BlackBerry Z10 OS 10.1 update coming today

By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2013 09:37 am EDT

During the BlackBerry Live keynote this morning, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins let the world know that the BlackBerry Z10 will be receiving the long-awaited OS 10.1 update starting today. OS 10.1 already up and running on the BlackBerry Q10, but now Z10 users will be able to take advantage of all the new features in the OS update as well. It was stated that OS 10.1 will begin rolling out to international carriers later today with US carriers receiving the update before the end of May. Users should receive an update notification but you can always check manually by going to Settings > Software Updates.

OS 10.1 offers HDR camera, improved apps, Instant Action, battery improvements and much more. 

Highlights of BlackBerry 10.1

BlackBerry Hub manages all of your conversations

BlackBerry Hub helps you stay organized, in control and on top of all of your conversations, and with BlackBerry 10.1, it just keeps getting better. You can now view emails that are attached to another email, get contact suggestions when you start addressing a message, and send PIN to PIN messages for direct communication between BlackBerry smartphones.

Personalize your Notifications

BlackBerry 10.1 allows you to set up personalized notifications for your contacts and accounts. Customize ringtones, vibrations and the LED light for calls or message from each of your friends, family or colleagues. You can also set up a different notification for different accounts (such as for different email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Click to call

You can now click on a phone number in an email or BBM message to call the number or copy and paste it right onto the dialer screen in the phone app.

Better cursor control

BlackBerry 10.1 offers better cursor control making it easier to accurately place the cursor and select text. Just tap once to bring up the cursor control, grab the blue circle and drag it around to the insertion point that you want. Improved visual feedback lets you know where you’re pointing. You can also tap either side of the circle to move forward or backward one character at a time.

Improved picture capturing

BlackBerry 10.1 adds an HDR (high dynamic range) shooting mode for taking beautiful images in tricky lighting conditions. High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode takes multiple pictures at different exposure levels and layers them automatically to produce a single photo that combines the best of the dark and light areas. It also includes improved red eye and golden eye reduction in the picture editor.

More to discover with BlackBerry 10.1

You’ll find a number of new enhancements across the BlackBerry 10 OS like landscape support for the calendar, easier international dialing and so much more. The first step to discovering these new features on your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is to update your BlackBerry 10 software.  

Updating is easy

Updating to BlackBerry 10.1 is free and easy to do. To update your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone to BlackBerry 10.1 look for the alert in the notifications section of the BlackBerry Hub. You can also check for software updates through the software updates section in the Settings menu or through the BlackBerry Link desktop software. The download will happen in the background and the update will be applied without needing to back up your smartphone. All of your information remains safe. For more information on how to update your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, visit


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BlackBerry Z10 OS 10.1 update coming today



What is wrong with the US carriers? I have the impression that they are very reluctant to act on BB10 -related issues, as though they would rather not carry the device at all.

Um, doesn't the carrier have to push out this update? Which means since I am with Bell that it'll probably take another 6 months??? He shouldn't say it's available today, he should've said it's available when your carrier decides to release it to you.

Maybe BlackBerry got carrier agreement for a common release date. Looking forward to accessing files from my computer. :)

Posted with my Z10 via CB10.

I got the update from Bell today - I wasn't notified but checked for updates and it was there and now installed.

Nice! Here's me pressing 'search for updates' over and over and over from now on...

Posted via CB10 - Z10 Vodafone NL

They are stretching the truth about the customising the led for notifications.
They mean you can choose whether it blinks or not.
What I want as a customisable led is to choose the colours it blinks and as a bonus speed and length.
But all of the updates are a small step forward, they just need to work on releasing 10.2 faster

Posted via CB10

wow! thats crazy. totally thought they meant lights. i don't have a Z10 but way to be deceptive towards your customers bbry!

or you could spend 2 or 3 bucks for an app. I have 2 of them still not sure which i will keep as both have pros and cons.

I agree with you. The "customization" of LED is either on or off, not colour specification which I figured it would be.

There are apps out there, but there was an amazing one called "Advance OS and LED" that was free for BB 6&7, which allowed you to change the LED to any colour or series of colours, for any contact. It was amazing. I know there is BeBuzz now, but I'm too cheap to pay for it knowing a free one, or an "Advance OS and LED" for BB10 must be coming out soon enough.

