BlackBerry Z10 or Q10? The CrackBerry Vodcast

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 May 2013 03:22 pm EDT

So here's the deal. Adam and I recorded a video back on April 30th debating the much asked BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10? question. I was planning to get my BIGGER write up done within a few days and then post this "vodcast" as part of that longer editorial. For a bunch of reasons, it's taking a little while for me to get that write up finished up. I know a lot of you are waiting for that post, and I feel bad leaving you guys and gals hanging, so in the meantime I'm posting the video. And I'll follow up soon with the detailed write up (and maybe even another video based on where my feelings are at after another week or two of use with both phones).

Part of the delay honestly is that I just can't freak'n decide which of the two phones I personally prefer. That's NEVER been a problem for me before in the world of BlackBerry. I always know which BB I want to rock. Between the Z10 and Q10, for me there's no obvious winner. I can use both equally well, and each phone has their benefits in different conditions. For those who don't want a full touchscreen phone and prefer a physical keyboard, the Q10 is the obvious decision. But for those who like a big touchscreen phone, then the Q10 decision gets really, really hard. I LOVE the Z10. But the Q10 just has that BlackBerry look and feel that so many of us love so much. It's tough.

Anyway, watch the video above. It'll give you a framework for helping you to make your own Z10 vs. Q10 decision. And I'll be back sooner rather than later with a longer write up. Enjoy the show!

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BlackBerry Z10 or Q10? The CrackBerry Vodcast


I currently have both and like them both. Q10 will be my daily driver because I feel I can get more done more quickly but I really do like them both. BlackBerry makes great phones!

The solution is actually quite easy:

A Z10 sized device with a physical keyboard! Done!! Best of both worlds! Doesn't need to be insanely huge like a Galaxy Note 2 and you get it all done with the large screen for media! I will buy 3 of these devices on day one!!!

You are welcome.. I just love to see people who love their job..:)
And I have a much better is the battery in the Q10..I mean how many more hours longer can you use it than the battery in the Z10..? 
Thanks again for the video, now enjoy your time in NY as much as you can;) and I am looking forward to seeing your next video or notes with questions and answers about the Z10 and Q10..:)
This time I will be more patient..:)

 Kevin, Do you know what I was thinking, why doesn't BB bring short cuts to Z10?
Because Z10 doesn't have a keyboard?! Not true! We all know how to bring up the keyboard on the screen, so why doesn't BB take advantage of it and make it better for Z10 owners..we could have short cuts, we could jump right in to apps..
If Z10 could do this, I think a larger percentage of people would buy the Z10.
Think about that and relay it to the right person..;)

PS: Adam, you are great too! ;) Keep going friends..!;)

Hi ! i'm not Kevin :p but I'll give you my opinion about why not the shortcuts on the Z10.

1-it would probably take longer to call the keyboard, wait for it, type, etc. than simply swiping a couple of times.
2-the type n go feature is one of the "hot features'' on the Q10, it's what makes it different than other phones including the Z10.

In other words, the Z10 has the screen and it's advantages and features, such as landscape view and the Q10 has the physical keyboard and it's features, such as type n go.

cheers !!

That would be too much. I don't even have enough pockets. Unless I use the same pocket as my car keys. We know the consequences....

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Kevin's efforts during this launch has been nothing short of phenomenal. But, that's exactly what he does, he "brings it".

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Z10 for me... I really don't see the point of having 2 phones... unless it's a company phone... plus I already paid 700 for my z10 when it came out I'm not paying another 700 to have a physical keyboard... just my opinion

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I don't get it either! I use to work for a company that gave me a company phone and I hated carting around both. Isn't BlackBerry Balance the solution? ...shouldn't need two now...

