BlackBerry Z10 takes home 2014 iF Product Design Award

By Bla1ze on 13 Feb 2014 02:57 pm EST

When the BlackBerry Z10 was first announced there was plenty discussion surrounding the design of the device. In our Z10 review, we got to speak with BlackBerry's Senior Industrial Designer Joseph Hofer about the thinking that went into the BlackBerry Z10's design. At the time, he noted the primary design goal for the BlackBerry Z10 was to achieve a simple, understated, timeless elegance. 

Since then, the device has gone on to win the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2013 and now it has won the right to take home the 2014 iF Product Design Award as well. In January, 49 international design experts assessed 4,615 products, communication designs and packaging entered by participants from 55 countries. 

The BlackBerry Z10 was among the many products submitted and has now been announced as a winner in the telecommunications category. The award ceremony will take place at the BMW Welt in Munich on 28 February 2014. 

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BlackBerry Z10 takes home 2014 iF Product Design Award


Yes, to BB, but really?? The Z10? What is the criteria, to look just like the million other all-touch screen devices made of plastic? So I guess the Q10 with the sculpted keys separated by stainless steel frets dovetailed into a coated steel frame backed by a glass weave battery door lifted off the table by another stainless steel fret is just no big deal compared to the Z10, which is a piece of glass, on a plastic back. Yipee...

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Why you mad tho? You cant even be happy just cos it's not your chosen bb variant?. Lol. Smfh.. wonders will never end.

Nothing to do with what is "mine" or not since I didn't make it, I just care about what makes sense. Personally if you are talking about hardware design I would have agreed with the HTC One, iPhone, or the Q10. But I stuck with the Q10 since it's a BB, not because it's what I use. You're telling me the Z10 has a nicer hardware design than the HTC One's all aluminum body?? Come on...

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What other all touch device is optimized for quick and efficient one handed use in terms of communication with that big of a screen? That's my thinking for why they won the telecommunications award.

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Better at telecommunication than the Q10? Okie dokie, if you say so...

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I didn't say it was better than the Q10. I was suggesting it was better than any other all touch device at it, thus, the Q10 would not count.

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So, was this a competition only between all-touch devices?

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Maybe it was more innovative for its class than the Q10 was for its class? I'm just pulling for ideas here. *shrugs*

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Innovative? Isn't like 99% of the other smartphones in the market all-touch??

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Usability: Hardware keyboard for more accurate typing, type n go and universal search without needing to tap a search icon first, one button speed dialing using the keyboard, phone dialing using the keyboard without having to launch the phone app, then switch to the dialer pane... Should I go on?

Look and feel: Elegant metal frame with sharp looking stainless steel frets and a unique looking glass weave back. Or a slab of glass that from far away looks like any other all-touch phone on the market?

Uniqueness: Again, is it easier to spot the Q10 in a crowd of today's smartphones or the Z10?

Design quality and creativity: Creative by following in the footsteps of every other smartphone maker? Or creative by reinventing the keyboard phone with premium materials and a combination of touchscreen and gestures with a straight keyboard and shortcuts?

Choice of material and finish: Proprietary glass weave, stainless steel, steel, and glass? Or just plastic and glass?

Cost effectiveness: Yes manufacturing the Q10 is more expensive, but how is putting more into a product all of a sudden a bad thing?

Customer relevance: Yes, the Z10 wins this since now it's "cool" to have an all-touch device. Too bad I never care about what is "cool" before I purchase things...

I can go on, the rest of it talks about research and development going into the product, fit and finish and quality of the materials, pretty much all of it points more to the Q10 than Z10 in my opinion...

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The last three words of your post sums it all up; " my opinion..." You could've saved yourself some typing with the rest of that highly opinionated and a little incorrect drivel. Almost nobody cares about a physical keyboard, hence the reason BlackBerry is floundering and the reason the Z10 outsold the Q10 like 3-to-1. People want screen real estate. The Q10 doesn't have it. It's practically a persona non grata in the smartphone market except by people who can't/won't adapt to change.

