BlackBerry Z10 topping Amazon's Hot New Releases list and available for only $149!

Verizon BlackBerry Z10
By Michelle Haag on 30 Mar 2013 10:11 pm EDT

If you're shopping around for the new BlackBerry Z10 you will not want to overlook Amazon and Walmart. These retailers have the Verizon model of the Z10 on sale now for $149 and $139 respectively on eligible contract upgrades. Amazon also has the AT&T model available for $149 with contract upgrade. These are really great prices for the BlackBerry Z10, especially if you're already looking to extend your contract or add a new line. We're not sure how long these prices will be around, so better to act quickly if you want to get in on it.

Another bit of super exciting news is that the BlackBerry Z10 has been topping Amazon's list of Hot New Releases for a while now. Of course, there's been debate in the CrackBerry forums as it seems that depending on where you are sometimes you see the Z10 in the #1 position on the hot list, sometimes #7... but we sure do like that #1 spot! Have you seen any other great deals on the Z10? Let us know in the comments if you have, and feel free to hop over to the forums and join the discussion there.

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BlackBerry Z10 topping Amazon's Hot New Releases list and available for only $149!


Wish they had something like this for the UK..
#1 spot though :-D Anyone notice the Verizon model not available until April 2nd? Good signs..

What you taking about? In UK this phone is for free or maximum £69 and contracts are also cheaper.

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Where is a safe place to get an unlocked Z10 (white) from Canada. Have AT&T here in the US and want to get a version that works with their LTE bands. To me that means a phone from Canada and one that is unlocked.

Lots of eBay sellers but who knows which are trustworthy. Few guys on ecrater have them for 450 to 700 a pop.

Would think now that ATT is selling them off contract at 549 prices on ebay will drop a bit.

I bought mine from for $699. Pricey but no risk. Oops. Just looked. Price down to $599 and works on US phones. Mine is fabulous. Get a black battery door; the Z10 Oreo is cool.

I had a 9700, wanted a 9860 (tired of waiting for BB10) Walmart was $75 cheaper than AT&T. I asked AT&T to match it, they said the couldn't. So I bought my 9860 from Walmart, lost my Unlimited Data plan, and got stuck with a 900 minute plan on a 2GB Data Plan. That's Why I want a free Z10.
I was pissed, but still support Blackberry!

Yes saw it on Amazon at about 7:41 Pacific Standard time, here in Los Angeles.
Hot New Releases in Unlocked Cell Phones
Blackberry Z10 16gb Black Factory Unlocked Gsm
Blackberry Z10 16gb Black Factory Unlocked Gsm
by Blackberry
4.6 out of 5 stars (43)

Price: $639.99

39 used & new from $609.99

This is pretty common for all flagship devices from any manufacturer other than iphone. Typically Walmart and amazon will drop the price temporarily after the phone has been out for a few weeks as a way to draw customers to go through them. Which is why I try my best to wait a few weeks because I know amazon, best buy or some other big retailer will inevitably drop the price briefly to attract sales.

I bought mine off contract and still feel like it was a great deal! Ok, it wasn't a great deal. But isn't the peace of mind streaming videos or video chatting while off wifi priceless? :D

+1 I've already used 1gb in two days. Having lte and a great screen means I just watch HD YouTube videos for the heck of it.

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If I didn't love the geek squad insurance so much I wld have get my Z10 from wal-mart. I'm sorry but 199 is just too damn much for me. Waiting for Best Buy to drop the price a bit. BB launching at that price in the U.S definitely hurt them at the end. The casual shopper isn't going to choose the Z10 over the iPhone or a GS3. And the mis-informed/uneducated employees are definitely not going to help the situation.

Not sure if everything will be ok through an upgrade there. Would the end result be the same as upgrading through the ATT premier site ?

I'm in Colombia and it shows at number one for me. Something curious is that there are so many used on sale.

If you want one from a Canadian retailer or carrier in white you can try Future shop Rogers Fido Bell or Telus the Canadian best buy had them as well.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

BB black is at the top for me, then gayalaxy, then BlackBerry white 3rd, BlackBerry is dominating the ratings. Ownage!!

BlackBerry for life.

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Awesome device and I can't put it down either!! Love it to death!! Sounds a bit crazy but seriously I love this thing!!

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Hm am I getting it wrong? To me it's not a sale if you have to extend a contract. In EU, most carriers charge 0-99 €, while a naked device without any carrier subsidies still costs around 599 €.
And it's getting nice reviews from customers at least on and

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Anyone have past experience with Amazon on an upgrade?
I have a grandfathered data plan and I don't want to lose it how can I upgrade without changing anything on my plan?

I just spoke to Amazon wireless and the rep said that if I want to keep any of my old features not currently offered by the carrier I have to upgrade with the carrier. In my case I have the grandfathered unlimited data plan with AT&T.

Don't know what you guys are on about. Just checked amazon. Z10 is 25th in the "Bestsellers" section and 1st in the "Newest" section.

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I'm showing it in spots #1 #3 #10 and #20

Unfortunately, you cheated. That link shows the list for unlocked phones. Look at the list for all phones, and the iToy is at the top. I don't even see blackberry on it. :(

I got my Z10 at best but for $149 after trading in my LGOG, which I got 75 bucks for. I wonder if they would refund the difference now that the price has gone down. I will be calling to find out today.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Is this only available via Walmart's website? I work at one in Upstate NY and we dont have them yet. Hell, the guys in the Electronics department had no knowledge of the new BB's. Naturally, I had to school them!