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Because the Q10 isn't available and probably won't be for several more weeks, despite the fact that Kevin is rocking an AT&T Q10. But I guess eventually, one day, I can get the Q10 in the US

It's a long, long time, especially after all of the bb10 delays. It will be over four months since the launch (in the biggest US city, I might add) and over a month since it's availability in other major markets. Not to mention that BlackBerry Live, their biggest event of the year, is in another MAJOR US CITY. It shouldn't be downplayed

You've been standing on that same soapbox for just about as long. Give it/us a rest. It's not a delay, it's a wait. Did someone announce that the Q10 would be available in the US on Day X? Start counting your 'delay' from that date, then.

Currently using a Z10 that I love, I am planning to go with Q10 + PlayBook with a new brand BB10 os installed on it. Those together will be my portable productivity office and devices for entertainment everywhere I go..

I think Kevin is such a BB fan and he's been waiting for these for so long, it's kinda like asking him which of his kids he prefers, that's why he can't make up his mind... Jk

Gottem both love them both it really is a tough choice. I got the Q thinking that the physical keyboard would be the deciding factor but still not sure which is best. Guess it's a good problem for a BlackBerry fan to have lol

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The keyboard on the Z10 isn't bad, physical means sometimes nothing. Except you are talking about decent shortcuts.

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The Z10 has the swipe up predictive text feature - which I have become quite attached to.

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Z10 is my way. But when the Q10 will be available in Romania guess I will take one for fun. Till then all my eyes and years on Kevin.

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This video tells me I would be happiest with the Q10, a phone that does what BB is all about... getting things done.

Z10 all the way. More screen real estate plus the keyboard is excellent! Best on the market...I can type just as fast if not quicker than on the physical!

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Audio sure has sucked in all the videos lately. Maybe it's just me, but I can hardly ever hear Adam. Maybe project and have some personality.

Adam, you were fine, you have personality to me. Kevin is just a loud speaker ;) For everyone else, they need to be mic'ed up. Keep up the great work!

Have a Z10 because I got it as a developer. That ultimately is all that made my decision for me. Knowing what I know now about each, if I hadn't earned one for an app, I probably would have bought a Q10. The keyboard is almost a wash for me, slight advantage to the Q for use while walking, but the real deciding factors would be battery life and keyboard shortcuts. I don't need a big screen since I rarely use it for games or media.

Z10 All the way! I was an iphone fan since thier beginning and I decided to give it a try. No regrets since!

And u know what? I prefer my BlackBerry Z10 more than my 4S!

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It's a joy for me to hear a person has come from iphone to BB with no regrets...shows me that you know what a true telecommunication device is all about!

Z10 for me after going back and forth. The virtual keyboard just do the job and the bigger screen was eventually the reason to stick with the Z.

Z10 all the way, after testing the Q10. I am even faster typing on the BlackBerry Z10's keyboard. I actually type without looking at the keyboard and auto correct does it's magic.

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Both for me, it's the only way, both are amazing.
My summary on the Q10 vs Z10 thread I started was, if you use it for media more than typing emails and blogs, get the Z. If you spend most of your day typing, then get the Q.
Even then there is still division.
Look forward to the write up til then it's the Q no the Z no the Q... errm the Z damnit the Q for me!

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I went with the Z10 last week after trying waiting to try out the Q. I absolutely loved everything about the Q10, especially the built quality and materials (for the black phone anyway), but I really wanted to try a full screen phone this time.

Spot on review. Z10 for me but you really can't go wrong with either depending on what your needs are.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

I'm going to say the Q10 is waaaay better. For me. I'm sticking with an Android phone as my all screen and sporting a Q10 for email.

Love my to BlackBerry but find the intuitiveness amazing...A few glitches but nothing insurmountable...Am converted. Full stop.

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I find that the Z10 is better than my 9900 was as a passenger on a bumpy ride because of the auto correction personally. That's a point of disagreement. Otherwise thanks for the video!

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After using the z10, the screen for the q10 just looks too small.

But I do miss that physical keyboard...

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I have been wondering about that, too. Are they swapping sim cards between the two phones? Are they two different phone number accounts? Are you paying double for data?