What's the os version?? We're you running the leak. 1762 before? I'm on Rogers and not seeing it

Posted via CB10

Should i ask..........What reboot problems? seriously hardcore user and maybe once a week i reboot maybe. not battery pull... reboot. now if you mean your phone reboots on its own again only happenedonce on old os sooo. just wondering what your talking about.

I feel your pain. lol. gonna just check tonight if it hasn't notified me by then. played this game with playbook. I got sh|| to do. hahaha.

WiFi Calling. Please! I miss my UMA. Poor signal at home and lots of overseas travel. Is this a business phone or a toy? Wifi Calling NOW!

I fully agree! What the hell happened to UMA?! I live in a really rural area, with very little cell coverage. UMA was great for... being able to USE my PHONE!

careful, he said later during the month for US carriers! Starting today is everyone else... by the end of the week it should be done except for US carriers.

That's all well and good but I'm on Verizon and they haven't done s**t with upgrading my phone. I'm still on What c**p is that!? I'm seriously thinking of switching carriers if they don't get me updated soon. I'm disgusted with Verizon.

The wording does seem to suggest that it may be universally released today, altho', being on EEUK, the chances are I'm wrong, and the 3 weeks wait will likely become more like 6 or 7...

I'm on Telus - I just finished updating to 10.1. Check again. I'm in southern ontario and got it almost right away after they announced it.

Why would you say that? I'm with telus and loaded the upgrade last night with no trouble at all. Used Blackberry link and it was smooth and i now have the new features. everything works the way it said it would. Love my Z10 on Telus

Great. It's been announced. The one thing I can say about being on AT&T network is that they're usually be prompt if not first with pushing platform updates. Can't wait to see the difference. I'm happy with it now and now it's going to get better.

Not so worried. I got the leaked versión and if they don't come out with a better one then no need to concern myself.

Posted via CB10

check it now since i'm on O2 and it shows available but i'm currently at work and it requires WIFI when i try to update let me know what happens

I think he said starting today and by the end of the week we should have 10.1 on Z10.

Will be keeping my eye on updates this week.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

I will guess that by this time next year, Verizon will be releasing 10.1 while everyone else is on 10.5 or higher...

Am currently downloading via the rogers network in toronto, using only the "check for updates" under settings

On EE in the UK, very much hoping for the update to land today. But judging by how late they were with 10.0.10 we'll be lucky to have it by the end of the week :/

Posted via CB10

Downloaded and working on Proximus Belgium, next time chose the right provider ! You have chosen a Apple Partner, they will be as reluctant to free the sofware as Proximus is when it is about iPhones... Blackberry in Belgium IS Proximus, best choice. As much as Mobistar is Apple.

wooowww it has arrived!!

just made a click on look for updates, and now OS is available on my Z10. It is 335Mb.

german o2 network

Woww looks Thor pushed the BIG RED Release button

Finally! I hope the OS 10.1 does not freeze /reboot (X_X)

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

Im hitting refresh on the "check for updates" like a crazy person, got excited when I saw an update. HA! Its for!!! UHG!!!! Thanks VZW!!!

Yay, 8:30 this morning I received a notification that 10.1 is ready for download.
BTW, im with Sasktel

Posted via CB10

Nice! Vodafone NL has just started rolling out the update (five mins ago or so) Downloading slowly, but steadily. About 333mb

Now arrived to Vodafone Spain . with 310 MB. Hope it will solve the problems with email accounts using SMTP.

Vodafone Netherlands just came through as well! Well, I'm off, guys...

Posted via CB10 - Z10 Vodafone NL

Seeing posts on other BB sites that say US will not see the 10.1 OS update until later this month. If true, we've been screwed again.

Deepends if your leaked version number is higher than the official update release...I saw up thread where someone did not get the update pushed because their leaked version was higher than the OTA update

Seems that way. I'm on leaked version No notification from Bell and settings>software updates reports "You have the latest software".

Fantastic news. Can't wait to get home and start downloading. Thanks #Team_Blackberry. Good to see BlackBerry back on top their game. Great OS and it keeps getting better

Kramberry z10

The same version. And i spoke to T-mobile crew. They said update will be available on mid of June!!!! Fk kidding me. Everyone getting updates except US. Sad.....

I'm in the U.S, and I have Verizon.

I currently have the leaked " "

If I wanted to download the official Verizon OS 10.1 (whenever it comes out) would I have to restore my OS to its factory OS? Or can I just download and install it OTA with my current OS installed? Please help.

