BlackBerry Z10's and Q10's return to T-Mobile's online store

By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2014 09:30 pm EST

While the debate about whether or not T-Mobile's deal for BlackBerry customers is a good one or not rages on, another point of frustration with T-Mobile has been resolved. Previously T-Mobile removed the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 from their site, leaving only a BBOS BlackBerry Curve and refurbished Q10's as options for BlackBerry customers. Now, the Z10 and the Q10 have been placed back on the site and are readily available for purchase.

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50 bucks says The Verge wont mention this.

But they loooove to talk about them refurbished Q10' losers.

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I second this sentiment

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Not to mention BGR...

So T-Mobile has finally put the Z10 and Q10 back in their online store. Good for them, but the devices never should have disappeared in the first place.


I think that TM learned their lesson. In NYC their stores have extensive Apple paid advertising for the 5C phones. But, iP sales have been decreasing in the US in favor of Android phones (mostly Samsung). So, with all the Apple ads they are losing product sales in the area of non-Android products.

By bringing back BB in a small way they now have additional products for those who want non-Android.

Also, the hard keyboard BB's are going to be pushed by BB. Many older BB keyboards are due for replacement. Users of these KB phones ONLY want BB's.

In the month of March, TM is said to upgrade the BB OS to 10.2, where WiFi calling is capable. There are some TM customers who have a real need for such service, and BB is the answer.


Nice write up

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Very nice!

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Good sign. And by then they should have 10.2.1.. still would like the z30 though.

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Ok. Lets go get them!


It's about time. I don't know about anyone else on T-Mobile but I'm tired of them alienating BlackBerry users

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Not alienating me. Just got a new Z10 from in store stock. $250. Discount. Thanks John & John.

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Bring on the z30 t mobile and stop being apple's puppet

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Hear that.

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Amen. When that happens in conjunction with the 10.2.1 update I can see TM grabbing a massive amount of the customer base. Att will be defecating on themselves by then and will have to be more competitive.

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Good to see. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8


Wow. That will show them!!

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T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon & Spring can all walk the plank! Time to go to Boost Mobile or something!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


*Sprint LoL

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


Isn't Boost Mobile really still Sprint?

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I think if runs off its network

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Yup, Sprint owns Boost. So yes, still going thru Sprint !

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David Portal

My BB curve 9310 is from boost mobile and I've been waiting forever for then to carry the Q10. Not happeneing and not worth it at 3G speed. T-mobile is the better route.



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crackbrry fan

Now to get them back IN stores! It's not that difficult TMO!

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Well, it is difficult.
TM must train their staff in BB products. If so, BB must supply them with training. I am not sure if the BB company is currently able to do so.


I'm not sure if their staff is able enough to learn. I suppose that at some point they've been trained...

Prem WatsApp

Sorry, excuse the post, but they need to be toilet-trained not to (verbally) poo all over BB10 phones first.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


I know that feeling! At Orange they've tried hard to sell me a Galaxy s3 instead Z10...


Loool. Dude that's funny and correct too. These folks are clueless about BlackBerry 's current transition mode and spreading lots of false info to the general public. Shame on them.

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The guy in the store haven't the faintest idea about how to exit from the HUB, if you can imagine... I've shown him and I've told him that should consider a career change.

crackbrry fan

Agreed perhaps BlackBerry can send in store at least one individual to man the BlackBerry sales counter. Its going to cost but it will be money well spent a whole lot better than paying Alicia Keys and Co. Who did what exactly I'm still trying to ascertain

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I agree. In the other T-mo article I made a comment that I wouldn't have cared what happened to BlackBerry a year ago until a BlackBerry rep came to the store, spoke to my manager about choosing a rep to to champion BlackBerry, and my manager chose me. Got this awsome Q10 for free! All reps have to take a training on pretty much all high end devices but BlackBerry, to majority of associates is an enigma. I feel it's very simple and try to lead by example.

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Happy to see you got a Q10 at no cost. This way, you know it inside and out and can demonstrate it nicely to your customers. We need more of this...

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Yes we do! I even was calling different champions at different store to get them educated so we could at least offer other alternatives.

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So they had the Q10 on the front page when you couldn't buy it. Now that you can buy it, they removed it from the front page. What a joke.


