. obviously updated internal specs relative to tech advances. Sweet concept, all over that if it conforms to my spec.

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God I hope not BlackBerry is just on the rise with the z10 and q10 why would they want to take a step backwards

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How can a different device not an upgraded Z10 type be called ZXX... doesn't follow logic

Marketing is everything

Is it too greedy and selfish to buy a Q10, Z10, Z15 and Z30 for oneself if the rumors are true? >_<! ^oo^!

Yeah, I have wondered about that too, say a 3.5 inch screen, same size as an iphone 4s with a real keyboard. I might like that

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love the sliders. Be it BlackBerry phones, or little greasy cheeseburgers I love my sliders.

BlackBerry 10 Slider where are you??

That us one god damn ugly phone and BlackBerry should not release it cos they will lose all credibility in the smartphone industry and probably lose a lot of customers.

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BlackBerry has got no business manufacturing a slider with a display smaller then 4 inches. Anything larger, will definitely get my attention. That of course if it's not thicker than 11cm

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I m ok with a slightly smaller screen, say 3.7-4.0
But 3.7 is the minimum in my opinion to make it enough bigger than the q to make sense.

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You can tell it's photoshopp'd. But with a little work and mindfulness, a slider would work great. I want another BlackBerry slider.

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I would definitely buy a slider. I have the Z10 and enjoy it a lot but also like the option of switching to a keyboard if I feel like it.

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Make sure you are not viewing this in the Crackberry App. Go to Crackberry website and have a look at it. Looks like a Z10 with a keyboard. As long as it is weighted properly I will be all over it.

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Instead of a device that has a keyboard and a touch screen they need a device that dual boots bb10 and Android. That would give one options that matter. The mass market has clearly rejected keyboards.

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I would really like a slider to come back. I loved my Torch 9810 for two reasons: large touch screen **AND** a physical keyboard! And in fact there was a third reason why I loved it: battery life was very good!
I agree with some here: it needs to have a screen as large as the Z10 and it needs to have a really good design. The one showed above is too much basic.

BRING IT....NOW.....this is the perfect marriage, best of both worlds. My mom would have one of these on my dime in the twinkle of an eye.

Wish people would stop throwing up random renders they invented like this. It gets everyone's hopes up, then when BlackBerry releases a device that is actually constrained by physical reality, it invariably looks nothing like it, and everyone gets so upset.

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Ummm do you remember the first pic of BlackBerry 10 aka surfboard. it turned out to be the Z10 what are you talking about my friend

I'd love one, but sure would love it to look more like the Blackberry Blade concept. I loved my Torch and have been holding out for a BB10 Slider.

I am with James on this one. Two awesome keyboards with different experiences in one device. Wow...lucky us...also if the size is Z10 or slightly bigger, it will be a great device to have...

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Dear Blackberry,
Don't waste your time on a slider phone. The keyboard on the torch was terrible.
-Concerned Blackberry Fan.

Well, wife said, if they do a Z10 slider, that's her next phone...and look at that, 5 rows of icons, hmmmm.

Although I personally love my Q10, so I would not switch. But I know 2 people who would be all over this on release.

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A force de trop de smartphone, le client sera perdu. Développer le tout avant de sortir un t'as de modèle.

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That's fine if a slider is made. The only thing I've never liked about then, though, is that the quality of the keyboard is always compromised. Trying to use it as a keyboard on the q10 will fall short in my opinion.

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They are not releasing a blackberry slider, I know this for a fact and it's annoying that these rumors keep popping up, I wish I could tell you how I know but I am certain there isn't one on the books, at least not soon

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Yeah, i love it. If this phone comes out in the near future, i may have to strategize and come up with an early out of contract plan with my z10, even though i am definitely happy with my ZED. I can easily be content with it for the next couple of years.