Hi there. I'm new Crackberry, but not new to BlackBerry. My first BlackBerry was the 8700c. And prior to that I had a flip LG phone. So all I ever owned were BlackBerry devices. From 8700 to 9000 to 9800 and now Z10. So thank u for this comparison.

AT&T Z10.

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I' planning on getting both.
Kevin,How do you go about switching back and forth between the two devices? Is there a clean way using the same sim card?

Thanks to everything I've read the last few months, and some hands-on with Z10, I will keep my 9900 firmly entrenched in my left hand for now.

I'm going to with the Z10. Sacrifice of speed and efficiency for real estate. 2 years ago I would have NEVER said this...but i'm satisfied with what blackberry has done with the touchscreen keyboard, that it's worth a bit of step down.

Ive been using BBs since the original Pearl in 07 and although nothing has beaten the keyboard, ive been wanting a solid Touchscreen BB for years! Ima have to go Z10!

Both have great qualities about them. I guess my comment isn't solely directed on the Z10. But isn't everyone using a full touch all walking around hunchback like turtles. I mean, yes, it's great you have a big screen but has that going to be when you're using a cane b/c you cant stand up straight. I gotta get into physio to cash in on the caveman like postures soon. I do prefer the Q10 as I can walk and look straight ahead and not into traffic.

So I was 100% sure that the Q10 would be my next BlackBerry. But with the delays and great performance reviews of the Z10, I opted for a change. The Z10 is my 1st touchscreen phone. Yes, I have been a BlackBerry loyalist since the Pearl. The switch to a touchscreen keyboard was challenging for the first week. Email's went out with errors and overall my text input timing was cut in half. Fast forward to a few months and I am back to my speeds on the Bold 9900. The keyboard is amazing once you've mastered it and the screen is just a beautiful experience. Everything about my Z10 is simply breathtaking. The OS is fast and Browser, even faster. Do i miss the traditional BlackBerry (keyboard)? Yes... But not for the reasons you might think. I miss my "BlackBerry" because there was no 2nd guessing what it was. You see the keys and you know, for good or bad, its a BlackBerry. I loved representing and when Fandroids or iSheep starred with their smug look, I proudly held my BB. With the Z10, I dont get that instant recognition I'm used to. I find myself rocking the Z without a case just so it doesnt get mistaken for an iPhone (lets all be honest, its a close cousin). So whats a boy to do?... How do i keep my big beautiful screen and still have the BB recognition?... Simple, GET BOTH!!!... So Kevin Michaluk (, I will see you in NYC soon to get my Q10 come launch. Z10+Q10 user OUT!!!

I totally agree about the difficulty of this decision! I have never agonized over a purchase decision this much before! I went with the Z, but I miss the speed and accuracy of the physical keyboard on my Bold. If I had the money, I would probably get the Q as well, but who has an extra $600 or so for a phone? Isn't that roughly the cost? Plus, if you go back and forth, you won't develop the needed muscle memory to be fast on either keyboard, huh?

Via Z10 & CB10

Thanks for nothing! Well, hear me out. I came from a 9780 and went to the Z10. Apart from some words that I always mistype because I've become so lazy and ignorant and fully trust auto correct I love my Z10. However, I adore the sexy design of the Q10 and the more like 9780 experience. When I travel I can see myself using the Q10 as I tend to post a lot from out and about and am listening to tons of music on the go or even radio. So a nice good battery is more important. Plus most hotels have got TVs with HDMI so I use my Playbook as driver and the phone as remote.

So for me it's as follows. I use the Z10 with battery charger bundle on a day to day basis but for my travels I'll be using the Q10 first and foremost thanks to its huge battery and the nice awesome keyboard. So thanks again for your video. And as Kevin said. Nothing really decided. So for me it's both.

Both sexy. Now, the white ones grow on me.... Bit freightning for me......

Long time BB user, since first BB produced. Z10 is my first complete touch screen. I don't consider the Bold 9900 full touch. And I am a BB fan (ask my co-workers about my random BB greatest ever emails). Since I found myself using the touch screen whenever I could on the Bold and the Z10 was available first, I made the jump. Keyboard rocks, no different with physical once you get used to it. And you will type faster.

