AT&T rolling out OS ( for the BlackBerry Z10

AT&T OS Update
By Adam Zeis on 11 Mar 2013 12:27 pm EDT

On the heels of the AT&T BlackBerry Z10 announcement earlier today, it looks like things are off to a good start as OS software (OS version is now available OTA. Current users with an unlocked Z10 on AT&T were left out in the last round of updates from other carriers, so this is a welcome update and it will most likely be the same version for AT&T devices at launch. No word of what's new in this version yet, but you can expect it carries over some of the fixes from other carrier updates including battery life issues, calendar & contact fixes and camera optimizations. 

If you're a Z10 user on AT&T, check for updates to get this one going and be sure to report back with your findings. If you're seeing this offered up for other carriers be sure to drop a comment and let us know!

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AT&T rolling out OS ( for the BlackBerry Z10


Wonder if it'll be worth popping in an AT&T SIM to grab it even though I have the last update...also I wonder if MVNO's like Straight Talk would roll this out as well or if its just AT&T direct.

Are you on t-mo? Regardless when ever you're on edge just nudge your z10 but turning off wireless (going into airplane mode) and wait a second or ten and turn airplane mode off.

What's the os version difference compared to the one the Canadian carriers got? This is .684 but what did Rogers and them release?

got the update on the Digicel network in Jamaica just now....says general battery improvement, third party apps, etc.

pretty much the same as what's been said before.

these OS update version numbers are pretty confusing though, i was really hoping Blackberry had changed this practice

Yea those OS numbers and package numbers are extreamely confusing and annoying at the same time, at least to me. I'm not a programmer but that doesn't make sense to me.

OS vs Package numbers are an implementation specific thing. RIM will be able to answer this. However, most developers use a Release Management System to label software components to ensure they are included for the right software release. All you need to know is that the release numbers will change as the software is "improved". Of course, if TMO requests the removal of a feature, as someone suggested above, then it may go into a future version of the software code. That release may have less capabilities than a previous numeric version; however, that would be considered a "branch" (a deviation) and not what future code will be based upon. Hope this makes sense.

Digicel network in Jamaica ? i tried many times to update with my ja digicel simcard even tried a at&t simcard with no luck. keep on getting the message i that i have the latest os which is

Wow 442 MB update, I'll be waiting till I get home. I assumed it would be smaller given I have

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We all hate the carrier controlled updates too... when I was on the Storm 1 I had if I recall 1 official update and like 10 different leaked updates I used. :-[

Installed. Can't see much difference yet other than a few AT&T icons t such as AT&T Device help, AT&T Family Map, and my AT&T. Hoping to have some battery or network performance improvements but only time will tell.

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Thats weird...i have unlocked version from Bell and mine shows just in USA and phone is a 100-3 i missing something here lol? thanks

Yes you are.. You have to get a LTE sim card.. you can't use your current blackberry sim as it is only 4G.... i have the same thing because I just had them cut down my 9900 sim ... waiting to try to get LTE and keep my unlimited, Im afraid they might yank it

ATT users.....cant you guys just buy an LTE sim from best buy or something and replace your sim from your web account page? just wondering....

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I'm dying to know this too! I'm in a very rural area and even the 3G coverage gets overloaded here. ATT, PLEEEZZZEEE let us switch between different network settings!!!

My update was a whopping 732 MB; I have it on my blog to prove it. I haven't noticed anything other than a few AT&T icons.

Had you deleted any core apps previously? Ate they back now? If so, that's all that was really updated for you. I had this with a 12MV update that just returned my deleted Facebook app.

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That's the typical Rogers push for one of the Rogers loaded apps that you deleted. Some people would say just create a folder and stick em in there. I'm not one of those peeps. I won't download their pushware. I don't want anything sitting on my device that I'm not using regularly.

Dammit! I just bought a Rogers microsim card on Ebay to get the update. I figured an unlocked ATT z10 wouldn't get the update until the phone was released :/

From past experiences.....those carrier specific apps pop up when the specific carrier sims are popped in.....the sim is the you having an att sim would show att carrier apps instead of rogers.....

