The BlackBerry Z10 once again selling out in India, Z30 demand on the rise

By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2014 11:26 pm EDT

It seems as though the price drops in India on BlackBerry 10 devices are continuing to do well for BlackBerry. After stock was replenished from the initial price drop, folks are once again scooping up BlackBerry Z10's for Rs. 17,990 with most stores selling up to 10-15 BlackBerry Z10 devices within 30 minutes, including pre-orders which are usually not catered by Indian mobile stores.

For those who can't get Z10's when no stock is available, they're turning to BlackBerry Z30's which are now priced at Rs. 34,990 at Flipkart and various other retailers while supplies last. Goes to show you what the right pricing can do for demand levels.

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The BlackBerry Z10 once again selling out in India, Z30 demand on the rise



These prices should have been from the start when they were launched to get those phones in ppl s hands.

Glad that to hear with the right pricing there is still demand for the BB 10 phones!

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I doubt cheaper prices on handsets from the get-go would have helped that much. The marketing was just terrible (nonexistent, really), and the time to market (particularly in the U.S.) hurt BlackBerry. To get a device into people's hands, it needs to be compelling. With 10.2.1, the BB10 operating system is finally coming into its own, and people are now seeing that BlackBerry is not dead, despite all of the predictions of its imminent demise that were made by the idiots in the tech blogopshere in 2013. That, if you ask me, is helping too. Remember, when it comes to price, sometimes a price *increase* creates demand for something. Read Cialdani.

Talking about marketing,

(India, Bangalore).

Just went to one of the Blackberry outlets and asked about Z30.

Salesperson - "Saar, no stock now"
Me - "When will it come" ?
Salesperson - "Saar, you order it , get it tomorrow".

I stepped out.

I asked around in couple of other " regular" phone outlets. They responded as if they never ever heard the word 'Blackberry'.

Order today...and get it tomorrow sounds good to me. What's the problem with this?

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I know it's nice to be able to walk out the door with the product.

Also, to be able to physically look at and touch the product before purchasing, but it is what it is right will LOVE BB10...order your BlackBerry Z30, you won't be disappointed.

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I already have got a Q10. I wanted to touch and feel a Z30 before buying, and that is the sole reason I went to a Blackberry showroom. Now I have to order it online, I think.


Everyone here who has one raves about it...I would go and check out some other 5" device for its size factor & then order the BlackBerry for its BB10.

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Agreed. Here in South Africa BlackBerry missed the boat with BlackBerry 10. At the moment the price of a Z10 is about the same as the price quoted for India. The big problem was the initial pricing of about double the current price.

I hope that the Z3 comes to South Africa at an affordable price and not a premium like they did with the Z10. If BlackBerry wants any chance of market penetration I think their only hope is to sell the Z3 for a limited time at a very low price. BlackBerry does not have any good image left to rely on for good sales numbers.

An impossible option would be to offer a BB10 version of BIS, if that were offered in South Africa BlackBerry 10 would take off like wild fire. Pity that will never happen.

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I not even from India, and it makes sense, sometimes I think I should be working for BlackBerry.
They need to seed BB10, only fast way to do that is pricing

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Couldn't agree more. Wish they had done this from launch and gotten more devices in people's hands

Sane here in SA too overpriced, now fighting to compete with other devices, yet this us BlackBerry country

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Here in Turkey its 1600 TL that is approximately 44,175 RS. And nobody buying the z10. Also ignoring and hating BlackBerry devices. I think it would help dropping the price to 750-800 TL to make people buy BlackBerry and love it.
Plus, Z30 is has not came here and wont come to carriers nor any market.

No other but BlackBerry.. Just Love It

A price drop was what was needed for both the Z10 and Z30, especially in the emerging markets like India. Hopefully they will manage to keep this trend up and get as many BB10 devices into people's hands as possible.

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It has to be only a matter of time until they start this kind of pricing strategy in the rest of the world. They don't have money to advertise like the competition so the next best thing is run a sale, that way your retailers advertise for you. Remember retailers don't care what they sell just how much they sell. BlackBerry 10 in the hands of consumers will do the rest of the job in terms of advertising because it is an amazing OS. Finally plug the app gap with an official way to download from Google Play and watch out. BlackBerry 4 Life!!!

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In handset wise....yea z10 and z30 both r awasone.....but in blackberry India still BlackBerry map is not available

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Exactly. It Surprises me that still BlackBerry maps aren't available for India. They need to take care of these things if they are selling so well in India. I'm thinking of downloading Google maps from some android store now.