That you would even accept the HTC One as the recipient over the Z10 is almost hypocritical. At a quick glance, they're almost identical. Material construction and design are not the same thing. Having stereo speakers on the front is a nice touch, but it muddies up the design. The Z10 is cleanly designed. The Q10 is cramped and busy looking and not terribly different looking from the old Bold; yet another reason why people think BB10 is the same old same old, looks like the same old phone!

Anyway, I'm rambling. Just get over it. The Z10 deservedly won fair and square.

From the mighty Z10!

in my opinion, I feel bad for your desperate comments bro. Go buy a real HTC One and see how poor this crap is made.

The HTC One? Don’t even get me started. Quality in that handset? Lol, ok. Le the know when the top and bottom speaker grills come off, when you drop the phone on the floor. They are held on with double sided sticky tape, lol. And you bash the Z10? Get a life.

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Really? I've never used one, just held them on displays. If their build quality is that poor then definitely I take back what I said about the HTC One.

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Honestly I had the same opinion as you did. Htc one sure looks really nice. Although I had the htc for a while, the htc one body got kinda old and boring. Like people. People grow old and ugly. However my z10 still looks fresh like an angel to me

I have also heard the build quality on the HTC One was poor, which surprised me after having it in my hand while in a store. I wasn't exactly impressed while holding it but, I didn't think it was poor either. Oh well.

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Yah, it looks and feels pretty solid when you're just looking at one. But when you use a product for a while that's when its flaws come out, so I'll take the word from someone who owned one over my very limited exposure to the device.

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I totally agree with you. I think the Q10 is a good looking phone and highly underrated due to the physical keyboard.

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Well, apparently all of the work into that means nothing to some people, just slap glass on plastic and voila...

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Aluminum bodies are not the best. In the cold they transfer heat rapidly. We know how electronics do not perform well in too much heat or too cold environments. Also aluminum is not great for impact as it transfers forces to internal components and the glass. And the final aspect, aluminum is slippery on hard surfaces such as tables, in your hands. BlackBerry devices have a unique backing that kind of sticks in your hand and to table tops, leading to fewer drops and accidental knock offs......

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Where's the dove tailed frets? I'd like to see. Please show me. I'm a Machinist, and I can tell you for a fact, there are no dove tailed frets anywhere on a Q10.

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Hm, odd, would have thought a carpenter would have come here to make that correction... Ok, so they are just notched in there, either way, anyone else would have just had them sitting on top of the frame or had them within the border of the frame to save time. But hey, show me something on the Z10 that can rival the fit and finish of the Q10 and I'll gladly take back my words.

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Hey- I have both devices and love them both. I switch back and forth weekly, I guess that makes me immature. I have to agree with you that the build quality of the Q feels better than the Z, but I have zero issue with the Z and am very happy BB won. In that regard, I have to disagree with you. BB needs this type of recognition regardless of which device they choose.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

Honestly the whining and complaining on this website is getting out of control SMH. Even when BlackBerry wins a award people complain because it isn't their device.

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

I'm not complaining, this award means absolutely nothing to me, first time I've heard it, and I never care for what award judges think anyway, same goes for the oscars, grammy's and all other awards, I like what I like despite what others think, which is obvious since I own a BB, but anyway, just I am very logic based and I don't really understand how the Z10 could beat out the Q10 in this case... I think even if I owned a Z10 I would admit the Q10 had a whole lot more engineering into it...

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Aw, I'm sorry that you have nothing constructive to say and have to resort to petty name calling. Don't worry, not everyone can think of useful things to say, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. :-)

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I have a Z10 and I agree, Q10 is a beautiful phone. My guess is it didn't win because of the physical keyboard?

+10 I very much agree. I also have a Z10 and love the phone for its simple and classic design élégance that I think will still look new five years from now.

But I also think the Q10 is a beautiful looking phone with great build quality. However, I have to agree, I think the phone didn't win because it was a keyboard-based phone and that's not nearly as popular as touch. So I'm guessing they had to give to a touch phone...and de Z10 definitely deserves it!
Congrats BlackBerry ! Let's do it again with the Z10 II.

