BlackBerry Z10 set to launch in Netherlands on April 2nd

Z10 Holland
By James Richardson on 27 Mar 2013 11:43 am EDT

Good news for you guys and gals waiting on the BlackBerry Z10 in The Netherlands. BlackBerry 10 will officially go live on April 2nd so not long for you to wait. The Z10 with LTE support will be available from carriers - KPN, T-Mobile, Vodafone and other authorized resellers.

Both the black and white variants will be rocking Holland and from some of the comments I have seen in our CrackBerry forums it seems that there are ton of folk itching to get their hands on one - and who can blame them? The Z10 is a beauty.

It would be great to get some feedback from you in the comments about the BlackBerry 10 excitement in The Netherlands, so feel free to sound off there.

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BlackBerry Z10 set to launch in Netherlands on April 2nd



Damn, I was close; hopefully, BB has much better luck launching worldwide than here in the US, with the carriers suppressing BB10 coverage. That crap should be a litigatory offense.
Proud owner of a Bold 9900 (soon Z10) and a PlayBook

"Where's the back button? Where's the home key?"
- BlackBerry 10 naysayers

Finally! i pre ordered the white version weeks ago.
I already have the leather pocket and the Battery LS1 Charger Bundle so just can't wait until next tuesday.

Ordered mine already more than a month ago at Delivery date still at March 30. Last Saturday I saw a sandwich board in front of one of the tele shops here in the mall announcing the Z10. Went to the Blackberry Experience two weeks ago. Chatted a while with the BB guy there. He said the question asked the most was: when is Q10 coming?? Played a little with the Z10, amazing!!!

I m from the Netherlands, i got mine for 4a weeks now.
I glad there will be avaible here for others too.

BlackBerry Z10, Posted via CB10

I got some inside info on this, just can't tell you where I got it from. Apparently the Dutch carriers were fine with the STL100-1 initially, but then decided to have the STL100-2 because of 4G support. The STL100-1 models however, were already shipped, so they had do be sent back. This is why the Dutch are one of the last ones to have it available. So that might explain why the release date keeps being postponed.

Yeah youre right, I heard that also from and at the BB experience. informed me that the delivery was postponed but the Z10 delivered later would be 4G.

already started a thread on this one in the Z10 forum, more the an hour before this article went up:

in a nutshell: weak carrier support in The Netherlands, very little marketing, negative/biased early reviews on popular sites as and so will most likely not be a massive hit, just with the very few loyal BB believers I am afraid. The PB story did not do any good overhere, and loads of iSheep and Fandroid people bashing BB10 and the Z10 without ever even having looked at it

the corporate side might be same story, BB used to be huge in The Netherlands, both in large companies, state organisations and the government (former PM rocked one when in hospital on live TV, way before Obama etc..) however, BYOD and other "new working" methods really took of during last years, so also there a lot of iStuff, some W8 and even some Android tablets, phones etc have replaced former market leader BB. Not a fun story, how much I like the PB etc myself, but they missed the boat, big time, both in service, time to market and marketing if you ask me. 1-2% marketshare is now most likely here, in an economy the size of California..

But who knows, they might make a huge comeback, just like Clinton did once or twice..

I am a bit anxious about this release myself; I agree the reviews were terrible. I tried to challenge one of those reviewers ( to reveal who he is really working for, as he was sooo in love with Apple and happy with the duopoly. He brushed it off on Twitter. More and more people are asking him to do a new review now, with the software updates. I think we should push harder for him to look again.

But what the hell, I'll just get mine and be happy!

That makes two of us pushing this nerdy copy-cat author at , clearly an iPhone fanboy. I got attacked by his personal fanbase ons nuJij forum, suggested they should get a life...
Am looking forward to recieve my pre-ordered Z10 on Tuesday, would be great to win a free one in the Typhone contest, they did not have that many orders, so chances are real!

Hopefully they will start shipping the Limited Edition devices to Dutch devs soon. And to English ones living in The Netherlands, like me ;-)

Waiting for the Limited Edition as well! BBRY announced EMEA shipment next week, but 1 dev that I know of in the UK has received his already. Gives me hope! ;)

Awesome story!!! And I love being able to comment from the crack berry app hee hee. I can't get over how good this app is.

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I hope it's true! I've been waiting such a long time ............. But my Vodafone 'preorder' stil shows no signs of movement! Would be nice to hear it from them!