Install "Snap", it gives ya access to the Google play store. From it you can directly install the latest version of Google Maps.

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MapMyIndia with premium maps is available for free only for BlackBerry 10 devices since no BlackBerry Maps.

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The Z10 is a great little phone. It doesn't surprise me. Only ignorance is preventing it from selling in the US.

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Wow. They cost a lot more in India than where I'm from. Hopefully this quarter yields better results with more bb10 devices being sold.

The pricing strategy from the get go was terrible. Just happy to hear phones being sold and

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Wow.. simply feeling great. I too availed the price drop and I'm so happy with z10. Wanted to buy it from long time but high price was preventing me. Want to see many others with a z10 as well.

This comes from my amazingly fast amd mind blowingly smooth zeddy..

For the Indians; Is the dropped price for the Z30 "acceptable" or still too high?

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The os is really's just the ignorance of the people and hyper advertising + marketing of samsung and apple that's push BlackBerry on the back foot for now.
If BlackBerry just gets Google services... then it will rise to being the best phone in the world once again...
If someone can pay 14k for motogG for half the features of a BlackBerry, barring the Google services, one can surely shell out 18k for a z10.
It's completely worth it!
Even better if you're getting a z30!

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Then bring in more stocks to India, since blackberry wrote down almost 1 billion of Z10 inventory. Make sense?

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Where are they getting sold waiting to see more ppl with Z10s. Saw one guy in my office with a new one must have bought at the price drop. All I see is samsung & iphones everywhere

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Yep pricing is so important; I'd happily pay £300+ for a phone that had some remarkable capabilities (like the n900 or 808), but a device that's just adequate should be sub 300...

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Keep going BlackBerry! The money is in the services. Just let the world have your amazing devices!

Let's see a price-drop on Z30s in North America with all of the recent positive reviews and interest.

Then, let the Z50 launch cheap. The Z30 has opened eyes, the Z50 will steal breath.

thats the kind of momentum news they need. If they can get these kinds of sales in there markets its possible things can turn around much quicker then they originally anticipated. The Z10 manufactured by foxconn might be an option. Im sure they could bring the cost down to very viable level. Maybe the Z3 cant offer up some sales as well. The US market is a tough one. I dont think they can go the old carrier route to get their foot back in they need enterprise business to do that. One step at a time. We all see how quickly things can change as well. Wasnt the Iphone the hottest thing on the planet a few years ago. Then samsung was the big deal. Now HTC seems to be the phone on top. Lets hope at some point its blackberries turn again.

Price is the single biggest thing keeping people away from bb10. Sorry it has too many compromises for the general public. It's not a premium experience, they can't charge for it. They need to build up a user base and some demand and then they can charge way too much for handsets like everyone else.

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Great news. The US market wasn t aware of BlackBerry 10.2 the Indian markets release is with the newer OS, just recently the US carriers released the update, had BlackBerry initially released the Z10 with this latest software the results would have been different, it's chalk and cheese. Hindsight is 20/20 ,quite an expensive lesson to learn in tardiness. BlackBerry 10 will do well outside of the US provided costs are kept down. I see the Z3 doing well as well.

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BB10 is a really awesome OS and with 10.3 in the horizon people shouldn't think twice.

Plus you always can have some android fun whener you want under BB10 security assurance.

Go India
Go BlackBerry


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Just like i said in the beginning. BlackBerry failure to lunch is due to Pricing Strategy. I guess John understand this.

Except iPhone, any new platform start with low cost strategy to gather user based and community. For instance : Samsung Galaxy Spica, Nokia 520 and also Nokia X. Special mention firefox os.
Or mid range like ubuntu, jolla.

Only BB10, so bold to challenge iPhone pricing level at first launch.

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It's a great move by BlackBerry but they have to give better apps and service... common apps like bb maps is nt thr for india whch is a big loss as almost all other android comes with map service. BlackBerry needs to think abt that as well...

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If they can get an install base with the renewed interest in India with the proce adjustment and the Z3 then developers should be more interested in BlackBerry.
I've seen Z10's as low as 2100HKD, just wish that the stores would drop the prices, there is a big Philippines population that would be interested I'm sure, even considering a Z10 as backup

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If they lowered the price of the Z30 in Canada I'd hop on that in 2 seconds

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I wonder what would have happened if BB launched with BB10.2.1 at a reasonable price.....shoulda coulda woulda

In what way? If BlackBerry does well everywhere else except US? Does that mean that then mean they are unsuccessful?

US has two major OS's which most of the people would support.