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1. It is constructive, I am helping the crack berry community from your offences
2. How is it name calling when im just comparing you to as a teenage girl. Im just saying you act like one and never say you were one

Sorry if I offended you but truth is truth :)

Nah, don't worry, you didn't offend me at all. The only people who could offend me are people I respect. No offense but I don't know you, and respect is earned in my book. I was just expressing my condolences that you felt you were forced to stoop to such levels. Ad hominem always helps the intended target more than the person doing it. Always been that way and probably always will be that way. So no worries, not offended at all, I don't have any self confidence issues, so it's hard to get under my skin, but you can continue trying if you wish. I'm sure at the very least it's entertaining for some of us. :-)

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I think the Z10 won because it was available in time for the judges to try it. It was too late for the z30, I guess.

Keyboard smartphones look like old-school pre-2007 devices, no way they will ever win a design award. Well I guess if somebody would come up a specific award for keyboard devices certainly, your species is dying, though.

Don't get me wrong, i'd love a q10, just cannot find one at a decent price in France.

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If it means nothing then why do you bother to comment. Myself, I find that the z10 is simple, feels good in my hand, looks like a quality phone. And somehow several thousand people have judged it the same.

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Um, because I'm expressing my opinion. I keep forgetting that I'm only allowed to express an opinion that fits in with the majority's. Oops, my mistake...

@slagman5 _ I understand your points, I love the look and feel of the Q10, (although I don't own one as I am still running a 9900) but at the same time 2 of my 3 kids own a Z10 (the other owns an iphone 5 - so I dis-owned him ;)) I have had the opportunity to really look closely at the Z10, and I really feel it is a classy, understated design, with subtle touches that separate it from all other non-keyboard phones. Anyway, as I get closer to buying my next BB I am torn between the Q10 and the Z10. Cheers.

Well, look really closely at a Q10 and notice all of the little details that went into the design of the phone. Then compare it to the Z10. Say what you will about the iphone, looking at its hardware, can you honestly say there's a huge difference in quality, uniqueness, and looks? To me they are about the same, just one has more rounded corners while the other doesn't, whoopdy doo...

If you have never owned a Z10 then you only have perception based on what others think. You yourself said you don't care what others think. C'mon man!

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Um, what?? LOL, how am I going based on what others think? You don't think I have eyes? Do I have to own something to have seen how it looks? I've seen Z10's before, I've held them before. So I'm basing it on my own impression of it when I've held it. Even when BB10 first launched and I was excited to see the first phone, I went to a store and looked at a Z10, honestly, it didn't blow me away. To me, when I see a rectangle with glass on one side and plastic on the other, it looks like every other phone out there...

I had the Z10 from day 1 until December, I convinced enough people to get one and they did. Do you know what people said about the Q10? The damn thing sucks. The keyboard was too straight and they couldn't feel the keys because of the stupid metal bars that were raised. So well over 200 people around the Scarborough/North York area that I know, opted to go back and yes.. buy another Z10. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people as a Telus client to get a White Z10. Do YOU KNOW HOW I FELT WHEN I HELD IT? Let me tell you.. on my way to University classes, I would see half witted fools on their iphones.. no let me correct myself, nearly an entire TTC bus filled with students going to university all had the same shapeless and meaningless iPhone. But something stood out on the bus, a WHITE Z10! I felt... what's the word.. unique.. different.. not quite like the rest of androids.. I easily held the phone in ONE HAND and sent messages. I easily closed applications with one swipe. I didn't have to "type"... I didn't have to use "auto-correct".. I mentioned a couple months back that my White Z10 felt like a Lamborghini. Now that I have a Z30, I still feel different but there are tons... actually.. why not go into a store, Bell, Rogers and Telus.. ask them how many sales they've had of a Q10? I'll be honest.. the one at Fairview told me the Q10 outsold the Z10 much faster in two weeks; but that the Z30 ended up beating both sales. My point is.. you can walk into a store and.. "get a feel" for something, be it a shirt or tie.. even a phone. But, you can't write it off completely without .. I guess it's a like girl lmao.. you can't really say "sorry not interested" unless you've seen what you needed to see. Holding a phone is one thing, but considering that no new Blackberry Z10 or Q10's were ever active in store displays, I find it hard to believe anything you say. I played with the HTC One.. I actually wanted it, but I until I asked others how they felt about it.. okay I still wanted one. I played around with one, it felt.. it felt like a high maintenance girl who only cared about "looks" and not about what was on the inside or what truly mattered most. As much as I admire my Z30 now, I adored my White Z10 because of the sex appeal it gave and how brilliantly seamless it appeared in its pure natural state. Let me know when any other company decides to stick by their phone for the sake of making progress and putting progress in the hands of its users and not making a device just for the sake of "what material it uses" to blow other competition away based on its outer appearance. Thank you kindly mate :)