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I would love another slider. I liked the TORCH. It was bit on the heavy side but if the Z15 is Z10 size or a bit bigger, I am all for it, got my fingers x'ed! I'm not a fan of z10's email. It takes too much time to go thru emails with scrolling and selecting emails to delete when you have over 1K+ emails per day like me. I like to scan and delete as I go along. I loved Torch where you can delete emails with one touch or using the keyboard with the 'del' button.

Not sure about the design but please make a slider! Also bring back the dedicated camera button and convenience key.

A slider and a new playbook were in blackberry's system in waterloo as planned devices. They are no longer listed there. That's coming from a good source who physically had a Z30 in his hands.

The best slider BlackBerry can make is combining both the Z10's exact size with the Q10's exact keyboard with the back looking like a Q10 as well. That for me would be the perfect phone!

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It would be cool to have another slider given how well the 9800 did when it was released. I wish they would do it a little different this time. They should make it a side slider.

NO! ... you could NEVER 'efficiently' use a horizontal-sliding keyboard - it's simply MUCH too wide on a 4 - 5" screen.

Why not BlackBerry Z10 size, with a horizontal slide keyboard, like the old texting cellphones. Would be really awesome. So you have the possibility to write horizontaly with the physical keyboard, and write vertical with the touch screen ( also able to use touch on horizontal) I would definitely buy that phone)

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Loved my torch.. but the keys were too small compared to the 9900... gimme a keyboard the size of the q10 with screen size of. z10 and ya got me

I used the Nokia N900 slider with the full touch screen phone 2 years ago. Forget it, the combination does not work. One or the other is better.

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Looks promising. Would finally upgrade from the Torch if something like this comes out soon. I want my larger display as well as a keyboard. Can't wait!

Yikes that is ugly...

I'd love a slider, but it would have to be the same size as the Z10 with the keyboard hidden, anything less and you could just use a Q10

Swoosh... swiped from my Z10

I loved my old 9810. Sometimes even more than my new zed10 especially with the loss of bridge.. but i dont miss the weight or thickness of the slider. If BlackBerry made a new slider with a reasonable size and most especially light weight, that would be my new phone!

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I really loved my torch 9810 this is a great idea finally something different than all the other full touch screen on the market

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If they bring a slider like the one pictured above, with a 4.2 -4.5 screen and a nice broad keyboard like the Q10 I'll drop my galaxy S3 and get a Z15 without thinking twice.

The idea behind this is great but the sliding mechanism is always the first to go with these phones. They need to reinforce any movable parts so that the phones don't break within 1 year like any other slider phone. Also, the keyboard needs work. The bbry physical keyboard has been adjusted to perfection. Between the ridge at the bottom and the screen, this design makes it look hard to type on.

Emh... no.
I used extensively my two Torch for more then a year each... And many time I even played with the sliding mechanism, opening and closing it continuously and no sign of failure.

I Torched it for perhaps 4 years before the Q10 rolled out.

A System 10 big slider would be nice -- nicer still if it were side-ways. My wife can still out-type me on her 2012 Samsung G4 side-ways slider (Android). The bigger the keyboard spread -- the more you can do.

Let's face it. Touch screens are nice for pointing, sliding, and clicking. Touch screens and typing are a joke, for the most part.

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PLEASE!!! I'm waiting for this for 2 years!

Torch 9800, Torch 9810... I moved to Q10 just for the keyboard and the absence of a new Torch!
The only weakness of Torch was the keyboard, not so good as the Bold 9000. Don't do the same error for this!
The exact same keyboard as Q10, nothing less.

No issue about the width of the device, but you have to concentrate the thickness on keyboard part, leaving the screen just for the screen and thinnest as possible.
For a good typing experience the thickness is needed. I need battery, screen and keyboard.
Everything else is futile.

DO IT! As soon as possible!

I still have my Torch. I love the big screen for some things and I love the keypad for writing. I am waiting for the Z15......I just hope my phone can hang in there ????

A 4.2" or larger screen, with a Q10 slideout keyboard? I'm in. Sold. If they screw it up and compromise on screen size, then it's not nearly as compelling.

