BlackBerry Z10 retail box gets shown off

Just one day before the big launch event, the BlackBerry Z10 retail box has been caught on camera.

BlackBerry Z10 retail box
By Adam Zeis on 29 Jan 2013 09:00 am EST

Oh man - just one day before the big launch event, the BlackBerry Z10 retail box has been caught on camera. Forums member bbzak dropped in this photo of the packaging so everyone could get a sneak peek before it hits stores. Nothing really special here though - it's the typical slim, black box that BlackBerry has stuck with for the last few devices, only it's sporting Z 10 on the front. 

Few things to note here as well - the box itself doesn't look to have any carrier branding, but usually carriers have a much more "done up" sleeve that would go over top of the box in the photo. This could also just be a generic box for phones that RIM is giving out before launch.

We don't know what's in the box aside from the device either. We're hoping for more goodies as always - earbuds, a case of some kind - we'll take what we can get. We're down to just hours now until BlackBerry 10 is unvelied to the world and we couldn't be more excited. We'll have plenty of coverage on everything BB10 tomorrow and for weeks to come, so stay tuned. Check another image of the device itself and discuss more in the forums from the link below.

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BlackBerry Z10 retail box gets shown off


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Zed 9+1 maybe? It could have been worse - It could have been iTen and that would have been so very wrong.

Be thankful they didn't go with B10, or carriers will jump at the opportunity and launch BlackBerry Ben10, and iSheeps will laugh.

lmao me too, i booked a vacation day, im gonna get a bunch of wine and sit at my computer and get completely annihilated while watching the launch event :D!

thats right.... at 10am in the morning... ;)

sweet! I'm not the only one that did it too. A friend of mine is coming over in the morning and we're just gonna hang and watch the livestream. I was due for a vacation day so i just figured why not use it on Jan 30th.


bb10 will only be announced once!

it will divide the calendar timeline. Instead of BC and AD it will be BBB10 and ABB10 lol :P

Really? I like the premium earbuds that come with the Playbook - if only the little rubber tip thingies wouldn't fall off and get lost so easily.

If you care about audio in the slightest then all free headphones are rubbish, the only variation is if a company cuts its margins slightly to pay for something that is still rubbish but a little more expensive.

Looks beautiful!!! It can just be a plain black box for all I care, I know what's inside that counts. It's going to be Christmas in January!! COME ON Z10!!!

Love it . . Simple, clean, classy, bold, professional yet contemporary . . Just like our BlackBerries ;)

smdh boy u ppl @ RIM really kno how to tease ppl wit the pics n videos ...C'MON RELEASE THE DAMN PHONE!!!

So my wife and I are scheduled for a sonogram at the exact time as the lanuch event, and, I'm gonna admit guys.....i wish it would have been scheduled for any other day or a different time! Don't tell her i said that though. ;)

Thanks for the heads up.

I am throwing my hands and money everywhere and nothing is happening. LoL

"To BB or not" Is it a question??

So here's my question.

Is this phone going to be a "Zee 10", or a "Zed 10"? And what does this distinct choice say about their marketing strategy, geographic priortization, etc.?

I understand that logic, and agree with it, personally, but I think RIM should be thinking strategically about this. If i was trying to revive BB in the US market, I'd be DARN sure to say "Zee" at the NYC launch. But then there's every other English speaking country that says "Zed"...

It is just one more reason why it was such a poor choice of name when even if they had gone with a single letter they could have picked something like L10 (based on the various codenames) or T10 (for Touch or even Torch) that would not have had variable pronunciation even within english-speaking countries.

Well, I would say that people who can get excited by packaging need to get a life. But I was once doing a job in a marketing department (training on new software) and over lunch I heard two of the women (both marketing psychologists) spend over 20 minutes deconstructing the marketing message of the new Mars Bar wrapper. It was most instructive and I've never looked down on marketing people since.

To quote the manual for Apache Derby, "In the US it is pronounced durrby and in the UK it is pronounced darby"

Having said that, "Zee 10" sounds to me like "C10", one of the crappiest motorcycles ever produced by the British industry. "Zed ten" sounds like something much more businesslike. "ee" is a rather weak vowel and turns up in words like leak, weak, freak, antique, and sneak. "Ed" turns up in words like educational, led, bed, said, and dead. If you were pitching for the advertising contract, which one would you go for?

The correct answer, of course, is whatever the country you're showing it in prefers.

I'm actually a little disappointed with the box :\
Slim means maybe no included case and the big Z10 looks almost goofy to me... Damnit! Still excited and can't wait to get it though hahaha


I'd be really annoyed if my new Z10 didn't come with a decent set of earphones - this is something I put to a BB rep back when I got my 9900, hopefully they've been listening! Aside from that the packaging itself doesn't bother me too much as long as the phone inside is protected...

Surely if you care about sound quality, the headphones you want to use are the ones you already have (my case), or the ones you're going to get after a listening test?
I have yet to find really good headphones with any phone, because they would put the price up too much for the carriers and most people don't care.

Can't wait to get my hands on the N10 or X10 depending on what it'll be called, once wind mobile gets it. Gonna be fricking awesome at the same time as having it for the next ten years!!!!