At the end of the day, BATTERY LIFE is the key decision between the Z10 and Q10. Like Crisdean, I have the extra battery pack. But after using all the life saving tricks, I still could not make it through a full day on my vacation with 2 fully charged batteries. My usage was taking some photos, navigation to different sites, and a bit of email / messaging checking. Even at home in San Francisco, I never can make it through a day with message usage on a battery. I am on ATT and running most current BB OS. With the Bold, I could go minimum a full day. Again I know there are so many factors that impact battery life, but there is no question that the Z10 is a BATTERY SUCKER. This is making change back (or have 2 phones) to the Q10 when it comes out on ATT. Its no fun to have a beautiful, bright screen that you can't use because the battery will die in minutes. That is a FACT!.

+1 that. After the experience of the 9700 (killer battery life) I'm looking forward to having that once again with Q10. Would be nice to have the larger display of Z10 for web browsing but battery life is more important. I am not willing to tote a charger bundle. I just hope the word wrap on the BB10 browser work better than on 7.x.

Excellent video, Kevin and Adam. Very helpful!

Seems like a lot of people dislike that idea but as a current 9810 user (for a couple more months until my contract is up) I would love to be able to upgrade to a BB10 slider as opposed to having to pick between the Z and the Q. Everyone makes tradeoffs when it comes to phone selection. To me the tradeoff of having a fatter phone is worth not having to make the choice between physical keyboard and large screen.

I suppose that i will buy the q10 as i love that battery will live long time, for trying the touch screen i bought the playbook and..... Bho i dont think i will like type on a smaller screen than a 7 inch one ;)
Also i am pretty sure that the os BB10 is better with a touch screen phone but i will survive well with the q10
Thanks to all you guys of crackberry team, you are great

Good VodCast guys. i think the best point is that the world is going touch screen yes you might not like it but you'll eventually have to deal with it. might as well learn on a Zed10, which is an awesome experience...heck even the mobile nations logo is a touch screen phone LOL.

I've got the Z10 now and I'll get the Q10 too so yeah I'll be going for both too, never thought I'd ever have or like a touch screen only phone but now I do and I still want a Q10 as well.

I am the " typical user" blackberry built these phones for. Busy communicator, lots of email 150-200 per day, lots of meetings scheduled, on the phone all the time,airport layovers,conference calls, reading blogs, watching news, editing files, storing and sending via dropbox. I have both devices...if they could enhance the battery, hands-down it's the Zed. why? reading, watching images, documents and even entertaining myself while doing the airport's a more convenient device. After 3 weeks, I left my ipad at home.....rarely touch it except to get at apps that are not available on the Zed. It's the combination of more screen, awesome keyboard and typical BB workflow, very close to perfect ( battery life, mediocre headphones, so-so voice control and bad BIS workaround) are the things that stop it from being the shining star in my opinion.

I had the 9900 before, so i bought the Q10 to ensure I was not missing the tactile, speed typing, etc. Other then the battery advantage the ledger leans in fav of the ZED.

BUT.......the truer BB experience still lives with the Q10.

Styling wise...i wish the ZED had ventured down a more distinctive look...I detest the know which ones i am referring to.

I forgot to add: the Q10 is going back.......once you browse the web on the's over

Yeah, battery is the Achilles heel of the Z, not the keyboard. 16% right now after 14 hours off the charger, and I didn't feel that today was particularly heavy.

But I do appreciate the screen size of the Z for documents. Don't do video any more due to the battery.

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Hi, I like your points..
I am on same boat like you are..since I have Z10, I dont use ipad that often.
I have a much better is the battery in the Q10..I mean how many more hours longer can you use it than the battery in the Z10..? I mean during heavy work day..
Thsnk you for your answers..