If they have the money to spare, it's awesome. And the 5 rows looks great. People need more options/styles. Along with their signature black/carbon design, it would be nice to see some 3rd party custom housing suppliers (unlike, where you don't have to send your phone to get it painted and everything. I loved to customize my BB 8900 housing back in the day.

P.S. No more 8 mp cameras, time to upgrade!

This is exactly what I would have preferred in the first place. Loved my Torch and was irritated I couldn't upgrade my software on it. If I could have I would have kept it.

i'd be all over that.

Portrait slider form factor is one of the primary reasons I'm still using a Palm Pre. Touch-typing with one thumb is an acquired skill - which does NOT transfer to touchscreen keyboards at all.

Roll with it BB!

Needs to happen. Never thought I'd say this, but I miss my Torch. I cannot stand this stupid on screen keyboard anymore (ready to throw this phone at the wall sometimes) but I don't like the small screen of the Q10... though I'd deal with it to not have to constantly be hitting backspace.

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I think that a slider would sell, I know people who can't see well enough for a small screen but can't handle touch screen keyboards. One friend in particular is very keen to update their galaxy captivate slider but can't find any other options.

If this thing allowed the software keyboard while closed I would be in heaven... best of both worlds in my opinion! I would buy this thing off contract

Didn't think I'd see another BB slider in my lifetime - 'literally'. But given that the Torch 9800 and Torch 9810 were my favourite smartphones ever (even though they were far from perfect) I think I could get along with a BB10 slider. I'm in.

I had a 9810 before I got my Z10, and I would jump all over a slider. However, it would have to be at least the size of the Z10.

Benefit of z10: document reading, browsing
Benefit of q10: writing, calling, document changes, finding contacts, battery life, (hate browsing web in small screen, yes I have both)

Benefit Z15: every benefit of Z10 and Q10 combined.

Other alternative: a back cover for Z10 that is a slider keyboard and extended battery all in one.

While I really was hoping for a slider from BB the whole time... Let me just say in regards to the leaked pics.. Meh... Pretty Ugly.. I wouldn't spend "my" money on it.

YES! YES! YES! I want a slider keeping the size in line with the Z10. I just switched from my BB Torch to a Z10 this week....still not sold on the touch screen keyboard only. I like the option. I also want the phone button back. Of course, what I'd like back the MOST are all of the OPTIONS available on my BB Torch! Let's see: google maps, adding various notification profiles, setting multiple alarms thru calendar app, etc. One can only hope BB folks will get the kinks worked out sooner rather than later.

Since the z30 is rumoured to have wireless charging, if this goes ahead it I'd hope for the same. It would be the best thing since the doomed HP Pre 3 WebOS phone. Fortunately I'm nowhere near ready to upgrade, so all I do is play with phones in shops when I have to pass the time, but I do love the new BB10 OS, and the keyboard on the Q10 is fantastic, best I have used since the Pre 3, my Nokia N97 was to blame for my love of physical keyboards, touchscreen regardless of feedback just doesn't stand a chance for accuracy, though predictive and auto correct does go someway in fixing that.

Over all I find this very appealing, and some people have suggest weight might be a bit on the heavy side, but I currently own a Nokia Lumia 920, and I find the weight perfect, it feels solid, not just a cheap piece of plastic like most smartphone these day, and for me that reassuring. No idea why they then went and made the 925 and took away the good parts, like a solid build, and built in wireless charging.

Looks quite ugly, but I definitely love the concept. Big screen (I don't need more than 4') plus a keyboard - the way to go for me personally

at least it gives options. Some hate typing on screens (Myself) so this would give you that Key board if you do a lot of typing.

No offense James R or anything but with horrible pictures and rumours like this why does CrackBerry wastes it's time? Confirmed concept ... but WHEN was it a concept? Is it STILL an active concept? has it been shelved? (you cannot just stop at "it's a confirmed concept).

More deeets in the reporting sam ;)