Didn't realize we were in a popularity contest. I keep not understanding why what others prefer have to do with what I would prefer? I have no issues typing on a Q10, the frets don't interfere at all, the keyboard on my PC is straight as well and I have no issues using that either, I actually never understood the curve in the older BB keyboards, the straight keyboard works fine for me.

And the stores I went to had real active phones to try. And I've used plenty of full-touchscreen phones. No thanks. I type horrible on them, am forced to STARE at the phone like I'm a hermit while on the Q10 I can pay more attention to the rest of the screen and sometimes even look around at my surroundings while continuing to type. Everyone else I see hunched over staring into their touchscreen phones making sure they are hitting the right keys while typing, lol. Oh well, call me weird that the fact that the Z10 is more popular has absolutely ZERO influence on me... If that mattered I'd be using an Android...

They are trolls. Any BlackBerry user would accept the award, and show respect for the judges. People ranting on this subject are either paid trolls, or insecure individuals who really don't have a BB10 device and wish they did, but don't have a back bone to stand up to pier pressure executed by the same personalities as themselves.

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You know, I really used to wonder at the plain looks of the Z10... until I acquired one. I now give kudos to BlackBerry for striking a near perfect balance between beauty, functionality and ruggedness. I think this is what makes it worthy of the award. I'm loving the device more and more everyday.

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You know, I didn't like it in the pictures but when I got it in my hands, it was a fine looking phone. And it feels solid and substantial. I hate putting a case on it.

Functionally it's crippled me for using other touchscreen devices. So simple. I was ready to smash my Win 8 computer last night. Open an app, swipe from all edges, can't find the settings or menus for anything consistently. On my Z10 always from the dots or swipe from the top. So consistent.

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I agree. I don't like putting a case on the Z. It is very cool and offers good grip. I like some protection though, and the only case I like having on it is the BB hard shell. It gives the Z a little bit of protection, allows it to stand up for watching video, allows you to set the phone face down and still has the BB logo on the back (albeit not the same). I just wish my Z didn't say "Verizon" on the corner.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

Z10 was a design evolution of the PlayBook and did a wonderful job of fit, feel and form...

iTards - to a person - have to put a case on their iToys so that it will be as comfortable to hold as a Z10....

It was a great first BB10 phone - could have used a few more apps...for some.

I enjoyed mine and people were blown away when I told them it was a Blackberry - thanks to Frank Boulben's marketing prowess.

CB10 from the Z30

You own a BB but your upset that it was the Q10. You should be happy we took a win for the crappy apple products they produce. If you ever held a Z10 the feel of it is comfort to your hand. BB FTW!

A little shrill, but I agree with you. The Q10 is a gorgeous device. Best I've used. But maybe they were considering the fact that it is an evolved 9900, rather than the very first BB10 device, and the first real all touch device from BlackBerry (torch doesn't count)

The Q10 may not have been submitted. BlackBerry would have had to submitted and probably paid a lot of money to be in this "competition". Could have been a conscious decision to not submit the Q10 in effort to make the Z10 look more appealing. I'm speculating, but sounds likely.

Jesus, you're a bit of a dick aren't you. I mist congratulate you on your name and profile picture though, they did enable me to know exactly what sort of comment i'd read from you before. Oh and that forum signature, very classy, prick.

Posted via CB10

Ah, if only the great review will lead to improved sales and the BB marketing department will run with it for promotions.

Regret, TM has abandoned Z10 in-store sales. Hopefully a good review will stimulate TM folks to bring it back.

Nah, the only thing that matters anymore is how "cool" it is and whether it helps you fit into the "it" crowd now-a-days. Forget that the OS is actually quite solid, that plays a very small role now...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

True about 'cool'.
Is there something special about the Apple and Samsung products that BB products can not compete with in sales? All smart phones are coming closer to a commodity where they are very similar.
What sets the premium phones apart is sometimes sexy advertising.
Regret, BB is not cool.

