The BlackBerry Z10 gets a huge price cut at one UK retailer

By James Richardson on 27 Aug 2013 03:21 am EDT

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has slashed the price of the BlackBerry Z10 if you fancy buying it outright without a contract. The all touch BlackBerry 10 device is now only £259.95 - down from £379.95. That's one heck of a discount!

Why Carphone Warehouse are doing this is anyones guess. It could be that sales have not been the greatest or on the other hand they may just well be having a purge on shifting some stock. Either way, if you fancy picking up a top of the range BlackBerry and going down the SIM only route or PAYG this one is a steal at that price. 

With UK networks getting more and more competitive on Pay-As-You-Go and SIM only deals this could well be the perfect time for you to make the switch. Sure, 24 month contracts avoid the upfront cost, but over that two year period things can work out cheaper by looking at other options. In addition you have the freedom to change handsets whenever you want (or can afford) to. Choice is always good. Thanks for the tip Shane. 

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The BlackBerry Z10 gets a huge price cut at one UK retailer


really? find me a half price iphone5 or sgs3, both older than the 6 months of the Z10 and with successors out or coming out.

a 50% price cut in 6 months is far from normal

BlackBerry only has itself to blame for pricing too high to start off and now they're paying for it. BB10 is new and they should have started off at cheaper prices than competitors like Samsung and Apple so that it could have had a great launch. These folks at BlackBerry needs to understand that its brand recognition is not what it used to be anymore because this is not 2007 or 2008. Somebody needs to wake Mr. Heins and his team of management up.

Let's hope at new lower prices, it will pick up momentum but I am worried because a phone can quickly get outdated in a flash when most consumers only care to look at specs compared to the likes of Android.

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when the S3 came out, it was priced at 32k dominican pesos, now you can buy it at 13k that's a 60% cut, and the iPhone 5 was priced at 34,000 now you can get it at 17,000 50 % cut.

As this article is clearly about the UK, I was referring to UK prices. That would make a like for like comparison. I wouldn't presume to know prices in other countries.

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Google just discounted the Nexus 4, $100.00 off...

Sometimes sales are just sales, no?

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do you think so? a phone with less than 6 months, here the cut was from 599 euros to 299 euros, in less than 4 months! And by the way the retailer put this price to get ride of the 100 Z10 stock, in 4 months don't sell a single unit. No more BB orders for him.

I dont think it's that normal, the Z30 and Z10 are slightly different products as well.

The truth is probably that they finished milking early adopters/fun boys and having troubles to attract sales at full price point.

By now everybody has realised that BB10 isnt exactly a success story.. they even put the company up for sale!

I got milked £600 just 6 months ago.
Not to mention pla...Deadbook early adopters.

Who's gonna buy A30 at premium?

I haven't. Love this z10

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Yup. You get top dollar from early adopters and you keep lowering to entice the next group. Done all the time. No need to be upset. Z10 is the best.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

"Why Carphone Warehouse are doing this is anyones guess"

Seriously? I would think the reason was pretty obvious. They just aren't selling.

The more I read these kind of articles on Crackberry the more I'm reminded of that old saying "putting one's head in the sand"

well a lot of reports suggested that in the UK BlackBerry sales have been very good. Wasn't there articles from Carphone Warehouse that stated they were selling out of them at launch?

That's about half a year ago. The phone is either not selling fast enough so they cut the prices or maybe they are making more room for the new BlackBerry Z30. Who knows..

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Or it could be a innocent price drop. You know shops do put stuff on offer every so often. Why is there just as many people wanting to stick a nail in a supposed coffin?

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That´s a good question. There are a lot of people who love the physical feedback while writing messages and are not willing to pay more than 500€ for a device. Maybe the price for the Q5 drops either. I wouldn´t pay more than 200€ for it.

Psychologically speaking consumers think that if a company need to slash the price of a product due to low sales it means that such product is c**p

Maybe it is the new Titanic. We all hope for the best, but can't live with our heads in the sand. Let's watch and see. The sales or lack of sales will have the final say.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

They are late to the party. In UAE Z10 is available at the same price from almost all leading retailers.

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I know they say sales here in the UK have been pretty good but I work in a Company of 70 plus people and I still haven't seen any other Z10s, not just at work but anywhere.

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Not sure if this will drive sales due to the fact I've seen no marketing for this deal as of yet

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There are 3 Z10 in my office of 30. Lots of Bb7 waiting to upgrade also. A coworkers wife's work just decided to go Q10 for all staff.

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@ £259 how far off from the price of the Q5 is that? Wouldn't that make them basically the same price?

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I ended up getting one ... the Q5 has also dropped to £230 as has the Curve 9720 on PAYG to £140. The price difference of only £30 between the Q5 and Z10 meant that going for the Z10 was a no brainer. Hardest choice was whether to go for the black or the white version - the new reduced price applies equally to both variants.

