BlackBerry Z10 shows up in the Carphone Warehouse inventory system

BlackBerry Z10 shows up in the Carphone Warehouse inventory system
By DJ Reyes on 21 Dec 2012 06:38 pm EST

Yesterday it emerged that the eventual name of the BlackBerry L-Series might be BlackBerry Z10. This of course was hit by mixed opinions both sides of the fence, while at the same time prompting the question - So, is it BlackBerry Zed 10 or Zee 10? Being in the U.K., I say it should be Zed 10.

To further the speculation, the name BlackBerry Z10 has appeared in the Carphone Warehouse inventory. As well as that, it also confirms a black and white version. 

So, are we looking at confirmation of the name BlackBerry Z10? What name would you prefer it to be? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.

Source: NerdBerry 

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BlackBerry Z10 shows up in the Carphone Warehouse inventory system



oooooh! I live in the UK!!!

Why didnt they take a picture of the WHOLE screen D: (NON-TARRIFED PRICE)

I reeallly want to know the price of the BlackBerry ZEE 10, not ZED, sorry; ZEDdoesn't sound right! :D

With Rogers (Canada) taking pre-orders already, I am hoping same thing. Just waiting for my provider to come on bored and will be all set :)

If Wind doesn't get BB10 within the first 2 days I'm packing my things and heading over to rogers :D even if it does mean paying 90$ a month for everything I currently have with wind..

This is a very good news. It seems market are almost ready to sell this awesome device.
Can anyone tell me what's the difference between the device named seed and the other one?

RIMPIRE strikes back

Speculation here, but could the "SEED" model be the one with the keyboard?

(Basing this on how the device got the BlackBerry name to begin with)

Wow, now THAT'S a reach.

More likely these are early devices that will be "seeded" out to stores to demo.

The keyboard models are likely to have another letter-designation, apparently "X".

Always liked the Blackberry L series and N series... So for me its Blackberry L10 and N10 make better choice than z10. Having said that...

I prefer ``Introducing a brand option in mobile computing and communications, the L series by Blackberry. A Blackberry 10 device. .``

if they're going the Z10 route i prefer zee,,, having sed that & seed this, i'm looking forward to the lunch date...


Placeholders for demo models and such. One to use, two for display possibly. They "seed" those devices beforehand so reps know what to expect.

Ha ha Meant in good fun

I say again, I doubt that Creative would be willing to license or sell the name "Zen" to RIM since they are currently using it

With all they are doing to promote the new product I wish the marketing dept had more say in the name. Z10 just isn't right.

All the work they put into this OS and they saddle the first phone with a shitty name like Z10... The name just does not convey anything about the product. This is a huge missed opportunity to create something memorable. People can't even agree how to pronounce it. How do you even market that when half the people think you're saying it wrong?

It has to be pronounced Zed 10 its a Canadian company and thats how Canada/English UK say it.Myself would like to see it called Zen10.As for being sued for the name of Zen well thats crap Creative havent got the rights on that name its a form of Japanese Buddism which is called Zen and thats been about for centuries.
RIM says the new phone will learn as you use it eg how you spell words and place your thumbs where you type etc. well thats what Zen means
Collins English dictionary say "Zen" Japanese form of Buddism that concentrates on learning through meditation and intuition"

A10 = alive with 10
A10 = american with 10
R10 = rebirth with 10
R10 = rebound with 10
B10 = berry 10
B10 = back with 10

Not Z please its too far down the alphabet

Why not turn the 10 into an i and other to make the BlackBerry Zio... It's got a good ring to it....

Or turn the 10 into its roman numeral of X... To get ZX... Like the Spectrum computer of the same name, which back in the day was innovative, revolutionary and extremely popular and commercially successful!

ZX is nice, but with Zio I've got two reasons to stay away from it:

1. No one wants there phone to be called Uncle..

2. Apple: HEY LOOK! The name of they're phone has an I in it!! RALLY THE LAWYERS PEOPLE WE'RE GOING TO COURT!!!

Has to be Blackberry Z10! The end of the alphabet, then going forward into a new Era of Mobile Computing Devices's! See ya later "smartphone" Blackberry has launched at ground zero and going straight up first! Z10

Not sure of the source of the Z10 rumor, but is it possible that is just a companies placeholder name for the device within their computer system?

Well, I can't confirm YET about the Z10, however, I can confirm the original Blackberry accessories for BB10:
Blackberry BB10 Flip Shell Red
Blackberry BB10 Flip Shell Black
Blackberry BB10 Flip Shell White
Blackberry BB10 Transform Hard Shell White + Black and Red
Blackberry BB10 Battery Charger Bundle
Blackberry BB10 Battery L-S1

The prices should be the same as the Original accessories for the Bold 9900.