In all honesty if this sells a few handsets then great but I don't see that happening so who cares.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

It's another elements of free advertisement.
I'm sure that this will, even though slightly have positive impact on Blackberry sales.

Over the last three months, slowly but surely, after people seeing my Z10, they're buying it themselves.

Catapulted from my Z10.

I love the look of my Z.

Hate putting cases on it because it looks so good. So i got a dbrand skin for it recently and it ROCKS.

Awesome! I do love the look of it. And the feel of the backplate...

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Great news for BlackBerry. Now they need to advertise to tell the world.

Still loving my z10.

Posted via CB10

Now BlackBerry. Create ads like truck companies do showing that you have best designed device etc. Oh wait it's BlackBerry....... so they won't advertise ANYTHING let alone something as great as this. talk about opportunities lost....

Posted via CB10

Good thing I made a thread about it. I was wondering when you guys will put out the news. Anyways any new Channelers join me channels.

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Z10 is as sweet of a phone as it was the day it came out. I'm rocking a Seidio case but I still get people commenting on how this phone looks every time I pull it out of the case and swap out batteries. Needless to say I have 3 Z10's within my family and my kids prefer playing on then over their ipods.

Posted via CB10

Bought my daughter a white Z10 at Christmas to replace her iPhone. She wouldn't go back.

Posted via CB10

Hahaha something new to poke my friends with who own iPhones and Android phones. I'm gonna have a great day ahead.

Posted via CB10

I live my Z30, and wouldn't go back to a Z10 if I could avoid it.

That being said however, I also much prefer the looks of the Z10.

I upgraded to the 30 because of the internal upgrades and screen tech, not necessarily size or looks.

Via Z30

As much as I love my Z30 and think it's a well-designed and great-looking device, I do admire the symmetry and simple elegance of the Z10. Major kudos to the designers of the Z10!

The bottoms of our Z30 is totally lets you know where the bottom is in less than ideal lighting situations.

CB10 from the Z30

I would like for BlackBerry to keep the design don't mind a bigger screen, Z10 is sexy

Posted via CB10

Apple people must be stunned that the iPhone didn't get it automatically. After all isn't just making the same design bigger award winning. ;)-

Posted via CB10

I mean this is good but, I don't get it lol I own a Z10, and Q10, and since having a Q10 and the Z30 being released, the Z10 just looks and feels like a plastic developer device. (Sorry) Lumia devices, and Sony's newest devices have better hardware than the Z10.

And this is coming from someone who loves BlackBerry, not trolling.

Even the new Motorola's look/feel nicer than the Z10...

But Congratulations I suppose lol

based on what you said I guess you like the design of the Z30? Well then thanks for the comment mate, but it sucked already.

Of course the Z10 should win design awards. It's subtle and sublime. And doggone useful, too.

Posted via CB10 on my  Z10

I always really liked the Z10; sleek, but masculine. I really don't know what all the fuss was about by people saying words like boring or plain, etc.

Even nicer looking than iPhone 5s to me.

The Porsche design was even better IMO.

Consumer Reports Magazine had an article about the best smartphones and BlackBerry was never even mentioned.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Because they are clueless, I guess.

Just like most Phone store people.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Nice. I just love my z10. Is is a great design. Although I sometimes miss the metal frame like the bold 9900 are the 9700 it is indeed simple and timeless.

 posted via my Z10

Love the Z10 but how'd it beat the Z30 in design?

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

I would prefer if BlackBerry could win 1000 more users in stead of this design award that nobody will benefit from.

Posted via CB10

That's nice but there still not selling well even with the design awards. BlackBerry should advertise this as well, just like car companies do when they win awards.

Z30 :D - [URL="bbmc:C00016D82"]The Final Destination[/URL] - Winnipeg Mb Clothing|Footwear|Headwear|Headshop|Tobacconist|Tattoos

It is a nifty phone. Still use the z10 without a sim. Use the z30 as my main phone / mobile device.

Posted via CB10

"if" awards or "as if" awards or is it short for "if only"awards. Seems a little late to be giving it design awards more than a year after its release. But imagine "if only" weave, stainless details, all metal, carbon fiber, astonishing tribes gui! That would be a nice looking phone!

