BlackBerry Z10 parts appear online once again

*UPDATE* - QWERTY "X10" middle frame also appeared on their site.

By Bla1ze on 4 Jan 2013 03:28 am EST

If you fancy looking at some of the things that make a device tick, ETradeSupply has a new video posted up showing off some BlackBerry Z10 parts. No surprise really, given the fact the whole device has pretty much leaked at this point including the same parts previously but it does reconfirm a few things in case you weren't yet convinced. Things such as the existence of a 4.3" inch display, front-facing camera and of course that LED notification light.

Oddly enough, it seems they have parts from more than one device in their hands, which could translate to them having pre-production models mixed with final versions or they possibly have parts from multiple variations of the L-Series devices. Alas, even they don't seem to know at this point what they have other than to say that they know they're different.

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BlackBerry Z10 parts appear online once again


You're the only one who lives on this side of the sun.
Good work.
Nobody knows for sure until Jan 30th.
But speculation is fun.
Say whatever you want about me.
Just spell my name right.

I recently saw another device in a commercial (can't recall which) and the charging base is freaking massive. If that's the tradeoff I'll stick with the conventional charging option.

The magnetic charge connector on the PB is small and unobtrusive and works very well. If the new models don't have it, it will be a mistake.

I'll bet my Z10 and say there won't be Wireless Charging. I just don't see RIM putting every single bell and whistle into the first device. They have the next 2 years to make a serious dent like they had originally done.

Correction: " I just don't see RIM putting every single bell and whistle into the first device. They have the next ***30 days*** to make a serious dent like they had originally done."

Two years is too long so I corrected your time frame to 30 days. Foot-dragging will cause RIM to stumble into their own grave plot. Here's to hoping they get it right the first time and every time.

if they can take it apart, why can't they confirm the chipset on the z10?

people want to know the exact specs including ram and cpu. would the cpu not be labeled or branded?

Pretty obvious. They only have parts and are only listing them for recognition for their store. Why else post the parts as for sale, yet have them all out of stock? It's SEO bait for them.

Dude. Find a cot/bunk/sleeping bag/shed/tent/hammock and go to sleep. Bloody workaholics. I didn't think you would take the song "No Sleep till BB10" literally

Speculation, I don't know what it'll look like and I suspect rim already knows about that video so things can change.

Noticed a very good news about speakers. They are at the front top, not bottom side, like my DevAlpha A. This was not good for sounds in my app when the device was hold in landscape mode (mandatory for my game). Should be far better, also for stereo pan. (@ Bla1ze: but maybe was already on DevAlpha B ?).

Love the looks so far. Really getting excited thinking about test driving one of these.

As far as the video goes, I couldn't get past the porn star bracelet he was rockin'.

Was it that hard for them to tell the difference?!? I'm just going to use the L-Series names for easier clarification - the base is for the Lisbon/Laguna and the back covering is for the London.

There were these supposedly internal leaked sheets of the 3 L-series devices previously, that said:

4.2" screen
130 x 65.6 x 9 mm

Now this says
4.3" screen
132 x 73.7 x 9.5 mm

Whats true now??

Thought about it. 73.7 mm is much too wide, that's 8 mm wider than on the leaked sheet and even 2.7 mm wider than a Galaxy S3! And that thing has a 4.8" screen. That can't be true...

Just a guess but maybe the viewable area is 4.2" but the total area including the touch bezel for swipe gestures is 4.3"?

That's very unlikely.

4.2" is 54.9 x 91.5 mm
4.3" is 56.2 x 93.7 mm

So that way the bezel would be much too small (0.65 mm on either horizontal side, 1.1 mm on either vertical side).

So bottom line is: I still believe in the original leaked slides: 4.2" display, 130 x 65.6 x 9 mm housing. Maybe RIM has gone up to a 4.3" display, but left the rest of the housing the same. That would be the best case.

The guy in the video may have simple misspoke. The etradesupply website lists the screen size as 4.2".

I think I may have figured it out. The guy might just be reading his ruler incorrectly. The rumored specs of the L-series are:

130mm long = 5.12 inches ~= 5 2/16 inches
66mm wide = 2.58 inches ~= 2 9/16 inches

So he may have read 5 2/16 inches on his ruler as 5.2 inches (5 inches plus two of the small lines). Similar with the width.

At the very least I hope this is what happened. The phone would be too big otherwise.

Pretty big footprint and only 1800mah battery, albeit removable, as speculated! Expected some more juice there...mayb with wireless charging they'll consider putting the side ports at the bottom!

No 3-pin charging for the Z10 like the PlayBook? I was really hoping to use my PB Rapid Charger on the Z10. Still a nice looking device.

at 1:14, a flex cable for the navigation keypad?? Did I miss an update somewhere? What/where is the navigation keypad?

That can't be true, I did math on this:

A 4.3" screen is 2.21" wide. Now if the entire housing is 2.9" wide, there'd be a bezel of 0.345" on either side of the display. That's over 8.7 mm of bezel on either side of the display, that is impossible to happen. Otherwise RIM is nuts.

I am still interested in what this will look like. d/l a bunch of you tube vids yesterday to get a better sense of BB10 OS and its pretty nice. Not 100% sold until I hear more on the 30th, there is still way too much room for Carrier intervention and in turn ways to screw up a device configuration and launch.

With all these recent leaks, I really hope that the phones don't look like this. Between the leaked phone aesthetics and the software visuals. Where's the surprise going to be during the launch event? I miss the Steve Jobs err of mystery in launch events.

Don't get me wrong, I am still psyched but I want see RIM blow this out of the park with innovation like in their blackberry playbook. I guess and follow up with a swift release date.

I think they'll probably come up with something that'll blow all of our socks off. Though if they don't, then the average blackberry users that I know who only think their phone is good for BBM and barely even know what model they have and obviously do not use awesome sites like CrackBerry, would still be surprised and BLOWN OUT OF THEIR PANTS, SHIRT ,UNDERWEAR AND of course, socks.

Hi KyonCoraeL

Me too! I hope there are still some very pleasant surprises announced Jan 30. We definitely know a lot about the touch phone already. What else could there be?

Yes, this is very good news, I just wanna know if the Two L-Series devices would comeout at the same time or if one of them would come out at the same time/after the N-Series

they have a nice looking bezel for the x10 on thier website. so i think it wont be as ugly as the pics. I wanted the keyboard but i fell hard for the all touch so i may just get both. att data share is fair 30 bucks more a month so i can have the best of both worlds .

Wait a second ???? How can this company offer parts for BB10 from China ?

Are these original BB parts ? or they 3rd market parts. Something doesn't add up here.