Bla1ze, there's a thread earlier than Jake's that actually broke the news. My bad for tipping the wrong thread. Jake's thread now seems to have gone. Feel free to delete this comment.


Damage Control right there.

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I cashed in on the TMO $200 trade in deal. I gave them on old beat down 9800 for a new shiny Z10. It's now on backorder! :(

So much for expedited shipping...

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Do you think it's on backorder because they didn't have any or because they sold out?


A new Z10, you say? New ones are on backorder too? Interesting.


I was charged full price for it after the $200 discount. So I better be getting a new one.

As far as being sold out or not having any, @ this point it only matters how soon it gets to me. So if one delays less than the other, than that's the one I hope for. Lol

To be honest, I think it's because they don't have any. Meaning, TMO probably didn't think people would actually buy more..


Got mine for bold 9700. $250 discount. Z10 in stock back room of course. I'm happy!

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Well worth waiting.

Perhaps for the long run 'back order' is a good thing; TM sold out their BB stock sooner than they thought and there is strong BB demand.


I'm going to trade my 9360 for a Q10 or Z10 next week! :D

One thing I want to know is, how can this deal not be good? in the article it says the debate rages on.


And now we wait for the Z30 to be available. :D

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Nice t-mobile must be embarrassed for what they did. Way to go blackberry fans!

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crazy elf

Go figure. Absolutely terrific. We are the consumer and by goodness they will listen.

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Yea, this must be a regional thing, Q10&Z10 been back on since December for me, I'm in the DMV though

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like DC MD Va?

I've been looking at t-mobiles site constantly and a new Z10 has been MIA.

Blackberry Q10


Awesome!!!!!!!!!! :D

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And so it begins...

# BlackBerry=BraveNewWorld

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Great, now if they will make them Free like AT&T!


Maybe T-Mo is realizing that this shenanigan is not good for its bottom line. Didn't T-Mo lose money this qtr? Every little bit counts.

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Just $20mi. Could've been covered by BB10 sales alone if they had stock online, they could've sold a few thousand Z30s to CrackBerry users alone. Now do your math, and they wouldn't have had to announce a loss.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Doesn't help the person walking into the store to upgrade. Get them in store!

For the person on the move - BB10- Pebble


Do anyone honestly believe if T-Mobile will get the Z30?

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I got my brand new unlocked z30 on ebay for $530. (store called nti-NYC. II dont regret one penny. And all I did was pull my SIM from my Tmo z10 and presto, Im on the Tmobile network without walking into their barren store. Tmo get it together, when you walk into their stores it looks like they only carry like 10 different phones.


I really do believe either AT&T or TMO is getting the Z30. No inside information, just going off of an observation.


Tuff call but I'm done waiting. Like rudedogg I got my Z30 and it's in the mail.

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Now We need Fido in Canada to bring back the Z10 and offer the Z30

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+1. Although they probably won't carry any high end BlackBerries to try to force users to Rogers where the monthly plans are pricey.

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Bought mine from Bell. Unlocked and loving it! Rogers said they could ship it to get but I said "no way Jose" I'll buy it somewhere else. I don't think they really care.

And as for bell, of course they were pushing iPhone.

Just can't win...

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No z30, that is the best BlackBerry phone.

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Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


I have to say I'm truly impressed with T-Mobile's changes in direction. I think this shows they are listening to the customers and trying to make nice when they do dumb things.

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Screw tmoblie,

They are idiots

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Dat Gui

It's cheaper if you buy directly from blackberry and you won't get that ugly tmobile logo on it

David Portal

At $200-$250 discount it is not cheaper.

thoth the atlantean

So is Tmobile releasing 10.2 or 10.2.1 in early March?

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It's a push in the right direction, but they're still charging full retail for the phone. Which can still be to deep for some people's pockets! Bring that Z3 here so that upgrade program is worth something!

Flickety split


Good job TMO; Good job BlackBerry.

Marshall Tigner

Either sell them or don't T-Mobile you clerks

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YES! :-D Now we just need the Z30 and all the other phones to come.

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Nice to see them coming back. That means I can order for customers when they come into the store! Ship to fulfillment!