Posted via CB10

Congratulations to BlackBerry!

But why not the Porsche Design P9982?

The Z10 is very nice and the GUI is genial, but the Porsche Design P9982 is the nicest BlackBerry :)

Snoopy from Germany

The design of the Z10 has grown on me over the last year. No doubt, it is the iPhone 5s big brother!

Seriously, it's simple, sleek and functional. I like the symmetry in it that makes it elegant. It is light and holds very well in the hand.

The only weakness I see in the design (maybe apart from the back that is so and so) is that the screen's borders are too large.

Design wise it is certainly better than the Z30. Its elegance comes from the material, not so much from the de design. I find the silver bottom too much of ' I am trying to make a statement'. And then it feels like a piece of plastic that will easily scratch ...

Posted via CB10

But but it's only an iPhone looking clone....
Lol whoever said it looked like a black iPhone needs a slap.

Anyways I see people here saying stuff like "It's only plastic, blah blah blah "..

I can confirm that this piece of plastic feels fabulous in hand, sexy without a case, and even better with the screens off

Posted via CB10

Congratulations BlackBerry!!!

For those who talk about the virtues other brands.

To paraphrase 'Back to the Future ', 'in the future we won't need a home button

BB10 is the most radical operating system around.

Posted via CB10

Good story Blaze. The much maligned Z10 - which I owned and enjoyed getting some "props".

Wonder how my new and better Z30 will fair in such contests of insignificance.

Only iTards get hung up on such foolishness.

CB10 from the Z30

Z10 Z30 Q10 Q5, the BEST kept secret! In full view and yet not having sales reflective of it! John and Jane public believes the crap that so called tech sites and Wall Street have been cycling! What's worse BlackBerry isn't trying to correct the perception, no problem we the REAL users know the wonders that IS BlackBerry 10!

Posted via CB10

They said they were selling the company.... Wall Street said it was going out of business... John and Jane Q public have a tough time keeping up with reality when the "iTard Media Machine" is trying to crush you...

Still Loving my White Z10!!
My favorite app at the moment is the Sochi app! GO CANADA GO!

Posted via CB10

I could not agree less! The Z10 is simple, classy, and efficient. Good job BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

But that is always something I have always said just make two to Four Phones that most customers enjoy and keep building on that until later when the Brand or BlackBerry company is where they feel they are comfortable when it comes to competitors and then you can play with the idea of developing new equipment. Here is an example I think for the most part the Z10 was a phone that most people thought was a very nice design not talking about software and hardware just design looks. So with this said keep the Z10 and keep building on same design. Also bring out another design similar to Z10 but with the slider for those that enjoy both physical keyboad and option for touch screen this way customers do not have to sacrifice screen size. For the other two phones maybe something along the lines of the Z30 for those that prefer a bigger screen size and have bigger hands and need more of what software and hardware offers. You'll excuse me I am not that tech savy. Also create one same or similar style as Z30 but with slider again for those customers that enjoy both physical keys and touch screen. FOUR different equipment I think is all BlackBerry needs. Look at examples like porsche 911 every year they discuss the new porsche but always same body style obviously every 8 to 10 years they changed the looks a bit more changes especially in recent years but the point is they always maintained same body style and just added a few more luxury amenities that the customers requested and that the company also felt customers needed or would enjoy and made the product better. Key they listened to their customers BlackBerry take note! It worked for them for years why not BlackBerry and at the same time it would be more cost affective instead of toying with ideas and development of different equipment that customers may or may not like. Bottom line stick with what is already working. As much as it pains me to say this even iphone adopted this model of their phones. I know I am going to catch hell for this from BlackBerry and the iPhone fan base for this and believe me I am not an iphone groupie. I have enjoyed my BlackBerry phones through the years to include today. But I believe from a business and savings point of you you can perfect the products you already offer over the years and finally people will take notice and once again later on when the phones that are already in production need to be redesigned because there is no way to stay competitive whether it is do to equipment space or size of design then you begin developing other designs that will work for another couple of years and by couple of years I mean approximately at least a range of 7 to10 years. I would be interested in all of your opinion regarding this. I apologize ahead of time if I ventured off topic a bit.

