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BlackBerry Z10 Review Podcast
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 01:31 pm EST

While the CrackBerry team at CB HQ was workign hard (under embargo) on our BlackBerry Z10 Review, we recorded up a special edition CrackBerry Podcast to go along with it. We recorded this one at 1am on the 29th, after having and using the Z10 for nearly a week.

We talk BlackBerry Z10 hardware and we talk a lot about BlackBerry 10 on this one. What we're loving. What we're liking. What we're hoping will get tweaked up fast to make it even better. If you're a fan of our Crackerry podcasts, this is one you won't want to miss.

Now that more of us on the team have Z10s and are using them as our full time device, we'll be following up again next week with a second BB10 / Z10 dedicated show. Heck, we may even do weekly CrackBerry podcasts for the next few months. All of a sudden, we have SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!!! In the meantime, enjoy this one. And if you have questions be sure to ask them in the comments so we can get them addressed. 

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BlackBerry Z10 Review CrackBerry Podcast


And in the other five photos we took I was the most excited. Just caught me in an off one. Listen to the podcast... I think you'll see I'm most excited.. or as Adam would say... INTENSE!

Too bad you didn't have the Z10 taking the picture.

That way you could have changed Kevin's face to a happy one using the time shift camera!

Thanks for posting this audio podcast. Your idea to have weekly podcasts, especially during this critical time, is an excellent one. I really hope you stick with that schedule.

BlackBerry 10 is definitely not half baked. But it's also not quite as polished as I was hoping for out of the box. There are some little bugs we've found (been reporting back to RIM) and a few things where I think they stripped out too much functionality that needs to get added back in or modified. Part of it is just getting used to it too after so many years with the BBOS.

But overall the feature set is there, and it's really, really usable and enjoyable. The nitpicky stuff is just that, nitpicks. Guys like me will really notice them. New users probably won't notice them. There are a few things you come across that make you pause and say why is it like that? But you just use it and get used to it very quickly. But not half baked. The PlayBook was half baked at launch. I put in my review it was a second base line drive. BB10 rounds third base for sure, and with a maintenance release and maybe a 10.1 update will be home run.  

I'm a bit more critical - I hope these updates are starting to hit on monthly bases but I seriously think it will take a year to have a polished OS.

False. The BB team is swinging hard and putting everything and tackling some ridiculous timelines so everything is "polished" as soon as possible. I work at BlackBerry and I can tell you that there isn't a single person that I've seen in the past 4 months atleast that has even remotely worked on BB7 and lower. It is literally all hands on deck for BB10 from the software teams, to application developer relations, to BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Server and enterprise business customers. Instagram for example is somewhere along in the pipeline as has been popularly requested and list goes on for the things that are planned ahead. All I can say is stay tuned :)

I don't think anyone thinks the team at BB isn't working at BB10 as hard as possible. But you can't always equate effort with quality results.

Just saying, I don't think folks doubt the effort.

I'm personally withholding judgement until I get my BB10 and use it for a few weeks before I give feedback on the quality, but I will say there seem to be some fairly basic features that other mobile OSes have that appear to be gaps. I can't wait to actually use one to judge for myself if these gaps really exist, and if so, how impact full they are.

So happy to hear that bedside mode is going to be fixed sooner rather than later. When I read about that and the lack of custom profiles I was up in arms. Any news about bringing back the customization we had for profiles? If they plan on bringing it back and if so, how much of a priority is it? I NEED my custom profiles for work and setting profiles for individual contacts isn't the answer either.

I'm glad RIM is hearing about the "nitpicks" and suggestions. You did raise some very good suggestions in the BB10 review that I was really hoping reaches BlackBerry.

Here's to hoping those suggestions are taken into consideration and shows up in a future update.

Also, B1aze: "I don't care about battery life... Let me explain, there's the fact that I don't leave my home." [paraphrased]

I couldn't help but laugh at that lol

Is it possible to address the critics reports (the negative ones) and give your honest opinions for the people that are really going by what the critics are saying and now backing away from purchasing the Z10

listening to the podcast, I think there are so many built-in "wow" features of the phone/OS that they didn't even mention on the reveal. ie: built-in video editing, photo manipulation, etc. We just saw really quick mentions or clips.

y0 kevin u have a funny last name , and ur weird , But your work is good , and ur team work hard , just letting u know , peace

I wanna braid Kevin's hair in corn rows for a z10 lol. I'm not a pro, but the messiness of em would be all the more flattering on him lol! #randomthought.

Does BB10 have password keeper?

Will I be able to transfer my last BBB 9900 back up to my new BB Q10(when it becomes available in the U.S. Of course)?

The group complained about "bedside mode" and another notification issue that was okay in previous models but had been changed in BB10, for some reason they try to excuse this as a result of Rim employees(designers etc.) not using their phones the same way as they do. Adam even joked that they should have checked with them first. Obviously, this doesn't make sense as it was Rim who designed the previous models that didn't have these flaws. Why try to make excuses for them? And no Adam, to bitch about "little" things doesn't mean you're stupid.

Playing catch-up, now on page 2, soon to be page 1 and main! :D

Gonna give this a listen later tonight. GO GO GO GO GO GO B-L-A-C-K-B-E-R-R-Y 10!!!!