It depend...I have the Z10 now but I feel like the Q10 may work better for me as I do lots of tying on my device, although I enjoy the full screen on the Z10. It would have been better if the Q10 had a slide out keyboard to prevent compromising the screen. Also they should incorporate direct printing from device to printer in BB10 OS.

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I was intent on buying a Q10 when it launched, and on launch day, I went to the store to play with it. The feeling i had with the Q10 was that, while familiar, it felt like more of the same. I was using a Torch 9800 and had previously used a 9000, but something on the Q10 didn't feel right. Maybe it was the square screen, the straight keyboard or the soft touch back, but it didn't feel "right".

I ended up going for the Z10 and am happy that I did. One thing the vodcast didn't discuss was the use of voice dictation. Yesterday I was buying groceries and only had one hand free to reply to a text. I simply just hit the voice dictation button and said what I wanted to text. So whichever Blackberry you get, it still works great when on the go.

Great overview of both phones. I would like to see a CB demo of the voice command features of BB10. Does it have Siri-esque or S-Voice-like capabilities, and if so, how well does it work? Looking forward to next week BB Live!

I loved the physical keyboard on my Bold 9900, but the keyboard on the Z10 is freaking awesome. I'm really faster on it. Now, with the new OS10, I'm glad to have a bigger screen.

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Z10 - half inch screen height + Q10 keyboard + a bit device and screen width + a bit device height. Call it Q mega.

The Small Square Screen (SSS) of Q10 is lame.

Me, a kb user since 950, and having been using both Z10 and Dev Alpha C for months, can't decide either. If RIM had made a Q like above, I can make the decision in one second - the Q.

What a petty. This could cause a lot problems:

- Deayed sales:
- Returns / Exchanges:
- Go to other brand;
- wait for Q mega;

RIM please think out of box (Waterloo) if you have a chance.


I've come to love the physical keyboard and shortcuts available on my Torch 9800, as well as its touch screen, though i find that battery charges rarely last a day, and i need to carry a spare battery and charger with me. Last weekend, I broke down and got a Z10. In just a few days I've grown to love the large screen, and the touch keyboard, with its word suggestions I can flick into place, and the reverse-swipe word deletion feature. There are a lot of features of OS10 that are going to take getting used to, plus lots more features I'm excited about. I note that the net screen available on the Z10 with the keyboard up is similar to the Q10 screen, but when the keyboard is not engaged, the Z10's larger screen size is quite awesome. However, after seeing the video, I am reconsidering my decision. The key points I picked up on are the larger/ longer lasting battery, together with some of the battery saving characteristics of Q10 and its display, and the keyboard shortcuts. While I may get a second battery, and I do have a Mophie Powerstation which works with any phone, a shorter battery charge will get awfully annoying over time. The shortcuts retained in the Q10, which are absent in the Z10, also represent quicker navigation and increased user utility. It sounds like they include typing names and action choices right on the home screen. which is a feature I love in the Torch. I will have to read your in depth article, because I find myself in a quandary again. There are return options in my contract. Wish I could take the Q10 on a real test drive. Thanks for your comments.

I am an iPhone convert... the Z10 blows it out of the water.... I think it is the best phone on the market now, hands down...

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I really wanna try the Q10 but cant afford it. Goona have to suck it up and keep useing my Z10. The main reason Im considering it is the better battery, Im always running out on the Z10, Im a power user. And I do still get a noticeable amount of mistakes with the touch screen keyboard.

My errors on the Z10 keyboard occur when :

1. I try to swipe and miss but continue to type thinking that the swipe went through. Then I have to spend time back tracking to correct my sentence.

2. I am typing and accidentally press the send key because it us do large. I have sent too many incomplete words and sentences because of this.

3. Changed auto correct from modest to aggressive in settings and word correction too strong but better than modest. Often homes I have to erase the last character in a word and hit space to go back to the correct word I want to use instead on the word that's being suggested. (Z10 users know exactly what I'm going about.)

However, still the best digital keyboard on the market!!!

