The BlackBerry Z10 will be available SIM free in the UK this week

By James Richardson on 12 Feb 2013 03:23 pm EST

If you are in the UK and have been waiting eagerly to pick up a BlackBerry Z10 SIM free we bring you good news. This week you can get your new awesome BlackBerry!

I'm told that retailers that sell SIM free smartphones should be receiving their stock in the next few days. Judging by the rate that the Z10 has been flying off the shelves in retail stores you may want to get in quick and place a pre-order as stock levels will probably vary.

While buying SIM free may not be everyones cup of tea it does have its perks. Doing so will allow you to use either Pay As You Go or take advantage of a SIM only contract, which is what I do. While taking out a 24 month contract with a network is what most people do there are options out there. It also gives you the freedom to change handsets whenever you want instead of the dreaded waiting game for your contract to end.

I suspect there will be many happy BlackBerry users at the end of the week. Any of you Brits waiting to go down this route? Sound off in the comments.

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The BlackBerry Z10 will be available SIM free in the UK this week


It's not hard to import and you don't pay VAT. A lot of the contract free resellers ship internationally no problem, not to mention I've gotten my phone insanely fast overseas.

Usually the pricing is competitive regardless of the conversion though.
ie. Clove UK = 445 GBP, $696 (without really shopping around)
Buying it in the US (or Canada where the conversion doesn't matter much) + tax you're looking at similar or worse regardless.

Clove UK is the only one that will even ship to the US (others won't ship outside Europe). You're right about pricing with Clove, but they won't have stock until March, so it kind of defeats the purpose. Expansys-US wants $1,250, which is an insult and absurd, and Negri Electronics wants $900, which again is absurd.

UnlockedMobiles ships international, £449.14 including international shipping. Expansys is always a rip off.

Also UnlockedMobiles gets stock next week.

One thing to bear in mind, for LTE anyone in the USA is going to want to buy the one from Canada rather than the UK anyway.

Thank you so much dude. I bought the black Z10 on that website and it is so great thank you. Cant wait for the arrival.

And sorry, but these huge US delays could backfire big-time for Blackberry. But I'm so happy for you that the UK gets them first

Where is the news? SIM-free devices are already available in the UK. I bought my Z10 last week in London SIM-free from Phones4u and you can order them from, too.

This is more about the wider spread of the device's availability, also hasn't it vanished as an option from phones4u a few times already too?

I live in London and I bought the Z10 SIM FREE online from PHONES 4 U almost 6 days ago!!!! I am confused!!!

good for those in the uk! im still waiting! but did anyone else think the first picture that the top and bottom bezel of the z10 looked navy blue for a second? it did to me for some reason but now that i think about it, it would be an awesome color!

I got my Z10 sim free last week too from the carphone warehouse for £490.00 but they're only stocking black at the moment
Orange were a big help too, they transferred my number & contact from my old sim to the new micro one I picked up from the EE shop in a matter of minutes

I understand you can get a sim that has a data package like you do with the other cell companies, but how do you get onto BlackBerry Services such as BBM ?

So if i get a sim free phone... Does that mean it's unlocked and unbranded? So i get a stock standard blackberry? If yes that's exactly what i'm looking for

That's not the case with my device or my carrier. Has never happened on any Blackberry I've owned going back to OS5, using multiple providers.

Yep, bought mine sim-free too…from CPW on day one, 31st Jan.
Since then they did indeed limit availability to those signing new contracts.
Noticed today that P4U are still selling too, and that they've put the price of the black one up to £559.00, apparently "due to demand".
White remains at £480.00.

(Both still WAY too expensive if you ask me!!)

Yep,was told that too by P4U but the guy said give it another week or two..they should be allowed to offer the Z10 sim free once again (and this was on Saturday).

Think I'm going to wait till Q10 launch to see which one I prefer but fancy the white version of either!

UK is not Europe. It is part of Europe but not the hole.

Simon free in Romania is 825€. That's INSAINE! To much for it,.
Waiting for Q10 price. If it will be as high as Z10 I am seriously thinking of switching to android.

Android (google) phones are cheaper for a reason. Google wants control of your individuality. This has a real value in $$ to Google. Too high of a cost for me. Android will never get on my personal electronic devices. Look at the built in Google Apps and what access they have on your phone and they ask yourself why. A lot of people don't understand this issue or just don't care but I do and I do and this is why I love Blackberry.

They were available on the 31st. I got one sim free on the 31st from carphone warehouse, however not all were selling them sim free as the first shop i went to told me they weren't. I do know that all O2 stores were as a sales rep told me over the phone on the 30th that i would be able to buy one in an O2 store Sim Free from the 31st.

I had a few issues obtaining a sim-free Z10 on the 2nd of February - luckily I'd kept the email from P4U and was able to buy one in a P4U located inside a Currys/PC World in Birmingham.
Now some branches of Carphone Warehouse and P4U are limiting sales to contract only unless buying online.

I bought my Z10 in London SIM FREE on February 1st. Carphone Warehouse had them available only in a big department store called Selfridges (all other Carphonw Warehouse had the SIM FREE version SOLD OUT). However, Phones4U stores told me while hunting my Z10 that they would only have the SIM FREE version "in a couple of weeks" (now?)

I got mine from Carphone Warehouse in Bath last weekend. I had to go to three shops before I found one with a Z10 in stock ("these have been very popular")

Phones4U also had them SIM-free but wanted an additional £70 over the price at CW!!! That together with the fact that it took the manager a full 5 minutes to deign to acknowledge a customer and get off his own flipping phone ensures that I won't be bothering with P4U again.

For anyone else looking for a Z10 SIM-free in Bath, I had to go to the Wellsway shop. The others may have got new stock by now though.

Hey guys,
Live near Isleworth in London and went to the High Street and couldn't find a Z10 in black for less than £550.. Anyone know where I can get it for its Original price of 470 =( I found it in white at Phones4u in white for that price but not black.. Please help!!

Bought my SIM free Z10 in Black from Phones4u in the PC World store at Warren Street/Tottenham Court Rd in Central London on the afternoon of Friday 1st February. They were almost sold out! I got the second from last!!!