I'm not sure what you're talking about here. The lowered prices in India are roughly the same as what's being offered on BlackBerry's website in the US. In fact, the Z30 is still a bit pricier in India than the $499 US price tag.

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That was the price in Saudi Arabia before it all disappeared, you can never find a Z10 there now.

Z30 isn't available in most stores, Saudi Arabia use to be a big market for BlackBerry, but thanks to the STL100-1 variant, no one wants a Z10 anymore and I can't blame them.

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Does Saudi Arabia have 4G availability? I know quite a few other countries in the Gulf have not rolled it out. That's the fundamental difference between STL100-1 and the other models: the TI chip set is a more cost-effective way to keep the phone 3G capable only, whereas the other variants supports 4G LTE. Performance, for all practical purposes, is the same.

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I was walking in the mall in Montréal Québec today, noticed that the BlackBerry phones are really not promoted by any of the salemen at the carriers.

I would buy a z30 just for the f*ck of it at that price.. roughly 780 $ in Sweden.. the user base here is none existent..

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That's good news.. even though early adopters like me who bought the Z10 for the initial launch price of Rs.43410/- have become a laughing stock among friends.. I am really happy for the company. Hope to bump into more BlackBerry 10 owners now..

Right from the beginning I have maintained a stance that BlackBerry got their pricing strategy wrong.. and today this article came on Economic Times

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This should have been the strategy from the beginning. Get people's attention. BlackBerry should choose certain markets and compete viciously. But make money.

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Yep, get them into the hands of people no matter what. You can't beat positive word of mouth. Especially with 10.2.1 installed.

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Here in Philippines, from Php1799 contract of 24 months for Z10, now Php 999, and I can see some android users switch to BB10, for main reason that it is now 999.

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This is good stuff...
I got pissed at a salesman in Reliance trends in Bangalore, when I was checking out the Q5 and this guy said that BlackBerry is shut and they are not selling any more phones. I did give him an ear full and let him know that the Z3 is going to be launched soon. He just sulked away after that.

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I wonder how much of this is true. I do not see people here in India using the Z10's or Z30's much. Also, the shops don't keep stock of the Z30. So if you want one you should either book for one or get it online - this shows the lack of confidence the retailers have on how fast the sale is gonna happen.

If the price has been dropped I suspect that BlackBerry isn't making any margins on Hardware sales... but its good that they're clearing the blocked inventory which will help in cash flows

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even if they earned nothing from the deal, selling devices with zero margin is stil better then not selling any.

That is nice to hear. Anybody from India can report on how the medias are reporting the situation as a whole with BBRY, and if that latest trend with the Z10, how it caught the attention of the media? Otherwise, it would be safe to assume word to mouth is causing all this..

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No secret that price is a big motivator, and for many the biggest motivator to buy, let's hope BlackBerry gets it.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Canada

I feel that BlackBerry should have priced the BB10 phones at a very slight profit margin from the start. They need to get the phones into the hands of customers so it can reach a critical mass like Apple has done with the iPhone. I don't see much in the way of iPhone advertising in Canada yet 50% of the smartphones here are iPhones. People want them because their friends have them. Word of mouth advertising is the best form and the cheapest. Slash prices and move the hardware. At very least it will help prevent write downs

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BlackBerry can rise back in India if they have the upcoming handsets with a price which their competitor have already provided with the same configuration, I know that BB is a brand which should not be compared with other devices , but in India ppl only think about the price and the function, they don't think what is the quality of that devices, in India ppl don't have the habit of purchasing the apps or OS , they only use pirated version, that's why android in India is much famous, BB must think their sales plan the pricing based on the region, they are very few ppl like me in India who knows what's BB.

Pre-Ordered it, Retailers tried selling for 20k than the mentioned retailed price....went to other store, same story, they dont have the phone and i am searching this model since the past 25 days....gave up and ordered it online....then again...i have my doubts it will come.

I was at Croma shortwhile back. It is the largest chain of electronic stores in india. Wanting to buy a Z10 for my wife. Apparently it is out of stock again having been replenished twice since the discount started. I am going to go back on Wednesday and pick it up. I can't pre-book. But the fact remains, why can't they do the same world over. A lot of inventory could be taken care plus the sales.

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The price drop for the Z10 has been phenomenon. When I got my Z10 it was worth Rs.40000/- & for more than half a year I saw only 11 people with bb10 devices... but now after 3rd price drop to Rs.17990/- many people are buying it! plus I have become sort of laughing stock in my group!!! (and I laugh at them for missing out on such awesome tech)

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If only Americans could see the full potential of blackberry and not just look at as for Business people only.