Already got ours in Belgium!!!
It is awesome and all major carriers will sell it. Mine is rocking the 4G networks of proximus

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Just ordered my BlackBerry Z10 (Black) 15 minutes ago with a spotify premium contract, hopefully Spotify will be available soon. Otherwise I'll only be able to use it on my pc's.

Still no active plans on Spotify side, they are partly based here in Amsterdam and a buddy of mine has a sr function there. Continue to push him and his iPhone ;)

Attended a demo from a BB rep. a week ago. Will have 2nd meeting in a few weeks to talk about BES10 and BYOD support. We are a BB company, but some (temp.) hired folks carry the other fruit or candy.

Z10 looks promissing, but support for BB here in the Netherlands isn't that good anymore (media & techsites). Hard time convincing colleagues to choose BB agian over the other usual suspects.

But forget the Z10, why is the waiting still the hardest part... Q10 where are you?

Same story in a lot of the traditional BB corporate customers here in The Netherlands I am afraid.. To little support to date, negative public trackrecord and usually lousy old BB devices with large corporate deployment on KPN etc have not really helped either. And to many iStuff fanboys in ICT dept and sr mngmnt (-

Finally in Netherlands, but I couldn't wait and bought mine from Germany already few weeks ago!!

But I have been showing it off to many Dutch people and some of them will for sure buy the phone so it is great that it will now be available.

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Germany mediamarkt 549 euro and 562 euro and free delivery to the Netherlands.

When you use the blackberry for a day it feels new and it makes android and ios old but still miss spotify but i download Deezer at It's free for 2 weeks and after that you can buy a premium account.

You can download deezer for free at the app store and it's a good app. 4.5 out of 5 start works great.

Yeaaaaah finally!!! I am from the Netherlands and I cannot wait to get my hands on the Z10...

Concerning the Blackberry 10 excitement in Netherlands? Afraid to say it, but its not much. There was a temporary Blackberry 10 Experience Store in Amsterdam, but that's pretty much it. No commercial, no ads, no marketing at all and thus, no brand awareness. When I tell people I will renew my contract in June to get a Blackberry, people mostly look at me like I'm some kind of weirdo. Over here, everybody has an Iphone or Samsung.... Lame... :(

Can't wait to get mine, already cancelled my new subscription because it was delayed but 12 april im crossing over to Tele2 and will loose my BES which means I cant ping unless I have my new "White" Z10! Let's pray it arrives in time :D

Here a comment from nijmegen the netherlands>>>>i am looking forward for de Z10 and Q10!!!i use blackberry for many years and i love blackberry and i will love blackberry 10 more !!!!!!greetings from the netherlands

I got my Z10 for a month from Canada and still can't use what's upp because in Belgium still now update new version. On this day's is impossible to bring phone with out complete software. Will wait for 2/3 weeks more and will move to android

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Try another carrier sim, or connect it to blackberry link. You'll then be able to update it. Use the google/chromium extension to ease the process. Blackberry 10 is complete!

Yup indeed, not much going one here when it comes to advertisement. But lucky enough I see a lot of BB fans talking to their friends that it's finaly coming. Even my company who uses BB 9810's are looking into the Z10 and Q10. Ohhh shivers down the old spine :)

i dont think its going to be a huge succes in the Netherlands.... like i mentioned before only current BB user are willing to take the Z10.... and thn theres also BB users who ar fed up with their BB....

Lucky Flying Dutchmen ! BlackBerry 10 Van Netherlands. "One Way Wind .. One Way Wind .. Are you trying to blown my mind ?" (Faded to Acoustic Guitar)..

I hope BB10 will be a great come back in the Netherlands.

But we have here in the Netherlands a news site wich is called it is one of the most used and important news site.This news site brings all the good blackberry news in a negativ way.
Example the news of says blackberry lost the past 3 months 3miljoen blackberry users instead off blackberry sells 6 miljoen phones.After that says founder blackberry leaves blackberry.
This journalist of is a bad one.

I forgot say

This journalist of did a month ago a review of the Z10 and after that he said ....The Z10 is not the rescue for BlackBerry.
And now when he brings a new article over blackberry (in a negativ way) he always puts his link over his review (Z10 not rescue) below his new article.

A lot of people(read the reactions)in the netherlands irritates about this journalist.

Still waiting for the Z10 :s i placed my order 02-13-2013 and still they say it the Z10 is not released yet..? :(
in Holland.