BlackBerry Z30 Photo Gallery

By Bla1ze on 18 Sep 2013 05:48 am EDT

Now that the BlackBerry Z30 has been officially announced, we're getting a real good look at the next BlackBerry 10 smartphone. We've still got some time before we can get a full on review of the device but luckily, BlackBerry has shared some press images for all of us to look over while we wait for carrier availability announcements to arrive. Go ahead, flip on through them and if you're looking for more BlackBerry Z30 info, hit the link to view all the history of the device thus far.

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BlackBerry Z30 Photo Gallery


Looks more promising than some of us made it out to be. I could use a bigger battery.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

No apps no one cares. I love BlackBerry. But if they can't get the big names for bb10. What's the point

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For geeks like us that's not a problem. The average consumer won't waste time trying to side load an app if it can't be done by simply downloading from BlackBerry World. If BlackBerry can somehow integrate a way to download android apps from the phone then we will see the app gap closing.

With the tools available and a little guidance, I got two mid-40's non-techincal women to sideload on the Q10s.
The learning curve was high for the first two apps but now don't ask for help. They find it easy. Dev mode On, Wifi On, Sideload, done.

That is amazing. My friends who fit that demographic just buy iPhones.

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So true. I am a nontechnical person and taught myself (took a few hours) to get it to work but did it. Techy people just don't understand how frustrating that kind of thing can be for nontechnical people. After downloading, I was shocked at the level of permissions those apps required and too many needed a back button to work properly. It is a pain to do and doesn't work as well as people say. BlackBerry has to figure out the app issue. Taking away the back button and pointing us to sideloads is unreasonable.

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not an ez fix,,, a cheesy workaround for apps that should be readily available to begin w/,,, not to mention many sideloads run like crap & leave behind more junk when deleted,,, the 1st thing average joe is gonna say is," why should i get a BB & sideload, when i can just get a driod & dowload them properly???"

I don't understand that. Who's going to buy the phone when people are leaving the z10 because of the lack of apps?. Yes, it is only about apps nowadays is a priority. Not even the apps we used to have on

By the way, I think BB10 is not ready to.compete because is still behind with some lower specs than the S4 or the iPhone 5s...why BlackBerry why? is almost 2014 and nothing. Ugh I'm so disappointed. That's too big I hope they could've make a z10 fast as the S4 because this is a confortable phone size and not having that mini TV size in hands. BlackBerry staff definitely thinks they run the world and are here by themselves. Yeah right...

Specs are not important. It's how efficiently the OS manages whatever specs are there. The Z10 is lowered specced but it doesn't lag. Why increase the specs and charge more for it, when BB10 can clearly run smoothly on even the Q5's specs?

More and More big name apps are making their way over to BB10. it will take time but really the ones that make the most noise are Netflix, instagram and vine. BlackBerry understands this and ANYONE who thinks they aren't doing EVERYTHING in their power to get these apps is beyond delusional! They have gone as far as offering millions of dollars and even offering to do ALL of the work developing the apps themselves and have been told "no, we are not ready yet". So get off it. If you want to blame anyone, Blame the creators of those apps for making the choice to not move to Blackberry 10.

1280x720 and PPI lower than 300? It can't be a WOW BlackBerry for others than we :| Why did it not come in JAN?

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

Hope Kevin didn't break his when he dropped it during yesterday's that why there is a delay in the review? lol

It has the perfect specs for me. Will not buy any of the bullshit like: camera above 8MP, 1080p screen, 64-bit CPU.
And I think battery life will exceptional. With medium usage Z10 on 10.2 can get 15 hours easily.

And why does BlackBerry not give you a z30 now to display? I mean CB is one of its best marketing agents. Why so low key? Press release in Malaysia but released next week in UK and mid east? Sometimes I think management just wants to fail. This phone is an important addition for BlackBerry.

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Marketing needs to step up and I am concerned about the report of an auction in November. Not a lot of consumers are going to invest in a brand that they perceive to be disappearing. I, on the other hand just bought a Q10 :-). BB10 is so fluid and good that it needs to be promoted massively.

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