BlackBerry Z10 set to launch in India on February 25th

By Adam Zeis on 16 Feb 2013 11:19 am EST

Less than a month after the unveiling of BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, it looks like the next big event is scheduled to hit India in a few weeks. BlackBerry sent out some pretty awesome invites to the event that will take place in Mumbai on February 25th.

The Z10 is slowly rolling out to various regions and is already available in the UK, Canada and a few other areas. The US is still on track to get the Z10 later in March (only a few more weeks - hang in there!). Check out the video above to see the awesome event invitation and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: bbin

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BlackBerry Z10 set to launch in India on February 25th


A tip of the hat to India. Hope you folks enjoy! Shows what an important market you are for BlackBerry. I am waiting for the US release and will wait with great anticipation.

I believe the BlackBerry z10 will be launched in March in the US, but any one know what exactly the date this will happen???

KEVIN - The intro looks amazing. You need to use that one. After gaining more speed, the spark should fly off and smash into a whole bunch of other smartphones.

India gets it next .. and beats the USA. Looks like USA is no longer #1. They are what .... #10? Why don't we see that in the media? That would make a great article.

We are #10 ... we are #10 ....... we are #10 ...... we are #10.
That's what the USA should be chanting.

Now where is hacksaw Jim Duggan?

with the number of mercs and beemers floating around... I am sure BB will sell well... And even ppeople who don't own one say that the adverts and videos look good. My office has at least 2000 BB legacy devices floating around. So I am sure they will upgrade sooner or later. Have a few friends outside of office who will upgrade to the Z10 when it is released... BB has a good market and the Indian market is still driven by specs race... So this phone will have a lot of sells... You rock BB... Get them soon.. I am ready with my money...

And yeah... I was the first to post on this news.. :D

That I am sure of... But I will hate losing my unlimited data plan... will have to weigh in my options first before you know what... :D

But I am sure going to buy it... :D

That mug is AWESOME!! Where can one get something like that and customize it??

Aside from that, happy for those in India. As for the US, don't worry guys, March is just around the corner!! Very very soon!!

That's cool! I buy this idea as it shows BlackBerry is touching and getting close to human's lives.

I would like to have a mug like this for showing the current date each day in the calendar {for example: today (it shows the 16th) and tomorrow (it shows the 17th)}.

I'm wondering if this staggered roll out is more to do with supply, or lack of supply? It seems like it is more out of stock than in stock.

Just checked with a Virgin store at a mall in Winnipeg and they were out. A guy in front of me was asking if it was selling well and she said yes and they were out.

So if it was to have been released in the US, would they have been able to meet demand. Just wondering out loud..

Well I'm with MTS here and have to wait as well... For those who have, enjoy. For those who are about to have good hunting...

With less than a week not for launch invites and all those are fine. But the BB India website still does not list the Z10 in the devices list and there are no other changes visible yet. The US website has the Z10 listed already though the launch is still a short time away!

BTW pre orders for India have started for 45K at Saholic.

Excellent new OS by BlackBerry. using the Z10 since 1st feb. awesome experience till date. just waiting for whatsapp, skype and viber. after these apps r released i think apple is gonna have a big fight in India. As these apps r used a lot here and so can certainly decide the faith of the Mobile phones here in india.

I really hope that BB does not screw up again and gets whasapp, viber, skype before US release. If they do not it will give haters more fuel to bash it.

The price will decide the fate of the Z10 in India. After the recent launch of the Samsung Grand which is priced very competitively, people will jump ship if the Z10 is priced too high. One has to face reality. People are willing to shift to Whatsapp and other messengers in lieu of BBM if there is a very big price differential. Hope good sense will prevail....