Posted via CB10

Don't get me wrong, I like the Z10, but I am only using it because it was cheap and runs BlackBerry 10. Hardware wise, there are WAY better devices out there, such as Sony's waterproof Xperia line and some of the Nokia WP models.

The real take away: the importance of the operating system and user experience must have trumped hardware in this contest.

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

You mean the back door that is not quite loose, but not quite closed and solid either? Yeah, I hid that behind a cheap plastic case. Was so annoying...

Miss BlackBerry 9900 build quality...

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

This just shows you that super high end battery draining specs don't make the phone. Its the unique, elegant OS and design that does.
Good Job BBRY.

The Z10 also takes the award for the most unsold device ever. One billion dollars worth. What a failure.

Congrats to BlackBerry! I must say that among my iPhone and Android friends, most admit that the Z10 is one sharp looking phone! Sad that there are so few of us that have the chance to actually appreciate it!

Posted via CB10

The Z10 design is really good. I would be even better if the shell were made of metal instead of plastic. I always think that the Z10 should be at the same grade as Q10.

Posted via CB10 by Z30

"...the primary design goal for the BlackBerry Z10 was to achieve a simple, understated, timeless elegance."

That paragraph pretty much says what I thought when I first saw the Z10 and decided to buy it. It is the perfect size and shape for a phone.

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Who? What? This is the equivalent to giving a mentally challenged kid a "participation" pin for trying?

*pulls out Gold Medal winning Note 3*

IPhone shits all over the Z10. It's hilarious how BB had no clue how to make a real smartphone so they ripped off the looks and aesthetics of the iPhone. It's akin to a little sister copying the older sister. However, the older sister gets all the accolades, cock and money while the little sister remains ugly, at home and just plays with herself.

Peace out, fanboy.

I love my Z10. It has sleek and timeless design that will not go out of style quickly. With OD updates, and new accessories my Z10 will and has been worth every penny!

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I have to admit that the Z10 definitely looks simple yet timeless, classic. No wonder it's been awarded for 2013 and 2014! Two years on a row! Imagine that!

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yeah i'm rocking the Z30 right now but still, i admire the design perspective that BBRY put on their first BB10 phone, the Z10. yes it might have issues with the hardware causing its limitation to things like Wifi Direct, Miracast or FM radio, yes it might have some shame on the battery capacity so it's difficult to have the phone to run for a full day, yes it might have some drawbacks on the touch-on-lens screen technology where you need to really keep on eye on your phone otherwise if the screen cracks then it's done BUT..

look at the black colour. look at the matte finish. look at the cues, the corners, the back cover, the way the top & the bottom bezels are designed. they are perfect. as much as the Z30 is designed for a more sturdy yet rugged built quality, but in terms of the design, the Z10 should win this award. NOT the iPhone, NOT even the Samsung, NOT even the HTC ONE!!!

Keep Moving, #IChooseBlackBerry10, you??

Congratulations! Its my favourite..i now have the Z30 but you can't compare with the design of the Z10 it's fab!

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Use it in Marketing!!! When the F**k are you going to do something BBry???

Even Telus is telling prospective users that BB10 devices break down - no good - returned. Whats up with dat??

Lets see some support out there corporately for what is in my opinion the best devices on the market.

Its like you guys just dont seem to give a shit!

We dont hear or see DICK from bbry. Sad, really sad.

Scribed via zee Cue X on X.II.I

Apologies if my rant came on too strong, but this lack of being in the public eye completely irks me.

Scribed via zee Cue X on X.II.I

If the Z10 comes with a Q10 keyboard...I'm there...till then, I rock the Z30...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

Congratulations to BlackBerry. They really deserve that award. They're innovators, and they're original. Nothing better than a BlackBerry.

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Z10 is designed timeless beautiful! Don't understand why people like the HTC one design . People only think it's beautiful because the mass of marketing!

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Preaching to the choir...
We love it since it came out, and the sheep won't be convinced...too blind and too dumb...

...forever BlackBerry...

The beauty of the Z10 is in its simplicity.

It's also easy to grip unlike most other generic square phones.