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Prem WatsApp

Hope you move some product there, mate!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


I wonder if it has anything to do with the stock prices going up. Money talks. Shame on T-Mobile, but one can't deny that our money, and our voice has had a major impact on their decision to place the best devices in the world, back on their site.


The more little things like this that happen starts to give BlackBerry a fighting chance. Thank you T-Mobile for listening to BlackBerry users.

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A Battle is won but the War continues...

Get Up, Stand up - Stand Up for Your Rights !!!

Fight for BlackBerry, because no one else will.

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Is there anyone with some authority that can tell us with some certainty if the Z30 is coming to AT&T, T-Mo and or Sprint. I am ready to buy one but I am not going to Verizon.
It would seem that, by getting the Z30 on these other 3 US carriers that it would help BB while they get their new models ready for the end of the year release.

Worst case, BB should sell them direct instead of waiting on the carriers.

Did anyone ask this question at MWC 2014?


Hahaha yesterday morning i was telling a friend that they will do this and they did :D good boy (me)

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That's great news for T-MOBILE customers, now also offer the Z30 and some advertising.

Z30 on in Canada


Wow, never know that iPhone ads from t-mobile was the best ads for BlackBerry in terms of marketing. Low cost and effective. (not low cost for t-mobile I guess). Wow.

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Good! When the next embarrassing sales numbers are reported at least T-Mobile can say we tried :/


How about them Z30s?!

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Good for those who like t-mobile

Vtecberry Z10


At last...

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

Huey Newton

When they get the z30 then it will be news

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Bacon Munchers

T-mobile suck-up factor.

Too late.


I love the part where they sell the Q10 for $130 more than the competition, and the Z10 for $160 more than the competition, and then tell people they'll give them a "$200 discount" on them for their trade-in. :rotfl:

(Q10: $528 T-Mobile, $399 Verizon, $389 AT&T. Z10: $456 T-Mobile, $299 Verizon, $299 AT&T. Non-contracted prices.)


They need to get it together over at T mobile... They have been my carrier for 8 years now and I'm pissed about this Z30 situation... I'm in their "JUMP" program and as a BlackBerry die hard rocking a Z10, I want to "Jump" to the next best phone on the planet the Z30... T mobile if you're going to offer a service, where is my option for my Z30?

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About time.

Cory Cannon, CKM


When I bought my Q10 at a TM store last year, they had no power to any of the BB's. None were charged. The sales staff had no idea that the Q10 even had a touchscreen. It was pretty sad. They went to the back and took a Q10 out of a box to get one that would work. I should feel lucky that they had one, I guess.

I'm currently carrying two BB's. The Q10 on TMobile, and my old 9780 on Cincinnati Bell. I really like the Q10, but still hate to give up the old Bold. I was thinking about moving all of the family's phones (5) to TM. It would cost less. But I do service calls all over town, and get coverage on CB a number of places where TM gets nothing. Doing my own little test, and am still deciding how to proceed.

I pay for Jump. I'm hoping they carry the new BB's so I have something to upgrade to eventually. Happy with the Q10 for now though!

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Michael Bornstein

If anyone is interested is selling new z10 for 250. 1001612486&utm_source=et&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2279

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I'm out!!!!! T-Mobile I will never sign with. That was a pretty shitty ad/offer, I don't care what phone you use.


This is a good move. I want to believe that the removal of these phones from the site was work of some rouge employee, not a decision of the top management. They are listening.


Good to see T-Mob make good on their mistake.


Nice. Hopefully they come back to koodo and fido.

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Costas Stavrou

Thanks to you guys at CB and us the Blackberry believers got t mobile to do the right thing!!

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This is a good sign. I was leaning towards T-Mobile, having really grown tired of Sprints refusal to carry the Z10 or Z30. I really wish T-Mobile would carry the Z30.

Luis Trigo

Nice post!

Frank Castillo

If T-Mobile is struggling to move Blackberry Z10 and Q10 inventory, why are they still asking full retail for these phones then?


long time T-mobile customers....10 years. we were out of the country when the "deal" came up. found out about it here on the forums. Called TMobile and asked if they'd make an exception and sell just ONE more Z10 at the trade-in price (since they could track our phone history to see we really were out of the country).
"Nope. Can't help you" they said. "but thanks for being a loyal, long-term customer"
So, I really don't think they want to sell ANY Blackberry's....