Get the White, it looks much better and people will always do a double take to see if you have an iPhone or not hehe, then you show off the BBRY Logo proudly.....The Z10 looks 100% better.

I like this price point much more. I just hope in the future they don't start so high and have to drop off like this. It will benefit them more if they drop the price of the Q5 now too... move units and get more apps plain and simple

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First everyone saying BlackBerry10 prices are too high, now are the prices too low... It's normal that they are falling. 375€ For a Q5 in Belgium is too high. Who wants them first, they will have to pay for it! (like me) Marketing lesson 1.

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it is not normal...stop defending Blackberry. Successful phones do not drop in price..the Z10 is dropping because is a total flop sold me mine with a free case for £279 when Carphone was still asking £400. Carphone obviously reacted to the market. Blackberry needs market share to attract app developers so this makes sense. It also hints that the Z30 will have to be competitively priced or it won't sell against the Z10, never mind the rest of the market.

This rather confirms my own view that the Z10 was a mistake. It is good but insufficiently compelling to get people to change from the competition, and it was never going to attract hardcore keyboard users. The Q10 price doesn't seem to be dropping. Perhaps BlackBerry should indeed have launched the Q10 first, and done a Samsung (followed a month or so later with the Q5). It may simply have been that they were not going to be able to produce the Q10 in time. But the one comment I have had from a Z10 owner on seeing my Q10 was "why didn't I wait for that?"

The Z10 was a must for BBRY. If they ended up with only qwerty devices, they would be finished today. More people want full touch. What BBRY should have done is release the Q10 and Z10 side by side, giving people choice and maximizing sales, then follow up with a Q5 and Z5.

Had they done this, they would have had max sales.

I agree that Blackberry should have launched the Q10 and Z10 together. I think combined sales and hype would have been great. But, I honestly don't think the Q10 is selling too much better than the Z10. I think the reason why you're not seeing price reductions for the Q10, is because I don't think retailers ordered many units after seeing how sluggish sales were for the Z10. So, there probably isn't as much Q10 stock to move and therefore retailers can keep the prices at a premium for niche market buyers.

If the Q10 price drops significantly, I think I would snatch one up, although the future of BB is very questionable. I wish I still had a BBM pin, I would have loved to win one.

Here in the UK there seems to be greater popularity and and am upsurge in Samsung over iPhone. Personally Android never appeals to me, I find it too open and varies in platform design when you switch phone (Sony, HTC etc). I prefer a more uniformed software like iOS or BB10. Ironic I am able to use Android apps on my BlackBerry but I will go native if I had the chance. Back to the z10 has there been a slow uptake? Possibly. BlackBerry have heavily advertised ever since we were the first to get our hands on them, more than any other provider but I am still waiting to see another z10 user. I've seen people with the q10, plenty of them which maybe means people in the UK prefer an actual keyboard if they were with blackberry? For me I personally love the big screen and the price is beautifully affordable unlike you get with iPhone or the Galaxy

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Pissed the F off when I see this. Considering I paid almost double not so long ago. I love the phone but it'd clear ad day they aren't selling to great..

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Nobody want to buy Z10 as they are waiting for Z30. But I like my Z10. It feel so good in my hand and BB10 is awesome.

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yeah right they always wait for something else..this is a 6 months old phone and the Z30 is not a revised Z10

Yeah, really kicking myself now for paying £479 at launch!

Hopefully that dough went to saving the fucking company, but who knows if BlackBerry will survive this...

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This sort of price policy and BB10.2 in January would change a very very lot. Now it is just a bargain for People who love BB and know BB10.2 is coming. Good move, Amazon's own price for black Z10 isn't much higher. Like it!

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

Didn't people say the same of the PlayBook price cuts because BB10 was coming?

See a pattern there.

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This is very normal and about time. It's been 7 months now, especially with the upcoming Z30 release.
But like always, the Anti-Blackberry people will take this positive and make it sound as if was negative.

The iPhone 5 and GS4 got slashed awhile ago. This is normal business.

How is this positive?? Please explain. BB will be losing $$ on every phone sold. How is this positive?

You may have to wait. The BB 9900 still goes for just under £300 and is over 2 years old. What modern alternative to the Q10 can I buy for less than £499? Whereas where the Z10 is concerned, Joe Public can go out and buy a wide range of phones around the £250-300 mark all of which look superficially very similar.
I think it is significant that Expansys are selling the Q5 for slightly more than the Z10. It may only be converting old BB users, but that's a market.
Sadly I suspect that the A30 will also be too little too late.

The Z10 is 8 months old and $424Cdn is still a lot of money ,no big deal and not a huge price drop as the author states.Come on ,enough with the doom and gloom BS.CB is not helping BB ,with such misleading headlines.Should read something like,Z10 after 8 months finally gets discounted in anticipation of Z30 arrival.Just my 2 cents.

next time when z30 comes out in the market, before you buy it wait for 4-6mos.. till its price cuts into half also.. whew!stupid management!, value your customers.. think how those people feels..knowing that the z10 they bought a couple months ago..already half priced. management should have lower the launching price of there phones instead of launching there product at hi price then all of a sudden cut into half..tsk2 BlackBerry's reputation and credibility is going down...