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I am a American and myself and allot Americans like BlackBerry OS10. It's not our fault that BlackBerry forgot about us!!!!

Two years late coming out with OS10 and although the z10 is a nice product, the launch of OS10 here in the USA was a disaster as far as I am concerned. Allot of z10's where returned because of restart issues and software glitches.

I have chosen to stay with the BlackBerry brand here and I own and z10 and a z30. Americans will buy any product that provides them with the functionality and support they are asking for.

What really bothers me is that Apple, Microsoft, HTC, LG and Samsung have all figured out what the US consumer wants and have made billions doing it, why hasn't BlackBerry??????

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Problem is ... whats does mean "sell out" in terms of numbers? It's never good to have a sequential supply chain. Hope this will lead to consequent sales, loyal customers and nice outcomes in terms of growth.

Don't know about the nation wide number. My roommate booked a Z10 on 17th March excepted delivery date was 25th March but he received an apology mail for delivery date extension to 9th April.

Same is the case with me....I ordered on 25th March , got a date of shipment as 4th April and now its 9th April I doubt it will be shipped even on 9th April...... BB is not ready to learn from when they made prices down.....they are not making sure that customer gets it.....where is the stock??????? Retail shopkeepers don't sell BB for whatever reason and if we ask....they say Z10 is discontinued....and online stores are not delivering on given timeline due to lack of stock availability...... BB is making a wrong move again by not making sure that people who wants to buy should get it right away......around 8-10 people have asked me to cancel my order.....and i also felt like cancelling it but don't know why i still want that Z10....everyone suggest don't buy a will waste your money..... ...this is gona be my 1st BB ever but seems BB doesn't care ....if they had such a huge stock written off then why are they not available now...????

I was waiting since 11 march and when I heard for 9th apr they gonna ship me z10, I cancelled my order and now I have a z30. And m very much happy with my z30

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India is the second largest market right? I mean not ALL are able to have wireless but I'm glad they're selling out the Z10's :). Just wish North America would do the same, realize that BB10 is the best OS out there. We have only ONE downside and that's the quantity of apps... but if you look at the Apple app store the percentage of poor quality apps are higher than BlackBerry world. Long Live #Blackberry!

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Though the price had reduced for Z30, by 5000 INR, I don't regret buying at the initial price :) but good strategy BB!!

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Wish that was the price at launch time! They would be killing it right now...

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Maybe instead of introducing new phones which normally involved new hardware orders, BlackBerry has to make Z10, Z30 and Q10 their entry-mid level handsets with a consistent yet money making price drop and work on 3 new Mega Phones. Hardware costs on the Z10, Z30 and the Q10 has already substantially reduced.

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Have you guys heard of "Time " magazine naming the z10 the best "non iPhone " phone out on the market this year???? It's obvious they can't go against apple without reproduction, so the fact that they went this far is exciting maybe North Americans will finally wake up!!!!!!!!!

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India is full of smart people!

Here in North America most people are very brand aware and brand loyal, to the point where clouds their judgment. I doubt it's like that everywhere. Hopefully folks in India and other places in the world will look at the specs, functionality, and overall value of the BlackBerry phones and be pleased with what they offer.

Different cultures may well consider BlackBerry far with far more objectivity, by virtue of simply seeking the best value and experience.

Indeed Z10 is doing well here in India but, it must also be noted that supplies are lot less than the demand with a waiting list for Z10 in almost all the dealers(there are a very few dealers willing to keep BB devices anyway).There is no promotion, no marketing save for one little 'ad' in a newspaper.Most of the people in the waiting list wont wait for long & they will mostly switch to samsung devices which are very popular in India.My contention is that if BB India finds that there is demand for Z10 devices why dont they keep the dealers well stocked?? especially when there is a lot of unsold inventory(of BB 10 devices) of them. Reading about BB results I also wonder whether it is good idea to stick to keyboard device while all over the world it is like 90% touch & less than 10% keyboard device by sticking majorly to keyboard device BB will once again making the mistake of not catering to market.Though I personally am a keyboard fan the way all touch z10 devices are in demand here in India itself tells a story.Hope & wish BB listens to market pulse

I have always said that 45K was too much for India. At 30K at launch this would not have happened. It would have sold very well and that's what India was thinking they would price the unit at.

Let's go BlackBerry!

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Not only pricing. Android runtime now included. That's huge. First time around their were critical apps missing. At the new price, with Android runtime, it's a no-brainer to buy, especially when you throw in the only full multitasking OS available. What's not to like? :-)

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