Lucky for me fido just have the my account app....which i use sometimes.....and nothing else. =)

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Since I didn't see a spot in the forums, I'll just leave the comment here that I got the update through my Straight Talk on AT&T SIM, here's hoping the update allows for adjusting the APN...yeah right. 442mB for me and was on .85 previous...update 1 of 2.

Okay, not that aware: there are att z10s with contracts or just unlocked units bought retail elsewhere? Thought att was just US

I would hazard that most of them are unlocked units bought retail, for instance we physically crossed the border to Canada to get ours.

Hi Blackraven, I couldn't see any LTE specific settings or toggles in the interface of Network connections. I was hoping for some indicator, but the phone still says 4G without any other details. I'm not sure I'm using LTE even though my plan is specifically LTE.

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What too large for the network? Guess I have to wait. Funny thing I always thought I had the latest version. Ooops

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Carrier controlled updates shouldn't be too bad for the Z10. For Android, they are a nightmare. There are so many Android phones brands, meaning you can wait for months to get an update for your device. We are still waiting for a Jelly Bean update for our Galaxy Note and it was originally promised back in November.

I get 34 hours of battery life with you typical daily usage after the update! Enjoy yankees :)

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The provider says whether or not it allows the update, but Blackberry is the one that does the management of the OTA.

Just finished updating the phone from .85 to .88...totally feels snappier and the battery life is amazing!!!

Anybody that believes that I have an iPhone to sell you.

EDIT: I should mention that the APN settings were still locked so I'm afraid I'd have to update my SIM card before I'd get any data, problem is I had planned to use Straight Talk instead of AT&T and you can no longer get AT&T on ST. Oh well...also this forum doesn't allow additional spaces in the comment because I was hoping to put a little space between my sarcasm and my sarcastic reply to myself.

Go with T-mobile pay as you go....their apn should work on the device automatically.....if you dont mind T-mobile.

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I got a SIM with T-Mobile on the Z10 and I never got the update, is it already out? If yes how could I force push it to my phone?

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Sasktel sucks,,, man a company Like AT&T releasing the update when they havent even starting selling the Z10 phones yet. Sasktel has had them since Feb 5th and yet no updates to the OS from them yet. Unbelievable.

I know I wont be renewing my contract with sasktel after mine expires

I went to settings Software Update, Check for Updates with the AT&T SIM inserted. Got installed. Don't notice anything so far.

Got the big changes thus far but it looks like you can manage the notifications of side loaded apps via settings. seems to run a little smoother.

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It's definitely a lot more responsive; LTE speed really has improved averaging 13 down and 7 up (Virginia). One item I did notice in the BB world that never noticed before, there is a "Update" tab.

Answering a previous post I still have my mobile hotspot and tethering in my network connections.

I just downloaded and I still have the mobile hotspot. Haven't had it long enough to comment on any other improvements.

Love that this got pushed out today! Just finished a 700+mb update. Still not seeing LTE though. My sim is brand new. Hmm.

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I also went to the local corporate AT&T store and had my Z10 switched to the BlackBerry unlimited plan. Since the Z10 was not provisioned in AT&T's system when I received my unlocked one, it was originally set up with a generic LTE plan.

I was told no 4Lte plan in the system here yet :( for AT&T called and went into the store. Also I hadn't noticed a change in my Z10 since the latest update.

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I don't notice any improvements with this update. Mine shows AT&T LTE when I am in an LTE area and 4G for HSPA+ areas.

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Is it me or is there a problem with updating OTA with the Z10 version stl-1002 with AT&T. Just comes back with no updates found, also tied updating the web way and still no joy. Any answers out there?

Outlawstorm, your silly to go with any other provider in saskatchewan, no other company has the coverage or customer service. No company is perfect lol and all to get an update a few weeks earlier. Bell just released it. They probably released it because AT&T is the company that BlackBerry used to give all the people in the us the z10 at the product launches. Oh and if you really want the updates go to bell Telus or Rogers and bug a sim card and put it in your phone connect it to wifi and you should get the update

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i have an unlocked z10 on At&t and I only have version is there another update out there?

I have the same situation, I have a factory unlocked OEM Z10 with an ATT sim, it was already at and when I check for updates, nothing :-(