BlackBerry Z10 once again caught in some high-res images for your viewing pleasure

By Bla1ze on 29 Dec 2012 12:03 pm EST

If you simply can't get enough of the BlackBerry Z10 -- you're in luck! It has once again been caught in some high-res images for your viewing pleasure. Nothing really new is shown off in the images, but it's sure a pretty sight to look at it and we're now closer than ever before to seeing it released. Looking for more? Check them all out in the gallery.

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BlackBerry Z10 once again caught in some high-res images for your viewing pleasure


I have to admit...I am warming up to the full touch handset! That is one sharp screen!! Thinking I may forego the QWERTY and snatch one of these bad boys up.

I was set on getting the qwerty as well. I love my 9930 keyboard. But the screen looks great on the touch, and the gestures may make it as efficient as one as well.

I'm excited that the owner of this device is almost certainly an Arab in an Arabic speaking country ... I was worried that Arabic-script support might be weak, but the context surrounding these pics tells me that RIM has taken care of this issue ... I'm just waiting for Arabic-script/BB10 to arrive on the playbook as well!

In the close up shot of the "Not for Sale" on the device, you can clearly see a white iPhone in the reflection of the screen.

Wow, iPhones definitely take better pics than any BlackBerry I've owned. :(

I sure hope the BB10 devices have better cameras than what I've had...

In the 4th picture where you can see "not for sale", is the finish coming off? I love the matte look, but i'm worried it's similar to the rubbery back on a PB, which has been peeling back a little bit on the edges on mine.

I think you're seeing things. I zoomed in on it and that doesn't even look like the coating that's on the Playbook, and what's there definitely doesn't look like it's peeling. Maybe you're seeing the square where they blurred out what was written next to "Not for sale >"?

No I see the blur thats not the spot i'm talking about. The spot i'm looking at, the "L" in Blog is pointing right too it (top left corner of the phone), it's a little darker black. Maybe it's just a smudge, but I can see it in the picture above it as well. Peeling may not be the right word (as there's no actual curled peel still attached), more like rubbed off?

I know it's not the same coating as on the PB, I'm just worried that it is in fact a coating over the actual metal or plastic body.

I see it too. Could be a "peeling" coating or it could be a dent from the edge if it was metal.

It also looks like the slightly raised rim around the glass is pressed down a bit at that top left corner. Hopefully this rim (rim, not RIM :p) will also be metal or something durable. My Torch 9800's silver coating is chipping off around that same edge.

Yup... Definitely looks like chipping. And I saw it at two spots. The top left corner of the phone and another near to the speaker of the phone.
Compare the third and fourth pictures. Hope the future consumer products doesn't have this minor issue.

Same. Definitely looks like oils left from hands/fingers.

Edit: I took a look at the picture right above the picture in question. And from the angle in the picture above, it looks like its a dent, not a chip, but a dent, the kind you get when you bump your corner on the ground or desk. You can see in that picture the tip of the corner seems slightly raised...

I, too, zoomed in on the spot by the "L" and I don't see any evidence of wear/tear/damage/chipping/etc. Looks like light reflecting off from the iPad below or the camera's flash or ambient lighting, etc.

I have confidence that BlackBerry will make a sturdy-enough device, which would stand up to a lot of use/abuse. Can't expect a phone to look pristine forever. ;)


The smudge you see is not a chip, it's a residue of some sort ie. oily finger/s from food ,sweat etc. Have a look at the back of your Playbook after heavy use, wipes right off.

As for corners on a Playbook peeling, that I almost need to see. Mine has been on concrete,gravel,beach sand,used as a level (app) for a deck build, etc. and all my four corners are pristine.

I suppose I have yet to try using my Playbook as a frisbee to replicate bad corners.

I do hear another company (Green Fruit Co.) does have documented issues with easy scratching of their phones though.

There is my Droid X. Sorry, I felt like being THAT guy for once.

Niiice. I am done looking a this device, though. I am so ready to touch it. But, a good touch.

Why is there a tiny photoshop blob or something there next to the 'not for sale' phrase? What exactly is it hiding being that small?

nice catch, possibly something that would identify the owner of the device... could be a 2 max 3 digit code?