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I'm sure this will have them flying off the shelves! Which plumbing business were you the CEO of exactly?

What is sad is if they had just priced it correctly to begin with, instead of milking the loyalist out of as much money as possible, they could have probably sold two to three times the amount and made more overall. Instead they did the typical RIM move of overpricing, wait till sales almost stop completely and then drop the price to way below what it should be.

They have too much stock of the old Z10 and need room for the Z30.
That's good news for the UK as the phablet will probably come out in September.

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I just checked the big Sprint store on 34th street here in Manhattan they have exactly 7, that's right SEVEN Q10 coming on the 30th. With no pre-orders in their particular store.

I'm hoping they sell out as quickly as that Euro place Fridges did. Then TH can do another press tour and brag about the huge sales numbers.

As I've stated before as a shareholder I'm very disappointed in the decisions these guys have made. Starting with the PB launch.

Discount after some time is quite common, in India the iphone 4s is almost 50 percent of what it was at launch. Retailers have started offering exchange bonus for i5

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I wonder why they didn't start to sell the z10 at a low price. Things could have been different...

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This is normal, Samsung is going to slash the price of the S4 when the Note 3 comes out next month, oh wait, no they won't....... Time for some of you fanbois to read the writing on the wall....

they do not understand that the Z10 and Z30 are not in the same class like S4 and Note 2..but I guess they have to make excuses for a device which is a sales flop

They're clearing inventory. I rarely see anybody other than me carrying a BBRY device anymore. It seems that only us crack heads know that BB10 is a completely new OS.

Why people want z30 if z10 Q10 selling are slow. Look at Z10 around the world cut down the price. Because no people are buying it. I own Z10, I like o's BlackBerry 10 but I don't like the hardware spec and the lack of quality compare to iPhone 5 even note 2 my own. BlackBerry need change all of that. Just put z10 on standby mode when you're sleep with no charge and you will see the device eat battery juice even compare to other devices. BlackBerry need change it back to old BlackBerry smartphone features not o's it self, this is my opinion. What you're?

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Bought my BlackBerry z10 last month for 659€,.. now price is getting down ... i should have wait for it.. :(..

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Really? How is that possible, what is Thorsten doing? So your high end BlackBerry z10 ends up being a cheap one because they have a new one coming...I just don't get it, I will trade my z10 as soon as Apple drops their new IPhone. I wanted to believe in BlackBerry but I can't...

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In Germany you can get the Z10 for 329€ from several companies.
(BTW why copy&paste don't work with the CB app?)

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UK high street pricing can be quite volatile. I picked up a Lumia 620 when it was on offer for 120 GBP, and that included a free Windows 8 DVD for a PC. Since the price has gone back up to circa 150-170 GBP. If you look around the trend for 6+ month old devices is similar .... the Nokia Lumia 820 is now gravitating to around 200 GBP ... from around 400 at launch. The Z10 is following a similar trend and I suppose there is still room for more price drops. What I don't understand is why, in this current climate, people will still pay double the current Z10 price for an iPhone ... I'm sorry but even if it did have a few more apps that isn't enough for me to pay that sort of price differential. I realise that I am comparing off contract prices rather than two year monthly contract prices which might make these "premium" phones seem more affordable than they actually are.

I paid £450 for my Z10, am I annoyed? Well to be honest NO, end of the day I expected the price to drop. It's the same for any new technology that you get from day one in my experience.
The way I look at it is i have had some 7 months with an awesome phone so worth every penny so far. I made the decision to buy the phone, no one twisted my arm.
Um not meant to be a rant just saying people need to be realistic.

The price of the Q5 at just over £200 is ideal, yes it may drop to lower at some stage.

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I got my Z10 for free at best buy. Paid no tax since it was tax free weekend in MA, and because I upgraded with them, I got a $50 best buy gift card so I got a twix and case for it :)

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Big Deal! His original price was off market. He realized people were buying down the block for less.

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I just spotted this too. Wondering if it'll drop below £200? If it does I think I may pick one up for the hell of it. Waiting for the Z30 is painful...

Here in Jamaica the Z10 came out at JMD$93,065.00 after tax that comes USD$930 now tell me if that isn't expensive now its selling at the stores for JMD$69,000 and at the dealers you can get it for JMD$45,000 thats the cheapest so that price cut in the UK is really really nice wish i was there i would but it long time ago

There are some very strange price variations out there at the moment. Amazon were selling the black Z10 for £179 but, having sold them all, are now pricing the white Z10 at £497, which is more than they are charging for a Z30! Which genius came up with that idea?