BlackBerry Z10 Photo Gallery

By Adam Zeis on 30 Jan 2013 11:11 am EST

The BlackBerry Z10 is finally here and we couldn't be more excited. It's been wayyyy too long that we've had to wait this one out, but now it's here and it really was all worth it. There are two color variations of the BlackBerry Z10 available to start, and here you can see both in all their BlackBerry 10 glory. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to see both the black and white model in our BlackBerry Z10 photo gallery.

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What's that orange wallpaper at first photo of z10 i want to download it ???? anybody hello crackberry !!!


Feb 5th I will have this in my hand


All the attendees got a free Z10! I want one now, damn u US Carriers!


Now THAT is some very sexy vapour-ware!
Man, I can't wait for Tuesday!


Soooooo nice. I have my pre order with Rogers, hope to get white. Our poor US friends......he he.


Unlocked white UK version for the win!!!


What's that silver button near the 3.5mm audio? On/off? Seems difficult to press????


What happened to that pic with the Blackberry written on the top back not just the Logo? That looked even better I was hoping the final hardware would have it!


Bloody black and white sexiness. MONOCHROME FOR THE WORLD!! :D :P

Mr. Dbloo

choices choices.... the Zed10 or the stormtrooper.... then theirs the hybrid Oreo.

Russell McNeil

Great photos OF the Z10 - now show off the fabulous images BY the Z10's fabulous on-board camera. You can post your images using a free flickr account here:


Is Sprint really NOT going to carry the Z10?? If so, will crackberry have an unlock code for US users on Sprint network?

Alik Kuswara

Visit find out whee to get best price and delas for BlackBerry Z10


Wow...this is amazing phones..

Frederic Lhoest

Hey, where can we buy your amazing mouse pad with the BB notification icon, I really live them ;)