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I wish the Add To Dictionary was on top by default. Often I have to skip over that option when selecting other word choices in the popup menu.

We have two hands for a reason :D Of course not :) The point is, whichever phone you choose, it will work hard for you. Just decide which you do most: messaging (Q) or multimedia (Z). I guess that's the best way to put it. It doesn't mean the Z suffers in messaging (the Z's keyboard is fantastic!) or the Q in multimedia, but I think multimedia & gaming will definitely like a bigger & sharper display.

No, no, it's not a contest ;) It's a healthy competition because the user wins with BlackBerry either way :)

I love my Z10! It's all about the flow experience for me, and that's just what I'm doing when I'm typing on the Z, just flowing. LOVE it! The flow experience when typing on the Z is just AWESOME! My movements flow over the keyboard and appropriate words being offered are accepted with a slide , and from time to time I press a few letters along the way to instigate new words. I don't have any concerns for speed it's all about the flowing for me. It feels like a mantra if a mantra could be felt as opposed to being repeated audibly over and over... Flowing over the keyboard like this when typing if you can call it typing feels like I'm meditating (not typing really) lol LOVE the experience! JUST LOVE IT!!! :)

Hey, that's a great concept: "mediating". I can consider 'flowing' over the Z's keyboard more or less a 'coordination' activity rather than typing. The phone does a lot of the work in choosing words, and I can just steer it in the right direction - with just one finger!! Just brilliant! It is indeed an awesome experience, which is why Kevin, a diehard qwerty fan is having a hard time choosing phones.

I need to get my hands on a Q10 to decide, but I'm really loving the Z10. Typing on this phone is, dare I say it, fun! Sometimes I just tap away, other times I feel more swipey! Either way, it's easy to see we have a good thing going and it's only going to get better. BB10 mobile computing platform for the win!

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Can I earn the Q10 if I do a decal modification to to the Crackberry dodge. This Z10 courtesy of Kevin is awesome. Thanks.

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After a couple of years getting my fingers on the full screen smart phones, I personally would go Z10.

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I have a question...
As far as i know the z10 will be getting a dark theme with the 10.1 update, will that be making the battery life any better?

Currently have Z10. I'm anxious to see if the build quality is there with Q10 once it comes to the states.

If the Q10 had a 3.5 " display my decision would be so much easier!!!--- No slider---

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I'm surprised that Kevin didn't talk about build quality. I know the Z10 feels great for a plastic phone, but the Q10 has a stainless steel frame and a glass-weave back. How does that factor into making a decision? How does the Q10 feel in comparison to the Z10 in your hand? Is the glass-weave as effective as the rubberized back that "sticks" to surfaces or is it just style? The chrome strip across the back means that the Q10 can't lay flat on a surface, how does that affect its "holdability" on surface? Does it slide off a lot? That kind of stuff.

Great video. As a long time BlackBerry user, I'm glad the Z10 came out before the Q10. Otherwise, I don't think I would have tried the Z. I loved my 9900, but when TMO releases the Z I just couldn't resist. After having the Z for 6 weeks, I'm perfectly happy with it. It's an awesome phone. Having said that, I will likely switch to the Q when TMO releases it. I just love the bold form factor for my daily driver. My main usage is email, text/IM, phone, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes. Media is secondary. I've very much enjoyed my time with the Z.

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I for one, hope the future is not all touch. I can see it now....The Q10-XL, with a 3.8 inch screen, 720x720 aspect ratio, coming to stores in 2014....Yeah I can dream...

Z10 for me
...word swipe is just awsome, this is a feature that could not be as efficient with the physical keyboard.
If BlackBerry set a better usage of the virtual keyboard, like at the home screen and in the hub, this could almost reduce to none most of the advantage of the Q10 over the Z10.
Now just imagine a Z10 with a "pinned" keyboard, you almost get a Q10 ...and a Z10 for the price of one.
Battery wise, the Q10 wins it.

hmmmm never thought of that : Pinned Keyboard on the Z10
you might be onto an excellent idea actually !!!!