Looking at all previous leaks, these are the first ones that have the property of RIM sticker on the back cover (at least, as far as I can recall). Maybe this is the final evaluation version?

Those pix were taken at the most 2 days ago or even less judging by the blog post on the iPad, I think the specs must be 100% locked, now that its touring most of the high penetration countries!

Edit: Bah, it says Friday Dec 28 on the phone... how observant of me.. :/

Lol. Yet ..... The owner of that "piece of crap" (Green Fruit Co.)device is buying/using/developing with BB10 power, that's my take away that makes me smile. You would not have seen that many months ago. They are waking up to BB10, it's all good, lets embrace the Green Fruit Co. deserters,for they will be Blackberry People soon. ;)

Would love to have the new blackberry 10 have sync support for Mac done right out of the box

Also is order to migrate blackberry needs to make the transition easy for iPhone and
Android users to make them switch.

Having bbm is great but having cross IM apps like whatsup would be great but having the ability to send emoji that work both ways really helps make things easier. Windows phone 8 does this.

Come on blackberry make it easier for us to switch!

'Property of Research in Motion Limited, All Rights Reserved, Evaluation Unit......those are the only other things I see aside from Not for Sale or Lease. Is there something else that you are seeing?

More like you need something to hold it by. Does the OP have any idea how annoying it would be to try to hold a phone with edge to edge touch sensitivity? I for one would NOT buy it with a smaller bezel...

Considering that it may be necessary for bezel gestures, antenna etc, it's nowhere near as large as the same/equivalent bezel area on the Iphone 5, have a look at it and see the difference.

Lmao ppl were complaining about the text messaging icon and how ugly it was, now it's changed and no one has mentioned it.

I don't remember what it looked like before, but I really don't like the look of this one. Look at how nice the BBM icon looks and then look back to the text message icon. It needs more than just a bit of work unfortunately.

I think it looks very similar to the bbm icon, what exactly would you like it to look like? In my opinion, it looks nice, better than the previous versions.

I think it's substantially better than the icon in 7.1, and I like it because it's distinctly BlackBerry. It's almost exactly what I thought it should be based on the notification icon we all are familiar with. The problem icon I think is the photos one. Who decided a flower is the universal symbol for a photograph? And what color is that? Magenta? Really? They could do sooooooo much better with that one that the text message should be the least of anyone's concerns

If you look at it closely, you'll see it's just barely thick enough to accommodate a headphone jack. Don't know how much thinner you'd like it to be...

Bb10 FTW, and people keep complaining about the bezel, I'm pretty sure my iphone5 has a larger bezel used for nothing.

its getting closer and closer to the date and more pics are coming out..they must be getting ready for presentation indeed. still so far, so good with this product, i wonder what kind of band is wrapped around the side of the phone..plastic or metal?

This is my first time paying attention to the icons since the major change. The text message icon doesn't look good in my opinion. Just needs a change, a whole new look or something.

Anybody know how long to manufacture the end product and shipp? I understand they would probably air freight the phones. How many will the initial run be? 1Mil? 100 K? Spec have to be locked at this point.

I have been seeing a lot of Apple bashing lately. The stock has been plunging lower, and I wanted to find out why this is all happening.

Sometimes, it's not what you know, but who you know that will get you some answers.

Today, I reached out to an acquaintance who is a divisional sales executive for one of the big carriers in North America. He agreed to answer a few questions that I had on the condition that I don't ask him anything that is confidential. So, here is what I got from him:

Question – What kind of phone are you currently using?
Executive – An iPhone 4S

Question – 4S? Why not iPhone 5?
Executive – There wasn't a big enough change from the 4 to the 5, so there was no reason for me to upgrade.

Question – Do you like it?
Executive – Yes, it's a great phone.

Question – What were you using prior to the iPhone?
Executive – BlackBerry Bold 9900

Question – Did you like it?
Executive – Yes, that was a good phone as well. Great keyboard.

Question – Then why did you switch to an iPhone?
Executive – I just needed a bigger screen, and the iPhone has it.

Question – What do you like about the iPhone other then the screen size?
Executive – I love the GPS tracking. It's something that I use ever day. It's very precise.

