It's a double celebration - The BlackBerry Z10 launches in Singapore

By James Richardson on 21 Feb 2013 09:41 am EST
We posted a short while ago that the BlackBerry Z10 had launched in Italy and South Africa. Time for some Singapore love now as the BlackBerry Z10 launch event has just finished and we were lucky enough to get some images live from the event.

Many countries in South East Asia have a huge BlackBerry following so it makes sense to release BlackBerry 10 in these regions first. The event also signifies ten years of BlackBerry in Singapore so a double celebration.

You can catch the full press release below along with a couple more photos from the event.


Singapore - February 21, 2013 - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today launched the all new BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone in Singapore. The BlackBerry Z10 (all touch) is the first smartphone powered by BlackBerry® 10, the re-designed, re-engineered, and re-invented BlackBerry platform that creates a new and unique mobile computing experience. The BlackBerry Z10 will be available through all authorized BlackBerry carriers in Singapore -­ SingTel, StarHub, and M1 -­ on 7th March. SingTel will be offering the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone for pre-­-order beginning today. StarHub and MI will activate their pre-registration programs today as well.

Charles Dufourcq, Country Director for Singapore at BlackBerry said, "2013 is definitely a big year for BlackBerry in Singapore. Ten years have passed since BlackBerry smartphones were first officially introduced here. And today, it is my pleasure to announce that BlackBerry 10 is coming to Singapore with the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. We expect BlackBerry fans will be extremely delighted with the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone powered by BlackBerry 10, which offers a faster and smarter experience that continuously adapts to a customer's needs."

Available in two colours, Black and White, the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is elegant and distinctive, and the fastest, most advanced BlackBerry smartphone yet. It features a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and an expandable memory card slot that supports up to 64GB cards.
The smartphone also includes the latest enhancements in high density pixel and screen technology to display clear, sharp, and incredibly vivid images. It features a micro HDMI out port for presentations, and advanced sensors such NFC (near field communications) to support mobile payments and the exchange of information with a tap of the smartphone.

For more information on the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, please visit For a timeline of BlackBerry's presence in Singapore over the past decade, please visit


Reader comments

It's a double celebration - The BlackBerry Z10 launches in Singapore


As much as I wish we could get the z10 here in the u.s. I have to say that this around-the-world launch now seems like pure genius because it's really tapping into the 'hey, what about us?' mentality, and for every person saying they're ditching bb because they are tired of waiting I'd bet there's many more who just can't wait to join the party. Every successful launch somewhere else is just going to increase the appetite here all the more. Go Bbry!

I must say that your perspective is quite refreshing. Though I'm no longer anxious for a date I'm still on the Sprint issue about them carrying the zed10. Either way as you mentioned I can't help but enjoy the momentous BlackBerry is enjoying. Hopefully sprint sees it.

CDMA carriers tend to get shafted on a lot of phones anyway. If you really want to ensure that your carrier supports or sells the latest and greatest right away, there's no choice but to use AT&T or Tmo

Germany should launch today too. Some people already reported first shops will get very limited shipments as early as tomorrow. Better availability starting by end of next week.

whoop d doop for them. Launch the blasted phone in the US already. What's the hold up. i watched the NBA all star weekend and saw Alicia Keys holding her white Z10 capturing all the happenings. Let's get with the US carriers and find out what the hold up is. A few more weeks, you say, who says? That's just guessing. A few more weeks and i'm gonna be ready to blow my top. I want my phone now! (Just ranting, but i'm serious)

I totally agree at least just bring the thing or give us a date so we have a confirmation of when it's going to arrive be sold. The waiting with no answer is more frustrating than anything.

Here in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise, the carriers such as etisalat, mtn, glo and airtel have started pre-order for the Z10 for the sum of 100,000.00 Naira. they are all hoping to get the Z10 in stock by March. We are waiting.

Yup! we are all waiting for the Z10 here in Lagos. All the carriers have their pre-orders for the Z10 ending today the 22nd of Feb. Issue is this: When exactly are we going to get our hands on the phones? None of the customer relationship people were able to give an answer. Also we don't even know what kind of Z10 is coming to Nigeria- the 4G or the 3G variant. The carriers are all prpeparing to go to 4G so it would make sense for them to get the 4G. Only MTN has come out with the new data tariffs for the Z10. Other carriers are mum.
Bottom line to all these- WE WANT THE PHONES NOW!!

Netherlands still have to wait untill mid march :( Woulda been this week if they didnt decide to go with the 4G model so now we wait longer.
Was at one of the dutch presentations yesterday in Arnhem so could finally hold one in my hands and now I want one even more!
Gz to Singapore! My favorite passthrough when travelling to Indonesia :)

Triple celebration seems official, Thorsten Heins himself launched the Z10 for germany on todays event in cologne. First major carrier will be Vodafone DE, starting 25th of february. Some single retailers might get very limited stock as early as tomorrow, at least some people reported Conrad gets very limited stock.

No actual word on Q10 as usual. I'm starting to wonder why BBRY even bothered with this device. At first they always said availability start soon after Z10, now the full-touch is out since almost a month and still no real news about BB10 QWERTY.

Hey guys...I'm on Wind Mobile in Canada and I don't have the Zed10 yet!!. I can sympathize with our American neighbors and I've just come to the conclusion that it will get here when it gets here. I used to get angry over it. Not anymore. Not worth the time and energy.

Oh wow. Ahhahahahha. I""ll be heading to malaysia in less then 2 weeks. I"ll just have to stop by Singapore and check out the blackberry fanfare. Awesome deal. Thank You blackberry.


Malaysia had it a day before... But delivery through maxis will be early March.
So I'm not sure if U can get the phone immediately in Singapore or U have to prebook with singtel.

Thanks for that. Probably launched in KL. Wished i was there to experienced it. Was supposed to go last month but delayed with work. Im leaving for Kuching March 3 so hopefully will get to xperience one. Here in vancouver, there's no demo to play with. Only dummy phones. I use maxis sim when i travel there so hopefully I can score one. Would love to get unlocked asian version. Probably be 3000+ RM. lolll

Triple celebration. For the first time in 8 years I will not be purchasing a BB. This little America snub, marketing scheme or whatever it is has pushed me over.

Wow .... Telus is selling out at many stores as soon at they arrive.
It's unbelievable !!!
There are still not enough to cover the back orders.

This is selling much much better then the iPhone ever sold.
People are selling their iPhones so that they can get a NEW Z10 ----

Commenting from Sunny Singapore!

Z10 will be available from 7th March!

First 300 customers from the 3 different talcos get a free case and portable charger FOC!

Just buy from either Singtel, m1 or Starhub for a cool SGD$918.

Mobile phones here are not tied to carriers ( I.E. Unlocked ) =)

But the warranty may only be valid for Singapore, best to check on that.

Thanks. That's awesome. Not a bad price @ all. Hopefully they"ll be some left when I get there. Ahhahahahha.


Just did my pre-order today and will have it delivered on
Mar 7. The real countdown for me t-13 days