Z10 all day for me. Taking on a Q10 size screen now would be like going back to a 9320!
Love the screen size and word swipe!

Kevin and Adam; thank you for all your information feed to all of us! Always the latest ; always accurate! True champ!

Crackberry addict,

What we could use is the "T10", as in Torch10, thinner. bigger screen, and lighter, with 2100+ battery! That would be the one to build next! Any chance we will see one?

Can you please confirm if the Q10 battery is longer life? I'm considering the Q10 for this reason.

Posted with Z10 goodness

I had a Z10 but didn't like it and returned it. Blackberry then kindly invited me to the Blackberry Experience forum where they gave me a free Z10. I felt it only reasonable to show my gratitude by using it. Bought my Q10 last week. Love it. Z10 sitting in a drawer since, completely irrelevant. I probably put it on Ebay.
There are lots of niggles still to sort - such as why cant I turn active tiles off or choose apps to pin there. Most importantly for me I want a home screen with schedule etc - full width not a tile!
Butn despite this minor rant I LOVE my Q10.

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But what was wrong with the Z10? Was it the virtual keyboard you didn't like? Cuzz apart from the keyboard there isn't much else to differentiate between the two devices.

Kevin, I feel your pain, but it's a good pain :) I think BBRY nailed it by releasing both, first the Z then the Q - and that order is important! The Z had to pave the way for a brand new set of users, and the Q had to bring the diehards back to the nest.

I think both are great phones, and they compliment each other very well. Also, each addresses the difficult issues and limitations of that type of device - keyboard and full touch. BBRY has pushed both devices beyond what we would have imagined. Two very well designed devices - engineering feats - that provide choice to the consumer. We love it, and it's okay that the choice is not simple. It only points to how great a job BBRY has done!

Now, the R10 will spread the word to the masses.

My first ever smartphone was a torch. The speed of a physical keyboard without sacrificing touchscreen space was a no-brainer for me, and I swore I'd never use a phone without a physical keyboard. Then I saw the new touchscreen keyboard swipe system on the z10, and haven't looked back. My WPM aren't much lower than when I had the keyboard, and it corrects most of the (few) mistakes I used to make. All in all, BB10 has convinced me that touchscreen typing can be as good, without losing any screen size. Now the battery on the other hand...

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I like the z10, i'm a bigger guy and my hands are to big for the buttons on the Q10, and some how I'm able to manage the keyboard on the Z10

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I have a z10 on T-Mobile and AT&T. I have an iPhone 5 on Sprint. Having three phones is not bad because I use them equally. It depends on your lifestyle. I will purchase the Q10 as soon as it is available for a GSM carrier in the States. The Q10 design is so appealing...way to go BlackBerry.

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hey Kevin i know this is probably not the right area to post this but a while back you had asked recommendations on what to review all over again regarding BB10 and i would like to see a video of the Q10 and PB working together while bridged. with my 9900 using the track pad the mouse on the PB screen is excellent for manuvering. my example is i connect my PB to my TV and from the couch using bridge on my 9900 i navigate the PB and play videos that i have recorded for family and friends and there have been times that i have to surf the web while connected to the TV and typing is excellent. can you do this with the Q10 and PB? i'm hoping AT&T releases the Q10 soon.

I'm loving my Z10 and the keyboard is really good. I'm amazed at the word prediction. I am also still using my 9930 Bold and do love that phone as well. When I type on the keyboard, it's like coming home. I also like the BB7 features missing on BB10 as well. Will be getting the Q10 in the near future and rocking both. I see the Q10 as my day to day phone for communication and email and the Z10 as my after hours office/weekend phone.

I have a few questions!
a) How are the swipe gestures on the Q10?
b) Do you use the predictive text when you type on the Q10, or is it easier to forgo them?
c) Are there any "double entry" errors on the Q10? My 9930 was plagued with this. It was especially annoying with the "double-space to period" autocorrect.

