BlackBerry Z10 takes a trip through the X-ray

By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2013 09:43 am EDT

Yes, you read that title right.

While we've seen all kinds of photos of the BlackBerry Z10 through the last few months, this one is certainly new to me. Just as we thought that we were running down on "cool" ways to show off the Z10, Ian came through and surprised us. 

A Radiologist by profession, Ian took some down time to send the Z10 and an iPhone 5 on a quick trip under the X-ray. The results are pretty cool as we get an amazing look at the innards of both devices. If you examine the Z10, you can see the obviously large battery, speaker, camera, buttons, ports and all the other internal goodies. It's almost like a game of spot-the-component.

Fear not - the Z10 is still working just fine.

This just leaves us wondering what's left for the Z10 on camera now that we've seen it both inside and out!

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BlackBerry Z10 takes a trip through the X-ray


The iPhone 5's battery make look a bit longer than the Z10's battery however, it's only a 1440 mAH battery in comparison to the 1800 mAH battery in the Z10. That being said, I really don't understand why the folks at BlackBerry didn't put in a 2300 mAH battery in the Z10 instead because the 1800 mAH battery for current day smartphones is too small in my opinion.

I don't give a damn about how big the battery physically is. I care more about battery life and that's what matters to the end user.

Lots of wasted top and bottom space on the Z10 compared to the iPhone where Apple has considered space. Better engineering possibly? Would love to see an x-ray of the Q10, though the tear down video recently gave some insight.

In that "wasted space" appears to be a buffer between the internal components and the outer casing which to me suggests that Blackberry wanted to protect the internal components from damage in the event that it was dropped. The iPhone does not have these buffer areas.

That was my thought too. Especially on the corners where historically the worst damage occurs. Then again we are examining the 2D XRays of devices... we might as well be arguing over which superhero from DC would win in a fight vs. another superhero from Marvel... oh wait that happens daily too. ;-)

We also have to consider here the heat dissipation from electronic components, so imho it's not a waste of space here, compare both devices were they are running and you'll understand

I thought the same thing! Sure we need something to hold onto, but the battery could have been longer or the bezel a little shorter making the screen take up more real estate. This day and age of trying to cram everything into a small device, left over space could be interpreted as a waste. I love bb10 but the z10's screen/front-face ratio is a little big for my taste.

The top space is for the future option of the disentigrator ray gun, and the bottom space is for the molecular transport hardware. It's pretty obvious.


Wait is that the apple phone battery that you cannot replace without replacing the whole phone?

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Thinner?! Thicker so it could accommodate a larger battery is the way to go. That's one reason I was torn between the Z10 and Q10, but I couldn't wait for the Q for contract reasons.

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It's still amazing for me seeing these hardware components n that in the end these metal things make our Z10 alive

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nice image... they should do infrared on both to show the hot spots after workin for a few hrs.

Ian is me...
The xray was cleaned up and enhanced on the z10's native photo editor. I can fwd just a z10 xray to anyone that wants it

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I'm Ian, the XRay didn't come out too good on its own, i was able to get more detail on it by transferring to my Z10 and using the in built photo enhancer. I could crop it down to just the Z10 for anyone interested

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Funny, I could have done this today. I was testing an xray and the other guy I was working with had an iphone 5

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The iPhone 5 has smaller battery but it last longer than the z10. I own both so this observation is limited to what I have experienced.

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Once the Z10 gets that update that verizon has been a lazy mo-fo delivering, then battery life will surpass the iphone 4/4S/5/5S for sure. :D