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Yeah Z10 nice but that cheap noise making ,unfitting plastic battery back feels great and makes nice sound when push little harder behind the volume up/down buttons.

Poor, poor build quality and outdated hardware but nice phone ,love it!

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That's why it sold the least and put BlackBerry in turmoil congratulations. Q10 should take the award period. It's the phone that put BlackBerry back on track

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No wonder BB10 phones not selling, ZERO marketing!

I never saw any BlackBerry Advertising here in Germany, only when watching Formula One I saw a small sticker on Mercedes Benz.LOL.

Most people here think Blackberry is dead, 99% say to me " wooow this is a blackberry phone? "

It is even more silence since the new CEO took over.

BlackBerry really thinks their phones selling themselfs?

Never ever saw a company with such a bad management and leadership, and that will brake BlackBerry's neck when landed from the free fall it's currently in.

It is sad they make good products but have no idea if how to make business at all.

Z10_STL100-2_10.2.1.1925/1926 Vodafone DE

I think the Z10 is one of the best designed phones out there, very clear and calm without any shiny materials except the screen. I is much clearer designed than the HTC One, no matter what material is used. But I dislike the big BlackBerry Logos on front and back, a small one on the battery door would have been enough. And the texture on the battery door disturbs the whole design concept.

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I bought the Z10 because of his design and also of bb10.

Now I have the Z30 and I love it,too.
For my daily business I prefer the bigger screen of my Z30.
But sometime I switch to my Z10, for example when I am in vacancies or when I am jogging and I'm using the headphones and listening music. With the sharper edges, less weight and the rubberized back and also because it's a bit smaller it feels more grippy. I love this feeling.

It's a little bit like wearing shoes: z10 like sneakers, useful and wearable for almost everything . The z30 more like good and high quality leather shoe.

Another thing I want to tell:
Good design keeps it simple and clean. Straight and clean lines and surfaces. Nothing too much. The Form follows the function. (old but true) .

Good choice of the jury!

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I agree with your analogy. I've been using a Z30 for the past 3 days now after "upgrading" from a Z10. I only put the word upgrading in quotes not as a dig on the Z30, but to show how impressed I am with the Z10. The Z30 is an elegant looking device, imo, and I love the improved battery life and screen size over the Z10. And the speakers are phenomenal! But design wise, as with all modern smartphone and tablet devices I've come in contact with, I'm always annoyingly, inadvertently hitting the power and volume buttons. Even on my Z30. This rarely happens with my Z10, and never on my PlayBook. Also, I find the Z10, from a design perspective, to have an elegant and classy look while having a certain ruggedness to it. Not to mention extremely responsive performance, especially after 10.2.1...I think they have really struck an excellent balance on all fronts with the Z10 and I'm glad to see those responsible for it get the recognition they deserve. I hope to see more of this kind of work from BlackBerry in the future.

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Yo slagman, stop your crying already. Really - STOP CRYING. Your Q10 lost, my Z10 won, and your CRYING is not gonna change the judges' decision. You have done enough wondering-out-loud why the Z10 won. We are all tired of your pornification of the Q10.

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Nice. I still get folks interested in the kind of phone I have all the time. I tell them it's a BlackBerry and they can't believe it. Then I show them features and they are in Ahh. Hopefully when BlackBerry releases something next it is back by some clever, get folks attention marketing. Go BlackBerry.

Awesome! Way to go, BB.

Always loved the look of the Z10. People say it "looks just like an iPhone", but on the contrary - to me, it looks wider, thinner and more slick! The buttons are sleek and minimal. And that fine textured material on the back... oh yeah. It's a really classy looking device.

z30 is a great phone but I stuck with the Z10 for the following reasons

1. More elegant and compact design
2. Has better screen resolution
3. Has same specs essentially as z10
4. I like the brighter LCD display over thesuper amoled
5. Z10 has a removable battery ( yes z30 has a huge battery) but i prefer the z10 charger bundle as its easy to carry around and combined will give you more juice
6. Where I live the Z30 is 150 dollars more

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FYI: The Z10 has a better rating on the GSM arena website than the latest iPhone, S3, S4, and Z30. The HTC does score a higher rating but to me it's just overrated aluminum android phone that doesn't have an HDMI out.

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