BlackBerry Z10 dummy model with Verizon branding spotted

By Bla1ze on 8 Jan 2013 06:24 pm EST

There has already been one BlackBerry Z10 device spotted with some Verizon branding but now another one has appeaed on the Chinese marketplace site TaoBao. At first glance, it looks to be a pretty beat up production model but if you look a little bit further you'll notice that the device itself is just a straight up dummy model.

Oddly enough, you can also see an image on the display area similar to that of what was used when the Z10 name came about. Anyone want to take a crack at buying it? It's listed for ¥300.00 which is about $50 USD. Of course, it'll never work and it's in rough shape so it might be best to just wait and get the real deal on Jan. 30th.

Via: NerdBerry

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BlackBerry Z10 dummy model with Verizon branding spotted


$50 is too much Bla1ze considering it's an obvious scam. The same site is offering iphone 4's for 92 cents,lol. Just think, a shipping container at 92 cents each, sell them and buy "real" Z10's when they come to market,lol.

Wanna go splits on a shipping container Bla1ze, lol?

I guess Verizon is now mandating that its smartphone line has one oversized Verizon branding and one oddly placed Verizon branding (galaxy note 2) on them...

Seriously man... what the hell? The logo is way too big. I really hope the other carriers don't with something like this.

There go my hopes of having unbranded phones like iPhones... :(

Cant wait to get this phone. I dont care about the logo. No one will see it while I hold it anyways.

So far it looks nice. I still wish they used the whole dimension of the cell to make a larger screen. Currently have the Torch 9850 which is the first full touch screen. So this should be a better experience especially being a whole new OS. Cant wait. Funny, Verizon as large as they are as a company have not set out pre-orders nor have advertised the BB10 line at all in Verizon. Matter of fact the people in Verizon seem to be getting paid to push iphones then Blackberry and they always say Blackberry suck. Im thinking...and you have an iphone for simple minds right?

BB10 all the way!

have a look at the logo - that looks pretty bad. what the hack have they done to the material - it just looks as cheap as always!

Blackberry please do not use plastic imitating metal!

have a think about it :

How old might this device be? a month or so? and already loosing the "metalic" color - kudos RIM really. . . hope they will change this!

Because this doesn't make it a prime product

I cant see the phone being any less solid then the playbook. The playbook is all plastic and some rubber kindoff material. And its rock solid, feels great in the hands. Ive even dropped it a few times and not a scratch.

Theres just no reason they would make it shitty, theres smarter then that. Crackberry kevin would rip there head of in these secret back room meetings he has learning about whats coming up next.

i'm a little puzzled why people seem to think that the blackberry 10 will go on sale jan. 30th...all they are going to do is announce it but i don't expect it to hit the market until sometime mid to late feb....that's how it is with most announcements of consumer electronics...i know the crackberry forums will be littered with disappointments when it does... for the branding fiasco...this is NOT new so why are people making it out to be such a nuisance on the new phone? it's not like it hinders the performance or anything...oddly enough i didn't notice my bold 9700 had a carrier logo at the bottom of it until all these articles began to point it out for bb10 so i checked to see if mine had it....go figure.

Too bad still No SKYPE ! I felt like hiding my BB 9900 when my GF is skyping or uses Viber calls with her friends!just jumped to Iphone temporarily . I am a BB fun But I just lost faith over BB with skype . Hope this will be settle soon so I can come back to BB World .

You make it sound as if it's RIM's fault if Skype is not there. I'm sure they will try - or are trying. Ultimately, if Microsoft doesn't comply, there's nothing that can be done about it!

What exactly does Skype have to do with this article?

Why did you mention it?
To bring down the debate.



OT I know, but with Windows Phone not getting significant market share, why would Microsoft put Skype on the company that is fighting them for third place? Does Wal-Mart provide a bus service to the nearest Costcutter?

Because they want a presence on all mobile platforms? OOvoo and others will vie for that market if Microsoft doesn't want it. There are 70 million plus BlackBerry users today and that will grow with BB10. Someone will want those users on board with their service as folks start upgrading in droves.

For the simple face that I'm sure BlackBerry will make their own back covers just like they have done for a lot of their phones.

Well, luckily, since the back is removable, you just buy a new backing which shouldn't cost too much, max of $50 extra at launch.
Unlike iPhones which you can't remove anything

Why are so many people complaining about the logo so much? Don't people buy cases these days, which will hide the logo and such completely.

Funny, I prefer my phone much like my lady, NAKED. :D I feel like cases take away from the elegance of the device itself. Besides I'm not accident prone.

I think without the BB and the Carrier logo at the front. it would look better. Just do the way the HTC 8X and iphone does it

Devices without logo retain their re-sale value better. Although, I have heard that these logo's are fairly easily removed.

This Just in - All CANADIAN carriers WILL have the NEW BB10 in stock comes January 31st 2013. - First come, first served - Seeing of BB10 is estimated to start 1 week later.

Hopefully retailers will get working demos, not these dummy models.

RIM needs people trying out the device, not looking at a fake one.

C'mon Verizon, dump the cheapo looking logo!!
Anyone spotted custom battery covers for the Z10 yet? Look's like I'm gonna need one.

1.There's the option to change the body,
2.I dont see why people are still crazy over skype,whats up with faceflow? isnt it good enough??
ive stop worrying about skype or oovoo now since i learned of faceflow

anybody wants a brand trademark to buy? people over here complaining too much about something not on the market yet? anybody?

Well I hope there is not only dummy devices. We need working in store models for people to play around it. Like iphones and gs3. Currently only the lower end models only have dummys

Very interesting that the dummy phone does not show you the icon screen. I am still hoping for a pleasant surprise.

The current bold series from 2011 has scratch resistant glass. I've had my since August of '11 and no scrtaches or cracks. I'm sure the Z10 & X10 will both have the same or better.

We're almost there! Now all I want to know is if Sprint will have the BB Z10 at launch. Otherwise, I'm JUMPING SHIP to Verizon because I've been eligible for an upgrade for over a year in a half waiting on this phone to come out! -100%-

LOOK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I HEAR FROM SITE TO SITE EVERYONE COMPLAINING ABOUT WHAT APP THEY THINK they're not going to see on the bb10 and the phone isn't out yet, and on top of that you are all thinking small, why do we have to go with only the apps that are out now , why cant we be looking for new ad fresh apps and ideas, LIKE THE PHONE ITSELF(BB10), I HERE AAAWW ITS NOT GOING TO HAVE SKYPE?! O M G. REALLY , IF RIM THOUGHT LIKE THAT WOULD HAVE JUST SLAPPED THAT DAMN BS OS ANDROID ON IT , YOU HAVE TO THINK AHEAD IN A WAR IDIOTS, FIRST WAIT TO SEE WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO GIVE US, AND IF THE FAVORITE APPS OF YOURS AREN'T on the bb10 its not RIM's fault, they reached out to everyone, if a company(apple) is paying that company not to develop their app for BB10, then they will just creat a different and better app to do the same thing plus more

I've said it once and I'll say it again. WE NEED A LIKE BUTTON FOR POSTS LIKE THIS!!!! +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

They should offer a bling model with chrome or brushed nickel accents and a nice leather back. BB -Escalade.

I just email my Verizon rep about when I get a hold of one of their test units. He said in his system it shows that the phone isn't coming out until April time frame. So they should have a demo unit a few weeks prior. I hope he is just missinformed

I sold off my GN2, and banked the cash while the money was good. For now I am waiting to see how things shape up on next BB's and see what they actually carry and how they perform. Just not as easy to recoup your investment like the days of old.