Bought my z10 for $199 @verizon on Friday. They had a sign on the door and a big banner above the white z10 on the left wall, and the black z10 was on the other side of the store next to the gs3 and the razrs.

The salesman that helped me was really high on the z10 and confided that he has one at home that he's using. The only negative thing was he told me that the nfc antenna was a wireless charging antenna. After a while I just dropped it since I wasn't convincing him that it doesn't have wireless charging (I wish it did).

Loving it so far, and I'm getting pretty fast on the keyboard.

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How is this any different than if I call my carrier right now and use my $50 discount for signing a new contract and get the Z10 for $149 directly from the carrier? This is not in any way a discount; it's the exact same price.

Money saved is money saved.
I went to Verizon. Yesterday to play and they had it back in the corner and I told the the sales lady you put it back in the corner like a bad step child and she laughed. Crazy. It just shows where each carrier has their heads up Samsung and apples but hole.

So this means U.S. sales are going strong? Or is it #1 around the world? Hope U.S. ARE going strong. We need the app support.

$199 still quite high price for this phone, I'm lucky I didn't have to pay for it here in UK and 2yrs contract "only" for £29/m which is $44, 1000min to other networks, rest is unlimited.

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This sucks for me. Just bought my Z10 Thursday for $199 no this is on sale for $149. AT&T told me they do not price match And I would have to wait a week to have the system rest so I could get the upgrade price. So I am out $50. But I am loving this phone right now.

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i ordered my z10 from at&t for $199.99 over the phone yesterday because I needed to request an early upgrade...i called back today after seeing this article and they couldn't discount the price of the phone for me, but they gave me a $50 credit on my monthly bill so it evens out

Purchased mine this past Wednesday at T-Mobile for $106 less a $45 trade-in I got for an extra BlackBerry 9700 (I had two of them and decided to keep my BB 9780 just in case I ever need a back up for a day IN the event anything goes wrong), so plus the $24.99 fee, we ended up paying right at $93 for my phone and the day before I changed our plan, which lowered our bill by $20. With the new phone I'll have to pay $18 per month (or more), but our bill, WITH a new phone, will be $2 less with a KICKIN BAD @$$ PHONE!!!! BlackBerry z10 is AWESOME, IMHO!!! It's NOTHING like the old BlackBerry's! I told my hubby it's like going from a '74 Ford Pinto to a '13 Porsche! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! But it took me four days to get all of my contacts transferred, as I did not have my 9780 synced with an email or gmail account, but BlackBerry. Oh, and with T-Mobile there is NO NEW CONTRACT REQUIRED!!!!! No waiting time if I decide I want an iPhone in three months (which T-Mobile will have for sale on April 12th IF anyone is interested ~ but I'M NOT INTERESTED at ALL in ANYTHING Apple!!). I am like many others ~ I cannot put it down!!! Can hardly wait to purchase a holster for it. They had nothing but a pink case and a black case for it. Didn't even have screen protectors!!! REALLY HOPE BB is a MAJOR SUCCESS!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY Z10!!! It's 'da bomb, baby'!!!!

Also, I read that AT&T were shipping them out (on pre-orders on March 20th) and Clark Howard, who is a geeky, nerd guy that used to have a column in the local Atlanta Newspaper has a 30 minute TV show early mornings. I just happened to wake up and heard him say on THURSDAY (the day after I purchased mine at T-Mobile) that Verizon was selling them and they were selling like hotcakes, but gave T-Mobile NO MENTION and they had it for sale the day before Verizon. Idk how the sales were going as of Thursday afternoon, as I was sick and didn't feel like messing with my phone. It took two phone calls for me to have my contacts transferred from my 9780 to my Z10 and I had to talk directly with BlackBerry for them to walk me through it using the BlackBerry Link. OBVIOUSLY the sales rep at T-Mobile did not know anything about the phone and told me that it was supported by the now distinct (?) BlackBerry Desktop Manager. But yeah, I was a bit ticked when Clark Howard was pushing Verizon on Thursday but again, no mention of T-Mobile's sales on Wednesday!!! I've been with TMO for nine (9) years in April, so I'm a BIT biased! haha! From what I can tell it's rated at #3 right now. People are so uneducated over BlackBerry and don't realize that they were the first Smartphone available! Or at least that's what I read ~ that from '99 until Apple came out with one of their iPhones in 2007, BlackBerry was THE Smartphone to have!! Okay, I'll shut up now!!

I emailed Amazon and asked if I could keep my unlimited data plan if I bought a phone from them. The answer was that they could not honor a grandfathered plan, so I will have to get it from AT&T.

I love my z10 so ffffn much wouldn't for one day want to change it for anything else , got it on the first day it's available in Egypt.

Digging the word flicking btw , don't even miss my old blackberry keyboard :)

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I found a seller on eCrater that is selling the Z10 (black or white) for $350 USD. Seems too good to be true. He repeatedly claims to be selling a new z10 unlocked model STL100-3 which should support ATT LTE. He says the units are from Finland or Hungary. Does this add up?
I had been focused on Canadian Z10s only (with compatible LTE bands to ATT)
Thoughts or should I pass?