Question – Is there anything that you don't like about the iPhone?
Executive – I’m a heavy user, so the battery doesn't last me the day. I wish I was able to swap in a fresh battery mid day rather then having my phone hooked to the charger half the time.

Question – You had a chance to try the BlackBerry 10, what do you think of it?
(No word of a lie, but his voice turned to excitement and he was very quick to answer)
Executive – Hands down, it's going be the best phone on the market.

Question – Really? What did you like about it?
Executive – Many things. It's loaded with a lot of neat stuff that people will like, but for me, I really like the balance. It's like you will be able to play in 2 different sandboxes in the same park.

Question – Will you be switching from your iPhone to the BlackBerry 10 when it arrives?
Executive – The first day I can, I will switch to BB10.

Question – Are you going to get the one with the physical keyboard?
(He thought for 2 or 3 seconds before he answered this one)
Executive- I was so impressed with the screen keyboard, that I will be getting that one. I like having a big screen.

Question – What else did you like about it?
Executive – The new added functions to BBM are amazing. This alone will sell phones.

Question – How much will they cost?
Executive- We haven't been told about pricing, but a lot of it will be built into the contract price. We want to make it affordable to as many people as possible. I'm sure that a lot of other carriers will be doing that as well.

That is pretty much all I was able to get from him other then some small talk afterwards.

Great stuff!!! I really find this exchange very telling

Qestion – What were you using prior to the iPhone?
Executive – BlackBerry Bold 9900

Question – Did you like it?
Executive – Yes, that was a good phone as well. Great keyboard.

Question – Then why did you switch to an iPhone?
Executive – I just needed a bigger screen, and the iPhone has it.:

I hear this all the time from former bb users. Love the keyboard, but screen is too small. I think they should have gone to 3.5 inch screen for the qwerty, instead of the reported 3.1. The combination of the bigger screen plus the greatest physical keyboard would have brought alot of people back to the qwerty.

My thoughts exactly. A 3.5 inch would have been just fine on a physical QWERTY device. It wouldn't be top heavy either as some of suggested. This would allow a large enough screen combo with an epic keyboard. I really wish it was 3.5 inches... :(

This is why I can't decide between the X10 & Z10... I really want my physical keyboard back... :(

BBM features things that other phones can't do. BBM really does some amazing things, Just wait until you see what bbm can do

I keep hearing things like that over and over again lol I'm so excited. BBM is finally reaching the potential it always had. This will be Rims ace card. It will be the features in BBM that make everyone go wow I have to have that phone!!!

Lol.. Anything not in English is Vietnamese now, huh? Haha.... It's all cool...
Maybe because the rest of the developers who got their hands on the same Z10 are afraid of ndo they signed..

Nobody noticed that the static calendar icon now corresponds with the date? This is gonna be close to if not the launch os. It still erks me that my PlayBook always says 31 and this has been true for BlackBerry10 up until these pics. RIM IS crossing T's and dotting I 's.

Very good catch! I'm always just looking at my calendar app icon to know the date on my iPhone. Good that they're doing this now on BB10!

Never noticed that it's always the 31st on the PlayBook. Weird. Anyways, I would like to point out that it does change the date on OS7 devices as well. I would not see a reason why they would leave it out on BB10.

Though this looks awesome but I can BET the Final thing will be much more sexier... much more attractive. I Bet!!

I swear this phone is very neat, very sharp and very good looking. I've been a Nokia user for a long time before I switched toblackberry and I must say, I don't regret ever using a blackberry.Even today, I find my blackberry bold 9900 more useful to me than Iphone models and Nokia lumia 920 (Even though I like Lumia 920). All blackberry phones seem to have a soul in them. They seem to come alive really (probably because of their service orientation). I never experienced that with other phones. There is a limit to the excitement caused by having 5 inch screens or 8 core cpu's. Functionality is what keeps a user to any product and of all the mobile devices I know, I give it to blackberry. Having an app store with 1 million apps is not the main thing either. It is the ability to utilize those apps for enhanced productivity as provided by the innate capabilities of that phone that really matters and blackberry scores it big there. Meanwhile I dislike samsung products (I really don't know why) its not for me! Any phone screen bigger than 4.5inches would mean I need a tablet and not phablet. The nearest in line to meet that need is the 7 inch tablet which ofcourse offers more freedom and power than a phablet IMO.

