BlackBerry Z10 Review Unit Unboxing!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Feb 2013 01:55 pm EST

I know some people out there (*cough* Phil Nickinson *cough*) are not fans of tech unboxing videos, but I am. I love the box.. err... I mean boxes. All my life I tend to hold onto the boxes of anything I buy - shoes, watches, sunglasses... and of course smartphones.

When it came time to receive our review unit of the BlackBerry Z10, the fine folks at BlackBerry treated us well. The review units came in a beautiful box. So we gave the Z10 the royal unboxing treatment as you will see in the video above.

Take note - retail packaging does and will differ from this, as will what's included in the box. As the BlackBerry Z10 rolls out on different carriers around the world, we'll be unboxing this baby many times over just to see what each carrier does differently on it. In the meantime, enjoy our first CrackBerry unboxing of the BlackBerry Z10. Then head over to our BlackBerry Z10 Review for more info. 

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BlackBerry Z10 Review Unit Unboxing!


Question. I've noticed that not of the same items are available in some of these unboxing videos. Is that a deluxe version your unboxing kevin? Yours has an extra battery, portable charger and mini speaker. Where as some of these other videos aren't showing any of those items.

I'm excited to see some field tests with that new Bluetooth speaker! Sadly... Verizon would never ship with that. I doubt they'll even give the extra battery. Nice accessories though.

I should have read the description before I watched the video... Very upset when I read the part about the retail packaging being different and each carrier will vary.

Just like sml20exel said... I know Telus would never give us that many goodies : (

hmmm!!? im confused..this question is for comes everyones review of the unboxing of the z10 is lil different than urs?? meaning u hav more accessies like the speaker , xtra battery wit the charging thing to go wit it!! .....or kevin is jus special? lol(CRACKBERRY ADDICT!!!)

Looking forward to my own Unboxing on Tuesday afternoon.
I'm stoked in Stratford ON. Did due diligent carrier research. Going with FIDO promo plan. $350 up front for the Z10, 2 year entry level Smart Plan @ $45/m.
Today, Saturday, I cocked the hammer w FIDO and watched the agent Angelica stick a post-it w my information on a sealed boxed Z10 in her lock-up cabinet.
Trigger gets pulled at noon on Tuesday February 5.

Oh yeah, the Bell Store in the local Mall had both the white and black Z10 dummies on display for hands-on fondling...just what I was expecting, sensuous Class.

Too impatient to delay, I ordered the Battery Charger Bundle and a Red Flipshell case for my Z10. I'll keep it pretty and I WANT it to be noticed!!

Crackberry CA store always has the best prices and fast delivery; I know there'll be more Z10 accessories I must have.

Wait a minute, Didn't Kevin get a hair cut at the Blacberry launch date? Whats with all that hair. So you recieved the Z10 & did a video before the launch date.

Man, I hate being in the US right now! Love the packaging in the video! Too bad we won't get a fraction of all those accessories most likely when the US finally gets to get their hands on this device. :'(

You could be politician one day the way you flip flopped on Z10 and Zee10 Kevin. Also for reference Z10 for the win!

Torch 9810 -- Playbook 64GB | Future Z10 owner

I went to future shop and they had the z10 for display. 3. Seconds with the device and i was hooked. It was everything i wasnted. Fast. Responsive and sleek. I wish i could have played with it for longer.

Btw no way carriers will have all of those awsome accessories in the box. Bastards!!!!

Kevin I hope you see this... or anyone who knows the answer to my question.
As I said before there is no way Telus would ever have this... But is there any way that I can get it? Can I special order it through my carrier or get it directly from Blackberry?

Despite being CrackBerry, you may want to look at the instructions for the battery booster for the proper way to hold it against the back of the phone.

All the extra accessories is a little miss leading to the normal consumer, isn't it?

Here I was hoping all of that was on its way to me. Drats.

Thanks Kevn, the packaging is first class, a standard for BlackBerry!

I love BB accessory's, one can find them on Amazon or eBay at a good price.
When I saw all those accessory's in the box I thought no BB could not do that.

Same Here! i watched over 7 unboxing vids in total XD i'm a bit excited because i love touch phones and Blackberry and all i ever owned was an iPhone 4 so i cant wait for this baby to come!