Thanks! (Btw, I currently have a z10. 9930 before that)

It's absolutely a dilemma for BlackBerry fans. But, for me, I will choose Q10 because of physical keyboard.

I agree. Go in and try the Z10. I was a die hard keyboard person and now since I've had my Z10 for a few months, I love it. I've become very fast on it.
I'm coming from a torch.

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The Z10 seems to be the favorite. I think I would like it, but I would miss the physical keyboard too much. So with the Q10 I don't think I can go wrong with. I just enjoy having a keyboard. Makes me want to type!

But I'm glad BlackBerry finally made a nice full touchscreen device so people have legit options.

I got the Z10 and still waiting on my Q10 to come out where i live. But so far i love my Z10, works great for my needs. But like the Q10 in design and the new back/frame, so that one will be nice to try out. :)

I have both phones at the moment. I will be selling one when I make my mind about which I really like better. They're 2-3 things that I noticed about the q10:

-the os feels faster. I can't say why but the phone feels more responsive.
- I type in multiple languages. This is dreadful on the z10. Got becomes Git most of the time and for becomes fir. It's bad.. like very bad... it doesn't happen with the q10.
- the screen of the q10 is much nicer to look at than the z10.
- the q10 being shorter, it's easier to get to the top of the screen when using 1 hand only.

Then the drawbacks:
- the hub is definitely working better on the z10 because of the screen size.
- videos are amazing on z10. Q10 does an ok job
- it feels a little unbalanced or top heavy compared to the z10 that feels like the weight is better distributed along the device.

Here are my thoughts

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I would just add that even if you're a die-hard physical keyboard fan, if you frequently use your phone one-handed, you might want to consider the Z10. I loved the keyboard on my 9900, and physical is hard to beat for two-thumb typing. But I was never able to type on it that well one-handed. This is a use case where the Z10's keyboard with good auto-correct and flick typing might edge out a physical keyboard.

Thanks for the vid, guys. After playing with them for a bit in a local Best Buy (thanks to a BlackBerry rep on site), I think I've *finally* made a decision.

Neither for me, thanks. Tried the Z10 and let's be honest... It's no Blackberry. Will keep my 9900 and hang on to it for absolutely as long as I can... Not a fan of the new platform at all...

Can you provide more specifics? What don't you like about the new platform or what do you like about the old platform that wasn't carried over?

Editing functions (copy/paste, text selection, etc), UI font/image size, counter-intuitive option selection, lag on many "built-in" apps (phone app in particular), shortcuts (can't do that with Z10, still missing in Q10), general feeling of UI clumsiness, more that don't even come to mind right now.

Understood that some of these issues will be fixed with future software updates and upgrades, but with all the hype and marketing (lack of?) one was led to believe these types of issues wouldn't even exist to begin with. UI and functionality feels rushed.

Other issues cannot be addressed by the simple virtue of all-touch input (aside from keyboard on Q10). No trackpad, no fix possible (text selection, copy/paste, etc)...

Seems to me BlackBerry leaned toward "toyland" with the Z10 as opposed to concentrating on practical functionality. Just my opinion.

I've had my Z10 since CA launch, and i'm actively seeking a local person to trade for a Q10. because i just CAN'T get used to that typing on glass.

A slider is for me. On settle for one when you can get both? A smaller screen can have its drawbacks for you but so can a touch screen keyboard. I hope a slider comes out this year.

Q10 or the next one will be the blackberry I get. Right now, I'll be out of blackberry 10's reach until I can afford it outright. Debt sucks. :(

I noticed missing the z10 keyboard while using the q10 because it felt like less effort is needed to produce the words. Thw z10 keyboard is quite extraordinary. I'm probably going to use both and see where it goes.

I'm really sorry, not trying to shun down on the video too much, but Blackberry is a Canadian company, therefore it's not pronounced "zee 10", but it's pronounced "zed 10"

I have both now. But i'm leaning more for z10 than q10. Alot of my apps display better on z10 specially flipboard and CB app! Thanks kevin and adam!