You guys at RIM, all I can say is...well done! This is one good mobile (Nokia pls don't get mad. Blackberry 10 is actually better for my needs). I have been following blackberry for the past 8 months all the way from Nigeria. This phone would do wonders for me.

Lovely mobile. Very good. This is definitely a winner for me.

Does anyone have any insight as to what looks like the Blackberry symbol in between the H and the signal indicator in the top right hand corner mean?

It's an indication that it is connected to the RIM servers. The later OS7 models have it. I can't quite recall OS6 models with it.

If your carrier branded its 3G service as "3G" on your device (i.e no EV-Do or EDGE near your service indicator), the BlackBerry symbol appeared as an indicator to let you know you were connected to the service. This was a much easier way of knowing wether there was a service interruption or not, as if there was then there would be no BlackBerry symbol. On EV-Do, EDGE, GPRS, and 1X devices, you had to pay attention to if the letters were capitalized or not to know if you were connected to the BlackBerry service, something I learned over time with an old 9530.


When will crackberry get to do the stress test for blackberry 10? You guys promised to do this sometime ago. What happened?

You can't do a stress test on a beta build as there are numerous bugs to account for. Once the official build has been released, you can expect everyone to 13 year olds posting Youtube videos on this.

If you saw what happened the last two times they tried to do a BBM stress test, it makes sense to hold off until the official launch of the platform and maybe even a few months after that.

If you don't remember, the BBM stress test absolutely crippled the entire OS. Rendered the device useless. Doing this on the Dev-Alpha build of BBM probably wouldn't turn out well either and I'm sure a bunch of media outlets would turn it into something negative to use AGAINST BlackBerry. That's something they don't need right now.

Even with this iteration if not a final build I still think it looks great. Kudos for the excellent shots. I'm a numbers guy, I need the measurements on this gorgeous beast because I have a feeling it won't sit too well in my skinny jeans pocket. Here's hoping a holster is included.

On Xmas eve while talking on my trusty 9650, it was knocked from my hand and into the pool. I reacted instantly and grabbed the phone before it hit bottom. Sadly, it was too late. The screen was flickering away as I rushed to get the battery out. Dried it pretty well but she would never complete booting up. I get so sad looking at her.

I'm on the road and my wife is going to send me her ancient OS4 Curve that she just replaced with a Bold 9930 to keep us bbming until the Z hits. Her Curve is pink.

Bring on BB10!

About 2 years ago I let my 9650 go swimming and could not get it to boot. I put the phone in the oven at the lowest settion (167 degrees) for about 20 minutes.... I am typing this message on it today. Let's go BB10.

Mine was running at the time. It shorted out before my eyes. SD card is fine and I did a back up about a month ago.

Now, a moment of silence...

I'm under the impression that this is another dev alpha unit or dev beta unit.

It looks nowhere near the the retail production blackberry we keep thinking it is.

So... It's not final yet. It's subject to change.

You're one of a few that doesn't like it.
Everyone else loves the looks of this device so far.
I personally hope there'll be no changes to the looks of this device from now on.

I hope there's gonna be a way to get rid of the shadow boxes around the icons. Also, would've loved to see gunmetal-colored buttons instead of that shiny silver, but beggars can't be choosers :/.


Compared to the iPad, the BB10 looks very dark. I don't know if this is deliberate by the owner, or if the Z10 is compensating for the bright light but it looks very dark.
I really hope to see the same amount of brightness in Z10 as the PlayBook!

And as someone said, having the correct date in the calendar icon will be very convenient! :)

alea acta est.... the die is cast.... I´m a very enthusiastic physical keyboard addict.... but in comparision of Z10 and X10 my decision is (now) clear: Z10 rules! It seems to be the better (means "flagship") device in its specs and the much more beautiful device in its design! Now- come to germany...pronto!:-)

This will be the greatest phone ever for RIM, what RIM need to do now is to capture back the market with a high end phone at a affordable price, capture the volume and you will get the numbers. Wonder when will my country will get the release.

The spot in the fourth photo looks just like the Apple logo, flipped 90 degrees and mirrored.
Oops, seems like you guys already noticed that...