Posted via CB (for BlackBerry Z10)

Bell has it up for my Z10 - grabbing it now. Pls pls let this fix the POP disaster I had with the latest. This is 341 mb - fingers crossed!

Great...10.1 gets announced in the US, but is available everywhere BUT the US...what a stupid BS....

Posted via CB10

Are you certain it's 10.1 OS version? If you delete the pack in ATT Apps on your phone and check for updates it will push an update and reinstall those Apps. :)

Double check if you 10.1 I want to see a pic (hit your + / - Volume rockers at the same time to take a screen shoot).

LOL that's what I just posted in the Forums. Certainly makes sense to announce in the U.S. that 10.1 is available today for everywhere EXCEPT in the U.S. Nice move.

T-mobile Czechia, I can't see the update. But I have an "unofficial" STL 100-2, provider distributes STL 100-1. Does anybody know if provider release the upgrade for all versions of Z10?

I'm in the state with solavei. I have telus sim card laying around. Put in the telus sim card in check for update.
Telus pushed size 335 downloading it now.

Why is EE so crap! Customer service guy just advised its gonna be another few weeks as they are still testing compatability blah blah blah. Then had the cheek to say the update offers no new features... is he on crack!

Posted via CB10

If that's true then that really is an absolute joke of a service! What's the point of having the fastest network if you're always last to receive updates and upgrades... probably going to stick a Vodafone micro sim in sometime this week to obtain the new OS.

I downloaded via BlackBerry Link, I'm on Vodafone UK. Although the post says no back-up required, my local contacts & Remember Folders were missing? Luckily I did do a back-up which I'm currently restoring so hopefully this will be resolved...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Already available in Dubai but will have to wait till I get home cause the damn thing won't let me download without wifi :(

Posted via CB10


Posted via CB10

Just grab it using Telkomsel (Indonesia) network. It consists of 301 MB, takes total of 1 hour to finish all download, install & restart. Will check its new features later..

Posted via CB10

Saturday I Install the leak with the same number. But I need to know if for this reason the update is not flowing down in my z10. Please Help me. Claro dominican republic

Posted via CB10

10.1 update available on Airtel in India. 310 MB file size, downloading as I type this. Can't wait to install it...

Posted via CB10

hey dude- same here.. the problem though. after 315 mb, it did another 175mb, and now its downloading something worth 1gb.. bloody whats happening?

My initial download was 308mb, once it installed to 100% a 2032 error popped up, I then click for check for updates and now 1017 mb are downloading - I suppose it is reinstalling the full OS and not just an update.

My work email doesn't work anymore after updating to 10.1 :( The initial excitement has somewhat diminished.

LOL understandably, have you tried tinkering with your settings? Maybe it just messed up some of the email settings preventing operation.

If that doesn't work, you may be able to downgrade.

Anyone who had a leak with a higher number have it show up? I have - do I need to install from BlackBerry Link to go to the Bell version? Or do I have to revert to 10.0... in order to upgrade to 10.1? Or should it just show up as available?

Nope. No notification. I expect one would need either to soft brick the phone or wipe in order to install this version. I did notice that the official OS version being reported looks similar to that of the second to last leak.

Really? Yesterday, I had near-constant use of my phone for 17 hours & still had 23% charge when I went to bed. I have a STL100-3 on AT&T in the US, running OS version, software release If my battery improved much more, my phone would be certifiably superhuman.

Did you export all your data from your old BlackBerry (OS7 or lower) to the BB10? I hear that may cause issues. I did a wipe and BlueTooth transferred my contacts over and reloaded all my Apps, much better performance with the Battery.

Thanks for the tip, but I found the problem. BEBUZZ WAS KILLING MY BATTERY! I do not recommend this app. I really want colored LED notification too guys, I get it. But this was obliterating my battery. My phone, fully charged, with little to no use was getting about 4-5 hours with BEBUZZ running constantly like they want you to run it. uninstalled it, and magically Im going about 12-14 hours. With still a small percentage remaining.

Can someone please help with going from leaked .1672 to the new .235 version, do we need to downgrade first?

Hey. Is somebody know when 10.1 will start on T-Mobile USA? Ive been waiting for long time and tired to read news about "is coming, is coming, is coming". !!!! When????

Because you do for your carrier, updates start today meaning that doesn't mean everyone gets it today.

I'm with Rogers and all of my other users who didn't have the leaked version are updating right now, that's why I'm surprised I'm not getting it.